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PS3 Archives - October, 2010

10/31/10 PSXE Poll Update: Uncharted 3 Most Wanted PS3 Game
10/31/10 Gran Turismo 5 Introduces The Fastest Car In The World
10/31/10 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Launch Trailer Oozes Slickness
10/30/10 PSXE Blue PS3 Giveaway: Happy Winner Receives Prize
10/30/10 320GB PlayStation 3 Now On Sale Without Move
10/29/10 How Much Longer Before PS3/360 Sales Gap Closes?
10/29/10 F.E.A.R. 3 Will Terrify You On March 22
10/29/10 Neptunia Goddesses Enchanting PS3
10/29/10 First Uncharted Novel Scheduled For Late Next Year
10/29/10 Capcom Boss Keiji Inafune Resigns
10/29/10 Killzone 3 Helghast Edition Boasts Helmet, Figurine, More
10/28/10 Splatterhouse Goes Gold, Nails Down Release Date
10/28/10 Enslaved DLC Adds Pigsy Gameplay And 3D Option
10/28/10 Escalation Joins MAG's Ranks On November 2
10/28/10 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Golden
10/28/10 MotorStorm: Apocalypse Beta Opens To Public Soon?
10/28/10 Gran Turismo 5 Racing Into Europe On December 3?
10/28/10 Lords Of Shadow PS3 Patched Today
10/27/10 Lightbox Won't Show New Project "Until It's Ready"
10/27/10 Explodemon Blasting Onto PSN
10/27/10 PlayStation Rewards Detailed, Set To Launch Spring 2011
10/27/10 Rumor: PlayStation Phone Revealed With Complete Specs
10/26/10 Castlevania, MGS4 Featured In PS3 Bundle For Japan
10/26/10 Pachter: History, Press Will Keep Black Ops Behind MW2
10/26/10 No More Heroes Headed To PS3 With Move Support
10/26/10 Parasite Eve Titles Confirmed For Japanese PSN
10/26/10 LucasArts Details Force Unleashed II Game Improvements
10/26/10 Lara Croft To Receive Co-Op Patch, First DLC Pack
10/25/10 Back To The Future Platforms, Details, Making Of Video
10/25/10 Ubisoft: Activision Charging For CoD Online Via DLC
10/25/10 Ubisoft Won't Commit To Assassin's Creed III In 2011
10/25/10 Insomniac Talks Pressure, One-Year Extension For R3
10/25/10 Hot Pursuit Demo Confirmed For UK
10/25/10 Guns Won't Rule New Yakuza, Melee Combat Returns
10/24/10 PSXE Poll Update: GT5 Shouldn't Be Delayed Long
10/24/10 Should GTAV Strive For Realism Or "Fun Factor?"
10/24/10 Japanese Vanquish Sales Aren't Overwhelming
10/24/10 Naughty Dog Debunks Uncharted 3: World Of Deceit Rumor
10/23/10 Platinum Likes To Focus On New IPs
10/23/10 Sony: First-Party Teams Push PS3 To "Full Potential"
10/22/10 Catherine Gets Japanese Date, First Gameplay Screenshot
10/22/10 Local Campaign Co-Op Returns In Resistance 3
10/22/10 Cage: There Is Nothing On The Horizon
10/22/10 Treyarch: Black Ops Realism Almost "Went Too Far"
10/21/10 Dragons Start Hoarding On November 2
10/21/10 3D Dot Game Heroes, Demon's Souls Smash Sales Expectations
10/21/10 Sony Ships 1 Million Move Units In The Western Territory
10/21/10 Level-5 Recording English Voices For White Knight 2
10/21/10 Rumor: Bethesda Keeping Low Fallout Scores Quiet
10/21/10 Ubisoft: Move, Kinect Will Be Part Of The Next Generation
10/21/10 Can PS3 Owners Expect A Better Final Fantasy XIV?
10/20/10 Capcom Knew Dante Change Would Incite Fan Backlash
10/20/10 Sony Liverpool Prepping New Wipeout?
10/20/10 God Of War Collection, Ghost Of Sparta Attacking PSN
10/20/10 Space Channel 5 Sequel, Sega Bass Fishing Set For PSN/XBLA
10/20/10 Games PS3 Owners Wish They Had: Alan Wake
10/20/10 Motorcycles For GT5 "If There's A Strong Demand"
10/20/10 Brotherhood Breaks Pre-Order Record, AC Sales Hit 19 Million
10/20/10 Another Way To Snag A Code For The Killzone 3 Beta
10/19/10 New Brotherhood Details: Additions And Improvements
10/19/10 GT5 Settles On Intro Theme Song
10/19/10 Medal Of Honor Sells 1.5 Million, EA Gives Away DLC
10/19/10 DLC Codes For New Vegas PS3 Not Functional
10/19/10 THQ Pins Down Exclusive Rights To UFC Through 2018
10/19/10 European Move Success May Impact Availability
10/18/10 Demon's Souls Beaten In Under 1 Hour
10/18/10 Capcom: Onimusha, Dino Crisis Part Of Internal Discussions
10/18/10 Vanquish Will Take 10 Hours, But It Doesn't End There
10/18/10 New Trailer, Estimated Launch Date For Trine 2
10/18/10 Cosmo Says: Girls Who Play More, Get It On More
10/18/10 Square-Enix Looking To Bolster FF Versus XIII Staff
10/18/10 Tron: Evolution: Not Another Poor Film-Game Adaptation
10/17/10 Final Fantasy Will Save Itself
10/17/10 PSXE Poll Update: RDR Popular, But GTA Still King
10/17/10 Insomniac Committed To PS3, To Stick With Resistance
10/17/10 Kojima "Throwing Out The Old Ways" For Next Project
10/16/10 Ex-SAS Operative Praises Medal Of Honor's Realism
10/16/10 Rebuilding Trust With Friends After Playing Brotherhood
10/15/10 MLB 2K10 Predicts Unlikely World Series Champion
10/15/10 Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Anniversary Event This Weekend
10/15/10 Pirates Of The Caribbean Game Sinks
10/15/10 Stockholders May Not Appreciate EA's New Creativity
10/15/10 Jaffe: GoW Was Never "Some Amazing Combat Simulator"
10/15/10 Hacking, Piracy To Be Blamed For Gran Turismo 5 Delay?
10/14/10 September NPD: Industry Slides, New Halo Dominates
10/14/10 Sony Very Happy With Move's Retail Performance
10/14/10 Walking Undead To Infect Red Dead Redemption's Frontier
10/14/10 Sony Starts "Midnight Movie" Promotion This Weekend
10/14/10 Soldner-X 2 Last Chapter Expansion Set For November
10/14/10 Kojima: Japanese Utilize Art, West Relies On Technology
10/14/10 Yamauchi Apologizes, GT5 2010 Release Probable
10/14/10 Netflix Becomes A Native PS3 Application Next Week
10/13/10 Crazy Taxi Delivered To PSN/XBLA On November 24
10/13/10 Catherine Details: Characters, Levels, Dirty E-Mail Pics
10/13/10 DNF Campaign Is "Huge," 3x The Size Of Last CoD
10/13/10 GT5 Delayed Again, Will Still Hit "This Holiday Season"
10/13/10 Of The End Update: Voice Actors, Guns, Added Info
10/13/10 NPD Group Alters Sales Reporting
10/12/10 Nathan Fillion Gunning For Role Of Nathan Drake
10/12/10 Resistance 3: Story, Gameplay And Weapon Details
10/12/10 Survey: MoH Popular, But Won't Come Close To CoD
10/12/10 Gearbox: "Almost Inconceivable" DNF Would Be On PS3
10/12/10 Inafune: Making Games Is Hard, And I Hate My Job
10/12/10 Arkham City Details: Bat Signal And Upgraded Combat
10/11/10 Alundra, Arc The Lad Venture Onto PSN This Week
10/11/10 Is 3 Million An Acceptable Sales Total For God Of War III?
10/11/10 Splatterhouse Smashes Onto Shelves In Late November
10/11/10 X-Men Arcade Classic Battles Onto PSN/XBLA This Fall
10/11/10 Hot Pursuit Footage: Hot Night Pursuit
10/11/10 Mercury Steam Already Working On Castlevania Sequel
10/11/10 Dead Space 2 Pre-Order Bonus Is Dead Space Ignition
10/10/10 PSXE Poll Update: Removing Taliban From MoH Cowardly
10/10/10 Flower Recreated Using Dev Tools In LittleBigPlanet 2
10/10/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Weaponry
10/10/10 Square-Enix Clarifies CGI vs. Gameplay Trailer Concerns
10/09/10 David O. Russell Will Write And Direct Uncharted Film
10/08/10 Heroes On The Move Renamed
10/08/10 Black Ops Pre-Orders On Track To Surpass MW2
10/08/10 Prinny 2: Dawn Of Operation Panties, Dood! Revealed
10/08/10 Versus XIII And Agito XIII TGS Trailer Finally Surfaces
10/08/10 Real Tier 1 Operators Talk Respect In Medal Of Honor
10/08/10 Dead Nation To Support Offline And Online Co-op At Launch
10/07/10 Gearbox: We're "Dead Sure" Duke Nukem Forever Is Coming
10/07/10 Resistance 3 Hits GI Cover, New Main Character Confirmed
10/07/10 Plus Members Have A Shot At Killzone 3 Public Beta Trial
10/07/10 Ninja Theory: Capcom Wanted A "Crazier" Dante For DMC
10/07/10 Sega De-Listing Poor Sonic Titles
10/07/10 DNF Trailer: Duke Gets Nasty With Aliens And Ladies Alike
10/06/10 Rumor: Rockstar Already Cranking On Red Dead Sequel?
10/06/10 Playbrains Announces Network Exclusive Sideway
10/06/10 All Unlockable Players, Boss Matches In NBA Jam
10/06/10 Dragon Age II Import Save Will Let You "See The World"
10/06/10 Final Fantasy XIII Outsells Predecessor
10/06/10 Andy Serkis: "Something Vibrant" About Working With Games
10/05/10 Free Red Dead DLC: Two New Outfits And A Jackalope
10/05/10 Captain America Going Back In Time To Battle Nazis
10/05/10 Best Buy Will Put Latest Firmware On New PS3 For $30
10/05/10 Borderlands GotY Edition Gives Early Access To DNF Demo?
10/05/10 Ninja Theory "Did Pursue" Heavenly Sword Sequel
10/05/10 Treyarch Fully Embraces 3D For Call Of Duty: Black Ops
10/05/10 GTAIV Complete Edition Spotted
10/04/10 NBA Jam Now A Full Retail Product
10/04/10 No Medal Of Honor Demo, Army "Surprised" At Multiplayer
10/04/10 New Silent Hill Will Use Silent Hill 2 As Primary Inspiration
10/04/10 Spooks, Skeletons Haunting Sports Champions Tomorrow
10/04/10 Platinum Will Make Bayonetta Sequel "When The Time Is Right"
10/04/10 Guerrilla On The Challenge Of "Moving" In Killzone 3
10/04/10 FFXIII Team Talks Missing Content, FFXIII-2 Possibility
10/03/10 Enslaved Helps Make The Case For PS3 Exclusivity
10/03/10 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Will Be Selective This Year
10/03/10 L+E Pictures Finds Just Cause For A Movie Adaptation
10/03/10 New Look At inFamous 2 Chase Demo
10/02/10 Sackboy Part 2 To Get Move Controls Via DLC Add-On
10/01/10 Square-Enix Releases Mind-Boggling Just Cause 2 Stats
10/01/10 All Your Enslaved Questions Answered
10/01/10 UK Gamers Can Get Bayonetta When Purchasing Vanquish
10/01/10 Uncharted 2 Dubbed Greatest PlayStation Game Ever
10/01/10 EA Responds To Pressure, Removes Taliban From MoH

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