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PS3 Archives - July, 2010

07/31/10 Ferrari: The Race Experience Shifts To Digital Delivery
07/30/10 Medal Of Honor LE Gets You Into Battlefield 3 Beta
07/30/10 New Vanquish Gameplay Combines Fluidity And Power
07/30/10 Hardened, Prestige Editions Of Black Ops Spotted
07/30/10 Enslaved DLC In The Works, Ninja Theory On Next Project
07/30/10 High Moon Already Working On War For Cybertron Sequel?
07/30/10 H.A.W.X. 2 Demo Lifting Off Soon, Will Boast "New Features"
07/29/10 Hollywood Has A Lot Of Gall
07/29/10 Sony Back To Black, Thanks In Part To PlayStation 3
07/29/10 TikGames Prepping Another PSN Title Called Ricochet
07/29/10 Movie Maker Newell: Video Games Can't Do Human Drama
07/29/10 UK Move Pricing Revealed, Gamers Might Be Encouraged
07/29/10 Nail'd Soundtrack Gets Heavy Dose Of Hardcore Metal
07/28/10 Team Bondi: Motion Scan For L.A. Noire Destined To Impress
07/28/10 Rumor: All Fighters For Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Revealed
07/28/10 SOCOM 4 Delayed Until 2011
07/28/10 PlayStation 3 First To Feature Netflix Search Capability
07/28/10 Another Piece Of Dragon Age DLC: Golems Of Amgarrak
07/28/10 PS3 Getting Some Tales Love
07/28/10 Valve: Dedicated PS3 Team "Critical" For Top Quality
07/28/10 Uncharted 2 Update: No More Exploits, Cash Award Changes
07/27/10 Who Wants PC Classics On The PSN?
07/27/10 Blade Kitten: Fancy Physics, AI In A 2D Environment
07/27/10 Uncharted 3 Logo "Fan-Created," Nothing Official Yet
07/27/10 PS3 Firmware Update 3.41 Adds "You May Like" To PSN
07/27/10 Ninja Theory: Enslaved Isn't A "Knock-Off" Of Anything
07/27/10 New Deus Ex A "Reboot," But It Keeps The "Core Values"
07/27/10 Sony Introduces Logo Licensing Program For PlayStation
07/26/10 ESRB Says NBA Jam Will Be Dunking On PS3 And 360
07/26/10 Rumored Details On Two PlayStation 3 Move Bundles
07/26/10 Sony Issues More Clarification On Plus Content Questions
07/26/10 Street Fighter/Tekken Efforts A Ways Off, Gameplay Vid Excites
07/26/10 Two Worlds II: An "Opportunity For Redemption"
07/26/10 Rumor: GTAV On A Hollywood Set?
07/25/10 PSXE Poll Update: Final Fantasy Must Make Some Changes
07/25/10 FIFA 11 Considers The "Personality" Of Its Players
07/25/10 Digital Extremes Cranking On Sequel To The Darkness?
07/25/10 Apply Kojima Stickers To Your Mechs In Front Mission: Evolved
07/24/10 Street Fighter/Tekken Crossovers Revealed With Debut Video
07/24/10 GT5, LBP2 Collector's Editions Already Big Sellers
07/23/10 Are We Nearing A Starhawk Unveiling?
07/23/10 Twisted Metal Info: No 3D/Move, Single-Player Details, More
07/23/10 Neil Patrick Harris Is Spider-Man Again
07/23/10 LBP2: Release Date, Pre-Order Gifts, Collectors Edition
07/23/10 Brotherhood Beta Set For September, Exclusive To PS3
07/23/10 inFamous 2 Hero To "Look More Like" Original Cole
07/22/10 Hi-Tech Entertainment: The Unheralded Chick Magnet
07/22/10 THQ: "No Room" For Mediocre Games In This Industry
07/22/10 Gran Turismo 5 Pre-Order Cars Include "Stealth Models"
07/22/10 All Sabotage Maps In MAG Are Now "Faction Neutral"
07/22/10 Give Mafia II A Try On August 10
07/22/10 NBA 2K11's Jordan Mode: Become A Part Of History
07/22/10 Front Mission: Evolved Lands Final Launch Date
07/21/10 Editorial: Are Shooter Fans Dunces And RPG Fans Einsteins?
07/21/10 Rockstar Has Online Cheaters Firmly In Their Sights
07/21/10 Atlus Continuing Demon's Souls Online Support Through March
07/21/10 Scivelation Still In The Works, Expected In Late 2011
07/21/10 Kazuma Kiryu Returns In New Yakuza
07/21/10 Sucker Punch: We Have To Compete With The Best
07/21/10 No Sequel For Enslaved Unless It's A Gigantic Hit
07/20/10 Hey Mario, Ready To Be On Sony And Microsoft Consoles?
07/20/10 EA Sports Announces A "Darker, Grittier" Fight Night
07/20/10 L.A. Noire Has Euro Launch Date Of January 17, 2011?
07/20/10 Ninja Theory Looking To Movies For Storyline Help
07/20/10 Mafia II's Playboy Gals To Enjoy Uncensored Exposure
07/19/10 Harmonix, MTV To Rock Store Shelves On October 26
07/19/10 Activision Toying With The Idea Of Pay To Play For CoD?
07/19/10 Latest Tiger Woods Game Potentially Affected By Scandal
07/19/10 SCEA, Codename Announce Game Partnership For Home
07/19/10 Rocksteady: Detective Mode In Batman Was Overpowered
07/19/10 Stuart Black Leaving Before Bodycount Is Out The Door
07/19/10 Kojima Working On "Third Entry In Conceptual Science Series"
07/18/10 PSXE Poll Update: Heavy Rain High On Catch-Up Lists
07/18/10 Capom Preparing Retro Homage, Mega Man Universe
07/18/10 Guerrilla: Working With 3D Can Benefit The 2D Experience
07/18/10 Namco Bandai: Selling Games At Full Price Is No Good
07/17/10 DJ Hero 2 Artist List, Pre-Order Bonus
07/16/10 Kane & Lynch 2 Demo Coming Early To Plus Subscribers
07/16/10 Killzone 3: "Literally Everything Is Streamed Now"
07/16/10 Sony's Guidelines For 3D Gaming: Only 720p Resolution
07/16/10 Guerrilla Talks About Overhauled Killzone 3 Controls
07/16/10 New James Bond Game Revealed With Debut Trailer
07/16/10 Ubisoft Dev: Heavy Rain Is A Glimpse Of The Future
07/15/10 Confirmed: Gravity Crash Devs Working On New Oddworld
07/15/10 June NPD: Red Dead Love, 11th PS3 Growth Month
07/15/10 PlayStation Minis Tally 1 Million Sold
07/15/10 Apache: Air Assault Taking Flight Soon
07/15/10 "Secret" Vanquish Gameplay Exudes Maximum Style
07/15/10 Home: A Platform With Great Game Development Potential?
07/14/10 Home Interview With Jack Buser: Submit Your Questions
07/14/10 Activision Responds To Schafer's Blasting Of Kotick
07/14/10 Wada On FF: "Difficult To Determine Which Way To Go"
07/14/10 PlayStation 3: The Only Choice For Hardcore Gamers
07/14/10 BioWare: Don't Overreact To Dragon Age II Changes
07/14/10 Medal Of Honor Proving More Popular Than Black Ops?
07/14/10 Schafer And PSN/XBLA: A Match Made In Creative Heaven
07/14/10 GT5: Damage Will Affect Driving Capabilities Of All Cars
07/13/10 What Does Hype Do To A Game?
07/13/10 Pachter: Respawn Working On A Sci-Fi "Halo Killer?"
07/13/10 Helghast Culture, Humanity On Display In Killzone 3
07/13/10 The Dog Days Of Summer Heat Up One Week Early
07/13/10 GameStop: Used Game Business Is "Difficult To Manage"
07/13/10 Joe Danger Hits The Mark, Dev Breaks Even On First Day
07/13/10 Sony: Move Not Designed To Be A "Casual Controller"
07/13/10 Imported Japanese PS1 Classics Coming To PSN
07/12/10 Saying All Unreal Engine Games Look The Same Is "Ridiculous"
07/12/10 Quantic's New Game: Heavy Rain Fans "Will Be Surprised"
07/12/10 FFXIV Only On PS3/PC Because Microsoft Said "No"
07/12/10 GT5 "More Suited To The Next Generation Of Machines"
07/12/10 Assassin's Creed Could Eventually Match GTA's Popularity
07/12/10 "Too Heavy Sensation Of KZ2 Is Absolutely Gone" In KZ3
07/12/10 Two Worlds II Gameplay Length Should Satisfy RPG Fans
07/11/10 PSXE Poll Update: Move Takes Priority Over 3D...For Now
07/11/10 Name That Track, Get A Spot In The Credits For GT5
07/11/10 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: Details And Info Galore
07/11/10 Sony: PlayStation Move Will "Focus On The Core Gamers"
07/10/10 GT5 "My Lounge" Revealed, GT6 To Take Five Years
07/10/10 Insomniac: Vanquish "Plays Like Gears Of War On Crack"
07/09/10 Heavy Rain Owners Will Get To "Move" With A Patch
07/09/10 Sony: The PS3 Will "Store All Types Of 3D Content"
07/09/10 Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Set For October 5
07/09/10 Kojima: Japanese Devs "Lack Motivation And Passion"
07/09/10 Ubisoft: 3D Is "Much More Important" Than People Believe
07/09/10 Sony Apparently Working On Fresh MediEvil Title
07/08/10 BioWare Confirms Dragon Age 2 And "New Mechanics"
07/08/10 Assassin's Creed III: "A New Hero And A New Setting"
07/08/10 Vanquish GameStop Pre-Order Bonus, Release Date
07/08/10 Ubisoft Reveals Racquet Sports For PS3 And Move
07/08/10 Four DLC Packs For Red Dead Redemption In 2010
07/08/10 Sucker Punch Used Assassin's Creed II As Inspiration
07/08/10 Brave Perilous Depths In Deep Black
07/08/10 Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype To Expand Later This Year
07/07/10 Square-Enix Mystery Title To Be Revealed Soon?
07/07/10 Michael Jackson: The Experience Dances Into November
07/07/10 Big Home Update: Wipeout Museum, Sodium Scorpions, More
07/07/10 Game Execs: California Game Law Could Mess Things Up
07/07/10 Adults Only "Visual Novel/Love Sim" Coming To PS3
07/06/10 Kojima and Co. Won't "Look Into" ZoE3 Until After Rising
07/06/10 PSM3 Teases "Mystery Reveal" For Dead Space 2
07/06/10 Sony Announces Three New PS3 Models For Japan
07/06/10 No Prior MGS Knowledge Required To Enjoy Rising
07/06/10 More Twisted Metal Info, New Features Still Being Added
07/06/10 Sony Undergoing "Future Platform Related Activities"
07/06/10 Sega: Alpha Protocol 2 Won't Happen
07/05/10 Dear Square-Enix: You're Wrong
07/05/10 Attention Writers: Enter Blizzard's 2010 Global Writing Contest
07/05/10 Sucker Punch: No Way We Could've Done InFamous 2 On 360
07/05/10 Gran Turismo 5 Must Be The Best Simulator Of All Time
07/05/10 Square-Enix: "What's In America Should Be Handled By Americans"
07/04/10 PSXE Poll Update: FF Versus XIII Fosters Uncertainty
07/04/10 Are PlayStation Fans Spoiled?
07/04/10 Sucker Punch Appreciates Feedback From Naughty Dog
07/04/10 In-Depth Singularity Developer Diary At Raven's Blog
07/03/10 Lords Of Shadow Gameplay Shows Platforming & Puzzles
07/03/10 inFamous 2 Gameplay: The More Powerful Hero
07/02/10 Insomniac Won't Do Ratchet HD, But It's Not Impossible
07/02/10 Bulletstorm Dev: "We Don't Really Care About Graphics"
07/02/10 Sony: "Gaming Is The Heart And Soul Of The Company"
07/02/10 Video Games Will Offer "Enduring Theatrical Properties"
07/02/10 ESA: Gaming Needs Its Own Public Top 10 For Consumers
07/01/10 Bioshock 2 Single-Player DLC: The Protector Trials
07/01/10 Lightbox To Reveal New Title "Soon?"
07/01/10 May NPD: A Flat Month, But PS3 "Enjoys Greatest Growth"
07/01/10 GameStop's 25% Off Used Game Sale
07/01/10 GTA Movie Going Nowhere Due To Legal Hurdle
07/01/10 Bulletstorm Gameplay Shows Non-Stop Maniacal Death
07/01/10 Cage "Disappointed" With Heavy Rain DLC Cancellation

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