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PS3 Archives - October, 2011

10/31/11 God Of War IV: Should It Have A New Hero And Setting?
10/31/11 The New Operation In Raccoon City Begins On March 20
10/31/11 Battlefield 3 Sells 5 Million, Fastest Selling Title In EA's History
10/31/11 Rumor: A Super Smash Bros.-Type Game For PS3?
10/31/11 Best Buy Supports Uncharted 3 With Deals And Steals
10/31/11 Square Enix Hosting Final Fantasy XIII-2 Community Event
10/31/11 Rumor: Big New PS3 Game To Be Revealed Today
10/31/11 Resident Evil HD Selection Confirmed
10/31/11 Lollipop Chainsaw Halloween Trailer: Cuttin' Up Zombies
10/30/11 Please Don't Whine About An Over-Emphasis On Shooters
10/30/11 Uncharted 3 DLC Will Be "Way Cooler" Than Uncharted 2's DLC
10/30/11 The Darkness II Artfully Executes Crazy Demonic Gore
10/30/11 PSXE Poll Update: Fans Don't Expect PS4 Until 2013
10/30/11 Asura's Wrath Fires Up On February 21
10/29/11 Limbo Developer's New Project Is Different, "More Weird"
10/29/11 Silent Hill HD Collection May Haunt US On January 24
10/28/11 Rumor: Avalanche May Be Working On Just Cause 3
10/28/11 BioWare Understands Mass Effect's Campaign Focus
10/28/11 Volition Will Likely Keep The Popular Saints Row Style
10/28/11 Let KB Induct You Into The Hall Of Play
10/28/11 Hydrophobia Prophecy Hits PSN With Move Support
10/27/11 Should GTAV Return To Franchise's Cartoony Roots?
10/27/11 BioWare: Not Much More To Find In Current Consoles
10/27/11 How The Uncharted 3 Actors Come To Life In The Game
10/27/11 EA Posts Q2 Net Loss, Battlefield 3 Ships 10 Million
10/27/11 Pre-Order Vita First Edition Bundle, Pick It Up Early
10/27/11 Silent Hill Could Explore Other Genres
10/27/11 Pre-Order Max Payne 3, Get $10 Off Rockstar Greats
10/27/11 North Talks Uncharted PS3 Exclusivity, Next-Gen Hopes
10/26/11 Has EA Missed An Opportunity To Eat Into CoD's Reign?
10/26/11 Bethesda: Fallout 3 Fans Will Definitely Enjoy Skyrim
10/26/11 Nightwing, Robin Join The Fight To Save Arkham City
10/26/11 Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station: Create-a-Babe
10/26/11 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Pushed Back For Europe
10/26/11 This Is Why Uwe Boll Shouldn't Be Directing Anything
10/26/11 LittleBigPlanet 2 Special Edition, Move Bundle Announced
10/25/11 Feast Your Eyes On Peace Walker HD Gameplay
10/25/11 If A Game Is Cinematic In Nature, Is It Less Of A Game?
10/25/11 Sources: GTAV In L.A., More Than One Playable Character
10/25/11 Harmonix Taking Rock Band In A "Very Different Direction"
10/25/11 Learn Various Online Strategies For Uncharted 3
10/25/11 Batman Sells 2 Million In First Week
10/25/11 Rockstar Announces GTAV, Trailer Inbound On 11.02.11
10/24/11 Naughty Dog Hopes Tomb Raider Turns Out "Amazing"
10/24/11 House Of The Dead: OVERKILL Invites You To A Slaughter
10/24/11 Pachter: Modern Warfare 3 Is Easy Holiday Winner
10/24/11 Sony: PSN Attack Allowed Sony To Improve The Platform
10/24/11 Insomniac Trademarks Space Beasts, Galaxy Beasts
10/24/11 Rockstar: So Much About GTA Concerns "The Americana"
10/23/11 PSXE Poll Update: Batman Reviews Should Sway Gamers
10/23/11 Is Battlefield 3 The Most Visually Analyzed Game Of 2011?
10/23/11 Dan Houser's Current Project: Grand Theft Auto V
10/23/11 Sonic Generations Includes Original Sonic The Hedgehog
10/23/11 Hey Hollywood, Get Your Own Ideas
10/22/11 Enterbrain: FFXIII-2 May Not Sell As Well As FFXIII
10/21/11 Mass Effect 3 Demo Set For January
10/21/11 Active Warhawk Players Get First Crack At Starhawk Beta
10/21/11 Naughty Dog On Uncharted 3 Content, Fall Competition
10/21/11 Soul Calibur V Date Confirmed, Ezio Launch Trailer
10/20/11 Is Sony Trying To Launch The PS4 Before The New Xbox?
10/20/11 Report: Sony Internal Studios Cranking On PS4 Games
10/20/11 SSX Hits The Slopes On February 14
10/20/11 PSXE Show Episode #4 Arrives On Our YouTube Channel
10/20/11 DICE's Last-Second BF3 Tinkering May Delay Reviews
10/20/11 Kojima Tweets About ZoE HD And Secret "Ogre Project"
10/20/11 Rockstar Reveals L.A. Noire Complete Edition For Consoles
10/19/11 What Does A Perfect Score Mean?
10/19/11 PlayStation 3D Display Dated, Sony Answers Your Questions
10/19/11 Ace Combat DLC: New Aircraft, Fresh Aircraft Colors
10/19/11 PS3 New Owner's Kit: Controller, HDMI, USB Cables
10/19/11 MLB 11: The Show Picks Texas In The Fall Classic
10/19/11 Metacritic: Batman Is Highest Rated Game Of 2011
10/19/11 Catherine Lures 500,000 Worldwide
10/19/11 EEDAR: More Than Half Of Console Owners Get DLC
10/18/11 Two Platinum Trophies: One Campaign, One Multiplayer
10/18/11 EA Fishing For High BF3 Review Scores In Europe?
10/18/11 Gamers Encounter Arkham City DLC Code Problems
10/18/11 Fortune Hunters' Club: Get A Big Break On Uncharted 3 DLC
10/18/11 Killzone 3, Resistance 3, GoldenEye All Get Move Bundles?
10/18/11 EA Confirms Online Pass For ME3
10/18/11 Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator: Are You Ready For War?
10/17/11 Is The PlayStation 3 Tapped Out?
10/17/11 Soul Calibur V Lands January 31, Ezio Joins The Fray
10/17/11 Get All Nostalgic With PixelJunk SideScroller Next Week
10/17/11 "Action/Adventure" Call Of Duty Likely Will Be Canceled
10/17/11 Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Officially Confirmed
10/17/11 Uncharted 3 TV Spot: Enough To Entice New Followers?
10/17/11 Prototype 2 Trailer: James Heller Appears With An Attitude
10/16/11 Tell Me Why I Should Play Skyrim
10/16/11 Insomniac Doesn't View Resistance 3 Sales As "Bad"
10/16/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 NYCC Trailer: Very Tough To Ignore
10/16/11 Dark Souls Absurd Speed Run: Less Than 1.5 Hours
10/15/11 Naughty Dog Won't Travel Down A Dangerous DLC Road
10/15/11 Sledgehammer: Our Competition Is Modern Warfare 2
10/14/11 See Ezio's Final Journey In Stunning 3D
10/14/11 Street Fighter X Tekken Launch Date, Special Edition
10/14/11 GameStop Will Give Out Catwoman Codes For Batman
10/14/11 Rocksteady On Batman: New Gadgets, Navigation Focus
10/14/11 Final Fantasy XIV Finally Hits PS3 For Holiday 2012
10/14/11 Find The Missing Link Next Week
10/13/11 The Most Original, Innovative Games Are On The PSN
10/13/11 Skyrim Only Takes 2 Hours To Beat...If You're Special
10/13/11 Batman Online Pass Lets You Play Around With Catwoman
10/13/11 September NPD: Madden and 360 Tops, PS3 Grows
10/13/11 DICE On Console BF3: "We've Passed The Competition"
10/13/11 Go For The Big Score In PAYDAY On October 18
10/13/11 Info Used In Network Attack Likely Didn't Come From Sony
10/13/11 Men In Black Will Protect The Universe In Spring 2012
10/12/11 Top 5 Most Likely To Be Overlooked Holiday Games
10/12/11 Sony: Move Has Shipped 8.3 Million
10/12/11 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Confirmed For PS3, 360
10/12/11 Ni No Kuni Commercials: More Colorful RPG Goodness
10/12/11 Want Tales Of Xillia? Then Buy Tales Of Graces F
10/12/11 Battlefield 3 Destruction Trailer: Things Fall, Go Boom
10/12/11 Sony: New PSN Attack Affects "1/10th Of 1% Of Customers"
10/11/11 Will Batman Challenge Uncharted 3 For Game Of The Year?
10/11/11 GT5 Spec 2.0 Update Live, Paid DLC Coming Next Week
10/11/11 Uncharted 3 Golden, Packed With Starhawk Beta Code
10/11/11 DICE On BF3 vs. MW3: Our Game Will Be "Very Different"
10/11/11 Uncharted 3 Approximate Campaign Length: 8-9 Hours
10/10/11 It's Time For The Inevitable GT5 vs. Forza 4 Debate
10/10/11 Rumor: Naughty Dog Confirms Jak & Daxter HD Collection
10/10/11 DUST 514: Gameplay, Beta Details
10/10/11 Netflix: No Qwikster, Video Games Still Up In The Air
10/10/11 Mass Effect 3 Gets Online Cooperative Multiplayer
10/10/11 Lollipop Chainsaw Animated Gifs: Juliet Gets Sassy
10/10/11 Hitman: Absolution Teaser: Cops No Match For Agent 47
10/10/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Playable At New York Comic Con
10/10/11 MW3 Designer: "We've Absolutely Got New Mechanics"
10/09/11 Is Online Multiplayer Too Immature For Older Gamers?
10/09/11 Kojima Just Can't Seem To Get Away From Metal Gear Solid
10/09/11 PSXE Poll Update: Most Interested In Getting EnRAGEd
10/09/11 Capcom: We Don't Fans To Get Sick Of Resident Evil
10/08/11 Tales Of Graces F Heading To US In "Beginning Of 2012"
10/08/11 September's Top 20 For The PSN: Retro Lovin'
10/08/11 Opt For An Install, Get Better Textures In Battlefield 3
10/07/11 Skyrim Details: Exploration, Side Quests, Stealth Perks
10/07/11 Team Bondi Owes $1.4 Million, Studio May Be Finished
10/07/11 Absolution Will Offer Special Difficulty For The Hardcore
10/07/11 DICE Talks BF3 Beta Intentions, Future Of Bad Company
10/06/11 Would Low Review Scores Actually Impact MW3 Sales?
10/06/11 Pre-Order Uncharted 3 At Best Buy, Play A Level Early
10/06/11 Going Over The Edge In The Run
10/06/11 New Transformers: Prepare For The Fall Of Cybertron
10/06/11 Dark Souls Thumbs Its Shadowy Nose At Casual Gaming
10/06/11 BioWare Talks Future Of RPGs And Narrative Maturation
10/06/11 Max Payne 3 Will Remain Faithful To Franchise Roots
10/05/11 Will Sony's "Man Of The People" Ad Sell More PS3s?
10/05/11 Zipper Interactive Working On An RPG?
10/05/11 Gran Turismo 5 Updates, Extra Content, Price Drop
10/05/11 Yakuza: Dead Souls Shambles Into US Stores In March
10/05/11 Gamers Rage: Mainstream Media Embarrasses Itself...Again
10/05/11 CNN Blames Video Games For Men's Lack Of Ambition
10/05/11 Dark Souls Director Displays Terrifying Demon Art
10/05/11 Long Live Play Toasts "Michael" And We're Blown Away
10/04/11 RAGE's Lack Of Identity Generates Reviewer Negativity
10/04/11 Tekken Hybrid Limited Edition A Must For Fighting Lovers
10/04/11 Battlefield 3 Beta: 6 Times The Size Of Bad Company 2 Beta
10/04/11 PSXE Show Episode #6 This Week, Party On Thursday
10/04/11 Hitman: Absolution Stays True To The Franchise Roots
10/04/11 Dead Space 3 Brings About Some Changes For Isaac
10/04/11 Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Video: Spec Ops In Paris
10/03/11 Assassin's Creed May Not Remain An Annual Franchise
10/03/11 Online Pass Confirmed For Uncharted 3, Will This Hurt?
10/03/11 What PS2 Classics Should Grace The PlayStation Network?
10/03/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 North America Pre-Order Incentives
10/03/11 Rumor: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer With Online Pass
10/03/11 Sony Announces Only On PlayStation Network Program
10/03/11 Why Gaming Needs The Last Guardian
10/02/11 PSXE Poll Update: Skyrim Is Tops For RPG Lovers
10/02/11 Human Revolution Ships Two Million, Sequel Possible
10/02/11 DICE Listens To Testers, Fixes Battlefield 3 Bugs
10/01/11 Russian Soul Calibur V Ad: Ivy Poses For The Camera
10/01/11 Uncharted 3 Trophies Discovered

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