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PS3 Archives - August, 2010

08/31/10 PSN Update: Vanquish, Game Sales, Castle Crashers
08/31/10 David Cage Calls For Progress, Depth, And Meaning
08/31/10 Newell: Let Developers Make Movies
08/31/10 Jimmy Gets His Revenge In New Mafia II DLC Pack
08/31/10 Bayonetta Strikes A Pose, Demands A Big $500 Tip
08/31/10 TikGames, Creat Studios Launch 40% Off PSN Sale
08/30/10 Pachter: Mafia II Ailing, RDR Can Still Help Take-Two
08/30/10 Apache: Air Assault Flies To Battle On November 9
08/30/10 Tron: Evolution Dated, Collectors To Boast Light Cycle Model
08/30/10 Enslaved Pre-Order Bonuses, "Dream" Sweepstakes Revealed
08/30/10 Play Asia Outs Uncharted 2 Game Of The Year Edition
08/30/10 Virtua Tennis 4: Move, 3D Creates Realistic Experience
08/30/10 Atlus' Sexy, Horrific Catherine Detailed: No Kids Allowed
08/29/10 Square-Enix: Japanese Devs "Losing Their Passion"
08/29/10 PSXE Poll Update: Most PS3 Owners Appreciative Of ME2
08/29/10 Gran Turismo 5 10GB Install Optional
08/29/10 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit: Full List Of Hot Rides
08/28/10 Criterion/EA's Past Includes Need For Speed: Split Second
08/27/10 EA Unveils Medal Of Honor "Multiplayer Experience" Trailer
08/27/10 Woah...Castlevania Is Like, Shadow Of The Colossus 2
08/27/10 Valve: Portal 2 Originally Had Competitive Multiplayer
08/27/10 Konami Questions Launch Windows For Move, Kinect
08/27/10 Bioshock Dev: "We Would've Loved To Have Done Better"
08/27/10 Liars And Cheats DLC For Red Dead Redemption Detailed
08/26/10 FFXIV Director Clarifies Fatigue System
08/26/10 Joe Danger "People's Patch" Made...For The People
08/26/10 Two More Used Game Retailers: Best Buy And Target
08/26/10 Sony: Success Of New IPs A Barometer For Overall Success
08/26/10 Analysts Expect L.A. Noire, GTAV To Release In 2011
08/26/10 Rumor: Brad Pitt To Play John Marsten In Red Dead Film
08/26/10 Black Ops Military Advisor Defends Medal Of Honor
08/25/10 Sony: LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo Benefits From 3D
08/25/10 Vanquish Engine Designer: PS3, 360 Versions Almost Identical
08/25/10 Gain Experience In FFXIV For Only 8 Hours Per Week
08/25/10 BioWare Announces Witch Hunt DLC For Dragon Age
08/25/10 Japanese Pubs Talk Yakuza's "End," Aya Brea
08/25/10 New Plus Incentive Connected To PS Protection Plan
08/25/10 This Is Vegas Dead, A "Ridiculous Waste Of Money"
08/24/10 Q&As Coming With Insomniac, Tecmo: Submit Your Questions
08/24/10 Sony: The Latest To Look For Money In Used Games
08/24/10 Want To Play PS3 Games With An Xbox 360 Controller?
08/24/10 New inFamous 2 Details: New Marais, Amp, Fresh Skills
08/24/10 Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Detailed
08/24/10 Location Guide For All 50 Of Mafia II's Playboy Bunnies
08/24/10 Dead Nation Beta Invites Sent To Select PSN Members
08/24/10 Sega's New Registered URL Indicates Valkyria Chronicles 3?
08/23/10 Beta Feedback Lets EA Upgrade Medal Of Honor...Big Time
08/23/10 Vanquish Trailer Reveals Tri-Weapon Pre-Order Pack
08/23/10 MotorStorm 3D Rift Races Onto The Network Tomorrow
08/23/10 Sony Won't Attach Premium Charge To 3D Games
08/23/10 Vanquish Demo Incoming Next Week
08/23/10 Valve: PS3's "Open Platform" Beneficial To Customers
08/22/10 What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate
08/22/10 PSXE Poll Update: Call Of Duty Series Wearing Thin
08/22/10 Joe Danger's Length And Challenge Proves Daunting
08/21/10 Enslaved Gets The Benefit Of A Big Marketing Campaign
08/21/10 Rumor: Devil May Cry 5 Becomes Official At TGS 2010
08/20/10 DJ Hero 2 Cuts It Up On October 19
08/20/10 Gran Turismo 5 Awarded Best In Show Of GamesCom 2010
08/20/10 Bioshock Infinite: Combat, Environment, New Engine
08/20/10 EA: Crysis 2 Will Be "Another 90 Rated Game From Crytek"
08/20/10 Sony Survey Includes Strange Gaming And Lifestyle Questions
08/20/10 Ubisoft Officially Names And Details "Project Dust"
08/19/10 Hey Square-Enix: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Your Last Chance
08/19/10 Far Cry 3 Development "In Full Swing?"
08/19/10 Sony: PS3 The "De Facto Purchase," Right On Track
08/19/10 Castlevania Launch Date Emerges From The Shadows
08/19/10 New GT5 Info: GT Life Replaces Gran Turismo Mode
08/19/10 Valve Recruited Guys "With A Strong PS3 Background"
08/19/10 PSXE Blue PlayStation 3 Giveaway Finalists Announced
08/18/10 Sucker Punch On Cole Redesign, Sly Cooper HD
08/18/10 Portal 2 Opens For Entry In February
08/18/10 BioWare: Mass Effect 3 PS3 A "Natural Assumption"
08/18/10 Sony Japan Unveils GT5 Limited Edition, PS3 Hardware Bundle
08/18/10 Guerrilla Talks Studio Progression, Working On New IP
08/17/10 Who Wants Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Suikoden II On The PSN?
08/17/10 Sucker Punch Gives Us A Glimpse Of The New/Old Cole
08/17/10 Virtua Tennis 4 Announced, To Be 3D And Move Compatible
08/17/10 Insomniac: Resistance 3, New Ratchet Announced
08/17/10 Sony Reveals New 160GB And 320GB PS3 Models
08/17/10 Crysis 2 Special Editions Revealed
08/17/10 Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Out Now, DLC Packs Detailed
08/17/10 World Of Mass Effect Will Finally Grace The PlayStation 3
08/16/10 F.E.A.R. 3 Won't Terrify You Until 2011
08/16/10 Red Faction: Battlegrounds To Focus On Multiplayer Intensity
08/16/10 2K Responds To Claims That Mafia II PS3 Is Graphically Inferior
08/16/10 Heavy Rain Smashes Initial Sales Expectations
08/16/10 Killzone 3 Producer Talks 3D Tech
08/16/10 Kojima Announces MGS Voice Actors For Castlevania
08/15/10 Join The Clamor To Bring Tales Of Vesperia PS3 To The US
08/15/10 PSXE Poll Update: Most PS3 Fans Desire Mass Effect 2
08/15/10 FF Versus XIII Footage "Like A Picture Taken In Real Life"
08/15/10 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Coming To Consoles?
08/15/10 Medal Of Honor's War On Terror Hits Controversy City
08/14/10 Crysis 2 Strikes New Release Date
08/14/10 LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta Coming To A PS3 Near You
08/13/10 Silent Hill Movie Stalls, Now A "Wait And See" Situation
08/13/10 Rage Running Well On All Platforms, Nets Release Date
08/13/10 H.A.W.X. 2 Demo Flies High Next Week
08/13/10 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition Spotted
08/13/10 Eidos Montreal: New Deus Ex Is NOT An Action/FPS
08/13/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay Video Released
08/13/10 No Multiplayer For New Star Wars, Big Focus On Narrative
08/12/10 Uncharted 2 DLC: Sidekick Skins, PS3 Dynamic Theme
08/12/10 Bioshock Creator On Why He Didn't Work On Bioshock 2
08/12/10 July NPD: Industry Mostly Flat, PS3 Finds More Growth
08/12/10 Bioshock Infinite Unveiled: Ocean Replaced By Sky
08/12/10 DanceDanceRevolution PS3: The Most Complete DDR Ever
08/12/10 No Test Driving Unlimited 2 Until 2011
08/12/10 Black Ops Prestige Edition Features An Insane Bonus
08/12/10 MAG Update Adds "Happy Hour," Better Lighting, More
08/11/10 Newsflash: You Can't Stop GT5 From Being Amazing
08/11/10 Home Update: Move Debuts, More Star Wars Costumes
08/11/10 Sledgehammer Confirms Call Of Duty 8, An "Adventure FPS"
08/11/10 Duke Nukem Forever Alive, Demo Might Drop In 2010
08/11/10 Batman Developers: "We Haven't Hit Our Peak"
08/11/10 Assault Horizon Brings Ace Combat Back To PlayStation
08/11/10 TGC: Sony Supports Artistic Visions
08/10/10 Activision Won't Stand In The Way Of Infinity Ward Revival
08/10/10 Tekken Producer: "That Hollywood Movie Is Terrible"
08/10/10 Valkyria Chronicles Fans Ask For Sequel To Be On PS3
08/10/10 Controversial GT5 Video Exposes A Bias At Kotaku?
08/10/10 Arkham City Gameplay, Story Details
08/10/10 Itagaki On Gaming In Japan And Being A "True Japanese"
08/10/10 Blood Stone: Inspired By Uncharted 2, Fears Call Of Duty
08/09/10 Report: Vast Majority Still Prefers Physical Game Media
08/09/10 GameStop Leaks Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition
08/09/10 Black Ops Multiplayer Gameplay Debuts And Impresses
08/09/10 Insomniac's New Game To Be Fully Unveiled Soon?
08/09/10 Collector's Edition For Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Detailed
08/09/10 Grand Theft Auto V Should Be In...
08/09/10 Square-Enix: Versus Is "Like The 2D FF Games In HD"
08/09/10 New Home Spaces For PlayStation Move And GamesCom 2010
08/08/10 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Split On Activision Reputation
08/08/10 Black Rock Reveals Impending DLC For Split/Second
08/08/10 Pachter: Black Ops Will Not Surpass Modern Warfare 2
08/08/10 Killzone 3 Beta Comes Into Focus
08/07/10 Splinter Cell, Prince Of Persia HD Remakes For PS3?
08/07/10 New Vanquish Trailer: Speedy Brutality At Its Finest
08/07/10 The Last Guardian Might Make An Appearance At TGS
08/06/10 Mafia II PS3 Exclusive DLC: The Betrayal Of Jimmy
08/06/10 Next Parasite Eve To Hit High-Definition Consoles?
08/06/10 Activision Battling Pre-Owned Games In Its Own Way
08/06/10 Warriors Of Rock To Shred Shelves On September 28
08/06/10 Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon To Be Among The Classics
08/05/10 How Killzone 3 Will Outgun Killzone 2
08/05/10 Pan's Labyrinth Director Dives Into Gaming With THQ
08/05/10 True Crime: Hong Kong Won't Be Ready Until 2011
08/05/10 Brotherhood Beta Confirmed, Pre-Order To Grab A Slot
08/05/10 2K Announces New Bioshock 2 DLC: Minerva's Den
08/05/10 Batman: Arkham City Officially Unveiled, Set For Fall 2011
08/04/10 We Need More Single-Player DLC
08/04/10 Killzone 3 Beta Rumors Continue, Sony Remains Mute
08/04/10 Madden NFL 11 PS3 Bundle Outed But Not Confirmed
08/04/10 ModNation Patch Speeds Things Up
08/04/10 It's Hip To Hate On Activision, But Is The Hate Justified?
08/03/10 Uncharted Movie Stumbles, Loses Intended Director
08/03/10 Need For Speed: SHIFT 2 Races Towards End Of 2011
08/03/10 Naughty Dog: Uh, How Could We Go Multiplatform?
08/03/10 Legends And Killers Enhancing RDR On August 10
08/03/10 Horror Fans Ask: What Is The Mystery Dead Space?
08/03/10 Killzone 3 Beta Already Spotted?
08/03/10 Itagaki: Devil's Third Won't Be Tear Your Hair Out Hard
08/02/10 Why The Industry Needs Twisted Metal
08/02/10 Sony Quietly Re-Releases Update 3.41 For PlayStation 3
08/02/10 Top Gun Locks Onto PSN August 17
08/02/10 Insomniac Can't "Resist" Teasing A Big Announcement
08/02/10 EA Announces Create, LittleBigPlanet Inspiration Keenly Felt
08/02/10 Backbreaker Gets Serious Update For Avid Fans
08/01/10 The "Damn, I Know Too Much About This Game!" Games
08/01/10 PSXE Poll Update: Most Approve Of Cole's Overhaul
08/01/10 DiRT 3 Trailer Debuts On ESPN
08/01/10 EA, Linkin Park: "One-Of-A-Kind" Medal Of Honor Trailer

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