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PS3 Archives - June, 2010

06/30/10 New Tomb Raider To Explore The Early Days Of Lara?
06/30/10 Project Dust Inspired By...Volcanoes?
06/30/10 inFamous 2 Gameplay To Explode On GTTV This Week
06/30/10 Quantum Theory Multiplayer Info
06/30/10 THQ: Saints Row 3 "Less Urban" And Not All "Gangsta"
06/30/10 PlayStation Is Most Popular Brand On Social Sites
06/29/10 Activision Comments On Future Of Infinity Ward
06/29/10 NIS America Prefers Sony, Apologizes For Last Rebellion
06/29/10 PlayStation Plus: The Best Premium Online Deal Yet
06/29/10 Hulu Plus Confirmed To Hit PS3, "Some Blu-Ray Players"
06/29/10 Is The PS3 The Only Console That Can Continue To Advance?
06/29/10 Dead Rising 2 Staggers Past August And Into September
06/29/10 Red Dead Redemption A "Game Changer" For Take-Two
06/29/10 Capcom: Next Round Of Consoles To Launch In 2012
06/28/10 FF Versus XIII Scenario, Character Designs Complete
06/28/10 Sony: No PS3 Price Drop, Catching Up Is The Plan
06/28/10 System Updates For PS3, PSP Add PlayStation Plus
06/28/10 Black Ops Is Like "Three Games Being Developed At Once"
06/28/10 Black Rock Working On Mystery Title For PS3, 360
06/28/10 THQ Reveals Red Faction Arcade And Other Promo Initiatives
06/27/10 Does GameStop Promote Microsoft Over Sony?
06/27/10 PSXE Poll Update: Most Are Stoked For Twisted Metal
06/27/10 New Silent Hill Debut Video Arrives
06/27/10 Possible Health Concerns Associated With 3D Viewing
06/27/10 EA Considering MLB License For Future Endeavors
06/26/10 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Dev: "Please Have Patience"
06/26/10 Sony After E3: "We Have A Huge Amount Of Momentum"
06/25/10 Threads Of Fate Hits PSN, Legend Of Mana Coming Soon
06/25/10 Kojima Productions To Stagger Rising And MGS Installments?
06/25/10 The Tester Season 2 Casting Call, Upload A Profile Now
06/25/10 Square-Enix: Game Consoles Hitting Their "Upper Limits"
06/25/10 Obsidian: "Choice" Determines A "True Role-Playing Game"
06/24/10 A Universal Console Might Kill The Industry As We Know It
06/24/10 Jaffe: "Sweet Tooth PSN Thing" Is A Movie, Not A Game
06/24/10 Pretty Debut Trailer For Level-5's Ni no Kuni Surfaces
06/24/10 Rumor: Hulu Headed To The PSN
06/24/10 Guitar Hero: Queen Semi-Confirmed
06/24/10 THQ: We're Going After The "Best Developers In The World"
06/24/10 Platinum: PS3 Is A "High-Performance" Sports Car
06/24/10 Sony Giving Away Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Beta Codes
06/23/10 Activision Wants Significant Install Bases For Move, Kinect
06/23/10 Home Reaches 14 Million, Music For Personal Spaces
06/23/10 PlayStation Plus Perks And Goodies Explained In Detail
06/23/10 Both Premium And Standard Cars In GT5 Will Have Interior Views
06/23/10 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Details Surface, Unveiling Soon?
06/22/10 Japanese Developers Giving In To Western Stereotypes
06/22/10 DeathSpank Smacks PSN On July 13
06/22/10 Industry Execs Respond To Ebert's "Games Aren't Art"
06/22/10 Wardevil "Still In Development," But Has A "Changed Direction"
06/22/10 Capcom On Japan's Industry: "We Can't Rely On Our Own Skill"
06/22/10 First "Freemium" Title Arrives On Japanese PSN
06/21/10 Gran Turismo 5 To Boast Track Editor And Go-Kart Racing
06/21/10 Medal Of Honor: "Step Into The Boots Of A Soldier"
06/21/10 Jaffe Confirms Twisted Metal Beta
06/21/10 Are PlayStation 3 And Wii Fans Polar Opposites?
06/21/10 Naughty Bear Multiplayer Details
06/21/10 DC Universe Online To Command A $14.99 Entrance Fee
06/21/10 Time Crisis: One Of The First To Be Bundled With Move?
06/21/10 Sucker Punch: "It's Unbelievable How Far We've Come"
06/20/10 PSXE Poll Update: Majority Guesses Sony's Big News At E3
06/20/10 The Nifty Shooting Attachment For PlayStation Move
06/20/10 Square-Enix: FFXIV In The "Critical Finishing Stage"
06/20/10 Portal 2 Gameplay And Details
06/19/10 Uncharted 3 Already "Looks Amazing?"
06/19/10 Kojima: ZoE3 "Pushed To The Back" In Favor Of "Taboo"
06/18/10 E3 Booth Babes Speak: What To Do, What Not To Do
06/18/10 Move And echochrome ii: A Match Made In Creative Heaven
06/18/10 Sony Rakes In Several Impressive Guinness World Records
06/18/10 People Were "Very Critical" Of Demon's Souls At First
06/18/10 Journey's Philosophically Human Premise Revealed
06/18/10 Rising Developers: "More Emphasis On A Different Approach"
06/17/10 3D And Move: What Is The Appropriate Price For Gamers?
06/17/10 Ultimate Detail For "Premium" Cars In Gran Turismo 5
06/17/10 E3 2010 Attendance Numbers, E3 2011 Receives Date
06/17/10 E3 2010: Atlus Reveals Creative Details For Rock Of Ages
06/17/10 E3 2010: Killzone 3 Won't Sacrifice Visual Quality For 3D
06/17/10 Rumor: Heavy Rain DLC Put On Hold
06/17/10 E3 2010: New Time Crisis Compatible With Move, Guncon 3
06/17/10 Sony: PlayStation Move And 3D Have "Different Lifecycles"
06/16/10 Why Sony Kicked The Competition's Ass At E3 2010
06/16/10 E3 2010: Dual Shock 3 Can Be Used With PlayStation Move
06/16/10 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Sounds Super Futuristic
06/16/10 E3 2010: Dead Space 2 Exclusive Limited Edition For PS3
06/16/10 E3 2010: Metal Gear Solid: Rising Cuts Its Way Into Our Hearts
06/16/10 E3 2010: New Silent Hill Revealed
06/16/10 E3 2010: Retrieve Lost Body Parts In Konami's Neverdead
06/16/10 Yamauchi: GT5 Date Is Finally Final
06/16/10 E3 2010: LittleBigPlanet 2 Opens Wide For Player Imagination
06/16/10 Sony Provides Dates For Move-Compatible Titles
06/16/10 SCEA Announces Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition
06/15/10 E3 2010: Killzone 3 Gameplay Footage Is Simply Stunning
06/15/10 Flower Developer Announces New Downloadable Project
06/15/10 First Twisted Metal Screenshots
06/15/10 Cross-Game Chat Confirmed As A Plus-Exclusive Feature?
06/15/10 E3 2010: Sony Finishes With A Twisted Bad-Ass Reveal
06/15/10 E3 2010: Gran Turismo 5 Launch Date Confirmed
06/15/10 E3 2010: Portal 2 Confirmed, PS3 To Have "Best Version"
06/15/10 E3 2010: Sony Announces "Plus" Subscription For PSN
06/15/10 E3 2010: Visit Sony's E3 Booth In PlayStation Home
06/15/10 E3 2010: Launch Date, Price Revealed For PlayStation Move
06/15/10 E3 2010: Sony Talks PlayStation Move, Debuts New Footage
06/15/10 Amazon France Lists ICO, Shadow Of The Colossus HD
06/15/10 Ubisoft: Brotherhood Has An "AC II-Sized Script"
06/14/10 E3 2010: Ubisoft Reveals Project Dust, New Rayman
06/14/10 E3 2010 Rumor: Sly Cooper Collection In HD And 3D
06/14/10 E3 2010: First Gameplay For Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
06/14/10 E3 2010: Ubisoft Lets The King Of Pop Dance Once Again
06/14/10 E3 2010: Ubisoft Reveals Futuristic "Multi-Sensory Shooter"
06/14/10 E3 2010: A Few Analyst Thoughts
06/14/10 THQ Launch Dates For Fallout: New Vegas And De Blob 2
06/14/10 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Lands A Release Date
06/14/10 Days Of Thunder: NASCAR Edition Exclusively For PSN
06/13/10 PSXE Poll Update: GT5 Will Be Here Before Christmas
06/13/10 E3 Predictions For Sony's Conference
06/13/10 Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Patch Now Available
06/13/10 Crysis 2 Single-Player And Multiplayer Modes In 3D
06/12/10 Killzone 3 Gameplay Trailer Will Leave You Breathless
06/12/10 Virgin Gaming Giveaway, Now Updated With Exclusive Pics
06/11/10 Secret GTTV Game Is Itagaki And THQ's Devil's Third
06/11/10 Toy Story 3 Laughs It Up This Week
06/11/10 PlayStation Move Coming To LA For Gamers To Sample
06/11/10 EA Sports: The Genre Needs A "Real-Time Physics Engine"
06/11/10 Square-Enix's Flashy Digital Download: Necromachina
06/11/10 Keep Your White Knight Chronicles Clear Data, Or Else...
06/11/10 Tretton: PS3 Owners Are "Voracious Technophiles"
06/10/10 MotorStorm: Apocalypse Enjoys A Thunderous Unveiling
06/10/10 Sega Announces Dreamcast Classics For PSN, XBLA
06/10/10 Ubisoft Counting Down To New Driver, Teaser Video Hits
06/10/10 Sumthing Digital Giveaway Complete: Winners Announced
06/10/10 Atlus "Very Vaguely" Reveals Possibly Complete E3 Lineup
06/10/10 PS4 Teaser Confirmed As Fake, Still Worth A Look
06/10/10 Harmonix Breaking New Innovative Ground With Rock Band 3
06/10/10 Ninth Mortal Kombat Confirmed, Debut Video Released
06/09/10 Enslaved Primed To Be A Big Holiday 2010 Release
06/09/10 Rumor: Possible Budget PS3 Model To "Start At $199"
06/09/10 Square-Enix Unveils E3 2010 Lineup
06/09/10 Telltale Tackling Jurassic Park, Back To The Future Themes
06/09/10 "Legendary Game Designer" To Unveil Huge Title This Week
06/09/10 Agent Remains PS3 Exclusive, Mafia II Demo Incoming
06/09/10 Capcom To "Heat Up" Resident Evil Later This Year?
06/08/10 New Gran Turismo 5 Demo Shows In-Cockpit Gameplay
06/08/10 Mystery Mortal Kombat Teaser Comes With The Sickness
06/08/10 Take-Two Turns Profit, Red Dead Redemption Hits 5 Million
06/08/10 DJ Hero 2 Set For Fall: New Modes And More Immersion
06/08/10 Sega West To Release Yakuza 4 In "Spring 2011"
06/08/10 Respawn Founders Tease "Big Announcement" For E3
06/07/10 Square-Enix Doesn't Want To Expand, They Want New Fans
06/07/10 Square-Enix: "A New Promotion With Hideo Kojima"
06/07/10 Growing Interest In 3D, Although Stumbling Blocks Remain
06/07/10 Square-Enix Reveals Dungeon Siege III
06/07/10 Video Games Live Nets 90-Minute PBS Concert Special
06/07/10 Pachter: Fanboys - In Any Venue - Won't Ever Go Away
06/07/10 Sonic Adventure Titles Evidently Slated For The Network
06/06/10 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Undecided On Black Ops
06/06/10 New Lords Of Shadow Screens Show Off Real Gameplay
06/06/10 Sucker Punch Explains New Artistic Direction For inFamous 2
06/06/10 Red Faction: Armageddon Detailed
06/05/10 Rumor: Kim Kardashian To Become The Next Lara Croft
06/05/10 PR Announcement "Finished" For "Project X"
06/04/10 "Break-Even Estimate" For Red Dead: 4 Million Copies
06/04/10 inFamous 2 Lands On July Cover Of Game Informer
06/04/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Exudes Slickness
06/04/10 Visceral Teases "BIG Reveal" For Dead Space Sequel
06/04/10 Demon's Souls: Black Phantom Edition Revealed For Europe
06/04/10 Sony Rejects Vivid's Offer Of Adult Movies On PS3
06/04/10 Snag God Of War III For Only $40
06/03/10 Free Outlaws To The End DLC For Red Dead Redemption
06/03/10 PSN Receives The Might And Magic Of Clash Of Heroes
06/03/10 Vanquish Details: A Super Fast Shooter With No Multiplayer
06/03/10 Aging's Biggest Flaw: Obstinacy And Voluntary Delusion
06/03/10 Killzone 3 Teaser Shows Off "Close Combat" Brutality
06/03/10 Michael Jordan Soars Again As NBA 2K11 Cover Star
06/03/10 Rockstar Aware Of RDR Multiplayer Issues, Patch Incoming
06/03/10 Codemasters Confirms DiRT 3 Along With "Some Surprises"
06/02/10 Metal Gear Solid Movie Stalls, Revival Remains Possible
06/02/10 Pachter: My Twisted Metal Comment Is "Purely Conjecture"
06/02/10 Media Molecule Wants You
06/02/10 Enslaved: Some Of The Best Visuals We've Ever Seen?
06/02/10 Level-5 To Open New Santa Monica Studio In September
06/02/10 NBA Elite 11 Will "Revolutionize" Basketball Simulators
06/02/10 Sony: It's Harder To "Retrofit Old Games With 3D"
06/02/10 Rumor: New PS3 Bundle Features LBP, HDMI Cable
06/01/10 New Harry Potter To Follow The Two-Part Movie Line
06/01/10 "Pixel Precise" Move's Reaction Time Is 22 Milliseconds
06/01/10 Ubisoft Confirms: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is In Development
06/01/10 Rockstar Planning To Reveal GTAV, L.A. Noire At E3?
06/01/10 Quantic's New Game Called Horizon, Story "Already Written?"

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