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PS3 Archives - December, 2010

12/31/10 PSXE Reader's Game Of The Year: God Of War III
12/31/10 Ebert's Past Reveals Quick Obession With Nintendo
12/31/10 Killzone 3 ESRB Rating: Violence In Explicit Detail
12/30/10 Have Exclusives Put Sony Ahead Of The Competition?
12/30/10 CNN's Top 10 For 2010: Heavy Rain Nabs Top Spot
12/30/10 What Is Final Fantasy Type-O?
12/30/10 Bulletstorm: New Gameplay Reinforces Emphasis On "Fun"
12/29/10 Could 2011 Become The Greatest Gaming Year Ever?
12/29/10 Go Behind The Scenes With Insomniac And Resistance 3
12/29/10 Insomniac Talks Favorites, Many Love Red Dead Redemption
12/29/10 Xenogears, Vagrant Story Slated To Become PS1 Classics
12/28/10 PSXE's Worst Of 2010: The Dubious Distinctions
12/28/10 More Uncharted 3 Gameplay Footage Surfaces, Astounds
12/28/10 Uncharted Movie Director Denies Currently Known "Facts"
12/28/10 Atlus Prepping Catherine Demo, Set To Announce New Titles
12/28/10 Naughty Dog Talks Uncharted Territory
12/27/10 2010's Best: Top 5 "Shame On You For Missing It!"
12/27/10 Duke Nukem Fan Movie Dripping With Duke-ish Attitude
12/27/10 Dynasty Warriors 7 Slashing Onto US Shelves In March
12/27/10 Could Guerrilla's New IP Be A Blend Of Fantasy And Shooter?
12/27/10 Quick inFamous 2 Update, Big Announcements Teased
12/27/10 Shooters "Too Serious," Bulletstorm Focuses On "Pulpy Fun"
12/26/10 Holiday Loot Tally: Dish On Your Unwrapped Treasures
12/26/10 Soul Calibur Will Rise Again
12/26/10 Rumored Arkham City Multiplayer Info
12/26/10 Massive Entertainment Cranking On Assassin's Creed Title?
12/24/10 A Warm Holiday Greeting From PSXE
12/24/10 Hot Pursuit Giveaway Complete: Winner Nabs Free NFS Copy
12/23/10 Final Fantasy Abdicating Its Throne
12/23/10 Pachter: Only The Fanboys Care If I'm Right Or Wrong
12/23/10 Home Expects Increase In Revenue Thanks To Gaming Focus
12/23/10 Kotick: As Integral To Young People As Facebook, Texting
12/23/10 Sony: Fiscal PS3 Sales Still On Track
12/22/10 Tomb Raider Multiplayer Confirmed?
12/22/10 EA Fires Back, Calls Activision's Claim "A PR Play"
12/22/10 Braid Designer: Sony Seeks "More Artful" Games For PSN
12/22/10 Atari Reveals Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale
12/22/10 Two DLC Packs For Castlevania Set For Early 2011
12/21/10 Mega Ran Rap Pays Tribute To One Of Gaming's Best
12/21/10 Are Gaming Personalities A Big Benefit Or A Crutch?
12/21/10 Activision: EA And West/Zampella Were In Cahoots
12/21/10 Sony Isn't Forcing Naughty Dog To Use Move In Uncharted 3
12/21/10 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Hits $1 Billion
12/21/10 DC Universe Online Dated, Priced
12/21/10 EA: Microtransactions More Lucrative Than In-Game Ads
12/20/10 MAG Available On PSN, Full Game Trial For Plus Members
12/20/10 Ubisoft Confirms Splinter Cell Trilogy
12/20/10 Pachter: GTAV Must Be Take-Two's Top Priority
12/20/10 Hefty Gran Turismo 5 Update Arrives
12/20/10 Games, Movies That Will Support 3D On PlayStation 3
12/20/10 Tales Of Xillia Info: Changes Abound
12/19/10 PSXE Poll Update: God Of War III The GotY Favorite
12/19/10 Will Move Ever Be The #1 Option For Shooter Fans?
12/19/10 Sackboy Displays Athletic Side In LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta
12/19/10 Tomb Raider Trilogy Coming Soon
12/18/10 PSXE Giveaway: Spot The Tweet, Win A Free Game
12/18/10 Atlus Opts To Maintain Online Servers For Demon's Souls
12/17/10 Rumor: Full Game Trial For MAG Looming On The Horizon
12/17/10 Knights Contract Signs A Release Date
12/17/10 Are Most Game Journalists Little More Than Entertainers?
12/17/10 Agarest War 2 Patch: Chance To Move And Massage
12/17/10 Nearly 50 Titles Now Support Move
12/17/10 Uncharted 3 Gameplay Burns Its Way Into Our Hearts
12/16/10 Dear Square-Enix: The Only Way Forward Is To Go Back
12/16/10 Take-Two Enjoys Profitable Non-GTA Fiscal Year
12/16/10 Gamer Perceptions Of Activision Aren't Based On Reality
12/16/10 Playmates Enter A Virtual World For Tribute To Tron
12/16/10 New L.A. Noire Video: MotionScan, Gameplay, Interviews
12/16/10 Jaffe Confirms: Twisted Metal Might Get New Vehicles Via DLC
12/16/10 Square-Enix Projections Nosedive, Deus Ex Delayed
12/16/10 Journey's Mystifying Official Trailer
12/15/10 Mass Effect 2 PS3 Uses Same Engine As Mass Effect 3
12/15/10 Yamauchi Talks GT5 Updates, Plan For The Future
12/15/10 New Conan Game In The Works
12/15/10 MotorStorm: Apocalypse Demo, New Features Revealed
12/15/10 Namco: Quality Of Foreign Studio Titles Was "Lacking"
12/15/10 SSX: Deadly Descents: An Experience "Worth The Wait"
12/15/10 Mortal Kombat Pre-Order Incentives, Special Editions
12/14/10 Family And Friends On Pachter: He Should Get Help
12/14/10 Nomura: Lightning From FFXIII "Must Not Be Forgotten"
12/14/10 Renowned Pianist Lang Lang Introduces GT5 Soundtrack
12/14/10 Miyamoto: Modern Action Games Are Just Too Challenging
12/14/10 Guerrilla: "We Unleashed More Power" In The PS3
12/14/10 Sega Will Soon Announce Platinum's Newest Project
12/13/10 Del Toro Serious About Making A "Big, Immersive Game"
12/13/10 Sony Defends Move Marketing, Claims Kinect Is Limited
12/13/10 Mikami: Vanquish's Hero Was Going To Be A Robot
12/13/10 Naughty Dog: Trying To Top Uncharted 2 Is "Terrifying"
12/13/10 Mass Effect 2 Demo Arrives On PSN Next Week
12/13/10 Del Toro And THQ Will Go inSane Three Times Over
12/13/10 Activision Announces Prototype 2, "Bigger And Better"
12/12/10 PSXE Poll Update: Readers Select First 5 GotY Nominees
12/12/10 Resistance 3 Info: Trailer Footage Info, Development Update
12/12/10 Mass Effect 3 Launching Simultaneously On PS3, 360, PC
12/12/10 Quick Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010 Wrap-Up
12/12/10 Resistance 3 VGA Footage, Releasing September 6, 2011
12/12/10 Uncharted 3 VGA Trailer, Launch Date Of November 1, 2011
12/11/10 Bulletstorm Devs Compare Hero Progression To God Of War
12/11/10 EA Store Lists Mass Effect 3 PS3, Then Listing Disappears
12/10/10 Amazon: L.A. Noire Arrives On April 5
12/10/10 Square-Enix "Deeply Regrets" FFXIV, Delays PS3 Version
12/10/10 Catherine Gameplay Detailed, Appears Puzzle-Oriented
12/10/10 Call Of Duty Tops "Relationship Killing" Poll, Women Ignored
12/10/10 GT5 Tops 5.5 Million, Franchise Hits 60 Million Worldwide
12/09/10 Why Uncharted 3 Will Become The Greatest Game Ever
12/09/10 PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Accessory Unveiled
12/09/10 November NPD: Black Ops Reigns, Monthly Records Broken
12/09/10 Uncharted 3 Details: 3D, Storyline Info, Greatness Returns
12/09/10 Dolled Up Catherine Graces Pre-Order Art Book
12/09/10 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Outed, Headed To Arabia
12/08/10 Guerrilla Gives Thanks For Killzone 3 Beta Feedback
12/08/10 Massive Home Update: Midway 2, Holiday Goodness
12/08/10 CliffyB: PS3 Owners Shouldn't Worry About Bulletstorm
12/08/10 EA: Single Player Only Experiences "Finished"
12/08/10 Tony Hawk Has "Jordan-Esque" Staying Power
12/08/10 Raven Seeking Help For "Realistic Military Shooter"
12/08/10 Bulletstorm Isn't "Mindless," And Could Be Memorable
12/08/10 Kratos Joins Mortal Kombat's Ranks
12/07/10 Resistance 3 Progress Report, Set To Launch Late 2011
12/07/10 The Agency Remains In The Shadows Until Late 2011
12/07/10 Eidos: That Dynamic Kane & Lynch Duo Will Return
12/07/10 Update Adds Mechanical Damage To Gran Turismo 5
12/07/10 Sony Pleased With PlayStation Plus Reception Thus Far
12/07/10 Assassin's Creed Survey Hints At Improvements, Ezio's Return
12/07/10 Split-Screen Co-Op Available In KZ3?
12/06/10 Neil Patrick Harris: Reason Enough To Watch The VGAs
12/06/10 echochrome ii Will Puzzle You Soon
12/06/10 Toys R Us Holiday Sale: Simple Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off
12/06/10 Rumor: Raven Working On Stealthy James Bond Game?
12/06/10 Pachter: Shareholders Want Call Of Duty Online Fees
12/06/10 Hot Pursuit DLC Features 12 New Events And 6 New Cars
12/06/10 New Tomb Raider Announced, Young Lara Featured
12/06/10 Quests Enhance PlayStation Rewards
12/05/10 PSXE Poll Update: The Sly Collection Deserves A Review
12/05/10 How EA Intends To Overthrow The Reigning FPS King
12/05/10 Twisted Metal On Store Shelves In "Less Than A Year"
12/05/10 Final Fantasy XIII Earns Platinum PlayStation Award
12/04/10 Plus Members Can Get Discounted Service Plan For PS3
12/04/10 Dead Space 2 Might Creep You Out Before Christmas
12/03/10 You Won't Find Girl Gamers Because They're Hiding
12/03/10 Take-Two Unconcerned About Rise Of Digital Content
12/03/10 Sources Praise L.A. Noire, Rockstar Teases Big Update
12/03/10 EA: SHIFT 2 On Par With GT5, But "Far Ahead" Of Forza 3?
12/02/10 Pachter: Move, Kinect To Sell 20-25 Million By End Of 2011
12/02/10 LittleBigPlanet 2 Box Art, Wrapping Paper, And Demo
12/02/10 Atari Delivering Venetica To US Shores
12/02/10 First Resistance 3 Gameplay To Debut At Spike VGAs
12/02/10 EA: We're Okay For Now, But Woods Needs To Win
12/02/10 Voice Chat Coming To Dead Nation
12/02/10 New Ghostbusters Game Goes Digital In The Spring
12/01/10 EA: Music Genre Could Rebound, Skating Games Sliding
12/01/10 Gran Turismo 5 Causes PS3 Sales To Double In Japan
12/01/10 Team Ninja Doesn't Need Itagaki, NGIII Coming Along Nicely
12/01/10 The Fight: First Update, DLC Entering The Ring Soon
12/01/10 Yamauchi Takes GT5 Questions, Talks Updates And Features

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