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PS3 Archives - June, 2011

06/30/11 PSXE Show Episode #2 Draws A Substantial Crowd
06/30/11 Resistance 3 Developer Diary Talks Enemy AI, Design
06/30/11 What's Your Take On The Tweaked Uncharted 3 Mechanics?
06/30/11 PSP Remaster Series Engine Detailed
06/30/11 Final Fantasy Fans: Square Enix Isn't Listening To Us
06/30/11 Skyrim Boasts 300 Gameplay Hours
06/30/11 Square Enix: A Final Fantasy HD Collection Is Possible
06/30/11 Call Of Duty XP To Rock LA, Proceeds Going To Charity
06/29/11 20 Minutes Of Stunning Journey Gameplay Surfaces
06/29/11 PS Plus Celebrates Anniversary With "Birthday Bonus Months"
06/29/11 Capcom Explains Away The "No Save Reset" Fiasco
06/29/11 Rumor: Limbo Headed To The PSN
06/29/11 Sledgehammer Defends MW3, Takes Shot At Battlefield 3
06/29/11 If Molyneux Is Bored, Maybe He Should Check Out Sony
06/29/11 IGDA Investigating "Brutal" Team Bondi Working Conditions
06/28/11 Uncharted 3 Beta Gameplay: See What You're Missing
06/28/11 Bioshock Infinite Scores Big In The E3 Game Critics Awards
06/28/11 Black Ops Becomes Best-Selling Title In UK History
06/28/11 PSXE Giveaway: Sumthing Digital inFamous 2 Soundtrack
06/28/11 PSXE Home Show Episode #2: Join The Party Thursday!
06/28/11 Frostbite 2 Lets Need For Speed Grow
06/28/11 Will Team ICO's New Digs Speed Up The Last Guardian?
06/28/11 Capcom's Despicable New Way Of Fighting Used Games?
06/27/11 If Heavenly Sword 2 Exists, It's Time To Tell Everyone
06/27/11 FFXIII Has Moved Over 6 Million Copies
06/27/11 Naughty Dog Provides Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Info
06/27/11 Supreme Court Gives Video Games An Important Decision
06/27/11 Yamauchi Helps GT-R To A Class Win At Nurburgring 24h
06/27/11 New Developer Gives Sackboy Life On PlayStation Vita
06/27/11 Atomic Games: Major Game Publishers Won't Take Chances
06/26/11 Is The Japanese Style And Artistry Doomed To Die?
06/26/11 PSXE Poll Update: Majority Applaud Our New Home Show
06/26/11 Crytek UK Still Debating The Return Of TimeSplitters
06/26/11 The Drama Behind L.A. Noire's Lengthy Development Cycle
06/25/11 PSXE Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Beta Code Giveaway
06/25/11 DICE Wants To Cut Down On "Base Rape" In Battlefield 3
06/24/11 Sucker Punch Will Produce A Third inFamous Title
06/24/11 Jaffe: Twisted Metal PS3 Was A "Business Decision"
06/24/11 Tomb Raider Director Talks Style, New Mechanics, Realism
06/24/11 Brink DLC Will Be Free For Two Weeks
06/24/11 Experts Expect PS3 Price Drop Before Year Is Out
06/23/11 Will Gamers Ever Like Activision Or Square Enix Again?
06/23/11 Sledgehammer's "Action/Adventure" CoD Isn't Dead
06/23/11 inFamous 2 Hits PSN, Ape Escape Coming Soon
06/23/11 BioWare At Comic Con With ME3 And Dragon Age II DLC
06/23/11 Skyrim Director Talks About Balancing Freedom And Story
06/23/11 Bioshock Infinite Will Be More Open, But Not Like GTA
06/23/11 Virgin Gaming's $40K KZ3 Tournament Starts Monday
06/22/11 Kojima Sounds Off On Japanese Vs. Western Development
06/22/11 Portal 2 Sells 3 Million Copies
06/22/11 FIFA 12 Scores A September Release
06/22/11 Activision Boss: We're Unfairly Pegged As A Two-Trick Pony
06/22/11 Shadows Of The Damned: A Typical Demon Hunter Day
06/22/11 Sample The Sonic Generations Demo This Week
06/22/11 Sucker Punch Hiring For PlayStation 3 Exclusive Title
06/21/11 Study: Violent Video Games Might Cut Down On Violent Crime
06/21/11 Uncharted 3 And Batman Lead Game Critics E3 Awards
06/21/11 New Catherine Trailer Depicts The Age-Old Dilemma
06/21/11 EEDAR: Mass Effect 3 "Most Promising Retail Title"
06/21/11 Street Fighter's Future May Include Customizable Characters
06/21/11 DICE's Andersson Goes Silent Due To "Troll Journalists"
06/20/11 Hey CoD Fans, Your Dominant Reign Won't Last Forever
06/20/11 Pre-Order Arkham City, Nab The Tim Drake Robin Pack
06/20/11 Sources: Rockstar Cranking On GTAV
06/20/11 Sony: We Won't Discuss The PS4 "For Quite Some Time"
06/20/11 SCEA: 90% Of PSN Usage Returns Post-Hack Attack
06/20/11 Big Amazon Game Sale: Hundreds Of Discounted Titles
06/20/11 Amy Details: Run, Fight, Hide, Survive
06/20/11 New PS3 Model Is More Efficient, Features 320GB HDD
06/19/11 Skyrim Interview Gives RPG Fans More Details And Gameplay
06/19/11 DICE: Battlefield 3 At 720p On Consoles...You're Surprised?
06/19/11 Sony Going More Casual With The PlayStation 4?
06/18/11 GameStop's Black Ops PS3 Bundle Boasts $50 Gift Card
06/17/11 Japanese Gamers Love Yakuza...But Not The Undead?
06/17/11 Killzone 3 DLC Hits PSN Next Week
06/17/11 E3 2011 Booths In Home Attract Over 500,000 Gamers
06/17/11 BioWare Won't Be Skimping On ME3's Single-Player
06/17/11 Ubisoft Wants A Price Cut For PS3, 360
06/16/11 PSXE Home Show Debut: Nice Turnout, We'll Do It Again
06/16/11 Platinum Boss: Give Us Devil May Cry, We're Ready
06/16/11 Ubisoft: Far Cry 3 Won't Be Watered Down On Consoles
06/16/11 Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack Will Be Free For All
06/16/11 PlayStation Supplants Victoria's Secret In Facebook Top 10
06/16/11 Carmack: The Console May Only Have Another 10 Years
06/16/11 Rumor: Mass Effect 3 To Feature Four Player Co-Op
06/15/11 PSXE Introduced As New Partner At PlayStation Blog
06/15/11 How Long Has Square Enix Planned This FFXIII Sequel?
06/15/11 CliffyB: PS3 Fans Have "Zero Chance" Of Seeing Gears
06/15/11 Sony: PlayStation 3 Will Go 10 Years And Beyond
06/15/11 PSXE Show To Debut In PlayStation Home Tomorrow
06/15/11 2K Games Fires PR Group After DNF Review Fiasco
06/15/11 Rocksteady Keeping Arkham City Surprises In Reserve
06/15/11 Kojima: All Our Major Titles Will Support "Transfarring"
06/15/11 Uncharted 3 Characters Show Off Their "Smoother" Look
06/14/11 The Best Character Overhaul Award Goes To Lara Croft
06/14/11 White Knight Chronicles 2 Trailer Taunts US RPG Fans
06/14/11 EA Sports Opening New Retail Chain
06/14/11 EA Will Combine Two Franchises To Battle Call Of Duty
06/14/11 Ninja Theory Won't Forget What Makes Devil May Cry Great
06/14/11 EA Admits To Losing Fans Due To Dragon Age II
06/13/11 Tomb Raider Trailer Makes A Very Strong Statement
06/13/11 THQ Closing Two Studios, Including Homefront Developer
06/13/11 Call Of Duty Elite Beta Testers: 2 Million And Growing
06/13/11 May NPD: Sales Slide But L.A. Noire Nabs #1 Software Slot
06/13/11 Pachter: Vita Was "Solid" At E3, Wii U "2 Years Too Late"
06/13/11 SCEE Boss On Wii U And Nintendo Using PS3 Footage
06/13/11 Sony: Still Opportunities For Third-Party Exclusives
06/13/11 Hitman: Absolution Devs Making "Some Bold Moves"
06/12/11 PSXE E3 Giveaway Winner Announced
06/12/11 EA Stripping Original Battlefield 3 Content For DLC?
06/12/11 Maybe We Shouldn't Be Taking Duke So Damn Seriously
06/12/11 PSXE Poll Update: Readers None Too Impressed With Wii U
06/11/11 "Boring" Skyrim E3 Presence: Accurate Or Subjective?
06/11/11 No Sequel For Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light
06/10/11 Kojima Productions Hints At Possibility Of MGS Remake
06/10/11 Insomniac: Resistance 3 Demo Uses "Really Old Code"
06/10/11 Defiance: An Ambitious Project That Blends Games And TV
06/10/11 Rage Delayed, Now Must Battle Other Big-Name Titles
06/10/11 Arrests Made In Connection With PSN Cyberattack
06/10/11 Remedy Hasn't Signed With MS For Next Alan Wake
06/09/11 Kojima's Intriguing Comments On MW3 And Battlefield 3
06/09/11 Hitman: Absolution Debut Trailer And A Word From IO
06/09/11 Soul Calibur V: New Fighters, Character Creation Returns
06/09/11 E3 Attendance Revealed, Event May Leave Los Angeles
06/09/11 Itagaki: Japanese Devs Love Games But Can't Make Them
06/09/11 Hirai: PS3 Still Has A Ways To Go
06/09/11 EA: Respawn's Title Let's Us Compete With Gears And Halo
06/09/11 DUST 514 Only On PSN Because Sony Is "A Lot More Open"
06/08/11 L.A. Noire: Final Thoughts On An Innovative Production
06/08/11 E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Explodes Onto Show Floor
06/08/11 E3 2011: DMC Sales Hit 10 Million, New Film On The Way
06/08/11 E3 2011: Sanzaru Games Handling New Sly Cooper
06/08/11 E3 2011: New Mirror's Edge To Utilize Frostbite 2?
06/08/11 ESA: Gamers Growing Up, Women Playing More
06/07/11 E3 2011: Sony Conference Reflections And Thoughts
06/07/11 E3 2011: Tekken Hybrid Emerges
06/07/11 E3 2011: Ninja Gaiden III Does Battle In Early 2012
06/07/11 E3 2011: Top Gun: Hard Lock Takes Flight Next Spring
06/07/11 Assassin's Creed: Revelations Collector's Edition Spotted
06/07/11 Beyond Good & Evil 2 "Targeting Next Generation"
06/07/11 DUST 514: The "Persistent Shooter" Powered By Choice
06/07/11 E3 2011: The King Of Fighters XIII Blasts Into Holiday Season
06/06/11 E3 2011: Watch The Full Sony E3 Press Conference Here
06/06/11 E3 2011: Bioshock Infinite Moves, New Bioshock For Vita?
06/06/11 E3 2011: Sly Cooper Returns In Style
06/06/11 E3 2011: Kobe Presents The "Crazy Realistic" NBA 2K12
06/06/11 E3 2011: New Collections, High-Tech PlayStation Monitor
06/06/11 E3 2011: Tretton Says "You Are The Lifeblood" Of Sony
06/06/11 E3 2011: Insomniac's Multiplatform Title Is Overstrike
06/06/11 E3 2011: Far Cry 3, New Brothers In Arms Revealed
06/06/11 E3 2011: Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 Receive Dates
06/06/11 Survive The Chaos Of Dead Island On September 6
06/06/11 Uncharted 3 Collector's Edition, Pre-Order Bonuses
06/06/11 Journey: "De-empowering" The Player And Emotional Chords
06/06/11 Activision's E3 Lineup: New Spyro, Elite Beta Start Date
06/05/11 Giveaway: Follow E3 At PSXE, Win A Special Prize Package
06/05/11 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Lukewarm On Duke's Return
06/05/11 Sony: No Need To Introduce A New PlayStation Right Now
06/05/11 Prototype 2 And inFamous 2 Are "Completely Different'
06/05/11 MGS, ZoE Collections Will Come In A Digital Format, Too
06/05/11 Insomniac To Reveal Multiplatform Project At E3
06/04/11 2K: Duke Brings Over-The-Top Fun Back To FPSs
06/03/11 ICO, SotC Remakes Receive Japanese Dates And Prices
06/03/11 Become A Career Criminal In SOE's PAYDAY: The Heist
06/03/11 Diablo III For PlayStation 3 Confirmed?
06/03/11 Black Ops Escalation DLC Finally Headed To PSN
06/03/11 Sony Releases Two New Uncharted 3 Gameplay Trailers
06/03/11 Dark Souls Secures October 4 Date
06/03/11 XCOM Unveiled: Humanity Is Under Attack In 2012
06/03/11 Soul Calibur V E3 Gameplay Sparkles And Shimmers
06/02/11 NGP Launch Titles Confirmed, Golden Abyss Leads
06/02/11 Downpour Delayed, New Silent Hill Coming To NGP
06/02/11 Violent Game Debate: A Chat With Dr. Bartholow, Part II
06/02/11 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Set For PS3 And Xbox 360
06/02/11 Saints Row: The Third Enters The Holiday Fray
06/02/11 Resistance 3 Multiplayer Footage And New Details
06/02/11 War Of The Worlds Invades PSN, XBLA This Summer
06/02/11 PlayStation Store Returns, More Content Arrives Tomorrow
06/01/11 Play As The Agile, Stealthy Catwoman In Arkham City
06/01/11 Darksiders II Will Unleash Hell In 2012
06/01/11 Violent Game Debate: A Chat With Dr. Bartholow, Part I
06/01/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 Trailer: Tons Of Drama
06/01/11 Call Of Duty Elite Details, Beta Set To Heat Up Summer
06/01/11 Resistance 3: Special Editions And Pre-Order Bonuses
06/01/11 Revelations Teaser: Ezio's Fate Will Be Determined

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