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PS3 Archives - February, 2010

02/28/10 PSXE Poll Update: God Of War III Trounces FFXIII
02/28/10 Keighley Teasing New Title From Sony, What Might It Be?
02/28/10 Sony Aware Of PS3 Issues, "Looking Into It" Now
02/28/10 Deus Ex 3 Confirmed For PS3, 360?
02/27/10 Just Cause 2 Demo Explodes Onto PSN Next Week
02/27/10 Hollywood Still Considering A Movie Based On Heavy Rain?
02/26/10 Square-Enix On Final Fantasy: "No Singular Aim" For FFXV
02/26/10 Jaffe: Reviews "Don't Matter As Much To Me, Anymore"
02/26/10 God Of War III Golden, E3 Demo On US PSN Now
02/26/10 Killzone 2 Celebrates Birthday With DLC Giveaway Promotion
02/26/10 EALA On Medal Of Honor: "It's All About Small-Unit Tactics"
02/25/10 GoWIII Striving For Visual Quality Of Killzone 2, Uncharted 2
02/25/10 Sony Addresses Freezing, Crashing Issues With Heavy Rain
02/25/10 Super Street Fighter IV Pre-Order Bonuses For US, Europe
02/25/10 Black Designer Really Despises "Boring" Cover Mechanic
02/25/10 God Of War III Demo Hits Euro PSN
02/25/10 Alpha Protocol "Goes Beyond Fantasy And Space" On June 1
02/24/10 Split/Second Secures May Launch
02/24/10 SCEA: PSN "As Good, If Not A Better Experience" Than Live
02/24/10 Glyde: A Smoother Way To Buy And Sell Your Games
02/24/10 PS3 Owners Can Finally Return To Ostagar In March
02/24/10 Army Of Two: The 40th Day DLC Adds More Co-Op Fun
02/24/10 Sega Explains Cut Content In Yakuza 3
02/24/10 European Gamers Invited To New Private Beta For Home
02/23/10 Game Popularity Causing Influx Of "Chick Flicks"
02/23/10 Weekly PS3 Sales Surge At Amazon Thanks To Heavy Rain
02/23/10 Full Trophy List For Heavy Rain
02/23/10 Get Into A Kick Ass Rumble This April
02/23/10 Warner Acquires "Majority Stake" In Rocksteady Studios
02/23/10 Forecast Calls For Heavy Rain Today
02/23/10 Capcom Clarifies Deleted Content In Lost Planet 2
02/22/10 United Arab Emirates Bans Heavy Rain
02/22/10 PlayStation Home Update, "Freemium" Model Maintained
02/22/10 Killzone 3 For Christmas, To Support 3D And Motion Controls?
02/22/10 First Bioshock 2 DLC Revealed
02/22/10 Aliens vs. Predator "Fastest Selling Game" In UK
02/22/10 Square-Enix Explains Necessity Of Linearity In FFXIII
02/21/10 PSXE Poll Update: Many Early Adopters For Heavy Rain
02/21/10 ESRB Rates Tecmo Bowl Throwback
02/21/10 God Of War III Eats Up 35GB Of A Blu-Ray Disc
02/21/10 Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Details, Progress Report
02/20/10 SCEA On Dante's Inferno: "We All Wanted To See It"
02/20/10 First GoWIII Review: Perfect Score, Best Game Ever Made
02/19/10 Square-Enix: A FFVII Remake Would Take 10-12 Years
02/19/10 Uncharted 2 Dominates 2010 AIAS
02/19/10 Heavy Rain DLC Delayed In The US
02/19/10 ESRB Details GoWIII Sex Mini Game
02/19/10 New Medal Of Honor Will Retain Recognizable Features
02/18/10 Disney's Epic Mickey Might Have Life On The PS3 And 360
02/18/10 EA: No Dev For Online Multiplayer Can Compete With DICE
02/18/10 Rumor: God Of War III Demo Hits PSN Next Week
02/18/10 Blade Kitten Slices Up PSN This Spring
02/18/10 Don't Miss The Yakuza 3 Demo Today
02/18/10 PlayStation 3 Running Into Supply And Demand Issues
02/18/10 Actors Lend Heavy Rain Their Voices AND Their Bodies
02/17/10 Are We Bored With Real-Time RPG Mechanics Yet?
02/17/10 Cage: Heavy Rain Marks The End Of My "Personal Trilogy"
02/17/10 Japan Hands GoWIII A "Z" Rating
02/17/10 Square-Enix: New Kingdom Hearts Will Not Star Sora
02/17/10 The Forgotten Sands Swirl Onto Shelves On May 18
02/17/10 Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype Confirmed For Q2 Liftoff
02/16/10 Second DLC Pack For ACII Arrives
02/16/10 God Of War III Cinematics And In-Game Visuals The Same
02/16/10 Might Cross-Game Chat Be A Premium PSN Feature?
02/16/10 Nier Trailer Features An Epic Battle With A Mammoth Shade
02/16/10 Square-Enix Addresses Lower Review Scores For FFXIII
02/16/10 Activision Talks Price Cuts, Motion Control, Digital Distribution
02/15/10 Codemasters Teases New IP Shooter From Black Devs
02/15/10 Ubisoft: New Assassin's Creed Will Be A Big Surprise
02/15/10 God Of War III Ultimate Edition Sold Out At Amazon
02/15/10 Interactive Show, FirstPlay, Announced For PSN In UK
02/15/10 Death Track: Resurrection To See A Revival On PS3?
02/15/10 Square-Enix On Final Fantasy XIII DLC, Deleted Content
02/15/10 Mock PS4 Designs Include "Flexible Touchscreen Tech"
02/14/10 PSXE Poll Update: Heavy Rain Nudity Under The Radar
02/14/10 Red Eagle Pairs With Obsidian To Help Turn The Wheel
02/14/10 Resonance Of Fate Set To Launch One Week After FFXIII
02/14/10 Recent GT5 Footage Displays Visual Improvement
02/13/10 Rumor: New Forgotten Sands Details
02/13/10 New Uncharted 2 DLC Pays Homage To Original Title
02/12/10 Big PlayStation 3 Announcement Coming On Monday
02/12/10 Washington Post Article Aptly Explains Aim Of Heavy Rain
02/12/10 Capcom Confirms Launch Dates For Dead Rising 2
02/12/10 Heavy Rain Initially Designed Around New Motion Controller
02/12/10 God Of War III Chaos Will Rise Trailer Is Positively Epic
02/11/10 Report: Prototype Developer Loses Half Its Staff
02/11/10 Designers From FFXIII Have Moved On To FF Versus XIII
02/11/10 SCEA Jack Tretton Thanks You For "A Great 2009"
02/11/10 Activision Focusing Less On Music Projects In 2010
02/11/10 Yakuza 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
02/11/10 "Hollywood-Style" God Of War III Trailer Debuts Tonight
02/11/10 Critical Love For Heavy Rain Results In Pre-Order Surge
02/10/10 EA's NCAA Basketball Forced To Sit Out 2010 Season
02/10/10 Activision "Really Bullish" On This Year's Call Of Duty
02/10/10 Sony To Deliver 3D Update For PS3 "Within Months"
02/10/10 OPM Rumor: inFamous 2 Lands In 2010
02/10/10 Assassin's Creed II: Over 8 Million Sold
02/10/10 Report: Sports Advertisers Need To Use Video Games
02/10/10 Bad Company 2 Might "Easily Pull Addicts Away From MW2"
02/09/10 Rumor: Atlus To Announce Demon's Souls 2 For 2010
02/09/10 Uncharted 2 Surpasses Uncharted In Overall Sales
02/09/10 Square-Enix: FFXIII Will "Resurrect" Japanese Gaming
02/09/10 Zipper Interactive Working On MAG Balancing Issues
02/09/10 Dante's Inferno Getting Horde Of DLC
02/08/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets Trademark
02/08/10 Report: PS3 Enjoys "Increasing Worldwide Market Share"
02/08/10 Rebellion Apologizes For Aliens vs. Predator Demo Issues
02/08/10 New LEGO Star Wars Will Feature New Gameplay Options
02/08/10 L.A. Noire Confirmed For September?
02/08/10 2K: Developers Don't Care About "Silly Platform Wars"
02/08/10 EA Sports: Watching PS3 Motion Controller "With Great Interest"
02/07/10 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Split On FFXIII Skepticism
02/07/10 Sega Delayed Alpha Protocol To "Polish The Game Up"
02/07/10 Heavy Rain Coach Bus Rolls Out
02/06/10 Vote For V-Day World Tendency In Demon's Souls
02/05/10 Platinum's Bayonetta Goes Platinum
02/05/10 New Killzone 3 Details Coming Soon?
02/05/10 ModNation Racers Confirmed For PSP
02/05/10 God Of War III Ultimate Edition Contents Revealed
02/05/10 Play Heavy Rain Demo A Week Early
02/04/10 Expect Differing Review Scores For Heavy Rain
02/04/10 Capcom Announces Survivor Missions, Soundtrack For Dark Void
02/04/10 EA Says: "Fine, YOU Pick The Madden Cover Athlete!"
02/04/10 Bioshock 2: Complete List Of Plasmids And Tonics
02/04/10 Sega Returns To Its Roots With Sonic The Hedgehog 4
02/04/10 Sony: "Arc" Is Nothing More Than A "Rumored Code Name"
02/04/10 PS3 Currently Outselling 360 In Total Fiscal Year Sales
02/03/10 Madden Simulation Says The Super Bowl Victor Is...
02/03/10 Aliens vs. Predator Demo Hits PlayStation Network Today
02/03/10 Square-Enix: FFVII Remake Would Be Extremely Difficult
02/03/10 Nier Gets North American Launch Date
02/03/10 Visceral On Dead Space 2: Less Horror, More Action
02/02/10 Bioshock 2 Special Edition Unboxed...Big Daddy Goes Berzerk
02/02/10 Analyst: PS3 Kept Momentum Going Through January
02/02/10 Kevin Butler To Continue PS3 Promotion Throughout 2010
02/02/10 Pachter Talks About The Aging Gamer
02/02/10 Capcom Not Done Bringing PS1 Classics To The PSN
02/02/10 Quantum Theory Delayed In Japan
02/01/10 Sega Outlines All Multiplayer Modes For Aliens vs. Predator
02/01/10 Sony Zeroing In On Fall GT5 Launch?
02/01/10 Report: Sony Liverpool May Lose 50% Of Its Staff
02/01/10 GameStop Wants You To Know More About DLC
02/01/10 Dante's Inferno Death Edition Details
02/01/10 The Last Guardian Website Opens, Screens And Videos Included

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