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PS3 Archives - April, 2011

04/30/11 Would You Pay Over $100 For DLC You Can't Use Yet?
04/30/11 Saints Row: The Third Gameplay Info
04/29/11 Homeland Security Signs On To Assist PSN Damage Control
04/29/11 Assassin's Creed: Revelations: The Return Of Altair?
04/29/11 Sucker Punch: No Time To Add 3D Or Move To inFamous 2
04/29/11 Madden NFL 12: New Collision System, Custom Playbooks
04/29/11 PSN Outage Q&A #2, Sony Hints At "Goodwill Gesture"
04/28/11 Need For Speed: The Run Revealed
04/28/11 What Is Sony Santa Monica's New Mystery Project?
04/28/11 Join Rockstar's Social Club, Get Exclusive L.A. Noire Stuff
04/28/11 Credit Card Companies: No Evidence Of Stolen PSN Data
04/28/11 Rumor: Source Leaks Starhawk Details
04/28/11 FIFA 12 Details: Impact Zone, AI Vision, New Injury System
04/28/11 SOE: No Personal Information Was Exposed Or Lost
04/28/11 All Versions Of Jurassic Park Now Slated For Fall
04/27/11 Browns Back Peyton Hills To Grace Madden 12 Cover
04/27/11 Sony Hit With First PSN-Related Lawsuit
04/27/11 Valve Talks Portal 2, Confirms DLC For This Summer
04/27/11 Sony Issues PSN Q&A, Confirms Law Enforcement Involvement
04/27/11 F.E.A.R. 3 Story Arc Trailer Released
04/27/11 Tomb Raider Details: More Open, Challenging Platforming?
04/26/11 PSN Outage Turns Our Attention To More Important Matters
04/26/11 Uncharted 3 Will Outstrip Uncharted 2 "In Every Way Possible"
04/26/11 Casual Gamers Can Skip The L.A. Noire Action Sequences
04/26/11 Future LucasArts Projects Will Utilize Unreal Engine 3
04/26/11 Sony: Personal PSN Data And Info Has Been Compromised
04/26/11 Battlefield 3 Won't Be "Dumbed Down" For Mass Appeal
04/26/11 Lightbox "Can't Wait" To Talk About Upcoming Project
04/26/11 Improved Version Of Hydrophobia Flooding Steam, PSN
04/25/11 Dragon's Dogma Storyline, Characters
04/25/11 The Painstaking Process Of Recreating 1947 In L.A. Noire
04/25/11 WKC2 Dated For The West, But Why Is It Later In The U.S.?
04/25/11 Rumor: PSN Shut Down Due To Rebug Custom Firmware
04/25/11 Top 5 Games To Play With PSN Down
04/25/11 James Cameron Talks 3D In Gaming, Future Of Glasses
04/25/11 Harmonix On Split With MTV Games: A "Reasonable Call"
04/25/11 Portal 2 Likely Valve's Last "Isolated Single-Player" Game
04/24/11 So, What Do You Think About Digital Distribution Now?
04/24/11 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Don't Need New Consoles Yet
04/24/11 New Mass Effect 3 Info: Gameplay And Increased Difficulty
04/24/11 PSN Downtime: Two To Five Days
04/23/11 Since When Is The PSN Necessary For Playing Games?
04/22/11 Sony Reports "External Intrusion" Of PlayStation Network
04/22/11 "Best Version" Of Eufloria Headed To PSN In June
04/22/11 SHIFT 2 DLC Features Legends From Racing History
04/22/11 Mortal Kombat: Infinite Koin Trick, Kodes And Easter Eggs
04/22/11 Chrono Trigger Destined For PSN?
04/21/11 L.A. Noire: Rising Through The Ranks In Fine Fashion
04/21/11 The Complex And "Stark Emotion" Of Deus Ex's Music
04/21/11 EA Sports Subscription Service Details
04/21/11 Ubisoft Shooting For September For Child Of Eden PS3
04/21/11 Shadows Of The Damned Pushed Back A Couple Weeks
04/21/11 Sony Issues Update On PSN Outage
04/21/11 Prototype 2 Trailer Looks Promising
04/21/11 "No Difference" Between PS3 And 360 Versions Of Battlefield 3
04/21/11 FTC: Minors Have Difficulty Purchasing M-Rated Games
04/20/11 NetherRealm Can Fix Balance Issues In MK Via Patches
04/20/11 Sources: No New PlayStation Or Xbox Until 2014
04/20/11 Gearbox: "We Had To Bring DNF To The PlayStation 3"
04/20/11 Crytek: We're Prepared For The Future Generation
04/20/11 Rumor: Fourth God Of War Slated For September 2012
04/20/11 Mass Effect 3: Story, Gameplay, Future Of The Series
04/20/11 The Last Guardian Won't Make It For Holiday 2011
04/19/11 Rocksteady: The "Batman Experience" In Arkham City
04/19/11 Metal Gear Solid: Rising Details From Eyes-On Session?
04/19/11 Dark Souls Lands September 30 Release Date?
04/19/11 Contrary To Some Info, Portal 2 Is NOT A 3 Hour Game
04/19/11 Dragon's Dogma: Combat Basics
04/19/11 Bethesda Talks Random Events In The Elder Scrolls V
04/18/11 MK And Portal 2: The Coolest Launch Contrast Ever?
04/18/11 Pre-Ordering Rage Will Net You Four Bonus Items
04/18/11 Alice 2 Will Include Download Code For First Alice
04/18/11 Choose "Classic" or "Modern" Style In Sonic Generations
04/18/11 Inversion: You Don't Appreciate Gravity Until It's Gone
04/18/11 Promising RTS, Under Siege, Dated For PlayStation Network
04/18/11 Uncharted 3 Beta Confirmed, Get In By Purchasing inFamous 2
04/17/11 PSXE Poll Update: Facebook Wins Popularity Vote
04/17/11 Diablo Designer: Lines Blurred Between Action And RPG
04/17/11 Uncharted 3 Utilizing Dynamic YouTube And Facebook Features
04/17/11 Two Worlds II: Pirates Of The Flying Fortress Revealed
04/16/11 Full Gameplay Trailer For Battlefield 3 Turns Heads
04/16/11 Mortal Kombat Fatalities: Brutal As Brutal Can Be
04/15/11 THQ: Red Faction: Battlegrounds A "Disappointment"
04/15/11 White Knight Chronicles 2 Trophies Revealed
04/15/11 Best Buy Seeking Game-Dedicated Employees
04/15/11 Operation Raccoon City Trailer Shows Squad Action
04/15/11 The Apocalypse Begins On May 3
04/15/11 PlayStation 3 Tops 50 Million, Move Over 8 Million
04/14/11 Portal 2: Everything You've Always Wanted To Know
04/14/11 Ex-BioWare Designer Lists "Jade Empire 2" On Resume
04/14/11 Visceral Seeking A Few Good Men For Third Army Of Two
04/14/11 March NPD: Sales Slip 4%, Pokemon Rules Charts
04/14/11 Atlus Launches Interactive Website For The Cursed Crusade
04/14/11 Final Fantasy VI Lands On Japanese PSN On April 20
04/14/11 DICE "Desperate" To Move Into The Next Generation
04/14/11 Analyst: "Uncharted 3 In 3D Looks Phenomenal"
04/13/11 New Resistance 3 Gameplay Footage: Boat Assault
04/13/11 Madden NFL 12 Hits The Gridiron On August 30
04/13/11 New SSX To Assault The Slopes Early Next Year
04/13/11 L.A. Noire PS3 Exclusive: Consul's Car Traffic Case
04/13/11 Homefront PS3 Patch Is Nigh
04/13/11 New BloodRayne Switches To 2D Side-Scrolling
04/12/11 inFamous 2 Beta Kicks Off
04/12/11 Activision: Guitar Hero "Just On Hiatus"
04/12/11 Ubisoft Looking Forward To A New Console Generation
04/12/11 Captivate 11: Capcom's New IP Is Dragon's Dogma
04/12/11 White Knight Chronicles Series Hits The Million Plateau
04/12/11 Arkham City More Open But Narrative "Is Always Flowing"
04/12/11 Captivate 11: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, Brand New IP?
04/11/11 Sony's Reminder: Enjoy Our Exclusives This Year
04/11/11 New Assassin's Creed For This Year
04/11/11 Tony Hawk Will "Probably" Do Another Game Next Year
04/11/11 Atlus Offers You The Chance To Be In A Catherine Trailer
04/11/11 SOCOM 4: Passive Or Active Leader?
04/11/11 Who Wants A Multiplayer Option In Dragon Age III?
04/11/11 PS3 To Receive Google Chrome?
04/11/11 Team Bondi: MotionScan's Future Is Bright And Progressive
04/10/11 PSXE Poll Update: Readers Express Diverse Tastes
04/10/11 Rumor: Heavenly Sword Survives With Another Developer
04/10/11 DiRT 3 Party Mode Detailed
04/10/11 SOCOM 4 Will Get You Into The Resistance 3 Beta
04/09/11 L.A. Noire Pre-Order Goodies To Become DLC Sooner
04/09/11 Sony: Our Competition Is "Running Out Of Steam"
04/08/11 "Okami Could Still Get A PS3 Sequel"
04/08/11 EA: Our Bad Company 2 Topped Call Of Duty Last Year
04/08/11 Uncharted 3 Info: Environment, Gameplay, Characters
04/08/11 Mass Effect 3: More RPG Elements, No Multiplayer
04/08/11 Twisted Metal Trailer Reveals October Release Date
04/08/11 Disgaea 4 Stateside In September, "Dis-name-a Contest"
04/07/11 Playing Video Games Isn't Feminine
04/07/11 Assassin's Creed III Spotted On Developer Resume
04/07/11 Rockstar Teases Us Again With More L.A. Noire Goodness
04/07/11 No Conducting Any Dungeon Sieges Until June 21
04/07/11 KZ3 Steel Rain DLC Set For April 12
04/07/11 White Knight Chronicles 2 Makes The US Summer Better
04/07/11 Splinter Cell Trilogy For PS3: 3D And 3 Great Titles
04/07/11 Sega Reveals New Sonic Game For PS3 And Xbox 360
04/07/11 inFamous 2 Trailer Shows Off New Powers And Skills
04/07/11 New AMY Details: Stealth Action And Cooperative Focus
04/06/11 Hacking, Lawsuits, Big Business...This Is Still Gaming, Right?
04/06/11 Dungeon Siege III: Spiritual Successor To Dark Alliance?
04/06/11 EA: It's Time To Start Looking At Games As "Mass Media"
04/06/11 How Long Is Long Enough?
04/06/11 Sonic Turns 20 Soon, Sega Teases "Something Big"
04/06/11 Rockstar: Games Are "Moving Towards Creative Maturity"
04/05/11 EA Reveals NBA: On Fire Edition, New NBA Simulator
04/05/11 Pachter: West, Zampella Will Never Control MW Brand
04/05/11 DICE: Sandbox Games Are "Boring" And "Tough To Get Into"
04/05/11 "The Rock" Wants To Be Part Of A Black Ops Movie
04/05/11 Capcom On New RE: "We Aren't Aiming For A Horror Game"
04/05/11 Mortal Kombat Strikes Gold
04/04/11 Big Crysis 2 Update Addresses Many Noted Issues
04/04/11 Quantic Dream Working To Capture "Full Body Performance"
04/04/11 Aussie Board Confirms Burnout Crash?
04/04/11 Battlefield 3 Release Date Leaked?
04/04/11 Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Debut Trailer Swings Into Action
04/04/11 Final Fantasy V Headed To European PlayStation Store
04/04/11 Mortal Kombat: Roster And Trophies
04/03/11 Ninja Gaiden III: A Darker Ryu, Multiplayer Confirmed
04/03/11 Will PS3 Version Of FFXIV Prove Square-Enix's Dedication?
04/03/11 PSXE Poll Update: Popularity Doesn't Always Equal Quality
04/02/11 Time Was An Issue With Uncharted 2 Multiplayer
04/02/11 Mass Effect 3 Set For November 10 In North America?
04/01/11 DNF Video: What Would Duke Do?
04/01/11 Dead Island Cinema Is "Indicative" Of In-Game Action
04/01/11 Prey 2 Won't Feature Portals From Original Title
04/01/11 Techland: Dead Island Won't Be Heavy Rain With Zombies
04/01/11 New Resident Evil Already 45% Done, Demo For E3
04/01/11 Mortal Kombat Footage: Johnny Cage Cops An Attitude

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