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PS3 Archives - March, 2010

03/31/10 DICE Will "Never Charge" For Bad Company 2 Maps
03/31/10 Activision Reveals New Spider-Man
03/31/10 New Greatest Hits Additions Include Killzone 2, Resistance 2
03/31/10 Download Lost Planet 2 Demo, Get Exclusive Weapon
03/31/10 Splinter Cell, Mass Effect Destined For The PlayStation 3?
03/31/10 Naughty Dog Already Cranking On Uncharted 3?
03/31/10 THQ Talks A Bit Of Saints Row 3, Red Faction Hype
03/30/10 GameStop: 112 Million Have Gone "Next-Gen" In The US
03/30/10 Final Fantasy XIV Races And Tribes Outlined, Detailed
03/30/10 Visceral Wants The Dead Space 2 Demo To Impress
03/30/10 Don't Be Surprised At An Eventual Just Cause 3 Announcement
03/30/10 Infinity Ward: MW2 Online Will Remain Most Popular In 2010
03/29/10 After Burner Climax Locks On To PSN, XBLA Dates
03/29/10 Rumor: Multiplayer Mode Coming To God Of War III
03/29/10 Sony To Charge Everyone For PSN Subscription?
03/29/10 Dead To Rights: Retribution Goes Gold, Launch Date Set
03/29/10 Final Fantasy IX Should Be Cleared For A PSN Landing
03/29/10 Developer: Heavenly Sword Just Didn't Make Enough Money
03/29/10 Sony Initially Offered Natal Tech
03/28/10 PSXE Poll Update: GoWIII Lives Up To Its Massive Hype
03/28/10 Dead Space 2 May Boast Freaky 3D
03/28/10 Jaffe Has No Problem With Remaking His Old Classics
03/28/10 Sony Gauging Interest For Third Resistance Title?
03/28/10 What Is Ninja Theory's Mystery Game?
03/25/10 Mafia II Set To Strongarm Shelves On August 24
03/25/10 Splatterhouse Weapon Classes Will Make You Cringe
03/25/10 Do You Want Kratos To Return?
03/25/10 New Details Revealed For Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow
03/25/10 Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII The Real FF For Loyal Fans?
03/25/10 Rumor: Manhunt 3 Coming To PS3 With Move Support?
03/25/10 Yakuza 4 Ships 500,000, Franchise Tops 4 Million
03/25/10 Trinity Universe Confirmed For North America, Europe
03/24/10 Rumor: Third F.E.A.R. To Be Revealed Next Month
03/24/10 Kingdom Hearts 3 "In Conception," Might Release In 2010?
03/24/10 Ubisoft: We Lost Prince Of Persia Fans To God Of War
03/24/10 Just Cause 2 Apparently Features Entire Island From LOST
03/24/10 PSN Gets Its Annual Spring Fever
03/24/10 Sony Keeping 3D Technology On PS3
03/24/10 EALA "Maximizing The PS3" For Medal Of Honor
03/24/10 Planet MiniGolf Rolling Onto The Network This Spring
03/23/10 Section 8 Finally Cleared For PS3, PSN Spring Release
03/23/10 Confirmation Of MotorStorm 3 Found?
03/23/10 Sony Europe Executive Mentions "LittleBigPlanet 2"
03/23/10 EA Looking To Charge For "Very Long Game Demos"
03/23/10 Rumor: Sony To Make Big Exclusivity Announcement At E3
03/23/10 CVG Lists The Top 50 PS3 Games
03/22/10 Square-Enix Will Consider A Final Fantasy VII Remake
03/22/10 L.A. Noire: Pushing The Limits Of Open-World Gaming
03/22/10 Sony Prepping Fresh GT5 Demo?
03/22/10 "The Taxidermist" DLC For Heavy Rain Arrives April 1
03/22/10 Atomic Games Reveals Breach, An FPS Based On CIA
03/22/10 God Of War Collection, GoWIII Trilogy Dated For Europe
03/22/10 Splash Damage Might Bring Old IP Classics To Life
03/21/10 PSXE Poll Update: A No-Decision On FFXIII GotY Nomination
03/21/10 Jack Tretton "Promises" Everyone A Third Killzone
03/21/10 Episodes From Liberty City Trophy List
03/21/10 Number Of Move-Compatible Titles Begins To Grow
03/20/10 FFVII, FFVIII Top Two Downloaded Games For PSP
03/20/10 Epic's CliffyB: "Heavy Rain Has Birthed A New Genre"
03/19/10 Sega Seeking Sequels For Bayonetta, AvP, Alpha Protocol
03/19/10 Final Fantasy XIII: Fastest-Selling Title In Franchise History
03/19/10 Heavy Rain Patch Available, Should Fix All Problems
03/19/10 Lightning Voice Actor Ali Hillis Speaks, Answers Fan Questions
03/19/10 God Of War III Should Top 1 Million Sold In First Week
03/19/10 Willis And Foxx Now Confirmed For Kane & Lynch Film
03/18/10 Episodes From Liberty City Pushed Back To April 13
03/18/10 Skate 3 Grinds Into Stores On May 11
03/18/10 MMO Elements Featured In Starhawk?
03/18/10 New Lord Of The Rings To Embrace Online Co-Op
03/18/10 Future Of God Of War: "Greek Mythology Is Finished"
03/18/10 Guerrilla: "Further Optimizations Are Always Possible"
03/18/10 White Knight 2 Update: Several New Gameplay Systems
03/17/10 It's The Dog Days Of Summer For Kane & Lynch 2
03/17/10 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Boasts An Airship And World Map
03/17/10 Kevin Butler Gives Us PlayStation Move "From The Future"
03/17/10 The Reason Vanquish Designer Chose To Lead With PS3
03/17/10 PS3 Disappears Off Shelves In Wake Of God Of War III
03/17/10 Sega On Classic IPs: "We Need To Deliver A Good Product"
03/17/10 Square-Enix Announces Supplemental Comics For Nier
03/16/10 Demon's Souls Manages To Sell 250,000 In US
03/16/10 Molyneux On Heavy Rain: "Absolutely Brilliant"
03/16/10 Rumor: PS3 To Receive 3D Firmware Update In July
03/16/10 Is The PS3 Version Of FFXIII Facing Freezing issues?
03/16/10 L.A. Noire Not Like GTA, Expect A Much Deeper Experience
03/16/10 Arkham Asylum GotY Edition Features Special 3D Glasses
03/16/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Unveiled Via Promo Trailer
03/15/10 ModNation Racers Launch Date, Pre-Order Incentives
03/15/10 Exclusive Content For The PS3 Version Of UFC Undisputed 2010
03/15/10 Wakeboarding HD Revealed For PSN
03/15/10 FFXIII Tops UK Charts, Heavy Rain Steady At #4
03/15/10 Sony Gunning For October Launch Of Gran Turismo 5?
03/15/10 Epic On Gears Of War: We Own The Rights To It
03/14/10 PSXE Poll Update: FFXIII Expectations High, But Mixed
03/14/10 Uncharted 2 May Serve As Inspiration For Future FFs
03/14/10 Cut Final Encounter In GoWIII Could Return As DLC
03/13/10 Jaffe Issues Project Update, Poses In Sweet Tooth Mask
03/13/10 OPM Teases "Massive PS3 Sequel"
03/12/10 Ex-Infinity Ward Execs Sign With Hollywood Talent Agency
03/12/10 Square-Enix Seeking Talent For "New Generation Game Engine"
03/12/10 Brink Will Not Favor Any One Platform
03/12/10 Uncharted 2 Dominates Yet Another Awards Ceremony
03/12/10 White Knight Sequel To Boast Several Improvements
03/12/10 GoWIII Uses Only Half The Power Of The PlayStation 3
03/11/10 Rumor: Dragon Age II Set To Launch February 1, 2011
03/11/10 GDC 10: A Small inFamous Team Achieved Big Things
03/11/10 February NPD: Bioshock 2 Tops, PS3 Grows Again
03/11/10 GDC 10: PS3 The Lead Platform For Medal Of Honor
03/11/10 FFXIII Director: Missing Elements Like Towns Will Return
03/11/10 LotR: Aragorn's Quest Revealed As A Move Launch Title
03/10/10 GDC 10: GT5 Will Release Before 2011
03/10/10 Samsung Rolling Out 3D-Enabled LED HDTVs This Month
03/10/10 GDC 10: Sony "Arc" Officially Named As PlayStation Move
03/10/10 Home Update 1.35 Streamlines, Enhances Service
03/10/10 FFXIII Tops 5 Million Shipments, Series Nears 100 Million
03/10/10 Sega: If You Want Yakuza 4 In The US, Buy Yakuza 3
03/10/10 New WKC Quests Coming This Week, Will Be Free
03/09/10 Rock Band 3 Being Prepped For The Holiday Season
03/09/10 Yakuza Continues To Impress Critics
03/09/10 Ubisoft Introduces New Prince Of Persia Gameplay Footage
03/09/10 Six Major Movie Studios Contribute To Expanding PSN
03/09/10 God Of War III Cost Was $44 Million: "Right Within Budget"
03/09/10 Codemasters Reveals Bodycount: "An Orgy Of Bullets"
03/09/10 Team Bondi Struggling With L.A. Noire Size Issues?
03/08/10 GoWIII Expected To Be The Best Selling PS3 Exclusive
03/08/10 Report: PS3 Will Eventually Outsell Both Rival Consoles
03/08/10 FFXIII Includes Promotional Code For FFXIV Beta Test
03/08/10 2K Signs Agreement To Bring Playboy Into Mafia II
03/08/10 PS3 Version Of FFXIII Dominates Pre-Order Stats
03/08/10 Bad Company 2: Fastest Selling 2010 Title In The UK
03/07/10 PSXE Poll Update: Heavy Rain Has An Overwhelming Impact
03/07/10 Final Fantasy XIII Seeing Mixed Responses From Critics
03/07/10 Blur Developers Have Their DLC Priorities Straight
03/07/10 Jaffe On GoWIII: "Simply Staggering"
03/06/10 SCEA Santa Monica: "We're Trying To Outdo Ourselves"
03/06/10 Game Deals: PSP Drops Price, FFXIII Special Offers
03/05/10 Square-Enix Asks About FFVII Remake, Fans Explode
03/05/10 GT5 Will Do NASCAR "Better Than Anybody Before"
03/05/10 Joe Danger Set To Debut On PSN
03/05/10 "Building Suspension" For GTAV Unveiling Before E3
03/05/10 Pachter: IW Won't Get MW Rights, But Will Get Money
03/05/10 Zipper Not Adverse To Trying Something Different
03/04/10 Shatter To Receive New Modes, Including Multiplayer
03/04/10 Platinum Games Using PS3 As Lead Platform For Vanquish
03/04/10 SOCOM 4 Announced, Teaser Trailer Debuts On GTTV
03/04/10 Infinity Ward Execs Return Fire, Set To Sue Activision
03/04/10 DeathSpank, Shank Cleared For Launch On PSN, XBLA
03/04/10 Bioshocks Reach 7 Million, GTAIV Hits 15 Million Worldwide
03/04/10 New Lara Croft Adventure Will Be A Digital Download
03/03/10 Red Dead Redemption Delayed, Other Delays Possible
03/03/10 David Cage Comments On Importance Of Heavy Rain Scores
03/03/10 Naughty Dog's Wells: GoWIII Is Worth A PS3 Purchase
03/03/10 PSXE Update: Secret PS3 Exclusive Looming Large?
03/03/10 Groundbreaking Motion Capture Tech Makes L.A. Noire Shine
03/03/10 TT Games And Warner Building More LEGOs Through 2016
03/03/10 Vanquish A Third-Person Shooter, Teaser Turns Heads
03/03/10 New Call Of Duty To Embrace Action/Adventure Model
03/02/10 Insomniac: PS2 Ratchet Titles Could Come To The PS3
03/02/10 Blur Developer: "PS3 Port Is Coming On Quite Well"
03/02/10 GTTV Teases "Surprise Sony Sequel"
03/02/10 SCE Acquires LittleBigPlanet Developer
03/02/10 Activision/IW Snafu: Royalty Issues, Breach Of Contract
03/02/10 Ignition Announces Multiplayer Shooter Blacklight: Tango Down
03/02/10 Infinity Ward Bosses Missing, Staff "Freaked" And "Confused"
03/01/10 What If Final Fantasy XIII Fails?
03/01/10 LittleBigPlanet Hits 2 Million User-Generated Levels
03/01/10 SCEA Explains Reason For 30FPS In God Of War III
03/01/10 PS3 Systems Returning To Normal, Users Back Online
03/01/10 Sony Provides PS3 Error Update
03/01/10 Naughty Dog Listening To Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Suggestions
03/01/10 God Of War Director: "Let's Put It To Bed For A While"
03/01/10 Sony: "Extremely Delighted With Demand For Heavy Rain"

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