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PS3 Archives - April, 2010

04/30/10 New Domains For Red Faction: Origins And Armageddon
04/30/10 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Unveiled, Set For November 9
04/30/10 inFamous 2 Domain Found, Revealing Coming Soon?
04/30/10 Ebert: I Hate 3D, And You Should Too
04/29/10 Nier Tops Japanese Sales Charts
04/29/10 Report: Call Of Duty: Vietnam A Reality
04/29/10 Pachter: "Bungivision" Game Is "Well Along In Development"
04/29/10 Developer Praises PSN For Unlimited Possibilities
04/29/10 Bungie: We Won't Be Doing Any More Halo Games
04/29/10 Is The PS3 The Only Console I Need?
04/29/10 Activision Inks Decade-Long Publishing Deal With Bungie
04/28/10 Mystery God Of War Site Updated
04/28/10 Analyst Predicts That Activision Will Close Infinity Ward
04/28/10 Sony Offering HDD Upgrade Service For PS3 In Japan
04/28/10 SyFy And THQ Team Up To Deliver Red Faction Movie
04/28/10 NormalTanks Set To Blast Onto PSN This Week
04/28/10 Jaffe's Project Will Not Debut At E3
04/28/10 Is Record Of Agarest War A Litmus PSN Pricing Test?
04/27/10 Dear Square-Enix: Your Fans Miss You
04/27/10 Infinity Ward Plaintiffs Claim: Activision Kept Us Hostage
04/27/10 Rumor: PS3 To Get Background Downloads Of Updates
04/27/10 Square-Enix Gets "Edgy" With New Game Label
04/27/10 The Sims 3 Headed To Consoles With All-New Features
04/27/10 Ninja Theory: Early PS3 Titles Tainted By Negative Press
04/27/10 Nier Selling Out Quickly In Japan
04/26/10 Infinity Ward Loses More People, Respawn Benefits
04/26/10 Iron Man Mini-Game Flies Onto Euro PSN This Week
04/26/10 PS3 Slim Helps Push Console To New Fiscal Heights
04/26/10 GameStop's New Date For GT5: November 1
04/26/10 New PS3 Boasts Smaller, Cooler RSX Graphics Chip
04/26/10 Pachter: Third-Party Exclusives Will Die
04/26/10 Take-Two Apparently Says "No" To Third Manhunt
04/25/10 PSXE Poll Update: Not Many Will Adopt 3D Early
04/25/10 Are Industry Shifts Leaving Game Veterans Behind?
04/25/10 Avatar Producer Envisions A 3D-Heavy Future For Games
04/25/10 SFIV Producer "Desperate" To Make Another Darkstalkers
04/24/10 First 3D Games Forced To Scale Back Visual Resolution
04/24/10 R.U.S.E. Pushed Again, Now Set To Invade September
04/23/10 Sony Boss Comments On PlayStation Move Competition
04/23/10 Activision Registers New Domain For GoldenEye Game
04/23/10 Saints QB Drew Brees To Grace Madden 11 Cover
04/23/10 RDR Multiplayer: Mexican Standoffs, Dead Eye, More
04/23/10 Ubisoft Has Domains For New Driver, Assassin's Creed
04/22/10 If Video Games Aren't Art, At Least They're Progressing
04/22/10 Fast Attack Pack For MAG Assaults PSN Next Week
04/22/10 Sega West Forced To Cut About 10% Of Total Staff
04/22/10 God Of War III, SOCOM Confrontaion Hit Sales Plateaus
04/22/10 Fox Airing TV Special Based On Red Dead Redemption
04/22/10 Sony Adds MLB.TV To Its Stable Of PSN Entertainment
04/22/10 Crysis 2 Animator Found Inspiration In Kojima's MGS4
04/21/10 Activision Will Release "Three CoD Titles In Two Years"
04/21/10 New Bond Title To Focus On "Driving And Racing"
04/21/10 New Atelier Gets Japanese Date, Debut Trailer Revealed
04/21/10 Rumor: Silent Hill To Go First-Person?
04/20/10 Tecmo Bowl Throwback Hits PSN Some Time "Soon"
04/20/10 Brink's AI "Can Do Anything You Can"
04/20/10 Bulletstorm: "Equally Invested In Story And Gameplay"
04/20/10 Ubisoft Goes Eco-Friendly By Losing Paper Game Manuals
04/20/10 Capcom Officially Unveils Horde Of New Games, DLC
04/19/10 Talia Al Ghul, Mister Freeze Featured In Arkham Asylum 2?
04/19/10 Kojima Also Working On "Confidential Project"
04/19/10 Jaffe And Co. To Remain Exclusive To PlayStation Platform
04/19/10 PSN Updates Shifting To Tuesday Starting May 4
04/19/10 ModNation Racers One-Ups The Competition
04/19/10 New Call Of Duty: An "Innovative Take" On The Series
04/18/10 PSXE Poll Update: Most Are Satisfied With The PS3
04/18/10 Rumor: Capcom Confirms Marvel vs. Capcom 3
04/18/10 Singularity Singles Out A Launch Date
04/18/10 Activision: We Pay Our Talent "Millions Of Dollars"
04/17/10 Crytek Boss Predicts The Extinction Of Free Game Demos
04/17/10 What Squaresoft Classic Should Go Digital Next?
04/16/10 LittleBigPlanet Sequel Outed?
04/16/10 Square-Enix: Why Did You Buy The PS3 (Or 360) Version Of FFXIII?
04/16/10 The Art Of Uncharted 2 Kicks Off New Publishing Series
04/16/10 Demon's Souls To See A "Limited Launch" In Europe
04/16/10 Ubisoft Not Ruling Out A PS3 Version Of Conviction
04/16/10 Polyphony: Prologue And GT5 Are "Totally Different"
04/15/10 Flex Creative Muscle In The Flower Experience Contest
04/15/10 EA: Activision Went And Shot Their Triple Crown Horse
04/15/10 March NPD: GoWIII, FFXIII Sell High, PS3 Keeps Growing
04/15/10 PSXE Readers: The Real God Of War Will Take Your Questions
04/15/10 Get Free 3D Games With Your 3D-Enabled TV Purchase
04/15/10 Assassin's Creed II: "Most Covered" Game In History
04/14/10 Can Enhanced Authenticity Be A Dangerous Progression?
04/14/10 Nolan North: Uncharted 3 Is Only "Common Sense"
04/14/10 Medal Of Honor Dev: Games Can Be Too Realistic
04/14/10 Demon's Souls Vastly Exceeds Sales Expectations In US
04/14/10 Infinity Ward Suffers Key Losses After Recent Debacle
04/14/10 RDR Boasts "A Huge Range Of Classic Western Moments"
04/14/10 Crytek: Crysis 2 Performing "Slightly Better" On PS3
04/13/10 Pre-Order Incentive Details For The Forgotten Sands
04/13/10 Insomniac Now Hiring Animator For "Fun AAA Title"
04/13/10 Magic Orbz Welcomes You To The Jungle This Week
04/13/10 Ninja Theory's Mystery Title Is A New Devil May Cry?
04/13/10 Crysis 2 Writer Says Uncharted 2 Did Storytelling Right
04/13/10 Designer Clarifies Enhanced Action In Dead Space 2
04/13/10 ProStroke Golf: World Tour Swinging Into Fall 2010
04/12/10 Are Network Users More Mature Than Live Users?
04/12/10 Twisted Metal: Harbor City Spotted
04/12/10 Study: PlayStation 3 Is The "Most Connected" Console
04/12/10 Ex-IW Bosses Open New Studio, Announce Deal With EA
04/12/10 New Silent Hill Teased, More Details To Come At E3
04/12/10 Is Kojima's Current Project A Third Zone Of The Enders?
04/12/10 EA And Epic Unveil A Storm Of Bullets
04/12/10 Move Sub-Controller: The "Navigation Controller"
04/11/10 PSXE Poll Update: Uncharted 2 Is Your Fav PS3 Exclusive
04/11/10 Ex-TimeSplitters Crew Working On Crysis 2 Multiplayer
04/11/10 New Studio Killspace Entertainment Evidently Opens Doors
04/11/10 Pachter: The World War II Theme Has Run Its Course
04/10/10 Do PlayStation 3 Owners Really Want Gears Of War?
04/10/10 Online Beta Codes For LBP Sent Out
04/09/10 God Of War III Designer Supports Exclusive Projects
04/09/10 Activision Countersues, Former Execs Return Fire Again
04/09/10 Uncharted 2 Siege Expansion Pack Announced, Detailed
04/09/10 Konami Working On Mysterious Silent Hill Installment
04/09/10 Konami To Publish Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes Del Ring
04/09/10 Heavy Rain A Hit: 1.5 Million Anticipated By Year's End
04/08/10 Rumor: Portal 2 Headed To The PS3
04/08/10 Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Dated For PS3, PC
04/08/10 F.E.A.R. 3 Confirmed, John Carpenter Lends A Hand
04/08/10 Famitsu Reveals PS3 Exclusive Mech Sequel, "ACE R"
04/08/10 Lead And Gold Hits Euro PSN April 22
04/07/10 Jack White To Aspiring Artists: Ditch The Video Games
04/07/10 UFC Undisputed 2010 Demo Set For Late April?
04/07/10 Castlevania Producer: Uncharted 2 Isn't Revolutionary
04/07/10 Has Syphon Filter PS3 Been In The Works Since 2008?
04/07/10 Hideo Kojima: The Days Of Consoles Are Numbered
04/07/10 Crytek: Crysis 2 Will Set New Graphical Bar For PS3
04/06/10 Capcom Talks "Balancing Up" In Super Street Fighter IV
04/06/10 What Exactly Is Square-Enix Doing?
04/06/10 Soothing Flower Soundtrack Hits PSN This Week
04/06/10 Gyllenhaal Likes The "Riskier" Side Of A Game-Based Movie
04/06/10 Platinum Going For More Mass Market Appeal With Vanquish
04/05/10 NCAA Basketball 10 Prediction: Duke Crushes Butler
04/05/10 Quantum Theory Gets Pushed...Again
04/05/10 Yamauchi: GT5 Doesn't Currently Support 3D Or Move
04/05/10 Zipper Planning Big Announcement For Coming Months?
04/05/10 THQ Pursuing Red Faction Movie
04/05/10 Star Wars: Dark Forces Should Be PSN-Bound
04/04/10 PSXE Poll Update: Demon's Souls Is Your Most Missed
04/04/10 Square-Enix Confirms FFIX For Japanese Network
04/04/10 Treyarch Hints At Multiplayer Details For New Call Of Duty
04/03/10 Sony: Move Will Appeal To Both The Casual And Hardcore
04/03/10 GT5 To Boast More "Human-Like" AI
04/02/10 Rockstar On RDR: "Long, Grueling, And Immensely Challenging"
04/02/10 Qore: Killzone 2 Will Get 3D Support
04/02/10 God Of War III Sells A Million In "Just A Few Days"
04/02/10 Capcom Unveils Charity Campaign For Lost Planet 2
04/02/10 Medal Of Honor Isn't Just A Clone Of Bad Company 2
04/01/10 Who Wants To Retract Their FFXIII Review Scores?
04/01/10 Take-Two Cleared For Lawsuit Against Former Executives
04/01/10 Sony On PlayStation Promotion: "The Arrogance Is Gone"
04/01/10 Hey Capcom, Where's My New Devil May Cry Title?
04/01/10 2K Sports To Support Move, MLB 2K Inspired By The Show
04/01/10 PS3 Firmware Update 3.21 Boasts Hidden Fixes?
04/01/10 Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Ships With Nier?

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