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PS3 Archives - January, 2011

01/31/11 PlayStation Shows Off At The Sundance Film Festival
01/31/11 Sony: PlayStation Suite Not Limited To Android Devices
01/31/11 Prince Of Persia And Splinter Cell Trilogies Confirmed
01/31/11 I Am Alive Struggles For Life In The Downloadable World
01/30/11 Will Anything Ever Replace Traditional Gaming Methods?
01/30/11 PSXE Poll Update: The Duke Needs To Prove His Mettle
01/30/11 Crytek On TimeSplitters 4: "Let's See After Crysis 2"
01/30/11 Dragon Age II Demo Hits This Week?
01/29/11 Max Anarchy Is Now Anarchy Reigns, Teaser Released
01/28/11 PlayStation Move Heroes Bundle For Toys "R" Us
01/27/11 Atlus Director: "How To Catherine"
01/27/11 SOCOM 4 Assaults North American Stores On April 19
01/26/11 Girl Gamer Demands Respect On NPR
01/26/11 Security Updates For PS3, Sony May Consider Serial Keys
01/26/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2: What We Know
01/26/11 Sample The Single-Player Of Killzone 3 On February 15
01/26/11 Dragon Age II Features 103 Minutes Of Cut-Scenes
01/25/11 One Year Later, MAG Isn't The Game You Remember
01/25/11 Platinum Working On Max Anarchy, An "Online Action Game"
01/25/11 Knights Contract Golden, Joins A Jam Packed February 22
01/25/11 Resistance 3 Prequel Novel Set To Release In July
01/25/11 FFXIII-2 "Darker," Will Feature "Improved ATB System"
01/25/11 Tiger Woods 12 Move Support Better Than Last Year's
01/25/11 Dead Space 2 Gets "Severed" DLC Later This Year
01/24/11 Dead Space 2: Horror Will Never Be The Same Again
01/24/11 Ninja Gaiden III: More Brutal, Core Changes Scheduled
01/24/11 Helghast Invade Home Central Plaza
01/24/11 Story, Gameplay Details Arise For FF Versus XIII
01/24/11 Second Official L.A. Noire Trailer Hits, May 20 Launch Date
01/24/11 Silent Hill: Downpour Set For Fall, New Screens Emerge
01/24/11 Crytek: Crysis 2 "Demands More" Than The Unreal Engine
01/24/11 Two Worlds II Royal Edition Hits US On February 4
01/23/11 PSXE Poll Update: Fans Want FFXIII-2, But Desire Changes
01/23/11 Will L.A. Noire Be 2011's Heavy Rain?
01/23/11 THQ On New Consoles Too Soon: "Bad For Everybody"
01/22/11 Leaked L.A. Noire Trailer Shows May 17 Launch Date
01/22/11 Dedicated Servers For Homefront
01/21/11 Hyperdimension Neptunia: Perfect For The JRPG Fan?
01/21/11 Rumor: Metal Gear Solid HD Trilogy Sneaking To PS3
01/21/11 Mortal Kombat Brutalizes Store Shelves On April 19
01/21/11 Guerrilla: New Ideas "Floating Around" For Next Killzone
01/21/11 BioWare: Mass Effect 2 "A Rare Find"
01/21/11 Buy Killzone 3, Gain Early Entry Into SOCOM 4 Beta
01/21/11 Duke Nukem Forever: Vaporware Becomes Reality In May
01/20/11 Snag DS2 Early, Get Ser Isaac's Armor For Dragon Age II
01/20/11 Yakuza 4 Grabs US Release Date
01/20/11 Sledgehammer, Raven, IW All Working On MW3 Together
01/20/11 Retailers Say L.A. Noire Will Challenge You On April 5
01/20/11 FFXIII-2 Trailer Now Available In HD With English Voice
01/20/11 Red Faction Movie Details And Cast
01/20/11 Uncover The Conspiracy In Home's Newest Adventure
01/19/11 LittleBigPlanet 2, Mass Effect 2 Impress Critics Everywhere
01/19/11 AIAS Awards: RDR, Enslaved, Heavy Rain, GoWIII Honored
01/19/11 Cage Thanks Fans For Heavy Rain's "Real Success"
01/19/11 Schafer On Psychonauts 2: "We Would Love To Do It"
01/19/11 James Cameron Loves The 3D Tech Found In Crysis 2
01/19/11 Kevin Butler Says: Nope, You're Not Done With LBP2
01/18/11 What Does "Evolved" Mean In Final Fantasy XIII-2?
01/18/11 Get Some Cosmetic Surgery In Test Drive Unlimited 2
01/18/11 Turn Your Living Room Into A Gym With Fit In Six
01/18/11 Top Spin 4 Roster Stacked, Includes Legends Like Agassi
01/18/11 Square-Enix Provides Best Vids Yet For Versus XIII, Type-0
01/18/11 Guerrilla Addressed Lag From KZ2, KZ3 Is "More Fluid"
01/18/11 Steam Will Give PS3 Owners An Extra Copy Of Portal 2
01/18/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Confirmed, Hits Japan Late 2011
01/17/11 PS3 Fans Face Difficult Choice: Sackboy Or Shepard?
01/17/11 Rumor: S-E To Announce New Fabula Nova Crystallis Title
01/17/11 New Ar Tonelico Boasts Fair Amount Of Sexual Innuendo
01/17/11 Old Games Are Only For The Old
01/17/11 Great Best Buy Deal: Buy 2, Get 1 Free
01/17/11 THQ Will Take The Risk To Produce "Great, Original" Games
01/17/11 The Human Revolution Will Take About 25 Hours To Complete
01/16/11 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Fans Not Sold On ME2...Yet
01/16/11 Crytek: Devs Need To Make Elite Titles To Have An Impact
01/16/11 DC Universe Online An Apparent Hit
01/16/11 Dead Space 2 Will Reduce Your Mother To Tears
01/15/11 PlayStation Move Heroes Go Into Action On March 22
01/15/11 GLaDOS Gets Chattier In Portal 2
01/14/11 EverQuest III May Hit The PS3
01/14/11 Sony Reinforces Move Goal: To Cater To The Hardcore
01/14/11 Pachter: Console Prices Will Drop, PS3 First To Fall
01/14/11 Best Idea Yet: Japanese Devs Should Do What They Do Best
01/14/11 Rumor: Evidence Of Modern Warfare 3
01/14/11 Gamestaq: Fair Buying And Selling For Hardcore Gamers
01/13/11 Undergarden: A Unique, Artistic PSN Experience
01/13/11 Killzone 3 Boasts 70 Minutes Worth Of Cut-Scenes
01/13/11 Bond Returns To Theaters And Games In Late 2012
01/13/11 NPD 2010: Game Sales Even, PS3 Software Up 32%
01/13/11 Kojima Team Seeking Help For "Next Generation" MGS
01/13/11 Sledgehammer Working On "Next Call Of Duty Game"
01/12/11 THQ Would Love To Keep Working With Schafer And Co.
01/12/11 LBP2 Players Strive To Set Five Guinness World Records
01/12/11 "FinalFantasyXIII-2TheGame" Domain Has Been Registered
01/12/11 F.E.A.R. 3 Suffers Second Delay
01/12/11 Mass Effect 2 Lands On Store Shelves, PSN Next Week
01/12/11 Square-Enix On RDR: "Oh No, We Can't Compete With That"
01/12/11 MotorStorm: Apocalypse Gameplay, Dynamic Atmosphere
01/11/11 Neptunia Premium Edition Details, Game Manual Available
01/11/11 Chen Talks Journey And Expanding The Gamer's Horizon
01/11/11 Fillion "Excited" To See Wahlberg As Nathan Drake
01/11/11 Four New Copyrights For Bungie
01/11/11 Two More Classic Characters Set For Mortal Kombat
01/11/11 Try The Fan-Made Killzone Card Game
01/10/11 Rockstar: L.A. Noire Story-Driven And Open-Ended
01/10/11 Bayonetta To Sex Up Soul Calibur?
01/10/11 PlayStation Blog; 20 PS3 Exclusives That Can't Be Missed
01/10/11 Telltale: Heavy Rain Is Inspiration For New Jurassic Park
01/10/11 Bethesda: Skyrim Level Scaling Similar To Fallout 3
01/10/11 Gearbox Not Done With Borderlands
01/10/11 Wall Street Journal's "Unsung" Gems Include GT5, GoWIII
01/09/11 Silent Hill: Downpour Details Begin To Rain Down
01/09/11 Naughty Dog Won't Abandon Drake As The Uncharted Hero
01/09/11 Job Listing Indicates Medal Of Honor 2?
01/09/11 Sports Illustrated, Sony Team Up To Deliver 3D Beauties
01/08/11 Mass Of Skyrim Details: Story, Combat, Social, Structure, More
01/07/11 Early Deadly Descents Info Doesn't Impress The Fans
01/07/11 Eidos Talks "Multi-Path, Multi-Solution" In Human Revolution
01/07/11 Skyrim GI Scans Arrive, Definitely Won't Be A MMORPG
01/07/11 Killzone 3 CES Trailer Highlights Emphasis On Story
01/07/11 EA Details First DLC For Dragon Age II
01/07/11 MotorStorm: Survive The Apocalypse With 3D Style
01/06/11 February Game Informer: Skyrim Leads, Silent Hill Unveiled
01/06/11 Rumor: PlayStation Move Heroes Strike A Spring Pose
01/06/11 Michael Jackson Busts A Move On PS3, 360 In April
01/06/11 Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Dated
01/06/11 Tomb Raider Trilogy Arrives On PS3 On March 22
01/06/11 Homefront Will Utilize THQ's Online Pass Program
01/06/11 Final Fantasy XIII: Seasons Spotted
01/05/11 Sony: Gran Turismo 5 Has Sold 5.5 Million Worldwide
01/05/11 Former IW Bosses Object To Activision Involving EA
01/05/11 Analyst: PS3's 2011 Exclusives May Be The Best Ever
01/05/11 THQ Gets All Nostalgic With He-Man, Barbie, More
01/05/11 LittleBigPlanet 2 Wows Critics
01/05/11 How Naughty Dog Bypasses Uncharted Memory Issue
01/04/11 Are Shorter Attention Spans Hurting The Role-Playing Genre?
01/04/11 Famous Pikes Peak Rally Course Headed To GT5?
01/04/11 Angry Birds Alighting Upon PSN
01/04/11 Viacom Drops Harmonix And Its Liabilities For $50
01/04/11 MK Creator: We'll Pay Faithful Tribute To The God Of War
01/03/11 Activision Prepping New Premium "Tier" For Online CoD?
01/03/11 LittleBigPlanet 2 Pre-Order Deals
01/03/11 EA's Decision To Bench NBA Elite A "Tough One"
01/03/11 Square-Enix Turns To Players For FFXIV Fix-It Feedback
01/03/11 Rockstar Hints At "Massive Number" Of Red Dead Ideas
01/03/11 Grab The GT5 Wheel For Only $89.99
01/02/11 Games That Make The Fans Go, "Wait, What IS This?"
01/02/11 Dead Space Save File Nets You Original Plasma Cutter In DS2
01/02/11 Uncharted 3 "More Open," But Focus Remains On Story
01/02/11 Fans Set Out To Translate Tales RPGs Into English

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