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PS3 Archives - November, 2011

11/30/11 Mystery PS3 Exclusive Could Be Quantic Dream's Project
11/30/11 CoD Elite: Fastest Growing Subscription Service Ever?
11/30/11 Evolution: MotorStorm Vita Project Saved Our Studio
11/30/11 Rumor: EA Looking Into Dead Space FPS, Flight Games
11/30/11 Rumor: Ueda Leaves Sony To Finish The Last Guardian
11/30/11 PS3 Update 4.00 Prepares PS3 To Interact With Vita
11/30/11 Gearbox Seeks A Real-Life Lilith For Borderlands 2
11/30/11 Battlefield 3 Sells Well After Launch, Hits 8 Million
11/29/11 Top 5 Games You Might Forget...But Really Shouldn't
11/29/11 VGAs Will Reveal A PS3 Exclusive "You Won't Believe"
11/29/11 Square Enix's Secret Action RPG Uses The Unreal Engine
11/29/11 Fan-Made Trailer Makes Us Want A Bioshock Movie
11/29/11 SCEA: Strong PS3 And Software Sales For Black Friday
11/29/11 Voice Actor's Resume Hints At RE6 Development Stage
11/28/11 Squaresoft Is Dead, So Just Accept It
11/28/11 Kitase On FFVII Remake: "Tempted To Add New Elements"
11/28/11 Study: Violent Games Negatively Affect Brain Activity
11/28/11 Latest Atelier RPG Hits US This Spring
11/28/11 Ubisoft Reveals New Screens, Info For Rainbow Six: Patriots
11/28/11 Skyrim Patch Out In Europe, Seems To Fix PS3 Problems
11/28/11 L.A. Noire Director's New Project Finds A New Home
11/27/11 Revelations: Absolute Proof That Annualization Sucks?
11/27/11 Jaffe On Rumored Sony Brawler: If True, Count Me In
11/27/11 Batcave Coming In Arkham City DLC
11/27/11 Your Bedroom Was Never As Cool As This Portal Bedroom
11/27/11 PSXE Poll Update: T-Shirts Might Not Be A Bad Idea
11/26/11 Skilled BlazBlue US Players: A Chance To Take On Japan
11/26/11 100 Ways To Die In Skyrim, Laughing All The Way
11/25/11 Square Enix Reveals Overhaul, "New Direction" For FFXIV
11/25/11 Battlefield 3 Semi-Auto Weapons Will "Fire Smoother"
11/25/11 Sodium 2 Gets Big Payback Update
11/25/11 Modern Warfare 3 May Be Stifling Ni No Kuni In Japan
11/25/11 Square Enix: Better To Do A Sequel Than A New Game
11/25/11 Rumor: Writer Leaks Confirmation Of Dante's Inferno 2?
11/24/11 Amazon's Black Friday Sales: 200 Games, Accessories
11/24/11 Update: The PS3 Version Of Skyrim Might Be Broken
11/24/11 Catherine Gets Euro Date And Special Flip Cover
11/24/11 Sony Doesn't Want To Launch PS4 After The Competition
11/24/11 Move Isn't As Far Behind Kinect As Many Gamers Think
11/24/11 EA Reinstates Battlefield 1943 Bonus For BF3 PS3 Owners
11/23/11 How Much Of A "Gamer" Is Playboy Model Jo Garcia?
11/23/11 Test Drive: Ferrari Confirmed, SHIFT Developer Involved?
11/23/11 Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 Set For February 2012
11/23/11 Is BioWare's Mystery Game A New Command & Conquer?
11/23/11 Quantic Dream: Madison Paige Was A "Strong Character"
11/23/11 GameStop Black Friday Deals 'n Steals
11/23/11 RAGE Demo On XBLA Now, Hits PSN On December 6
11/22/11 Will We Ever Let Kojima Spread His Creative Wings?
11/22/11 Odd Discovery: Morrowind, Oblivion Found In Skyrim
11/22/11 Volition On Saints Row: "We Are Not A GTA Clone"
11/22/11 Walmart PS3 Bundle Deal Saves You A...Well, Bundle
11/22/11 The Most Insane Modern Warfare 3 Knife Kill Ever
11/21/11 Where Will The PS3 Rank On The Greatest Console List?
11/21/11 Bioshock Creator Addresses Game Storytelling Issues
11/21/11 GameStop Has Baseline Details On Console Streaming
11/21/11 Kevin Butler Honors The Die-Hard PlayStation Fans
11/21/11 Max Payne 3 Special Edition: Pre-Order Before It Disappears
11/21/11 MGS5 Might Be Further Off Than Fans Want To Believe
11/21/11 Battlefield 3 Patch Hits Consoles "Shortly After PC"
11/21/11 PSN Fall Sale: 30-50% Discounts For Games, Add-Ons
11/20/11 Forget MW3 And BF3, RAGE Might Be The Best Of 2011
11/20/11 Now Square Enix Thinks Faster Dev Cycles Is The Answer
11/20/11 The World Is In Danger: Rampage Film In The Works
11/20/11 PSXE Poll Update: Battlefield 3 Has The Edge Over MW3
11/19/11 Starhawk Private Beta Invites Sent Out
11/19/11 After Rocky Start, Call Of Duty Elite Is Almost Ready
11/19/11 Another Take On Catherine Coming, But What Take Is It?
11/18/11 Rockstar: Bully Follow-Up Is Possible
11/18/11 Sony Appreciates MW3 For Increased PSN Activity
11/18/11 Guerrilla Working On Killzone 4 For PlayStation 4?
11/18/11 Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition Jammed With Extras
11/18/11 Sega Seeks To Reboot One Of Their "Most Beloved IPs?"
11/17/11 5 Years Of PS3, Top 5 Exclusives
11/17/11 Ni No Kuni Trailer: A Wide, Attractive World To Explore
11/17/11 inSANE Still A Ways Off, Del Toro Has Ambitious Goals
11/17/11 Kojima Will Dish On Everything Metal Gear Solid Soon
11/17/11 Square Enix To Use Unreal Engine 3 For "Multiple Games"
11/17/11 Rumor: Retailer Leaks Grand Theft Auto V Launch Date
11/17/11 Why Did Metal Gear Solid: Rising Get A New Producer?
11/17/11 MW3 Tops Black Ops, Tallies $775 Million In 5 Days
11/16/11 Square Enix Remains Hell-Bent On Ruining Final Fantasy
11/16/11 Portal 2, Batman, Uncharted 3 Lead 2012 Spike VGAs
11/16/11 Buy Saints Row: The Third PS3, Get Saints Row 2 Free
11/16/11 Report: New Xbox By End Of 2012, PS4 In The Mix
11/16/11 PSN Will Be Down For Maintenance Tomorrow
11/16/11 Kitase: Run For The Hills, FFXV Might Be An Action RPG
11/16/11 Skyrim Ships 7 Million, Should Result In $450 Million Return
11/16/11 Past Characters Playable In Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time
11/15/11 Has Anything Topped MGS4 This Generation?
11/15/11 Modern Warfare 3 Sells 12 Million In Week One
11/15/11 Bethesda On Skyrim Bugs: Calm Down, We're Working On It
11/15/11 Revelations DLC Set For December
11/15/11 Killzone 3 Items, Flashback Map Pack For Uncharted 3
11/15/11 Harry Potter Fans: Revel In The 3D Experience Movie Pack
11/15/11 Amazon's Black Friday Deal: Buy One, Get One 50% Off
11/15/11 SCEA Reveals Move Holiday Software
11/15/11 When And How Will Call Of Duty Get A New Engine?
11/14/11 Asura's Wrath Pre-Order Goodies
11/14/11 Levine: "No Burning Desire" To Make A Bioshock Movie
11/14/11 Survive The Dead Island Bloodbath Arena Next Week
11/14/11 Metal Gear Solid 5 On The Horizon?
11/14/11 Skyrim A Hit, Sells 3.4 Million Worldwide In Two Days
11/14/11 Skyrim Video Commentary: Charging Mammoths Suck
11/13/11 Will Sony Make The Same Launch Mistakes With The PS4?
11/13/11 PSXE Poll Update: Skyrim Lives Up To Expectations
11/13/11 Check Out First 20 Minutes Of Ezio's Final Adventure
11/13/11 Saints Row: The Third Strategy Guide: Beyond The Typical
11/13/11 Hori Has A Special Soul Calibur V Arcade Stick For You
11/12/11 NFS The Run: Seven Supercars Exclusive To PS3
11/12/11 Assassin's Creed Embers Trailers: Ezio's Last Adventure?
11/11/11 Man Can't Pick Up MW3, So He Threatens Employees
11/11/11 DICE Won't Tolerate Cheating Or Exploiting In BF3
11/11/11 October NPD: Sales Rise Slightly, Battlefield 3 Tops
11/11/11 Holiday Move Bundles Hit Next Week
11/11/11 Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu Is Playable In Binary Domain
11/11/11 Modern Warfare 3 Breaks Records, Sells 6.5 Million
11/10/11 Battlefield 3 Campaign Wins Out Over Modern Warfare 3
11/10/11 Yamauchi: "Of Course We're Working On GT6 Already"
11/10/11 Saints Row: The Third Season Pass Saves Gamers 15%
11/10/11 Uncharted 3 First-Day Sales: 3.8 Million
11/10/11 Essentially, Skyrim Never Ends
11/10/11 Rumor: Ninja Theory Asks Dante Fans To Play DMC Early
11/10/11 Walmart Black Friday Deals: $199 Bundles, $28 Games
11/09/11 MW3 And Skyrim: Biggest Contrast In Gaming History?
11/09/11 SCEA Confirms Jak & Daxter Trilogy
11/09/11 Atlus Distributing Game Of Thrones Action/RPG
11/09/11 Elite Sign-Ups Exceed Even The "Most Optimistic Expectations"
11/09/11 Boston's Adrian Gonzalez Lands Cover For MLB 12: The Show
11/09/11 GTAV Rumored Details: Freedom, Scale and Story
11/09/11 Dead Island Patch Raises Level Cap, Offers Other Tweaks
11/09/11 God Of War IV Has Estimated Date Of September 2012?
11/08/11 What Are All The Non-Call Of Duty Fans Playing This Week?
11/08/11 "Special Move Peripheral" Coming For Bioshock Infinite
11/08/11 THQ: A "Wilder' Saints Row Is Already In The Pipeline
11/08/11 Assassin's Creed Continues Annual Release Plan
11/08/11 Activision Boosts Projections, New CoD Confirmed For 2012
11/08/11 Infinity Ward: Industry Benefits If Both MW3 And BF3 Succeed
11/08/11 Should We Be Concerned About First-Day Patches?
11/08/11 BAFTA Guru Launches: Giving Gaming Its Creative Due
11/07/11 What Game Would Make You Attend A Midnight Launch?
11/07/11 DLC Coming For Skyrim, But Less Is Definitely More
11/07/11 Used Games, Digital Content Comprise 35% Of Console Spending
11/07/11 Modern Warfare 3 Pre-Orders End Up At Around 9 Million
11/07/11 BioWare's New Project To Be Unveiled At Spike VGAs
11/07/11 FFXIII-2 Nearly Complete, "Packed With Many Elements"
11/07/11 Detroit Pitcher Justin Verlander Lands MLB 2K12 Cover
11/07/11 Heat-Like Truck Heist In France: 6,000 MW3 Copies Stolen
11/06/11 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Has Some Power Left To Find
11/06/11 FFXIII-2 Pre-Order Goodies, Two Special Editions
11/06/11 Gamers: Stop Complaining About Shooter Campaigns
11/06/11 Modern Warfare 3 Trailer: Watch And Learn, N00b
11/06/11 DMC Concept Art: Maximum Creepiness
11/05/11 New Amy Video Shows Importance Of Relationships
11/05/11 Full Uncharted Soundtracks Hit PSN
11/04/11 Developers Need To Dedicate Time To "Push The PS3"
11/04/11 Cascade Of Awesome GTAV Rumors Hit The Internet
11/04/11 Kmart Sells MW3 Early, Leads To Total eBay Insanity
11/04/11 Kojima To Reveal "The Truth" About Rising At VGAs
11/04/11 Sony's New Ad Says Everyone Should Be A Gamer
11/03/11 PSXE T-Shirts: Have Your Home Avatar Wear It Proudly
11/03/11 Okay, Stop Comparing Saints Row And Grand Theft Auto
11/03/11 Heavy Rain: Director's Cut: The Definitive Package
11/03/11 Naughty Dog Explains Gun Mechanics In Uncharted 3
11/03/11 "Winter Of RPGs" Delivers Three Classics To PSN
11/03/11 Rainbow 6 Patriots: Terrorism And "Tough Ethical Choices"
11/03/11 Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Hits February 7
11/03/11 Is Techland Already Working On A Dead Island Sequel?
11/03/11 Rockstar: GTAV "Is Another Radical Reinvention"
11/03/11 Wal-Mart Gives You A Chance To Play MW3 Early
11/02/11 Does GTAV Have A Chance To Outsell Modern Warfare 3?
11/02/11 Is The PlayStation 3 Now #2 In Total Worldwide Sales?
11/02/11 Saints Row: The Third Is A Hot Item
11/02/11 Three Silent Hill Titles Will Frighten You Throughout Q1 2012
11/02/11 Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Arrives: Retirement Is Boring
11/02/11 Namco Bandai Ships 1.5 Million Darkened Souls
11/02/11 PS3 Sales Rise After Price Drop, But Sony Posts Losses
11/02/11 A New Home Designed For Gamers Launches Tomorrow
11/01/11 Uncharted 3 vs. Gears 3 Brings Out The Worst In Gamers
11/01/11 EA Backs Off On Activision, Makes A Play For Peace
11/01/11 Bethesda: Skyrim "Has More Stuff In It Than We've Ever Done"
11/01/11 Pick Up One-Year Plus Membership, Get Jurassic Park
11/01/11 Limbo Developer: New Consoles Need To Embrace Digital
11/01/11 Arrogance Is The "Coin Trade" Of The Movie Business
11/01/11 Skyrim Collector's Edition Is Pricey, But There's A Dragon

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