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PS3 Archives - November, 2010

11/30/10 Jaffe Responds To PS3 Preference: "I Can't Have An Opinion?"
11/30/10 Yakuza Team Goes International With Binary Domain
11/30/10 Special Augmented Edition For Deus Ex: Human Revolution
11/30/10 Move Sells 4.1 Million Worldwide
11/30/10 Funky Lab Rat Lands On PSN Today
11/30/10 Rumor: Drake May Hit The Desert Heat In Uncharted 3
11/30/10 Jaffe: Here, You Need A PS3 To Play Twisted Metal
11/29/10 EA On Movie-Based Games: They're Just Not Worth It
11/29/10 Final Fantasy PS1 Classics: Most Wanted Remakes
11/29/10 Sony: It'll Be Tough For The PS3 To Outstrip The PS2
11/29/10 Buy Sony 3D HDTV, Get Free PS3 And 3D Starter Kit
11/29/10 Bayonetta 2 In The Works, Details Released Soon?
11/29/10 Sony: Move "Legitimately" Hard To Find
11/29/10 Three New JRPGs Announced, Confirmed For US
11/28/10 PSXE Poll Update: Most Intend To Hit The Track In GT5
11/28/10 BioWare: There Are Just Too Many Games Coming Out
11/28/10 Jaffe: Twisted Metal Nearing Alpha Development Stage
11/28/10 PlayStation 3 A Big Tweet Generator
11/27/10 Early Sales Say GT5 May Be The Top PS3 Exclusive
11/27/10 Sony Can Make Move More Precise, But Is It Needed?
11/26/10 OPM Provides New ME2 PS3 Details
11/26/10 Analyst: GTAV In Fiscal 2012, Sales To Be Gigantic
11/26/10 Assassin's Creed May Become An Annual Phenomenon
11/26/10 Sony: 3D Will Help Us Reach More Consumers
11/25/10 Does The Hardcore Mentality Wither With Age?
11/25/10 Double Fine: Want Sequels? Great, Lend Us The Money
11/25/10 New Resident Evil To Be Revealed At Spike VGAs?
11/25/10 GT5 Online Servers Struggle, Update Coming Soon
11/25/10 2K To Parker: Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife
11/24/10 Yamauchi: "The Beginning Of A New Era For Gran Turismo"
11/24/10 Activision: "We Will Never Charge" For Call Of Duty Online
11/24/10 Expand On Your Brotherhood Action With Free DLC
11/24/10 Sony Outlines Black Friday Bundle Deals For PS3 And PSP
11/24/10 Joe Danger On Sale, New Characters Revealed
11/24/10 Wahlberg In As Drake, De Niro And Pesci Possible
11/24/10 Move Receives Popular Science And CES Innovations Awards
11/24/10 Sony: More Than 50 PS3 Games To Boast 3D
11/23/10 PlayStation Mag Provides Fresh Slew Of inFamous 2 Details
11/23/10 Gran Turismo 5: All Available Features
11/23/10 Test Drive Unlimited 2: Live The Dream On February 8
11/23/10 Mass Effect 3 Teaser At Spike VGAs?
11/23/10 Sony: GT5 Still Important, Will "Take Your Breath Away"
11/23/10 Prologue Manages To Sell 5 Million
11/23/10 Hot Pursuit Gets Timesaver DLC: Unlock All Cars Now
11/22/10 Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition Unboxed And Detailed
11/22/10 Castlevania Ships A Million In The US And Europe
11/22/10 SCEA Kicks Off "Stock Up For Winter" Store Sale
11/22/10 LittleBigPlanet 2 Demo Dated, Move Spin-Off Revealed
11/22/10 Wal-Mart Sale Includes PS3 Bundle, Discounted Games
11/22/10 Sucker Punch Wants To Match Naughty Dog's Quality
11/21/10 Is GT5 The Last System Seller For PlayStation 3?
11/21/10 PSXE Poll Update: GT5 Faces Little Competition
11/21/10 Rumor: EA Readying The Blitz Again
11/21/10 Irrational: Don't Worry About Bioshock Infinite On PS3
11/20/10 Music Games Take Popularity Plunge, Consumers Tired
11/20/10 Rumor: Dreamcast Collection Headed Our Way Soon?
11/19/10 Sony Teases "Exclusive PlayStation 3 Reveal"
11/19/10 New Catherine Trailer Will Keep You Awake Nights
11/19/10 Kevin Butler Promotes Gran Turismo 5, Steals A Car
11/19/10 "Plenty Of Room" For More Deus Ex Installments
11/18/10 Kingdoms Will Fall Under Fire On The PS3 In 2012
11/18/10 Portal 2 Pushed Back A Few Months
11/18/10 L.A. Noire: New Screens, Story And Gameplay Details
11/18/10 TT Games "LEGO-fying" Pirates Of The Caribbean
11/18/10 Wardevil Passes Muster, Changes Name To Project Kane
11/18/10 Black Ops Sets Five-Day Worldwide Sell-Through Record
11/17/10 Square-Enix Talks FFXIV PS3 Updates And Differences
11/17/10 Gran Turismo 5 Pre-Order Incentives
11/17/10 Kotick: Activision Blizzard Has The "Luxury Of Patience"
11/17/10 GT5 Not Delayed In Europe, Sony Says Nothing Has Changed
11/17/10 Catherine Update: Drunkenness And Love Triangles
11/17/10 October NPD: NBA 2K11, Fallout Lead Software Charge
11/16/10 Will GT5 Be The Biggest PlayStation 3 Title To Date?
11/16/10 Demon's Souls Greatest Hits Edition Arrives With Goodies
11/16/10 Atlus Starts "Super-Mega-Ultra" 50% Off PSN Sale
11/16/10 Sly Cooper 4 Teaser Trailer Leaked?
11/16/10 Fate Of Two Worlds Decided On February 15
11/16/10 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Info, Secrets Guide
11/16/10 GT Academy Hits US, A Chance To Live Out A Dream
11/15/10 Prince Of Persia Trilogy Gracing US Network Soon
11/15/10 Blizzard Exploring Possibility Of Diablo III For Consoles
11/15/10 Ubisoft Delays Ghost Recon, Driver
11/15/10 Dead Nation: Face The Infection On November 30
11/15/10 War For Cybertron Sequel Confirmed
11/15/10 Naughty Dog: Uncharted "Influenced Greatly" By ICO
11/14/10 PSXE Poll Update: Not Everyone Likes Call Of Duty
11/14/10 Gran Turismo 5 Course Maker Footage
11/14/10 PS3/360 Owners Won't Dance Like The King Until 2011
11/14/10 New Patch Gives The Fight Added "Transparency"
11/13/10 Tweet Your Support: Get Namco To Bring Us Tales
11/13/10 Black Ops PS3 Fixes "In Progress"
11/12/10 Capcom: RE5 Gold Is The "Best Move Game Out There"
11/12/10 Japan Studio Reveals PSN Move Title: Beat Sketcher
11/12/10 SCEE Reveals PlayStation Move PS3 Bundle For Europe
11/12/10 Square-Enix Didn't Implement Beta Feedback For FFXIV
11/12/10 Sony Confirms GT5 Launch Date: November 24
11/11/10 PlayStation 3 Version Of Two Worlds II In Jeopardy?
11/11/10 Square-Enix To Release Special Holiday Soundtrack
11/11/10 Treyarch: We're Not Going To Make Glitchers "Nerd Famous"
11/11/10 Take-Two: Quality And Support Can Counter Used Games
11/11/10 L.A. Noire Trailer Surfaces, Clear Emphasis On Story
11/11/10 Black Ops Tops MW2 In Day 1 Sales, Activision Happy
11/11/10 New RPG, Venetica, To Launch This Month On PS3
11/11/10 PSXE Poll Update: Readers Accurately Guess Black Ops Score
11/10/10 Cuba Labels Black Ops As "Doubly Perverse"
11/10/10 White Knight Chronicles 2: New Content Plans And Info
11/10/10 GT5 Hits Store Shelves In Two Weeks?
11/10/10 Another Clue That Gran Turismo 5 Ships This Year
11/10/10 Ueda On Last Guardian: Pressure, Emotion, Inspiration
11/10/10 Everyone Loves The Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo
11/10/10 Crytek: Why Can't Crysis Be As Popular As Call Of Duty?
11/09/10 Is Call Of Duty Mania A Good Thing?
11/09/10 Analyst: PS3 Will Surpass 360 "By The End Of 2012"
11/09/10 Valve: Not Every Product Needs To Offer Multiplayer
11/09/10 GameStop To Offer PSN DLC In Stores And Online
11/09/10 PlayStation 3 Can't Handle Yamauchi's Lofty Ambitions
11/09/10 Square-Enix Future Plan Includes Reboots, New IPs
11/09/10 New L.A. Noire Trailer Hits This Week
11/09/10 Gran Turismo 5 Leaked Intro Video Sneaks Onto Web
11/08/10 Rumor: New SSX In The Works
11/08/10 Sony Unveils Overhauled Bluetooth Headset For PS3
11/08/10 Mass Effect 2 PS3 Loaded With DLC, Interactive Comic
11/08/10 Leaked Video Shows GT5 Exists, List Of All Trophies
11/08/10 Rising Won't Slice It Up Until 2012
11/08/10 Sony Offers Move-Related Audience And Sales Stats
11/08/10 Naughty Bear, Wet Sequels Confirmed
11/07/10 PSXE Poll Update: God Of War III Will Be Last One Standing
11/07/10 Rumor: Hitman 5 Confirmed For 2011?
11/07/10 How The Brotherhood Will Work In Assassin's Creed
11/07/10 Gunmen Rob GameStop, Snag 100+ Copies Of Black Ops
11/06/10 Sony Sends Over A Half-Million GT5 Copies To France?
11/06/10 CTA Digital: Helping Steer Your Way To Move Victory
11/05/10 The Honorable Route In New Vegas: No Killing Ever
11/05/10 Bodycount To Miss Spring Release
11/05/10 Analyst: Black Ops To Sell 18 Million In Fourth Quarter
11/05/10 Crescent Pale Mist Strikes Network On November 9
11/05/10 Gears Guru: The Ladies Would Appreciate Heavy Rain
11/05/10 EA: Console Makers Will Have To "Break Down Barriers"
11/04/10 Are Both Move And Kinect Stumbling Out Of The Gate?
11/04/10 Yamauchi: "It's Too Early To Be Talking About GT6"
11/04/10 Activision Will Launch Call Of Duty FPS In Late 2011
11/04/10 Atlus To Unleash The Cursed Crusade Next Summer
11/04/10 Attention: Enslaved Does Not Deserve To Be Ignored
11/04/10 Gran Turismo 5 Launch Update...Again
11/04/10 Level-5 Has Big Plans For White Knight Chronicles 2
11/03/10 1 Million Move Units In North America, More Titles Coming
11/03/10 Irrational On Making Bioshock Infinite's Visuals Shine
11/03/10 EA On Future Of Mirror's Edge: "We Haven't Buried It"
11/03/10 Sony's Marks Talks EyeToy, Motion Evolution
11/03/10 Mikami Sticks With DMD Despite Being ZeniMax Property
11/03/10 Metallica To Perform At Call Of Duty Launch Event
11/02/10 Sony Replenishes Move Stock In Reply To Kinect Launch
11/02/10 EA Puts NBA Elite 11 On The Bench
11/02/10 Brotherhood PS3 Gets Exclusive DLC
11/02/10 Mindjack Taking Control Of US Store Shelves In January
11/02/10 Gran Turismo 5 Release Update
11/02/10 Fans Clamor For Shenmue 3, Sega Doesn't Rule It Out
11/02/10 EA: Medal Of Honor "Better Than Reviews Indicate"
11/02/10 Analyst: Take-Two May Be Up For Grabs Again
11/01/10 Helpful How-To PS3 Vids Will Answer Many FAQs
11/01/10 Rumor: Capcom Taps SOCOM Devs For New Resident Evil
11/01/10 Kane & Lynch, Hitman Developer Hit With More Layoffs
11/01/10 Crytek UK Seeking Publisher For New TimeSplitters
11/01/10 GT5 Dated At Japanese Online Retailer

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