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PS3 Archives - December, 2011

12/31/11 Nolan North On What Goes Into Making A Video Game
12/30/11 Crap, I Lost My New Year's Eve Date Due To 'Insert Game Name'
12/30/11 David Jaffe Lists His Top 10 Of 2011
12/30/11 Still No Alan Wake For PS3 Owners
12/30/11 Gamer Chases Continuous Playing Record With Skyrim
12/30/11 Mass Effect 3: Bigger, Deeper, And Harder Than Ever
12/29/11 Europe To Receive Two Special Platinum Packs?
12/29/11 Kojima On MGS4: "We Didn't Do All I Wanted To Do"
12/29/11 Final Fantasy X HD: "Same Quality As The Original"
12/29/11 Journey "Just Hit A Major Milestone"
12/29/11 Battlefield 3: Amazing Headshot, Then Down In Flames
12/29/11 Sonic 4: Episode 2 Boasts A New Graphics And Physics Engine
12/29/11 Borderlands 2: Details For Gunzerker And Siren Classes
12/28/11 Games Without Stories Suck
12/28/11 Downloadable Quests For Ni No Kuni
12/28/11 Another Job Listing For Console Version Of Diablo III
12/28/11 Twisted Metal Will Include TM Black For A Limited Time
12/28/11 Atlus Teases A Title Fans "Have Been Waiting For"
12/28/11 Valve On Half-Life 3 Rumors: "All False"
12/28/11 PSN Update: Oddworld, MotorStorm, Zombies Gotta Die
12/27/11 Should Dying In A Game Have Bigger Consequences?
12/27/11 Analyst: GTAV Will Be Bigger Than Call Of Duty In 2012
12/27/11 Rumor: Kratos And Deimos Anchor GoWIV Multiplayer
12/27/11 Play Days Promotion: Grab Your PS3 Accessories Now
12/27/11 Rumor: Activision To Reveal New Guitar Hero At E3
12/26/11 Will Gaming Journalism Mature In The Next Generation?
12/26/11 Ellie In The Last Of Us: "Sum Design Of Different References"
12/26/11 Kojima: Metal Gear Solid Was "Made For A Certain Era"
12/26/11 Female Audience Losing Interest In Final Fantasy Franchise?
12/26/11 Will You Own Multiple Consoles Next Generation?
12/25/11 Retailers List Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition
12/25/11 Holiday Loot Tally: Whadja Get?
12/25/11 PSXE Poll Update: Readers Pick Top 5 GotY Finalists
12/24/11 PSXE Show: Giveaway Winner, Fans Pose For The Camera
12/24/11 Jimmy Fallon's Audience Gets Sweet Drake Stocking Stuffer
12/23/11 Take The Omega Challenge In Final Fantasy XIII-2
12/23/11 Malicious Cleared To Land In Australia
12/23/11 GI: Developer Of Big New Game Will Surprise Many
12/23/11 DUST 514 Private Beta Kicks Off Soon
12/23/11 Combat Sim Powered By CryEngine 3 Will Blow You Away
12/22/11 Revengeance: An Ill-Advised Spin-Off Or Something Better?
12/22/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sales Show A Series In Decline?
12/22/11 GameStop Scares Last Guardian Fans, Sony Gives Relief
12/22/11 Rumor: Square Enix To Reveal Final Fantasy XV At E3 2012
12/22/11 SSX Pushed Back Two Weeks For A Last Coat Of Polish
12/22/11 New .hack Installment In Development
12/21/11 New PSXE Show: Party Today, Win A Two-Prize Pack
12/21/11 Starhawk Private Beta Ends January 3
12/21/11 Grand Slam Tennis 2 Dated, US Fans Get Fantastic Box Art
12/21/11 Kojima's Ogre Project: I Want To Make Something "Very Free"
12/21/11 Respawn Teases New IP With A Very Blurry Image
12/21/11 Dead Island Reaches 3 Million Shipped
12/21/11 Naughty Dog On Next-Gen: A "Double-Edged Sword"
12/20/11 One Of 2011's Successes: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
12/20/11 Personal Information Not Stolen During Square Enix Hack
12/20/11 Dante Gets His High-Definition Homage On April 3
12/20/11 BioWare: Next Dragon Age Will Be More "Open-World"
12/20/11 DMC Gameplay: Dante's Mid-Air Agility And Some Juggling
12/20/11 Australia Won't Allow Syndicate, As It Isn't Fit For Minors
12/19/11 Please Bring Dragon Quest Back To PlayStation
12/19/11 Will Console Fans Ever See Diablo III?
12/19/11 Back To Karkand Easter Egg Hints At Battlefield 2143?
12/19/11 DUST 514: Perfect Warriors Need Awesome Dropsuits
12/19/11 "Biofeedback" Gaming Requires Some Definite Muscle
12/18/11 Do You Consider Gaming To Be An Expensive Hobby?
12/18/11 tri-Ace Helped With FFXIII-2 Gameplay
12/18/11 Gran Turismo 5: New DLC, Update 2.02 Lands This Week
12/18/11 Your Craziest BF3 Moments Could Earn You A Trip To DICE
12/18/11 PSXE Poll Update: The Last Of Us Had A Significant Impact
12/17/11 Kojima Teases New Title With...See-Through Underwear?
12/16/11 Mr. Grimm Rides Again In New Twisted Metal Trailer
12/16/11 SCEA On Sorcery: "More Hardcore Than Most Motion Games"
12/16/11 Follow Max Payne 3 On Twitter, Get Into The Game...Literally
12/16/11 Google's Most Searched Gaming Term In 2011 Is "Black Ops"
12/16/11 Just Cause Movie Script Apparently Needed A Rewrite
12/15/11 Gaming Leaning Towards Forced Socializing?
12/15/11 New FFXIII-2 Trailer Brings Out The Monster Hunter In Us
12/15/11 Skyrim Ships 10 Million Worldwide
12/15/11 Starhawk Beta Code Giveaway: First Come, First Served
12/15/11 Anarchy Reigns Delayed Again
12/15/11 Platinum Clarifies: Lead Platform For Rising Is The PS3
12/15/11 FFXIII-2 File Sizes A Lot Smaller Than FFXIII File Sizes
12/15/11 Ninja Gaiden III Launch Date, Pre-Order Bonus Revealed
12/14/11 Will Next-Gen Hardware Be About More Than Better Graphics?
12/14/11 New LEGO Line Confirms LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes
12/14/11 Atlus Teases Mystery Strategy/RPG
12/14/11 Tales Of Graces f Lands Launch Date For North America
12/14/11 Square Enix Members Sites Hacked
12/14/11 Details Of Famitsu's Perfect Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review
12/14/11 NYU: Get Your MFA In Game Design, Start Next Fall
12/14/11 Sorcery Enchants Shelves This Spring
12/13/11 GotY 2012: Showdown Between GTAV And The Last Of Us?
12/13/11 The Last Of Us: Third-Person Confirmed And Story Details
12/13/11 NetherRealm: Don't Worry, Another MK Is On The Way
12/13/11 PixelJunk Shooter 2, Limbo Top PSN Sales Charts In 2011
12/13/11 Kojima "Personally Chose" Platinum For Revengeance
12/13/11 Ueda Not With Sony But Committed To Completing Guardian
12/12/11 Will Uncharted 4 Be On The PS4?
12/12/11 Valve's New Project Is "Something With A 3 In It"
12/12/11 Naughty Dog: Keeping The Last Of Us Secret Wasn't Easy
12/12/11 The Last Of Us May Become A Trilogy
12/12/11 Rising Isn't A True MGS Entry, It's A "New Metal Gear"
12/12/11 Modern Warfare 3 Hits $1 Billion Sales Mark In 16 Days
12/11/11 Metal Gear Rising Incurs MGS Fan's Vengeful Wrath
12/11/11 Bioshock Infinite, Rainbow Six: Patriots Make Waves At VGAs
12/11/11 PSXE Poll Update: Skyrim Still A Beast Despite Glitches
12/11/11 Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Battle Begins Next Holiday
12/10/11 Epic Reveals New Project: Fortnite
12/10/11 Rising Returns At Platinum With A...Revengeance?
12/10/11 Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Prepped For Digital Release
12/10/11 Naughty Dog Unleashes The Last Of Us: ...Holy Crap
12/10/11 Capcom: Mega Man Remains A "Key Brand" For Us
12/10/11 Obsidian: South Park RPG Won't Pull Any Punches
12/09/11 Warner Bros. On Superhero Games: "Forget The Movies"
12/09/11 November NPD: MW3 Fuels Record Breaking Month
12/09/11 Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning: Pricey Bundles Revealed
12/09/11 EA Believes BF3 Stole Market Share Away From CoD
12/09/11 Rumor: Darksiders II Rampages Into Summer 2012?
12/09/11 Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC: Bikes, Missions, Threads
12/08/11 New PlayStation Branding Direction: Hope You Like Blue
12/08/11 Dead Rising 3: Flying Gameplay, Illegal Immigration?
12/08/11 Jo Garcia Interview Part 2: Next-Gen And Storytelling
12/08/11 Most Played Game In 2011: The Honor Goes To Skyrim
12/08/11 Resistance 3 Brutality DLC: Mastadon And A Sledgehammer
12/08/11 PlayStation Plus Delivered Big Savings Throughout 2011
12/07/11 Just Forget The Idea Of PS1 Remakes
12/07/11 FFXIII-2 Japanese Launch Half The Size Of FFXIII's?
12/07/11 Ninja Gaiden III Slices 'Em Up In March
12/07/11 Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Finally Headed To PSN
12/07/11 Catherine Hits Europe Just Before Valentine's Day
12/07/11 Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack DLC For Revelations
12/07/11 Tony Hawk To Reveal New Skating Entry At VGAs?
12/06/11 Jo Garcia Interview: I'm A Gamer...Just Try To Prove I'm Not
12/06/11 Possible Solution To Lag, Freezing In Skyrim PS3
12/06/11 Sledgehammer Hiring For A New, Unannounced Title
12/06/11 Take-Two: Annualization Not Consistent With "High Quality"
12/06/11 FFXIII-2 Receives Perfect Score, But Without Sazh?
12/06/11 The Darkness II Gets 4-Player Co-Op
12/06/11 Major League Gaming Enjoys Rising Popularity
12/05/11 Download This, Patch That...Just Leave Me Alone, Damnit
12/05/11 Heavy Rain Stats: 3 Million Played It, 3% Platinumed It
12/05/11 Drake Invites You Into His Journal
12/05/11 Analyst: Uncharted May Be "An Evergreen For PS3"
12/05/11 PS3 Aiming For A "Slightly Younger Demographic"
12/05/11 Sony's Interactive Move Campaign: The Gamer's Quest
12/05/11 Treyarch Beefing Up Staff For Future Call Of Duty
12/04/11 Maybe The Gaming Industry Just Isn't Glamorous Enough
12/04/11 Fan Tries FFVII Remake With Unreal Engine...We Ache
12/04/11 PS3 Exclusive The Last Of Us Might Depress Us All
12/04/11 PSXE Poll Update: Kojima Can Try Something New, But...
12/03/11 Mikami's Studio Receives Massive Skyrim Shipment
12/02/11 Sony Regrets Losing Insomniac But Soldiers Forth
12/02/11 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Confirmed For February?
12/02/11 Naughty Dog Talks Jak And Daxter After 10 Years
12/02/11 Itagaki On Shooters Taking Over: "Do I Look Worried?"
12/02/11 London Bar Makes Going To The Bathroom Fun
12/02/11 New DMC Gameplay Footage: Dante Is Still Dante
12/02/11 Skyrim Update: Patch For A Patch
12/01/11 Move Has To Prove Its Worth With Hot Software In 2012
12/01/11 FFXIII-2 Trailer: Enhanced Combat System Showcased
12/01/11 Battlefield 3 Back To Karkand DLC Strikes Launch Date
12/01/11 Army Of Two Becomes Army Of Four?
12/01/11 Naughty Dog Hasn't Decided On Their Next Project Yet
12/01/11 South Park: The Game Confirmed, A "Full Scale RPG"
12/01/11 NeverDead Dated: Get Shot, Fall Apart...Keep Killin'
12/01/11 Yakuza: Dead Souls Character Trailer: Four Butt-Kickers

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