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PS3 Archives - September, 2010

09/30/10 EA: Medal Of Honor Sets Franchise Pre-Order Record
09/30/10 Early Move Sales: Over 300,000 Units In A Few Weeks
09/30/10 PlayStation Plus Cards Sent To North American Retailers
09/30/10 Beyond Good & Evil Rises Again, In HD For PSN/XBLA
09/30/10 Assassin's Creed Art Exhibit Set To Impress Paris
09/30/10 Journey Project Will Determine Child Of Eden Ending
09/30/10 NASCAR The Game 2011 To Provide A Complete Experience
09/29/10 Batman Will Interrogate Suspects In Arkham City
09/29/10 Ubisoft Loads Brotherhood With 150 Minutes Of Cut-Scenes
09/29/10 NBA Elite 11 Delay Should Benefit The Competition
09/29/10 Echoing The Call For More Strat/RPGs
09/29/10 Square-Enix: Please Wait "3-4 Weeks" Before Reviewing FFXIV
09/29/10 Atlus Talks Catherine Design Concept
09/29/10 Beatshapers Brings Flashy StarDrone To PlayStation 3
09/28/10 Grab ModNation Racers PS3, PSP For New Low Price
09/28/10 Uncharted 2 GotY Edition Revealed, Stuffed With DLC
09/28/10 Sucker Punch Will Definitely Consider inFamous 3
09/28/10 Nomura: KHIII "Might Be Possible" This Generation
09/28/10 Ninja Theory Boss Clarifies Uncharted 2 Animation Comments
09/28/10 Schafer vs. Kotick: The Punches Continue To Fly
09/28/10 PS3 Greatest Hits Additions: MAG, Tekken 6, More
09/27/10 BioWare's Diplomatic Approach To Mass Effect 2 On PS3
09/27/10 Two Worlds II Delayed For Ultimate Quality Purposes
09/27/10 Kotick On IW Scandal: I Was Betrayed By My Friends
09/27/10 MK Arcade Kollection: Coming To US On November 16?
09/26/10 Sony Wants PS3s To YLoD? ...Wrong Company To Accuse
09/26/10 PSXE Poll Update: TGS Unimpressive, Remakes Most Exciting
09/26/10 MAG Earns Greatest Hit Status
09/26/10 EA "Wants To Get Back On Top" In The Shooter Genre
09/26/10 Pick Up The Move Battle Rifle For Supreme Accuracy
09/25/10 Ninja Theory On Dante's New Look: "Change Is Scary"
09/25/10 Rumor: Prince Of Persia, Mortal Kombat Remakes For Europe
09/24/10 Ueda Talks Last Guardian, Colossus, Games as "Art"
09/24/10 Sony: You Really Don't Want "Hyper-accurate" Games
09/24/10 Media Molecule Wasn't Sure LBP2 Would Drop In 2010
09/24/10 New Hot Pursuit Trailer: That Porsche Just Won't Stop
09/24/10 Polyphony, Red Bull Introduce Project X1 For GT5
09/23/10 PS3 Update 3.50 Disables Some Third Party USB Devices
09/23/10 Dead Space 2 Closed Multiplayer Beta Invites Going Out
09/23/10 Avalanche Cranking On Mad Max 4?
09/23/10 3D Dot Game Heroes Update: 50 New Heroes, Like Sackboy
09/23/10 Shadow Of The Colossus Movie: Encouraging Update
09/23/10 EA's Moore: Max Frame Rate More Important Than 3D
09/22/10 Get Ready For The Inception Game
09/22/10 Capcom, Level-5 Teaming Up To Work On Mystery Project?
09/22/10 LBP2 Delayed In Japan, But Sticking To November In US?
09/22/10 Deus Ex Trailer: Conspiracy, Revolution, Mind Control
09/22/10 Second Vanquish Demo Incoming
09/22/10 Lords Of Shadow Demo On Euro PSN For Plus Members
09/22/10 CyberConnect2 Reveals Early Details For Asura's Wrath
09/22/10 Capcom, Ninja Theory Explain Dante's "Rough" New Look
09/21/10 Hey Sony: Move Marketing Can Target Obesity Epidemic
09/21/10 Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Proves Atmosphere Importance
09/21/10 Activision Aims High: Plans To Be "Biggest Entertainment Company"
09/21/10 Rumor: New Open-World Tomb Raider In The Works
09/21/10 Tester Season 2 Panel Set, Adrianne Curry Featured
09/21/10 Nomura Promises "Proper" Versus XIII Unveiling In January
09/21/10 More Arkham City Details Surface
09/21/10 Amazon Focuses On PS3 For Today's Gold Box Deals
09/21/10 ESA Finds Plenty Of Supporters In Their Court Battle
09/20/10 Move Designer: Importance Of Buttons, Questions Competition
09/20/10 New Yakuza: "Gun Shot Battle" vs. Standard TPS
09/20/10 PSN Down Tuesday, But Weekly PSN Content Hits Early
09/20/10 Days Of Thunder: NASCAR Edition Fully Detailed
09/20/10 Ueda Has Long Since Wanted ICO And SotC On The PS3
09/20/10 Capcom's Inafune: "Japan Is At Least Five Years Behind"
09/20/10 Arc The Lad, Alundra Set For The PSN?
09/19/10 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Owners Split On Plus Interest
09/19/10 Kojima Sparks Debate: Do MGS5, Or Try Something New?
09/19/10 EA Prepping Mystery "AAA Multiplayer Action Game?"
09/18/10 SCEA: Unlike One Of Our Competitors, We Don't Rely On Shooters
09/18/10 Trophy Support For Remakes, The Last Guardian In 3D?
09/18/10 New Castlevania Gameplay: Combat, Platforming Goodness
09/17/10 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Set to Do Battle During Q1 2011
09/17/10 Leaked FF Versus XIII Footage: A Conversation-Starter
09/17/10 Resident Evil Creator Won't Be Involved With RE6
09/17/10 PlayStation Move: "A Benchmark In Entertainment Innovation"
09/17/10 Ueda Shares More ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus Details
09/16/10 TGS 2010: Disgaea 4 Dated For Japan
09/16/10 TGS 2010: Yamauchi Presents GT5 Weather Effects
09/16/10 Ubisoft Provides Brotherhood Beta Info
09/16/10 TGS 2010: Versus XIII's Realism Is Downright Stunning
09/16/10 TGS 2010: The Last Guardian Dated, Nets Impressive Video
09/16/10 TGS 2010: Demon's Souls Developer Unveils Project Dark
09/16/10 Former Guerrilla Members Form New Studio: Vanguard
09/16/10 Sony Japan Reveals 320GB PS3 Slim In Classic White
09/16/10 TGS 2010: Ueda Confirms High-Def Team ICO Collection
09/16/10 TGS 2010: GT5 B-Spec, Weather, GT6 In The Works
09/15/10 New PixelJunk Springing To Life Soon
09/15/10 Kotick And Co. May Sell Game Scenes As Movies
09/15/10 TGS 2010: Michael Jackson Debuts The Experience
09/15/10 TGS 2010: Tecmo Reveals Third Ninja Gaiden Title
09/15/10 Demon's Souls Ushered In As A Greatest Hit
09/15/10 TGS 2010: New Catherine Trailer Toys With The Brain...Again
09/15/10 Dreamcast Reprint Program Portal Open For Business
09/15/10 TGS 2010: Mikami, Suda 51 Team Up And Travel To Hell
09/15/10 TGS 2010: Capcom Unleashes New DMC, Asura's Wrath
09/14/10 Court Ruling May Have Big Impact On Used Game Sales
09/14/10 Brotherhood Beta Pushed Into October
09/14/10 Tecmo Addresses Quantum Theory's Similarity To Gears
09/14/10 EA's Moore: No New Consoles For At Least 3 Years
09/14/10 Spector: Industry Currently In "Kind Of A Golden Age"
09/14/10 Sony Files Patent For Backwards Compatibility Adapter?
09/14/10 Bioshock Infinite: "A World-Shaking Narrative Experience?"
09/13/10 THQ Places Armageddon, Saints Row 3 In Fiscal 2012
09/13/10 Rising Producer On Brutality: "A Hell Of A Lot Of Risk"
09/13/10 TimeGate Reveals Section 8 Sequel
09/13/10 Heavy Rain: Move Edition, Patch Dated And Detailed
09/13/10 Team ICO Collection Expected In "March Or April"
09/13/10 Catherine Almost Done, A "New Genre And Not An RPG"
09/12/10 PSXE Poll Update: Duke Not King, But Still Pretty Cool
09/12/10 Steal Final Fantasy XIII Now For An Absurdly Low Price
09/12/10 EA: Bulletstorm Could Land Gears Of War-Like Sales
09/12/10 Plus FAQ Outlines Exclusive Beta Info
09/10/10 Leave Lots Of Bloody Tire Prints In Deadly Blood Drive
09/10/10 BioWare Values Multiplat Approach
09/10/10 Buy Refurbished PS3, Get God Of War III For Free
09/10/10 Sony, QVC To Present Limited Edition Move Bundle Sunday
09/10/10 Treyarch Will Support Black Ops To Keep Trade-Ins Down
09/10/10 PS3 Poised To Catch Wii In Japan, PSP Chasing DS
09/10/10 Sony's Dille: "I Don't Think We'll Ever Outspend Microsoft"
09/09/10 Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Golden
09/09/10 GT5 Demo At Best Buy: Gameplay Vids
09/09/10 August NPD: Sales Slide, But PS3 Growth Highest Yet
09/09/10 PS3 Owner Facts: 40% Won't Date Anti-Gaming Girls
09/09/10 LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta: What Testers Should Be Testing
09/09/10 Cage: Move Needs AAA Support To Have An Impact
09/09/10 PlayStation Celebrates 15th Birthday
09/08/10 Gamers: Remember To "Move" And "Kinect" In Reality
09/08/10 Quantum Theory Demo Now Up On Euro/NA PSN
09/08/10 Get "The Sensitive Fireman" To State Your Case For Move
09/08/10 iPhone's Dungeon Hunter Getting A Facelift For PSN
09/08/10 Devil's Third: A New Gaming Paradigm
09/07/10 Sony Releases "The Ultimate FAQ" For PlayStation Move
09/07/10 Square-Enix: Versus XIII Development Only On PS3
09/07/10 Ed Harris, Gary Oldman Set To Star In Black Ops
09/07/10 Game Designer Killed In Accident, But With A Final Act Of Bravery
09/07/10 Sony Releases Security-Based PS3 Firmware Update
09/07/10 Kitase: Motion Sensing "Quite Difficult" To Use In RPGs
09/07/10 Top Spin 4 In The Works At 2K Czech
09/06/10 Elena's Voice Working On Uncharted 2 DLC, Not Uncharted 3
09/06/10 Rock Band 3 Lets Players Export RB2 Tracks For Free
09/06/10 New Red Faction To "Focus On An Amazing Story"
09/06/10 Shoddy Ports Promote Multiplatform Gaming
09/06/10 Gearbox Software: Duke Hasn't Nuked Our Other Projects
09/06/10 LBP2 Beta Invites Going Out This Week
09/06/10 All 4 One Could've Had A More Suggestive Title
09/05/10 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Owners Undecided About Move
09/05/10 inFamous 2 Gameplay: Telekinesis, Destructability
09/05/10 Gearbox Now Owns Duke Nukem IP
09/05/10 New Batman Details: Bigger World, Even Better Mocap
09/04/10 PSXE Blue PS3 Giveaway Complete: Winner Announced
09/04/10 Killzone 3 Lands Solid Release Date
09/04/10 Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Remake Heading To PSN, XBLA
09/03/10 Heavy Rain: Move Edition Gets Euro Release Date?
09/03/10 Really Real Gameplay Found For Duke Nukem Forever
09/03/10 Ubisoft Reveals Outland, A "World Of Balance And Chaos"
09/03/10 Enslaved Golden, Two Fates Intertwine On October 5
09/03/10 New Need For Speed Trailer Shows Burnout Influences
09/03/10 Arkham City Development Process Progressing Nicely
09/03/10 FFXIII PS3 Sells Three Times More Than FFXIII 360
09/02/10 Duke Nukem Co-Creator: Look, The Pigs Are Flying!
09/02/10 Dungeon Siege III Gameplay Revealed
09/02/10 Capcom Wants RE6 ASAP, Laughs Off Onimusha Return
09/02/10 Ubisoft Invites You To Have A Bloody Good Time
09/02/10 Capcom: New DMC Needs A Fresh "Western Touch"
09/02/10 Mikami: Motion Controls Won't Hit Big For A Decade
09/01/10 Control The Necromorphs In Dead Space 2 Multiplayer
09/01/10 PS3 To Be Fully 3D By October, Music Unlimited For Europe
09/01/10 Creators, Filmmakers Still "Actively" Pursuing Bioshock Movie
09/01/10 More Back To The Future Details
09/01/10 Crytek: Current Consoles "Already At Their Technical Peak"
09/01/10 Begin The Struggle For Survival In Disaster Report 4

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