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PS3 Archives - May, 2011

05/31/11 Evidence Points Towards High-Profile Final Fantasy Remake
05/31/11 Watch Sony's E3 Conference At The PS Blog Or In Home
05/31/11 Sniper: Ghost Warrior Limited Edition Takes Aim At PS3
05/31/11 Full PSN Restoration Complete By End Of This Week
05/31/11 Dragon Age II Designer: We're Going To Fix Things For DAIII
05/31/11 Call Of Duty: Elite Subscription-Based Service Revealed
05/31/11 L.A. Noire DLC Announced, Get Your Rockstar Pass Today
05/30/11 Dear Sony: Make The PS4 With Your Fans In Mind
05/30/11 Rumor: Unreleased Tomb Raider CG Will Drop Your Jaw
05/30/11 Uncharted 3 Beta Details Surface
05/30/11 GameStop: Still Got Your Decade-Old DNF Receipt?
05/30/11 Crysis 2 Engine Will Help Train Our Military Men
05/30/11 Alice Writer: Madness Returns Is A Game For Adults
05/30/11 Lara Croft Loses Over-Sexed Self, Finds A Gritty Heroine
05/29/11 Does Modern Warfare 3 Deserve To Dominate Headlines?
05/29/11 PSXE Poll Update: L.A. Noire Satisfies Many A Gamer
05/29/11 Final Fantasy V Heading To North American Network
05/28/11 New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details: Story, Structure, Combat
05/28/11 Rumor: Full List Of MW3 Perks And Killstreak Bonuses
05/27/11 Kojima "Planning Something Big" For 25th MGS Anniversary
05/27/11 House Of The Dead: Overkill Brings Zombie Mania To PS3
05/27/11 Capcom Expects Big Year From PS3
05/27/11 BloodRayne: Betrayal Gameplay: Are You Thirsty For More?
05/27/11 Alice 2 Writer Describes Deep Stories, Dream Visions
05/26/11 Russell Quits Uncharted Movie Due To "Creative Differences"
05/26/11 Sony Confirms R&D Costs For Future PlayStation Platform
05/26/11 Video Game Study: Desensitization Leads To Aggression
05/26/11 Ubisoft Delivers More Info For Revelations
05/26/11 Infinity Ward: There Is No Lead Platform For Modern Warfare 3
05/26/11 Sony Posts Big Loss, But PlayStation Division Excels
05/25/11 Analyst: GTAV Won't Be Ready Until After April 2012
05/25/11 Ninja Gaiden III Details: Multiplayer, Story, Move Support
05/25/11 Former Capcom Boss Inafune Prepping A PS3 RPG
05/25/11 Kojima: What I've Been Preparing For Became "Meaningless"
05/25/11 Birds Of Steel Takes Flight Early 2012
05/25/11 Rumor: Sony To Reveal Horde Of Exclusives At E3
05/25/11 SCEA E3 2011 Press Conference: A Whopping 5 Hours
05/25/11 Starhawk: Two Flight Modes, Space Battles Confirmed
05/25/11 Sony Reveals Call Of Duty: Black Ops PS3 Bundle
05/24/11 So, Modern Warfare 3 Doesn't Have A Regular Campaign?
05/24/11 Greatest Hits Package To Include First Two Resistance Titles
05/24/11 Hell Has Frozen Over: Duke Nukem Forever Is Golden
05/24/11 Take-Two Earns Big, Agent And Max Payne 3 Still Coming
05/24/11 PlayStation Store Won't Return Today Or Tomorrow
05/24/11 Analyst: Take-Two Now Very Attractive To Possible Buyers
05/24/11 Team Bondi: The Ladies Seem To Like L.A. Noire, Too
05/23/11 MW3 Trailer All Gameplay, 60FPS, Multiplayer Details?
05/23/11 Modern Warfare 3 Debuts With A Bang
05/23/11 L.A. Noire Becomes Fastest Selling New IP In The UK
05/23/11 Sony Estimates Financial Impact Of Network Outage
05/23/11 Catherine Is Waiting For Your Text
05/23/11 NBA Announces Multiyear Agreements With Take-Two, EA
05/22/11 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Psyched For L.A. Noire
05/22/11 Infinity Ward: "We've Moved Beyond The MW2 Engine"
05/22/11 L.A. Noire: Detective Commentary
05/21/11 Obsidian CEO: "I Would Make Alpha Protocol 2"
05/21/11 The Darkness II Gameplay: Fighting The Brotherhood
05/20/11 Step Behind The Curtain On Naughty Dog's New Set
05/20/11 Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Lands Fall Release Date
05/20/11 Sony: PS3 Has No Overheating Issues With L.A. Noire
05/20/11 GameStop: DLC "Just As Important As Boxed Products"
05/20/11 BioWare Hiring Environment Artists For Dragon Age III
05/19/11 Modern Warfare 3 World Premiere: May 23 On ESPN
05/19/11 There Will Be No More Heroes On August 16
05/19/11 Extra inFamous 2 Pre-Order Bonuses
05/19/11 Report: PlayStation Store Springs To Life Next Week
05/19/11 Platinum Games: Happily Dedicated To The New IP
05/19/11 Resistance 3 Seeks To Take Franchise To New Levels
05/19/11 L.A. Noire Landmark And Film Reel Locations Guide
05/18/11 Twisted Metal: Jaffe Dishes On All Things Multiplayer
05/18/11 Skyrim's World: Mountainous And Huge
05/18/11 L.A. Noire Launch Prompts Rise In Rockstar Stock
05/18/11 New PSN Account Exploit Reported
05/18/11 Will L.A. Noire Be As Popular As Red Dead Redemption?
05/18/11 Batman: Arkham City Crammed With 40 Hours Of Content
05/18/11 Starbreeze On Why They Aren't Doing The Darkness II
05/17/11 Ridge Racer Dev: Gamers Want More Difficult Experiences
05/17/11 BioWare: Do The Side Quests In Mass Effect 3, Or Else
05/17/11 L.A. Noire Selling Out Quickly
05/17/11 Stringer: Hirai Brought PSN Back "Faster Than Anyone Could"
05/17/11 Xperia Play Hits US On May 26 With Price Tag Of $200
05/17/11 Evolution Reminds MotorStorm Fans To Race Online
05/17/11 Starhawk Focus Remains Fixated On Multiplayer Fun
05/17/11 inFamous 2 Gets PAL Date, Special Editions And Bundles
05/16/11 Gotham City Imposters: Impersonating Heroes Is Bad
05/16/11 PSN "Welcome Back" Program: Free Games, Movies, Music
05/16/11 Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Confirmed For May 20?
05/16/11 Atlus Puts Your Opinion Of Marriage Into A Catherine Trailer
05/16/11 Sony Issues PSN Q&A Restoration FAQ
05/16/11 Ridge Racer Unbounded Sneak Peek: Driving And Destruction
05/16/11 Battlefield 3 Vehicle List Is Impressive
05/16/11 Mass Effect 3: Shepard Can Have Male Love Interests
05/15/11 PSXE Poll Update: Sony Fans Log Plenty Of PSN Hours
05/15/11 Shock Jock Howard Stern Goes Off On Gamers And Gaming
05/15/11 Report: PSN Hackers Used Amazon's Cloud Service
05/15/11 Modern Warfare 3 Launch Date Leaked: November 8
05/14/11 Sony Online Entertainment Bringing Your Games Back
05/14/11 PS3 Firmware Update 3.61: Change Your PSN Password
05/14/11 Sony Announces Phased Restoration Of PlayStation Network
05/14/11 Naughty Dog Showing Uncharted 3 In The Louvre Museum
05/14/11 Modern Warfare 3 Teaser: "Am3rica," Lots Of Green
05/13/11 Ubisoft: I Am Alive, Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still In Progress
05/13/11 Team Bondi On L.A. Noire: "We Led On PlayStation 3"
05/13/11 Square Enix Confirms Eidos, Deus Ex Websites Hacked
05/13/11 Gearbox: Developers Are Happy With Current Consoles
05/13/11 GameStop PlayStation Move Deal Worthy Of Attention
05/13/11 Starhawk Announced: Gameplay, Developer Commentary
05/12/11 Starhawk Leaked, Likely To Debut On GTTV Today
05/12/11 Modern Warfare 3 To Be On A "Much Larger, Epic Scale"
05/12/11 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Won't Do Battle Until Q1 2012
05/12/11 April NPD: Sales Rise, Gamers Love Mortal Kombat
05/12/11 Square Enix Warns Investors Of "Extraordinary Losses"
05/12/11 Epic Campaign Sets, New Physics For Uncharted 3 Multiplayer
05/12/11 Sony Santa Monica's Mystery Project: Is It Heartland?
05/12/11 Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Makes Us Feel Old
05/12/11 Hitman: Absolution Going Hollywood With Actors And Story
05/11/11 Pre-Order Dark Souls, Secure The Collector's Edition
05/11/11 Pre-Order Shadows Of The Damned, Nab The Soundtrack
05/11/11 Blumenthal Praises Sony's Response To PSN Ordeal
05/11/11 Ace Combat Assaults The Horizon On October 11
05/11/11 L.A. Noire Launch Trailer: The Wait Is Almost Over
05/11/11 Tales Of Graces F Confirmed For US
05/11/11 Tomb Raider: Inspirations, Puzzles, Innovative Camera
05/11/11 Dark Souls Tortures You In October
05/11/11 Namco Confirms Soul Calibur V, Set For 2012 Release
05/10/11 Rumor: Duke Nukem Forever Demo Landing Next Week
05/10/11 Alan Wake News Piquing Interest Of PlayStation 3 Owners
05/10/11 Can Gabe Newell Take The Credit For Valve's PS3 Work?
05/10/11 Hitman: Absolution Announced, Agent 47 Returns
05/10/11 Until Hardware Is Equal, Exclusives Remain Important
05/10/11 Sony: There Is No May 31 Deadline For PSN Restart
05/10/11 THQ: Homefront Has Potential To Compete With CoD
05/09/11 Splinter Cell 6 May Return Series To Its Stealth Roots
05/09/11 New Multiplayer Info For Revelations
05/09/11 Black Ops: The Highest Earning Game Of The Generation
05/09/11 Pachter: Portal 2 Console Sales Pass 1 Million In U.S.
05/09/11 God Of War 4 Multiplayer Rumor Return
05/09/11 Sony: Full Restart Of PSN Date Is "Unchanged"
05/09/11 Naughty Dog, Nolan North Hope For Solid Uncharted Film
05/08/11 Forget It, Square Enix...I Don't Want A FFVII Remake
05/08/11 PSXE Poll Update: PSN Users Retain Faith In Network
05/08/11 Valve Talks Next Step: Expansion To "Single-Player Plus"
05/08/11 Ubisoft Delayed Driver: San Francisco To Attain 60 FPS
05/07/11 Call Of Duty Online Revealed Alongside Modern Warfare 3?
05/07/11 "Multiplayer-Focused" Mercenaries In The Works At EA?
05/06/11 PSN Update: Additional Testing And Checks Still Required
05/06/11 Assassin's Creed: Revelations Details: Play As Altair
05/06/11 Konami Seeks To "Close The Gap" Between PES And FIFA
05/06/11 Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 Possible For Sony's NGP?
05/06/11 Brink Stats Include Wacky Numbers Like "100 Quadrillion"
05/06/11 New "Cartoony" Burnout To Be A Downloadable Title?
05/05/11 Developers Offer Details For Need For Speed: The Run
05/05/11 L.A. Noire Inspiration: The Real 1947 LA Crime Map
05/05/11 PSN In "Final Testing Stages," Free ID Theft Protection Incoming
05/05/11 Assassin's Creed: Revelations Unveiled, Ezio's Final Quest
05/05/11 Fans Discover Unused Scene From Final Fantasy VII
05/05/11 Sucker Punch Leery About Taking Cole To The Big Screen
05/05/11 Split/Second 2 Canceled, Black Rock Studios In Trouble
05/04/11 EA: Battlefield 3 Designed To "Take Down" Call Of Duty
05/04/11 Pachter: Black Ops Hits 20 Million, High Escalation Sales
05/04/11 L.A. Noire Receives Short Story Series
05/04/11 Mass Effect 3 Pushed Into 2012
05/04/11 The Darkness Rises Again In October
05/04/11 Game Journalists Attacking Sony Is Embarrassing
05/04/11 Captain Jack Sparrow And Crew Get LEGO-fied On May 10
05/04/11 Latest Assassin's Creed Teaser Drops Date, Setting Hint
05/03/11 inFamous 2 Demo "Definitely Planned"
05/03/11 Shadows Of The Damned Crazy, But Not Over-The-Top
05/03/11 Good News On SOE Front, Sony To Answer Congress
05/03/11 Square Enix To Distribute Dead Island In North America
05/03/11 Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Official Announcement Soon?
05/03/11 Three DLC Packs For New Vegas
05/03/11 Analyst On PSN Issue: No Long-Term Ill Effect On Sony
05/02/11 Analyst: Dropping PS3 Price Would Be A Nice Gesture
05/02/11 Single-Player Resistance 3 Demo In Battle: Los Angeles
05/02/11 Ubisoft Launches Movie, TV Division
05/02/11 SOE Confirms Security Breach, Non-US Card Data Stolen
05/02/11 Catherine Love Is Over Edition: Boxers And A Pillowcase?
05/02/11 Bin Laden's Effect On Video Games
05/02/11 SOE Finds An "Issue," Service Halted
05/02/11 PSN Alive In Japan, May Return To NA/EU Tomorrow
05/02/11 Brink Isn't A "Movie Tie-In" Game, It's About Taking Risks
05/01/11 PSXE Poll Update: PSN Outage Bad, But Not Crippling
05/01/11 Director Commentary For Bayonetta
05/01/11 Sony Stock Rebounds On Strength Of Network Update
05/01/11 Some PSN Services Return This Week, "Goodwill" Coming

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