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PS3 Archives - February, 2011

02/28/11 Devil May Cry's Dante To Light Up The Big Screen
02/28/11 Flashback Creator Working On Exclusive PSN Project
02/28/11 Serious Sam 3: BFE Revealed, Set To Heat Up Summer
02/28/11 Analyst: Industry Consolidation "Makes Financial Sense"
02/28/11 Sony Encourages Internal Studios To Support Move, 3D
02/28/11 Vagrant Story Spins A Tale On US PSN
02/28/11 Manipulate Gravity And Solve Puzzles In Rochard For PSN
02/27/11 PSXE Poll Update: Most PS3 Owners Want Killzone 3
02/27/11 Dedicated Fans Get "New Content" For Guitar Hero And DJ Hero
02/27/11 Possible Domains That Relate To GTAV?
02/27/11 Crytek: "We Definitely Want To Make Crysis 3"
02/26/11 Crytek: 60 Hours To Reach Top Rank In Crysis 2 Multiplayer
02/25/11 Activision "Not Revealing" New Call Of Duty Project Yet
02/25/11 Atlus Apologizes: Catherine Remains A Japan-Only Game
02/25/11 SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition: Full Move Package
02/25/11 Buy BG&E HD Remake If You Want To See The Sequel
02/25/11 Five More Inducted Into Greatest Hits Lineup For PS3
02/24/11 L.A. Noire Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
02/24/11 We Dare Gets Down And Dirty: Kiss, Spank, Strip
02/24/11 SOCOM 4: Co-Op Customization
02/24/11 Bulletstorm's Gun Sonata Delivers New Content This Spring
02/24/11 Crysis 2: First PS3 Footage Reveals Multiplayer Demo
02/24/11 Skyrim Trailer: Cinematic And In-Game Footage Amazes
02/23/11 New PlayStation Slogan To Highlight Exclusive Software
02/23/11 Two New Patches Will Enable Custom Games In Killzone 3
02/23/11 If You "Kick Ass," Apply To The Joe Danger Team
02/23/11 Pachter Expects PS3 Price Drop In June
02/23/11 Severed DLC For Dead Space 2 Dated
02/23/11 Countdown To "First In-Game Look" At Elder Scrolls V
02/23/11 Battlefield 3 Gameplay Teaser Debuts, First DLC Confirmed
02/23/11 Anarchy Reigns: Story, Character Info
02/22/11 Epic's CliffyB Loves Him Some Killzone
02/22/11 Red Faction: Armageddon: Return To Mars On May 31
02/22/11 Rumor: Sony To Combat Hacking With New PS3 Model
02/22/11 MotorStorm: Apocalypse Video: Crashing Is Funny
02/22/11 Killzone 3 Rockets To #1 At Amazon's Game Division
02/21/11 The Worst Game Ever To Infect PSN
02/21/11 Atlus Prepping Patch To Ease Catherine's Difficulty
02/21/11 Topware Blacklisting Pubs That Didn't Like Two Worlds II?
02/21/11 GT5 Sells 6.37 Million In First 6 Weeks
02/21/11 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Appears To Be Xbox 360-Bound
02/21/11 DNF Pre-Order Incentives Include Duke's Big Package
02/21/11 PSXE Video: Killzone 3 Commentary
02/20/11 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: More Info Arises
02/20/11 Dragon Age II: All Talents, Spells And Skills Revealed
02/20/11 Rumor: PS3 Price Drop Looming
02/19/11 Catherine Gameplay: The Climbing Never Stops
02/19/11 Rumor: MW3 A Prequel, Ghost Will Be Lead Character
02/18/11 Kevin Butler Doubles Up On Killzone 3
02/18/11 Danger Close Working On Medal Of Honor Sequel
02/18/11 inFamous 2 Drops On June 7, HERO Edition Detailed
02/18/11 Gran Turismo 5 Version 1.06 Loaded With Big Updates
02/18/11 Jurassic Park: The Game Roars Onto PSN In April
02/17/11 Crytek: Crysis 2 PS3 "Looks Just Like The 360 Version"
02/17/11 Guerrilla Outlines Updates, Fixes For Killzone 3
02/17/11 Why You Should Download The Dragon Age II Demo
02/17/11 January NPD: Sales Down 5%, PS3 Software Up 25%
02/17/11 Brotherhood Gets The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC
02/17/11 BioWare Examines Improved Tech Behind Dragon Age II
02/17/11 Hot Pursuit Gets New Multiplayer, Hot New Cars Via DLC
02/17/11 Crysis 2 Needed "Every Last Ounce" Of Console Power
02/16/11 EA Boss On Dead Space 3, Benefit Of Annual Franchises
02/16/11 R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Speeds Onto The PSN In March
02/16/11 Ubisoft Reveals Dance On Broadway For PlayStation 3
02/16/11 Resistance 3 Gameplay Captured
02/16/11 Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Full Roster Trailer
02/16/11 Sega Genesis Collection Hits PSN, Free For Plus Members
02/15/11 Pachter: CoD Won't Die Unless They "Make A Bad Game"
02/15/11 Sony Temporarily Shelving PS4 Development?
02/15/11 EA Cans Mirror's Edge 2 Project
02/15/11 Limited Edition PS3 160GB Killzone 3 Bundle Revealed
02/15/11 SCEA Announces PlayStation Network Gamers' Choice Awards
02/15/11 The Girls Of Arcana Heart Return To The US This Spring
02/15/11 EA, NFL Extend Licensing Agreement For Another Year
02/14/11 Brotherhood Ships 6.5 Million, New AC Entry In The Works
02/14/11 Rumor: Guitar Hero Isn't Dead Yet
02/14/11 Rocksteady Not Bringing The Caped Crusader Online
02/14/11 Guerrilla: "We Are Not Suspending Killzone 2 Servers"
02/13/11 What If The Entire Gaming World Went Multiplayer Tomorrow?
02/13/11 PSXE Poll Update: Fans Ignoring Negative KZ3 Reviews
02/12/11 Dragon Age II: Upgraded Visuals, Combat Details, More
02/12/11 Guerrilla Ceasing Online Support For Killzone 2?
02/11/11 Namco: Enslaved Didn't Release At The Right Time
02/11/11 Rumor: Activision Making A Play For Take-Two Interactive
02/11/11 Gran Turismo Creator Talks Death And Mimesis Theory
02/11/11 inFamous 2: More Dynamic Karma System Detailed
02/11/11 Will Twisted Metal Assault The Spring?
02/11/11 2K Unveils Duke Nukem Forever Balls Of Steel Edition
02/10/11 PixelJunk Shooter 2 Earns March 1 Release Date
02/10/11 Tekken Tag Tournament 2: New Info
02/10/11 Harmonix Placates Grieving Fans Of The Music Genre
02/10/11 Jade Raymond Talks Social Gaming And A New IP
02/10/11 Uncharted Movie Director Has Us Scratching Our Heads
02/10/11 Downpour Details: Multiple Endings, Element Of Fear
02/10/11 Activision Doesn't Expect New CoD To Top Black Ops
02/10/11 Director Unleashes Wealth Of Dark Souls Information
02/09/11 Black Ops First Strike DLC For PS3 Gets Release Date
02/09/11 Connected Consoles Rising In The US
02/09/11 Guitar Hero, True Crime Axed, 500 Will Lose Their Jobs
02/09/11 L.A. Noire Trailer Highlights Gameplay, Impresses All
02/09/11 Analyst: New GTA Won't Make It Out This Fiscal Year
02/09/11 A Half-Million Sample KZ3, Guerrilla Preps Patch
02/08/11 Treyarch: Bugs Are A Part Of Games
02/08/11 Red Dead Redemption Keeps Turning Big Profit For Take-Two
02/08/11 FOX News Condemns Bulletstorm As Potentially Harmful
02/08/11 Sony Releases "Filmy," A New PSN Application For HD Vids
02/08/11 DICE Will Provide Better DLC Support For Battlefield 3
02/08/11 SCEA Cancels GT Academy Round 2 Due To Cheaters
02/08/11 The Darkness 2 Revealed, Prepare To "Quad-Wield"
02/07/11 Modern Warfare Was "An Amazing Benchmark" For Treyarch
02/07/11 God Of War III: Best Selling PS3 Exclusive Of 2010
02/07/11 ICO: Castle Of The Mist Should Get A Summer Release
02/07/11 Various Franchises Have Influenced Deus Ex Story
02/07/11 Dark Souls Difficulty Won't Rely On "Reflexes And Control"
02/07/11 Guerrilla: 1080p For Killzone 3 Just "Wasn't Possible"
02/07/11 New Call Of Juarez In The Works?
02/06/11 God Of War Rumblings At Sony?
02/05/11 PS3 Owners Go Back To The Future On February 15
02/04/11 Ridge Racer Unbounded Revealed: Drive, Destroy, Dominate
02/04/11 Inversion Lets You Toy With Gravity One Year From Now
02/04/11 Battlefield 3 Boasts Frostbite 2 Engine, Set For Fall
02/04/11 Dungeon Siege Returns On May 31
02/03/11 Is Killzone 3 A Disappointing Sequel?
02/03/11 Heavy Rain Ushered In As Japanese Greatest Hit
02/03/11 New SSX Gameplay Details: It's Like "Burnout On Snow"
02/03/11 Time To Party With The King In Vegas
02/03/11 KZ3 Retro Map Pack Delivers Two KZ2 Multiplayer Maps
02/03/11 Sony Sees Game Division Rise 135%
02/02/11 L.A. Noire Behind The Scenes: Team Bondi Goes All Out
02/02/11 Bulletstorm Dev Talks Xbox 360 Hardware Limitation
02/02/11 Test Four Fighters In Yakuza 4 Demo
02/02/11 Dark Souls Revealed: New Gameplay Style, Debut Media
02/02/11 Black Ops Deaths Equal 9 Times The World's Population
02/02/11 Namco Prepping Big Tales Reveal For US PS3 Fans?
02/02/11 Rearmed 2 Includes PSN DRM: Log In If You Want To Play
02/01/11 Medal Of Honor, Hot Pursuit, Dead Space 2 Sell Well
02/01/11 Killzone 3 Open Beta Starts With Big Prize Opportunity
02/01/11 FF Versus XIII Combat: Party Members, Weapons, More
02/01/11 Resistance 3 Already Beta Testing?

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