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PS3 Archives - March, 2011

03/31/11 Metacritic Ditches Individual Scores For Developer Careers
03/31/11 Report: PS3 Tops 360 In Global Active Console Race
03/31/11 SOE Closes Three Studios, Forced To Cancel The Agency
03/31/11 MotorStorm: Apocalypse: All 21 Online Perks Revealed
03/31/11 BloodRayne: Betrayal Slices Onto PSN, XBLA This Summer
03/31/11 Rumor: New Call Of Duty Unveiled In A Few Weeks Time
03/31/11 Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Asks You To Save Yourself
03/30/11 Woah, Let's Keep This Sophisticated
03/30/11 Rockstar: Max Payne 3 "Is Coming"
03/30/11 Madden NFL 12 Respectful To Concussion Debate
03/30/11 Analyst: "Consumers Are Just Drowning In Shooters"
03/30/11 BurgerTime HD: Stack Those Patties
03/30/11 F.E.A.R. 3 Story Trailer Surfaces, Horror Fans Unite
03/30/11 Valve: "We're Not Done With Gordon Freeman's Adventures"
03/30/11 New Resident Evil Teaser Trailer Hints At Utter Chaos
03/29/11 Resistance 3 Gets Move, 3D Support
03/29/11 New Resident Evil An Action Game With "Tons Of Horror"
03/29/11 Warner Bros. Sneaking An Online Pass Into Mortal Kombat
03/29/11 Evidence Of God Of War 4 Spotted?
03/29/11 Kung Fu Panda Returns To Once Again Save The Day
03/29/11 L.A. Noire Is First Game Ever To Attend Tribeca Film Festival
03/29/11 PlayStation Rewards Delayed Until Further Notice
03/28/11 Can Grand Theft Auto V Top Call Of Duty's Popularity?
03/28/11 Namco Registers Trademarks For New Katamari Title?
03/28/11 Will The Next God Of War Boast A Multiplayer Option?
03/28/11 Blizzard Boss Defends Bobby Kotick
03/28/11 Resident Evil Has "Unique Problems" That Must Be Solved
03/28/11 Do We Thank Activision For The Multiplayer Boom?
03/28/11 Capcom: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Confirmed
03/28/11 Jakub Dvorsky's Machinarium To Grind Some Gears On PSN
03/27/11 PSXE Giveaway: Three Games For The Wallpaper Guru
03/27/11 PSXE Poll Update: Crysis 2 Hasn't Won Everyone Over
03/27/11 Two More Fighters Headed To Mortal Kombat Via DLC
03/26/11 Mortal Kombat Gameplay Leaves Us Thirsty For More
03/26/11 Deus Ex Developers "Very Confident" In PS3 Version
03/25/11 Remedy Explains Decision To Make Alan Wake Exclusive
03/25/11 New Resident Evil To Be A "Squad Based Shooter?"
03/25/11 BioWare: The Romances In DAII Are "For Everyone"
03/25/11 Rumor: Sony Will Finally Reveal Agent Gameplay At E3
03/25/11 Call Of Duty, Guitar Hero Dominate Top 10 All-Time List
03/24/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2: Is It An RPG?
03/24/11 Full Kratos Mortal Kombat Unveiling
03/24/11 Homefront: 1 Million Sold Globally, 2.4 Million Shipped
03/24/11 GameStop Registers Fiscal Revenue Records For 2010
03/24/11 Hunted Gameplay Urges Co-Op Fun
03/24/11 Gearbox: We're Sorry, But Duke Won't Be Ready In May
03/23/11 Bid On Autographed MGS Stuff For Japan Relief Effort
03/23/11 Ready At Dawn Working On Action Title For Consoles
03/23/11 DICE Message To Competition: We Are Coming For You
03/23/11 Quantic Dream: Sony Has "The Best Studios In The World"
03/23/11 Crysis 2: Proof That Exclusives Are In A Class Of Their Own
03/23/11 More Evidence That Raven Is Aiding In New CoD Project
03/23/11 Resident Evil: Revival Selection: RE4, Code Veronica
03/22/11 Plus Members Enter SOCOM 4 Beta, Agenda Released
03/22/11 Sony: Nearly 30 3D Games Will Arrive This Year
03/22/11 Kojima Set To Announce Two New Projects At E3?
03/22/11 L.A. Noire Impresses Early, But No Special Edition
03/22/11 Wrecked: Revenge Will Smash The PSN/XBLA This Spring
03/21/11 Play However You Wish In Deus Ex
03/21/11 EA Asks Fans To Select Cover Athlete For Madden 12
03/21/11 Cage: "We Own This Genre Of Interactive Drama"
03/21/11 Black Ops Bugs Will Negatively Impact Future CoD Sales?
03/21/11 Skyrim Details: Dragon Shouts, Radiant Storytelling System
03/21/11 DNF Multiplayer Modes: Slap The "Freaked Out" Babe
03/20/11 Okay, Stop Talking About Crysis 2
03/20/11 PSXE Poll Update: PSXE Videos To Stick With Commentary
03/20/11 Resistance 3 Gets Split-Screen Multiplayer Fun
03/20/11 Red Faction: Battlegrounds Hits April 5, Free For Plus Members
03/20/11 North American Level-5 Studio Plans To Develop New Titles
03/19/11 Find The Best Weapons And Shields In Dragon Age II
03/19/11 Custom Soundtracks To Accompany Your MK Combat
03/18/11 MotorStorm: Apocalypse U.S. Date Pushed Back
03/18/11 Sucker Punch: LittleBigPlanet Success Influenced Us
03/18/11 Mass Effect 2 Final Chapter Arrives Later This Month
03/18/11 Channel Your Inner Director In The KZ3 Trailer Contest
03/17/11 Another Girl Gamer Sounds Off
03/17/11 Crytek Tries To Explain State Of PS3 Demo For Crysis 2
03/17/11 Warner Bros. Secures Rights To UE3 Through 2014
03/17/11 Doing Everything In Arkham City Will Take 25-30 Hours
03/17/11 Molyneux "Made Up" Features To Keep Journalists Awake
03/16/11 THQ Reveals Homefront Sales: 375,000
03/16/11 Ubisoft Considering Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon Movies
03/16/11 Annual BAFTAs Honor Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, GoWIII
03/16/11 Crytek Talks Crysis 2 PS3: Visual Quality, Demo Info
03/16/11 Longer Campaign For Homefront 2 If The Fans Want It
03/16/11 Castlevania Reverie DLC Receives European Date
03/15/11 GameStop Offers Supercharged PS3 With 500GB HDD
03/15/11 Analysts: THQ Stock Drops Due To Homefront Scores
03/15/11 L.A. Noire Weekend Sweepstakes: The Dream Vacation
03/15/11 Ubisoft Reveals Rocksmith: Real Guitar And Real Learning
03/15/11 Slam Bolt Scrappers Nails PSN
03/15/11 Edge, Schick Bring DLC To Three Top PS3 Exclusives
03/15/11 BioWare Engineer Caught Writing Dragon Age II Review
03/15/11 EA, Activision Upset That NPD Doesn't Count Digital Data
03/14/11 GameStop Newsletter Subscribers Can Try Apocalypse Today
03/14/11 Ubisoft Doesn't Regret Altering Call Of Juarez Setting
03/14/11 inFamous 2: Design Your Own Mission
03/14/11 Games Delayed, Disaster Report 4 Canceled In Japan
03/14/11 SOCOM 4 Gameplay Spotted At PAX
03/14/11 Parts Of Uncharted 3 Will Make U2 "Look Like Child's Play"
03/14/11 Prey 2 Emerges From The Shadows
03/13/11 Do Enough Gamers Have The Patience For L.A. Noire?
03/13/11 PSXE Poll Update: Dragon Age II Won't Appeal To Everyone
03/13/11 Top Spin 4 Full Roster Includes Current And Legend Players
03/13/11 A Swarm Hits The PSN On March 22
03/12/11 PSXE Video: Dragon Age II: Where's My F*ing Armor?!
03/12/11 EA Sports: Madden NFL 12 Unfazed By NFL Lockout
03/12/11 PSN Exclusive Rainbow Moon: A Lengthy Strategy/RPG
03/11/11 Get All Nostalgic With The Mortal Kombat Fight Stick
03/11/11 Shadows Of The Damned Once Had A More "Unique" Style
03/11/11 Bulletstorm Sales Unimpressive So Far
03/11/11 Sega Celebrates Yakuza 4 Launch In Fine Fashion
03/11/11 PEGI: Ubisoft Misled Consumers With We Dare Ad
03/11/11 Brave The Streets Of Arkham City On October 18
03/10/11 Dark Souls Director: The Most Difficult Game Possible
03/10/11 GTAIV Nears 20 Million, Series Breaks 100 Million Worldwide
03/10/11 February NPD: Sales Rise, Black Ops Hits All-Time High
03/10/11 2K Talks Motion Controls In Top Spin 4
03/10/11 PlayStation Move Ape Escape: Catch 'Em All Soon
03/10/11 Ueda: "I'd Like To Make An FPS"
03/10/11 Rising Director: PS3 Version "Better Than Other Versions"
03/09/11 Dear GameStop: Let Me Get The Hell Out Of Your Store
03/09/11 Don't Miss A Single Dragon Age II Unlockable Item
03/09/11 EA Wants Dead Space To Be The New Resident Evil
03/09/11 L.A. Noire Trailer: Search For Clues, Question Suspects
03/09/11 Plus Members Receive Cloud Storage Tomorrow
03/09/11 White Knight Chronicles 2 Confirmed For May Release?
03/09/11 ICO/SotC Collection Mysteriously Delayed Until 2012?
03/09/11 Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Slated For April 2011
03/08/11 Activision: Dance Like A Hero...Soon?
03/08/11 Uncharted 3: The "Cerebral" Female Villain Revealed
03/08/11 Let The Human Revolution Begin On August 23
03/08/11 The Last Guardian Info: Torico, Guards And Gameplay
03/08/11 Gameplay Details For Creepy PSN Exclusive Amy
03/08/11 Developers Say Brink Won't Be A Sniper's Paradise
03/08/11 Tomb Raider Films Will Return In 2013
03/07/11 Tasty Resistance 3 Multiplayer Video
03/07/11 SCEE And Musterbrand Team Up To Deliver GT Boutique
03/07/11 Next GTA Is "Rush," Contemporary Los Angeles Setting?
03/07/11 PEGI Won't Warn Parents About We Dare, So Ubisoft Will
03/07/11 How To Face The Chimera In Resistance 3....Literally
03/07/11 Autolog Combined With Customization In SHIFT 2
03/06/11 Is Anyone Anywhere Ready For The PlayStation 4?
03/06/11 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Give Oscar The Cold Shoulder
03/06/11 Arkham City To Feature Dynamic And Changing Landscape?
03/06/11 First Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Details
03/05/11 Mortal Kombat Challenge Tower: 300 Unique Missions
03/05/11 Blizzard Seeking People To Work On "Console Diablo III"
03/04/11 Dark Souls Screens Loaded With Dark Demon Goodness
03/04/11 Fifth Resident Evil Movie Scheduled
03/04/11 DICE Has Learned Their DLC Lesson With Bad Company 2
03/04/11 Lengthy Metal Gear Solid Survey For Long-Time Fans
03/04/11 THQ Expects Homefront To "Compete With The Very Best"
03/04/11 Guerrilla Details KZ3 Version 1.04
03/03/11 L.A. Noire: The Naked City Pre-Order Bonus Detailed
03/03/11 Epic Would "Love" To Ship The Gears Trilogy On PlayStation
03/03/11 Sony, Heavy Rain Lead 10th Annual NAViGaTR Awards
03/03/11 Battle: Los Angeles: "Frantic FPS" In Digital Form
03/03/11 Sega May Finally Give Shenmue III The Green Light
03/03/11 Sony: 41.6 Million PS3s Sold, 70 Million PSN Accounts
03/03/11 Mortal Kombat Demo Hits PSN First
03/02/11 Hey Hollywood, Where's Our Call Of Duty Movie?
03/02/11 Saints Row: The Third Primed For 2011 Holiday Release
03/02/11 Resistance 3 Multiplayer Detailed, Beta Test Confirmed
03/02/11 Infinity Ward: New CoD Engine Would Be "Counter-productive"
03/02/11 Atlus: No Trailer For Catherine...Oh Wait, Yeah There Is
03/02/11 ICO/SotC Collection May Include A Last Guardian Demo
03/02/11 Endurance Races In GT5 Will Soon Be Much More Doable
03/02/11 Johansson And Mendes Possible For Uncharted Movie?
03/02/11 DICE: Battlefield 3 Will Look Amazing On Any Platform
03/01/11 inFamous 2: Create Missions, Public Beta In April
03/01/11 Battle The Shadows Of The Damned On June 7
03/01/11 Fillion: I'm Okay With Wahlberg, And You Should Be Too
03/01/11 Two New PS3 Peripherals For Japan
03/01/11 Atlus Bringing "A Girl To Fall For" To North America

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