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PS3 Archives - May, 2010

05/31/10 Fifth Devil May Cry Not On Capcom's Future Schedule
05/31/10 Killzone 3 To Focus On Storyline, Hollywood Talent Tapped
05/31/10 PS3 Update For 3D Blu-Ray Viewing "Later This Year"
05/31/10 Do We Need To Change Video Game Rating Scales?
05/31/10 Little League World Series Swings Onto PS3, 360 This Summer
05/31/10 Sony: If You See 3D Gaming, You'll Want A 3D HDTV
05/30/10 PSXE Poll Update: Red Dead Redemption Tops Priority Lists
05/30/10 New Guitar Hero Confirmed, Returns To Rock Emphasis
05/30/10 Sony Displays Gran Turismo 5 In 3D
05/30/10 Rockstar Offers Red Dead Redemption Frontier Collection
05/29/10 Portuguese PlayStation Mag Confirms inFamous 2?
05/29/10 Alpha Protocol Dev: "An Absolute Failure Of A Production"
05/28/10 Bulletstorm Didn't Start Out As A FPS
05/28/10 Sony: What PS2 Titles Should Go High-Def On PS3?
05/28/10 Treyarch: We're 100% Focused On Black Ops
05/28/10 Sony: We See Move As A "Complimentary Product"
05/28/10 Guerrilla Toning Down "Gratuitous" Language In KZ3
05/28/10 Jaffe: "We Must All Be Slaves To A Project's Vision"
05/27/10 NBA Live Renamed As NBA Elite
05/27/10 Worldwide Gaming Revenue To Top $70 Billion In 2015
05/27/10 Brink's Storyline Will Be Evident, But It Can Be "Ignored"
05/27/10 Alien Breed: Impact Invading PSN, Steam This Summer
05/27/10 Tekken 7 In Early Development
05/27/10 Sony: "No Plans" For Home To Exit The Beta Phase
05/26/10 Attention PSXE: Secret PS3 Exclusive Explodes In July
05/26/10 Wild Arms Developer Working On "Massive Project"
05/26/10 Mystery Call Of Duty Is Indeed A FPS
05/26/10 Mafia II Bonuses, Collector's Edition, Contest Announced
05/26/10 Ubisoft Reveals High-Flying Details For Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2
05/26/10 Konami Wraps Voice Acting Recording For Lords Of Shadow
05/26/10 Sony Ready To Invest In "Long-Term Creative Benefits"
05/26/10 FFXIV Beta Includes New Combat, Better Visuals, And More
05/25/10 Can Video Games Really Affect Your Sex Life?
05/25/10 Front Mission: Evolved Won't Engage Until September
05/25/10 Demon's Souls 2 Isn't Happening
05/25/10 Namco Professes Confidence In Ninja Theory's Enslaved
05/25/10 Insomniac's EA Partnership: A Matter Of Expected Due Course
05/25/10 Ubisoft Reveals Shaun White Skateboarding Info
05/25/10 Free Red Dead Redemption Online Strategy Guide
05/25/10 Insomniac Teams Up With EA But Is "Extremely Loyal" To Fans
05/25/10 HBO Programming Hits The Network
05/24/10 Killzone 3 Detailed: "A Rounded Experience On All Fronts"
05/24/10 Square-Enix Might Announce "Shocking RPG" Before E3
05/24/10 Enslaved DLC Will Be "Story-Based," Demo Is Likely
05/24/10 Win An Original Game Soundtrack From Sumthing Digital
05/24/10 Study: Chemically, Men Prefer Gaming Over Sex
05/24/10 Sony: Move Needs "The Right Games And The Right Genres"
05/23/10 PSXE Poll Update: iPhone And Android Prove Popular
05/23/10 Rockstar: Our Games Are For Adults Because We're Adults
05/23/10 Pachter: All Digital Distribution Is A Long Ways Off Yet
05/23/10 Jaffe Denies New Twisted Metal?
05/22/10 Killzone 3 "Bigger In Scope," Will Be Playable In 3D
05/22/10 More Publishers Looking To Charge For Online Play
05/21/10 Rumor: Sega To Announce Shenmue III As A PS3 Exclusive
05/21/10 Early Killzone 3 Screenshots Leaked?
05/21/10 Valve: We "Routinely Evaluate" Making Games On Other Platforms
05/21/10 Sony Confirms Free 3D Patches
05/21/10 Killzone 2 Grabs First Ivor Novelli Award For Video Games
05/20/10 User Reviews Up And Running: First "Staff Choice" Is...
05/20/10 Sonic 4 Won't Give Us Nostalgia Pangs Until "Late 2010"
05/20/10 GameStop Enjoys Best Non-Holiday Quarter Ever
05/20/10 Red Dead Redemption Sells Half Million On First Day
05/20/10 Top Gun Hits The Danger Zone Again This Summer
05/20/10 Namco: Games Are "Too Expensive For The Audience"
05/20/10 Pachter: Rockstar Has Erased My Red Dead Skepticism
05/20/10 Most White Knight Content Will Carry Over Into Sequel
05/19/10 PixelJunk Shooter 2: "Jam-Packed Full Of Crazy Fun"
05/19/10 Backbreaker Golden, Sequel Already In The Works
05/19/10 Movie Deal For Heavy Rain Looming
05/19/10 EA Hasn't Ruled Out Publishing A Bungie Product
05/19/10 Red Dead Redemption: The $100 Million Western?
05/19/10 Black Ops Trailer Debuts On ESPN, Explodes With Potential
05/18/10 Square-Enix Turns Profit, FFXIII Hits 5.5 Million Worldwide
05/18/10 Square-Enix Looking To Expand And Pursue New IPs
05/18/10 "Kill A Rockstar" And Earn Eternal Fame...And A Trophy
05/18/10 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Slips Past Holidays Into March
05/18/10 Capcom Has An E3 "Bombshell"
05/18/10 Konami Says "No" To Move Capability In Castlevania
05/18/10 Dead Space 2: "People Are Going To Be Blown Away"
05/17/10 Capcom: Japanese Games May Not "Have A Hope In Hell"
05/17/10 PlayStation 3 Demand Remains High
05/17/10 Analyst: Red Dead Redemption Could Hit 4 Million Sold
05/17/10 Capcom: Sony Needs A "Strong Business Model" For Move
05/17/10 Rumor: Sony Unveils Optional Premium PSN Service At E3
05/16/10 PSXE Poll Update: User Reviews Could Be A Go
05/16/10 How Often Do Game Analysts Use Common Sense?
05/16/10 Analysts Predict GTAV Will Crash E3 Party Next Month
05/16/10 Pachter On Agent Exclusivity
05/15/10 Numerous Call Of Duty Domains Found, Details Lacking
05/15/10 ModNation Racers PS3 Demo: May 18
05/14/10 Rumor: Move Lands On Store Shelves September 2010
05/14/10 Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Won't Affect Single Player Experience
05/14/10 Sony To Add Two More To Their PS3 Platinum Hits List
05/14/10 Red Dead Redemption PS3 Boasts Exclusive Content
05/14/10 3D Dot Game Heroes Off To Strong Start In North America
05/13/10 BioWare: Final Fantasy And The JRPG "Isn't Role-Playing"
05/13/10 Horde Of Black Ops Details Revealed
05/13/10 PS3: "Nine Consecutive Months Of Year Over Year Growth"
05/13/10 Red Dead Redemption Releases Official Launch Trailer
05/13/10 Welcome ApPoppa: The Review Index For Portable Apps
05/13/10 Visceral Seemingly Working On Sequel To Dante's Inferno
05/13/10 Sony Hits Fiscal PS3 Sales Goal
05/13/10 White Knight Chronicles 2 To Feature Updated Original?
05/12/10 Rumor: 250GB PS3 Slim Bundle With MLB 10: The Show
05/12/10 ECA Calls For Gamers To Assist And Defend The Industry
05/12/10 EA's Latest Titles Like The "1 Million" Sales Plateau
05/12/10 Onslaught Mode Brings Co-Op Play To Bad Company 2
05/12/10 Move Will Make Shooters "More Accessible To More People"
05/12/10 Bioshock 2: More DLC, Single-Player Expansion Coming Soon
05/11/10 God Of War Novel Hits In Two Weeks
05/11/10 EA Expects "Great Things" From Respawn Entertainment
05/11/10 Ubisoft Reveals Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Details
05/11/10 Bungie Hasn't Decided On Lead Platform For New Game
05/11/10 Batman: Arkham Asylum GotY Edition Available Now
05/11/10 Rumor: White Knight Chronicles 2 Hits Japan On July 8
05/11/10 ModNation Racers PS3 Demo Coming "Soon, Very Soon"
05/11/10 Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Unveiled, Priced
05/10/10 Sony Shrinks Loss Expectations, Profitability Near
05/10/10 EA To Launch Online Pass Program
05/10/10 EA's E3 Lineup Features Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, More
05/10/10 Square-Enix Reveals Details Of First DLC Pack For Nier
05/10/10 ModNation Racers Team Developing "Original IP"
05/10/10 Red Dead Redemption Starts To Wow Critics Worldwide
05/10/10 Media Molecule: LBP2 Is "Backwards Compatible"
05/09/10 PSXE Poll Update: Users Visit The PSN All The Time
05/09/10 Final Fantasy IX Lands Release Date For US Network
05/09/10 Castlevania Producer "Would Love To Do A 3D Contra"
05/09/10 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Gameplay Details
05/08/10 Tecmo Koei: Quantum Theory Isn't "Just Another Shooter"
05/08/10 Valkyrie Profile 3 Exclusive To PS3?
05/07/10 BioWare Wants To See More Games Launch On The PS3
05/07/10 LBP2 Confirmed For 2010, Creation Taken To Another Level
05/07/10 PS3 Owners Shouldn't Dismiss Multiplatform Games
05/07/10 Rumor: PlayStation Move To Be Much Cheaper Than Expected?
05/07/10 Activision Predicts PS3 Will Outsell 360 In Annual Sales
05/07/10 Pachter: Paid PSN Subscriptions Are Likely Inevitable
05/06/10 Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Beta Coming Our Way
05/06/10 Toy Story 3 Gets PS3-Exclusive Content And Will "Move"
05/06/10 Activision: Infinity Ward "Remains An Important Studio"
05/06/10 Ubisoft Reveals HAWX Sequel
05/06/10 Section 8 To Receive 50% Discount On PSN Next Week
05/06/10 Rage Now Up To Snuff On PS3
05/06/10 PSM3 Teases "Top Secret" PS3 Exclusive Unveiling
05/05/10 2010: The Year Of Evolutionary Steps?
05/05/10 THQ To Reveal Next Red Faction "Later This Month"
05/05/10 New Assassin's Creed Confirmed, Sneaks Into Fall
05/05/10 BioWare Working To Combat Dragon Age Crashing
05/05/10 2K Announces Winner Of $1 Million MLB 2K10 Contest
05/05/10 Medal Of Honor Starts Its War On Terror In October
05/05/10 First DLC Pack Brings Co-Op To Red Dead Redemption
05/04/10 Nab Great Titles For Only $30 At K-Mart
05/04/10 The Highly Customizable Backbreaker Scores June 1
05/04/10 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Set For October 26
05/04/10 Join A Gang Of The Wild West Today
05/04/10 Konami Contemplating PSN Launch For Peace Walker
05/04/10 Alpha Protocol Golden, Set To Infiltrate Stores June 1
05/03/10 Final Fantasy XIII: A Retrospective
05/03/10 Modern Warfare 2 DLC Stimulates Network Today
05/03/10 Bungie Possibly Working On A Deep RPG Experience?
05/03/10 PlayStation Protection Plan Revealed For PS3 And PSP
05/03/10 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Hits Consoles With New Features
05/02/10 PSXE Poll Update: Most All Your PS3s Are Connected
05/02/10 Does The Woman In Your Life Play Video Games?
05/02/10 Meet The "Legendary" Operations Commander For SOCOM 4
05/02/10 Rumor: GameCrazy To No Longer Exist After This Month?
05/01/10 Free Realms Finally Confirmed For PS3
05/01/10 Clash Of The Titans Ventures Into Stores This July

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