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PS3 Archives - January, 2010

01/31/10 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Owners Lukewarm On MAG
01/31/10 FFXIII Began Life On the PS2
01/31/10 Sony: Heavy Rain Risk Lessened Due To Faith In Developer
01/30/10 After Burner Climax Winging Onto PSN, XBLA This Spring
01/29/10 BioWare Focusing On The Technology Of Dragon Age 2
01/29/10 Is Eat Sleep Play's Project A New IP?
01/29/10 Senior Designer For Killzone 2 Now Working On Resistance 3?
01/29/10 2K Marin Hiring For "Unannounced" Multiplayer Project?
01/29/10 Platinum's New Project Is Vanquish
01/28/10 Q Entertainment Considering Rez HD For The PSN
01/28/10 Heavy Rain Golden, Demo Date Set
01/28/10 GoWIII Launch Date Confirmed, Ultimate Edition Revealed
01/28/10 Retailer Confirms GTA: Episodes From Liberty City For PS3
01/28/10 BioWare Working On "Unannounced Projects" For PS3
01/28/10 Achieve Perfection In MLB 2K10...And Win $1 Million
01/28/10 "No Plans" To Bring Tales Of Vesperia PS3 To North America
01/28/10 Rumor: DLC Set For FFXIII, "Arrive A Little Later In The West"
01/27/10 Eat Sleep Play To Show A Revealing Trailer Soon?
01/27/10 GoWIII Details: 15-20 Hours Length, Sex Mini-Game
01/27/10 Final Fantasy XII Sequel, Fortress, Briefly Resurfaces
01/27/10 Military Research: Gaming Improves "Ability To Reason"
01/27/10 Speed Up Bayonetta Load Times With PS3 Patch
01/27/10 Rumor: Epic And Platinum Collaborating On New Project?
01/26/10 Sadistic Weapon Customization Found In Dead Rising 2
01/26/10 Zipper Interactive Defends MAG's Potential Greatness
01/26/10 Taste The Past During God Of War III?
01/26/10 Lost Planet 2 Lumbers Into May
01/26/10 Super Street Fighter IV Officially Dated, New Trailer
01/26/10 The Past Of L.A. Noire: Dark And Murky
01/25/10 Will Too Many PS3 Owners Pass On Bioshock 2?
01/25/10 PS3 Hits 3 Million Milestone In UK
01/25/10 Sony Doesn't Regret Keeping God Of War II On PS2
01/25/10 SCEE Reveals God Of War III Release Date For UK
01/25/10 Music Game Makers: Genre Hasn't Topped Out, More To Come
01/25/10 Cage On Heavy Rain Content: "Nothing Is Gratuitous"
01/25/10 The Reason Why MAG Reviews Are In Short Supply
01/24/10 PSXE Poll Update: God Of War III Is All That Matters
01/24/10 Front Mission Evolved Suiting Up For A Spring Launch
01/24/10 Geoff Keighley: Mass Effect 2 Will "Eventually" Come To PS3
01/23/10 FFVII Remake Rumor Crushed...Again
01/23/10 L.A. Noire Missions Based On Real-Life Crimes From 1947
01/22/10 Uncharted 2 Single-Player Demo, Skin Pack DLC Incoming
01/22/10 Sneak Peek At "It Only Does 256 Players" Commercial
01/22/10 Bayonetta Creator Considering Sequel Or Spin-Off
01/22/10 Motion Controller Delay Won't Affect RE5 "Gold Edition"
01/21/10 EA Keeps Tiger, Announces Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
01/21/10 GameStop Offers Exclusive Yakuza 3 Pre-Order Incentives
01/21/10 Rockstar Hints At GTAIV DLC On PS3, Teases L.A. Noire
01/21/10 PlayStation Reality Show, "The Tester," Set To Go
01/21/10 Heavy Rain DLC Proving Its Worth
01/21/10 Pachter: Epic Regrets Making Gears Exclusive To 360
01/20/10 Uncharted 2 Leads Elite Group Into The 2010 GDCAs
01/20/10 Info Begins To Flow For PS3's Torne
01/20/10 Sony: "Firm Believers In Listening To The PlayStation Fanbase"
01/20/10 Ubisoft Moving Focus Away From Licensed Products
01/20/10 White Knight Chronicles Secures European Launch Date
01/20/10 Bioshock 2 Benefited From Delay
01/20/10 Sony Preparing Motion Controller For Fall 2010 Launch
01/19/10 Peter Jackson Considering Original Game Development
01/19/10 Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition Details Leaked?
01/19/10 Heavy Rain PS3 Bundle Set For France
01/19/10 Activision: DJ Hero 2 In The Works
01/19/10 Rumor: Bad Company 2 Demo Hits Europe On February 4
01/19/10 PS3 Motion Controller Is Named "Arc?"
01/19/10 Sony Santa Monica: "This Is Not The End Of God Of War"
01/18/10 A 3D Patch For God Of War III Is A Distinct Possibility
01/18/10 Quantum Theory Gets March 26 UK Release Date
01/18/10 God Of War III Runs Natively At 720p With 1080p Upscaling
01/18/10 Warm Up For Heavy Rain With The Four Days Challenge
01/18/10 MAG Beta Statistics Revealed, Over 1 Million Downloads
01/18/10 2K Aggressively Pursuing DLC For Bioshock 2
01/18/10 Quantic Dream: Don't Expect A Sequel To Heavy Rain
01/17/10 PSXE Poll Update: Most Will "Wait And See" With 3D
01/17/10 JRPG Blitz Continues With Last Rebellion In February
01/17/10 Three MAG Factions, Three Websites
01/17/10 PlayStation 3 Is The Lead Platform For New Castlevania
01/16/10 ESRB On Nier: "Fountain-Like Cascades Of Blood"
01/15/10 Io Devs: We Know Nothing About "Gerstmann-Gate"
01/15/10 Gran Turismo 5 Isn't Done, Polyphony Adding More Content?
01/15/10 Survey Proves Parents Pay Close Attention To Game Ratings
01/15/10 Next Assassin's Creed A Direct Sequel, Will Feature Ezio
01/15/10 Nolan North: The Humble Nathan Drake
01/15/10 Real-Life GPS Functionality And 3D Set For Gran Turismo 5
01/14/10 Yamauchi: A Gran Turismo Release Is "Not A Very Happy Time"
01/14/10 Arkham Asylum Game Of The Year Edition Confirmed?
01/14/10 Sony's 2009 Results, Complete With Statistical Analysis
01/14/10 Beyond Good & Evil 2, I Am Alive: "Always In Production"
01/14/10 Cage On Heavy Rain: Real Characters, Real Emotion
01/14/10 Ubisoft: New Ghost Recon Must Be Better Than MW2
01/14/10 Amazon: GT5 Launches In Europe On September 30?
01/13/10 December: Single Biggest Month In PlayStation 3 History
01/13/10 EA, Quantic Dream Interested In PS3 Motion Controller
01/13/10 EA Forced To Tone Things Down In Army Of Two Sequel
01/13/10 MAG Is A "Tipping Point" For Gamers To Buy A PS3
01/13/10 FFXIII Deleted Content: "Enough For A Whole New Game?"
01/13/10 SCEA: Alternate Box Art For Heavy Rain Will Be Available
01/13/10 Gran Tursimo 5 To Miss March Release In Japan
01/12/10 Singularity To Miss Another Expected Release Window?
01/12/10 Analyst: Assassin's Creed II Sales Will Continue To Climb
01/12/10 Qore: Bioshock 2 Single-Player Quest Is At Least 10 Hours
01/12/10 EA: "Major MMO" Will Launch Some Time Next Spring
01/12/10 Early Medal Of Honor Preview Says It's "Slick And Smooth"
01/12/10 New Disc Format For PlayStation 4?
01/11/10 Rockstar: Internal Strife Threatens Midnight Club
01/11/10 Aliens vs. Predator Is "Unique," Especially Online
01/11/10 Heavy Rain North American Box Art
01/11/10 Qriocity: Sony's New PSN Service For Multiple Products
01/11/10 Bayonetta Art Book To Boast 500 Pieces Of Content
01/11/10 Metal Gear Solid Movie Stalls Due To "Lack Of Coordinated Will"
01/11/10 God Of War III Receives North American Street Date
01/10/10 PSXE Poll Update: GoWIII Has Best Shot At GotY 2010
01/10/10 Rebellion Won't Water Down AvP, Demo Coming Soon
01/10/10 Ron Jeremy: Games A "Worse Influnce" Than Pornography
01/10/10 MAG Factions, Character Classes Info
01/09/10 Are Gamers Watching Fewer Movies?
01/09/10 Sony: Heavy Rain Graphics Outstrip Uncharted 2
01/08/10 Heavy Rain Home Content Teased
01/08/10 GameStop Shares Tumble But Analyst Predicts 2010 Rebound
01/08/10 Target Will Set Up Your Game Console, For "Only" $99
01/08/10 MLB 10: The Show Set For March 2, Box Art Sports AL MVP
01/08/10 DICE: Bad Company 2's Vistas Better Than Uncharted 2's
01/08/10 Heavy Rain Officially Receives US Launch Date
01/07/10 Is A Starhawk Unveiling Looming Large On The Horizon?
01/07/10 ModNation Racers: Accessible, Fun, And Awfully Creative
01/07/10 Nier Confirmed For Spring 2010 North American Release
01/07/10 Will FFXIII Be The Last Recognizable "Final Fantasy?"
01/07/10 Sony Delivering 3D-Enabled HDTVs To Market This Summer
01/07/10 Infinity Ward Strays From Call Of Duty, Working On New Title?
01/06/10 US Gamers Won't See Heavy Rain Collector's Edition
01/06/10 Analyst Expects PS3 To Rise In 2010, Wii And 360 Will Decline
01/06/10 3.8 Million PS3s Sold Over Holidays: A 76% Increase
01/06/10 Magic Ball Renamed, Winter Theme Pack Announced
01/06/10 Mom Complains: "Video Games Were Created By Satan"
01/06/10 Naughty Dog: No Motion Control In Third-Person Action
01/06/10 Lighting Technology In GoWIII Only Possible On PS3
01/05/10 Hollywood Looking To Cash In On Darksiders, Too?
01/05/10 Rumor: Dissidia Headed To PS3, 360
01/05/10 Secret Square-Enix Game Wasn't Widely "Requested"
01/05/10 Cheaper Software In The Future?
01/05/10 God Of War III, Gran Turismo 5 Launch On Same Day In Japan?
01/05/10 Capcom Will Develop All New IPs At Home In Japan
01/05/10 Wada: Western Developers Could Make A Final Fantasy
01/04/10 Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition Arrives
01/04/10 Immense Demand For Public MAG Beta Results In Crash
01/04/10 God Of War Composers Rock Darksiders Soundtrack
01/04/10 PlayStation Home's New TV Channel
01/04/10 Def Leppard To Be Featured In An "Unusual Game"
01/04/10 Square-Enix Issues New Year's Goal
01/04/10 Sony Will Not Abandon Physical Media For PlayStation 4
01/03/10 PSXE Poll Update: MW2 Nabs Most Overrated Crown
01/03/10 Is The Multiplayer Boom Actually Hurting Game Sales?
01/03/10 English Voices Included In Yakuza 3?
01/03/10 EA To Shut Down Many Online Servers For Sports Titles
01/02/10 PSXE Asks: What Do You Want?
01/02/10 Gran Turismo 5 Delayed In US Until November?
01/01/10 Amazon Incentives For MAG Pre-Order
01/01/10 Resonance Of Fate Demo Missing Necessary Tutorial
01/01/10 What We Want In The Final Fantasy VII Remake For PS3
01/01/10 Media Molecule Hands Out "2009 Sackies" For LBP

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