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PS3 Archives - September, 2009

09/30/09 Modern Warfare 2 Gets Its Own Monster Energy Drink
09/30/09 Could God Of War Ever Be A FPS?
09/30/09 PlayStation 3 Outsells DS and Wii in Japan
09/30/09 First Tekken 6 Viral Video, Marketing Efforts Plain
09/30/09 Dead Space 2 Development Ready To Kick Up A Notch
09/30/09 Weather Conditions, Night/Day Races Confirmed For GT5
09/30/09 Kojima: "Foreign" Developer Could Remake Metal Gear
09/30/09 New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Inbound
09/29/09 Uncharted 2: The Highest Rated Game Of The Generation?
09/29/09 L.A. Noire Development "Coming Along Quite Splendidly"
09/29/09 "Completely Reworked" Earthworm Jim Remake Detailed
09/29/09 SHIFT Demo Drops This Week
09/29/09 Square-Enix Expects High FFXIII Sales, Pushing New IPs
09/29/09 Will Sony Port All PS2 GTAs To PS3?
09/28/09 GT5 Arrives In US And Europe "Not Much Later" Than Japan
09/28/09 Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Public Demo Kicks Off Today
09/28/09 Assassin's Creed II To Boast A New, "Exotic" Gameplay Element
09/28/09 Tokyo Game Show Sees Small Decline In Attendance
09/28/09 Rumor: Alpha Protocol Won't Make It Next Week
09/28/09 Will ICO And Colossus Receive The High-Def PS3 Treatment?
09/28/09 Nomura Clarifies TGS Versus XIII Video, Gives Progress Update
09/27/09 New Street Fighter IV To Be Unveiled Tomorrow?
09/27/09 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Will Be Selective In Q4
09/27/09 People Need To Stop Comparing Prologue And Forza 3
09/27/09 No Demo For Modern Warfare 2
09/26/09 Gearbox On Borderlands: We Won't Give Away The Best Stuff
09/26/09 Dylan Jobe Warns Warhawk Cheaters
09/25/09 Lightning-Themed PS3 Slim Revealed
09/25/09 PS3 Slim, Accessories, Uncharted 2 Hit Amazon's Top Seller List
09/25/09 Final Fantasy XIV Beta Incoming
09/25/09 Lost Planet 2 Co-Op Demo Mobilizes On PSN Today
09/25/09 Arkham Asylum Map Pack Exclusive To PS3 In North America
09/25/09 Full Nudity Revealed In Heavy Rain
09/24/09 Uncharted 3 Will Be Graphically Superior To Uncharted 2
09/24/09 Rumor: Cross-Title Voice Chat For PS3 Confirmed For October?
09/24/09 Capcom Announces Devil Kings 3
09/24/09 Motion Sensing Confirmed For Spring 2010, List Of Software
09/24/09 Sony: PS3 Slim Hits One Million Sold In Only Three Weeks
09/23/09 TGS 09: Japan Receives Special FFXIII 250GB PS3 Slim
09/23/09 TGS 09: GT5 Set For March, Massive Detail Unveiling
09/23/09 TGS 09: Sony Talks 3D, "E-Motion"
09/23/09 TGS 09: "29 Years" Required To Complete All LBP Content
09/23/09 God Of War III Demo Included In God Of War Collection!
09/23/09 IW On Moden Warfare 2: "There Are Some Huge Surprises"
09/23/09 Dante's Inferno: Lust Level Primed For Epic Controversy
09/23/09 FF Versus XIII "Information Blowout" Early Next Year
09/23/09 Square-Enix Keeping Quiet About "Hidden Menu Option" In FFXIII
09/22/09 Bayonetta Set For January 5, Collectors Edition Confirmed?
09/22/09 Uncharted Will Continue "As Long As The Fans Want It"
09/22/09 If You Registered For Euro MAG Beta, You WILL Get A Code
09/22/09 Blur Misses 2009 Finish Line
09/22/09 Best Buy Considers Entering The Used Game Market
09/22/09 Sony Seeking PS2 And Dreamcast Titles For PlayStation 3
09/21/09 Batman: Arkham Asylum Surpasses 2.5 Million Worldwide
09/21/09 Infinity Ward Has "No Clue" About Their Next Project
09/21/09 More European Evidence Supports 250GB PS3 Slim Rumor
09/21/09 Famitsu Predicts: FFXIII Will Sell 1 Million In Only 1 Week
09/21/09 Source: Yakuza 3 Headed West
09/21/09 PS3 Version Of SHIFT Tops Weekly UK Sales Chart
09/20/09 PSXE Poll Update: Uncharted 2 Will Snag Game Of The Year
09/20/09 God Of War Collection Shaping Up To Be A Truly Hot Item
09/20/09 Another PS3 Valkyria Chronicles May Depend On Sequel's Success
09/19/09 PSXE MAG Beta Code Giveaway Is Complete: Thanks To All!
09/19/09 Capcom Prepping Street Fighter V?
09/18/09 People Can't Stop Talking About Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
09/18/09 Rockstar: Agent Is On The Right Track
09/18/09 Bioshock 2 Lands Worldwide Launch Date Of February 9
09/18/09 UK Retailer Offering Exclusive Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Edition
09/18/09 Square-Enix Announces Written Prequels For FFXIII
09/17/09 Fallout 3 GotY Edition Announced, PS3 DLC Dated
09/17/09 The Weapons Of Bayonetta Revealed
09/17/09 Square-Enix Producing Two Separate Nier Titles
09/17/09 Uncharted 2 Attached To Twitter
09/17/09 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Multiplayer Information
09/16/09 Star Ocean PS3 Will Enjoy Worldwide Simultaneous Launch
09/16/09 GTAV Slated For Fiscal Year 2011?
09/16/09 250GB PS3 Slim Uncharted 2 Bundle A European Exclusive?
09/16/09 PSXE MAG Beta Code Giveaway!
09/16/09 FFXIII Releases As Early As March In North America?
09/16/09 Game For Tron Legacy Confirmed
09/15/09 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Demo Slashes Onto US PSN Next Week
09/15/09 Currently Delayed Titles May Get Pushed Even Further
09/15/09 Activision's Kotick Continues To Ruffle Gamer Feathers
09/15/09 Skate 3 Announced, Set For May 2010
09/15/09 European Gamers To Receive 16,000 MAG Beta Codes
09/15/09 Famitsu Confirms Star Ocean: The Last Hope International For PS3
09/15/09 Firmware Update 3.01 Now Live: The "Fix-It" Patch
09/14/09 EA Disappointed In Madden Sales, But Remain Optimistic
09/14/09 Arkham Asylum Gets Two DLC Packs In Two Weeks
09/14/09 Uncharted 2 Could Receive Record Review Scores
09/14/09 EA: Movies Shouldn't "Try To Respect" Games Too Much
09/14/09 Guitar Hero 5 Rules UK Charts, Beatles: Rock Band In Top 5
09/14/09 Sega Hyping Yakuza 4 Unveiling
09/14/09 Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype Flies Onto PSN This Winter
09/13/09 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Slim Benefits Most From Price Cut
09/13/09 We Can't Take Pride In Digital Video Game Collections
09/13/09 Wipeout HD Plus Fury Expansion Coming On Blu-Ray?
09/13/09 Will Capcom Unveil A New Onimusha?
09/12/09 Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Demo: Biggest In History?
09/12/09 ColorWare Prepared To Add Style And Flash To Your PS3 Slim
09/11/09 Tales Of Vesperia PS3: Exclusive Content Detailed
09/11/09 Uncharted 2 Golden, SCEA Reveals Special Cinema Events
09/11/09 Madden Curse Returns, Strikes Down Troy Polamalu
09/11/09 Sony Breaking Out The Big Guns For Tokyo Game Show
09/10/09 PS3 Sales Skyrocket: Up 300% In US, 1,000% In Europe
09/10/09 Sony May Reconsider New Friends Format On XMB
09/10/09 Uncharted 2 Review Code Heading To Major Sources
09/10/09 Courtney Love Irate Over Kurt Cobain Avatar In Guitar Hero
09/10/09 Konami Has Five "Coming Soon" Titles Scheduled For TGS
09/10/09 Media Molecule Initially Concerned About LBP MGS4 Content
09/10/09 EyePet Comes To Life On November 17
09/09/09 3D Gaming With PS3 On The Horizon
09/09/09 250GB PS3 Slim Bundle Hits Europe "As Soon As October?"
09/09/09 "Head Tracking" In Gran Turismo 5 Via PlayStation Eye
09/09/09 PSN Users Complain Of Not Receiving Community E-Mails
09/09/09 SCEA Prepping "AAA FPS" Exclusive For PlayStation 3?
09/09/09 "Two Huge Exclusives" Featured In Next Game Informer
09/09/09 Two Separate Teams Working On Modern Warfare 2
09/08/09 The Ultra-Clarifying Truths About Video Game Reviewers
09/08/09 FFXIII Theme Song And Special Commercial Drink Revealed
09/08/09 Amazon Offering PS3-Related Sales
09/08/09 Free DLC Coming For Arkham Asylum
09/08/09 Square-Enix Confirms FFXIII Date, PS3 Bundle Planned
09/08/09 Ninja Theory's New Project Uses Unreal Engine 3.0?
09/08/09 Top Porn Producer Asks For Sony And The PS3's Support
09/07/09 Are We Overdoing It With All These "Hero" Installments?
09/07/09 Best Buy Deal: Buy One PS3 Game, Get Second At Half Price
09/07/09 "Reliable Source" Confirms GT5 For September 25 In UK?
09/07/09 Japanese Release Date For Final Fantasy XIII Found
09/07/09 God Of War III Gets Worldwide Simultaneous Launch?
09/07/09 Estimate: PS3 Slim Sells "Around 500,000 Units" In First Week
09/06/09 PSXE Poll Update: GT5 In 2009 Is Most Anticipated TGS Event
09/06/09 Brutal Legend: To Listen To Foul Language, Or Not?
09/06/09 Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Features Over 100 Minutes Of Cinema
09/06/09 Hidden Feature In Firmware Update 3.00: Echo Canceller
09/05/09 Beta Testing For Online Create Mode In LBP Is Complete
09/05/09 Has Development On inFamous 2 Already Started?
09/04/09 Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition: Can't Buy, Must Win
09/04/09 Fans Unfazed By Price Of Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition
09/04/09 Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Top PSN Download For August
09/04/09 EA: A New NASCAR Isn't In The Works
09/04/09 Another Batman Depends On Gamer Response To Arkham Asylum
09/04/09 Sony: PS3 Will Have Lengthier Life Cycle Than Its Predecessor
09/03/09 PS3 vs. 360: Now A Fair Fight, Software Will Determine Winner
09/03/09 The Ladies Of Sigma 2 Get A Titillating "Jiggle Feature"
09/03/09 SCEA Announces Reality PSN Show: "The Tester"
09/03/09 Pick Up A 40GB PS3 For Only $219
09/03/09 Valkyria Puzzle Solution: "What Goes Around Comes Around"
09/03/09 Rumor: Prototype 2 In The Works?
09/03/09 Sony Admits To Being Late To The Online Party
09/02/09 Firmware 3.00 Throwing Dual Shock 3 Controllers For A Loop
09/02/09 What PS2 Classics Should Get The HD Treatment On PS3?
09/02/09 Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain Success Would Be Good For Industry
09/02/09 God Of War Collection: Everything You Love, Plus More
09/02/09 Solve A Little Puzzle, Get Secret Valkyia Chronicles News
09/02/09 PSN Average User Is Male, About 28, With A Decent Income
09/01/09 RPG Fanatics Will Have Some Difficult Choices To Make
09/01/09 Take-Two On GTAV: Read Our Lips, We Have Nothing To Say
09/01/09 PS3 Slim Bundles Revealed For 2009, Gran Turismo 5 Included!
09/01/09 Attention: Stop Whining About Sequels
09/01/09 Arkham Asylum Tops UK Charts
09/01/09 New PS1 Classics Include Oddworld, Syphon Filter 2, And More
09/01/09 Examine The Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Perks

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