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PS3 Archives - July, 2011

07/31/11 If We Don't Get Sequels For These Games, We'll Cry
07/31/11 Driver: San Francisco Demo Dated
07/31/11 Say Goodbye To Commando Perk In Modern Warfare 3
07/31/11 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Takes Care Of A Gamer's Needs
07/30/11 Catherine's Success Doesn't Rely On Sex Appeal
07/30/11 Developers Show Off Stealthy Side Of Human Revolution
07/29/11 Mass Effect 3: Murder, Pregnancy, Disease...Oh My
07/29/11 Norwegian Retailer Ditches Games After Shooting Tragedy
07/29/11 Kojima Hints: MGS HD Collection Runs At 60FPS
07/29/11 Bowling: MW3 vs. BF3 Is What "Games Have Been Forever"
07/29/11 OPM: Frostbite 2 Paves The Way For Mirror's Edge Return
07/28/11 RPG Battle: Dark Souls vs. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
07/28/11 Saints Row: The Third Poised To Trump Predecessor
07/28/11 Resistance 3 Beta Dates, Stay Tuned To Get In Early
07/28/11 Rating Board Pulls Atelier Meruru In Japan, Must "Re-Rate"
07/28/11 Bastion Developer Pushes Benefits Of Digital Gaming
07/28/11 Sample Madden NFL 12 Demo On August 9
07/27/11 Fall Lineup Makes A Gamer's Wallet Cringe...Again
07/27/11 Red Dead Redemption Myths And Mavericks DLC Is Free
07/27/11 THQ: "No Plans" To Stick With Red Faction Franchise
07/27/11 Fillion On Drake Role: Don't Pressure The Director
07/27/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Golden
07/27/11 First inFamous 2 User Generated Content Pack Is Free
07/27/11 Twisted Metal: A Look At The Vehicles And Weapons
07/26/11 "If You're Not A Fan Of Multiplayer, You're No Gamer"
07/26/11 The Duke Gets A Hail To The Icons Parody Pack
07/26/11 Sony Patents Interactive PlayStation Doll For PS3, PSP
07/26/11 LBP Dev: Sony Stuck By Us When The Chips Were Down
07/26/11 BioWare: Mass Effect 3 "Best Game We've Ever Made"
07/26/11 Epic Hints At Eventual Unreal Return
07/25/11 4 Possible Exclusives For The Launch Of PlayStation 4
07/25/11 Ubisoft: Far Cry 3 Is A Definite Upgrade
07/25/11 What Will Konami Do For Castlevania's 25th Anniversary?
07/25/11 Silent Hill HD Collection Headed To PS3 This Fall
07/25/11 Japanese Development Practices Are "Old-Fashioned"
07/25/11 Soul Calibur V: Combat Changes, New Characters Revealed
07/25/11 Square Enix On What To Expect From Next-Gen Graphics
07/25/11 Tekken Hybrid To Include Demo For Tekken Tag Tournament 2
07/24/11 PSXE Poll Update: Catherine Maintains Its Niche Status
07/24/11 You Can "Tweak" Your Imported ME2 Character In ME3
07/24/11 RE4 HD, Code Veronica X HD Dated For US Gamers
07/24/11 Ubisoft On Future Of Assassin's Creed And Expanding The Brand
07/24/11 Jaffe Talks Twisted Metal's "M" Rating And Beta Phases
07/23/11 MW3 Will Offer The "Same" Experience For PS3 And 360 Owners
07/23/11 L.A. Noire's MotionScan: Next Stop, Grand Theft Auto V?
07/22/11 Two Minutes Of Skyrim Gameplay: Living Up To The Hype?
07/22/11 Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Keep Pace With Last Year's Black Ops
07/22/11 True Gamers Will Buy The MGS HD Collection On November 8
07/22/11 Media Molecule: "We Like To Try To Impress Ourselves"
07/22/11 BioWare: ME3 "Best Chance To Go Truly Blockbuster"
07/22/11 Deep Silver To Distribute Catherine In PAL Territories
07/21/11 Infinity Ward Boss: Room For Both MW3 And Battlefield 3
07/21/11 Freddy Krueger To MK Fighters: "Don't Fall Asleep!"
07/21/11 Guitar Hero Failed Due To Lack Of "Nourishment And Care"
07/21/11 Saints Row: The Third Pornstar Talent: Sasha Grey
07/21/11 Submit Your Character Name Ideas For Soul Calibur V Contest
07/21/11 Black Ops Is The "Fastest Finished" Video Game
07/21/11 Atlus Requires Publisher For European Catherine Launch
07/21/11 Three Cover Athletes For NBA 2K12
07/20/11 Why Square Enix Will Do A Final Fantasy HD Collection
07/20/11 Starhawk Beta Is Public, Ready "When The Time Is Right"
07/20/11 Prototype 2 Earns April 24, 2012 Date
07/20/11 ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus Collection: Bonus Content
07/20/11 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Set For November Launch
07/20/11 PS3 Harder To Develop For ...Yeah, If You Go Multiplatform
07/20/11 GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Infiltrates PS3, 360 This Fall
07/20/11 Grasshopper Working On "Pop-y" Lollipop Chainsaw
07/19/11 Lack Of A Dominant Console Hurting Industry Innovation?
07/19/11 The Darkness II Slips To February
07/19/11 Reaction To Dead Island CG Trailer Has Had An Impact
07/19/11 Final Fantasy Tactics PSP Remake Available On PSN
07/19/11 Turtle Beach Reveals MW3-Themed Line Of Headsets
07/19/11 Ubisoft Talks Balance Between Casual And Hardcore
07/19/11 Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition Officially Detailed
07/18/11 Do You Have FFXIII-2 Questions? We'll Ask Square Enix
07/18/11 Uncharted Movie Director: "We're Starting From Scratch"
07/18/11 Will Medal Of Honor Buyers Try Battlefield 3 Early?
07/18/11 Child Of Eden PS3 Slated To Arrive On September 20
07/18/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Slated For January 2012 Release In US
07/18/11 White Knight Chronicles II Gameplay, Combat Details
07/18/11 Skyrim Director: It's Difficult To Be Consistent In Big Worlds
07/18/11 Sony Looking Into Virtual Reality 3D
07/17/11 PSXE Show Episode #2 Drops Onto Our YouTube Channel
07/17/11 Strategy/RPG Fans: Pre-Order Disgaea 4 Right Now
07/17/11 PSXE Poll Update: PS4 Should Come In At $300 - $400
07/17/11 MW3 Fansite Links To BF3 Site...Activision Miffed
07/16/11 Two Worlds II Gets A Surprising Game Of The Year Edition
07/16/11 Ignore The "Women Like Games More Than Sex" Headlines
07/15/11 PSXE Show Episode #3: Time To Party On Saturday Night
07/15/11 Infinity Ward: MW3's Goal Is To Tell "One Hell Of A Story"
07/15/11 Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Is PS3's Biggest So Far
07/15/11 Sony's World Game Project Seeks To Bridge Culture Gap
07/15/11 Limbo Developer: Bigger Companies Need "Safe Zones"
07/15/11 Square Enix Teases Kingdom Hearts III
07/15/11 Black Ops Annihilation DLC For PSN: "T-Minus 13 Days"
07/14/11 Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Order Receipt Sparks Speculation
07/14/11 The Cursed Crusade Dated, Given A $39.99 Price Tag
07/14/11 Capcom Teases Secret Project
07/14/11 June NPD: L.A. Noire Tops Charts But Numbers Slide
07/14/11 Ubisoft Leaps Aboard Online Pass Bandwagon
07/14/11 Naughty Dog Dev On Wii U: "I'm Not Completely Sold"
07/14/11 House Of The Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut Detailed
07/14/11 Call Of Duty Ticket Information, Event Map Released
07/13/11 Sony Clarifies HDMI Issue For New PlayStation 3 Models
07/13/11 EA Plans To Shell Out Big Time For Battlefield 3
07/13/11 Team Bondi Management: We're Not Slave-Drivers
07/13/11 Sony Was "Authentic And Sincere" In Addressing PSN Attack
07/13/11 PSXE Show Episode #3: Come Chat, Win A Copy Of F.E.A.R. 3
07/13/11 Parasite Eve II Will Soon Hit The PSN
07/13/11 SCEA Pushes For More Exclusive Quality On PSN
07/12/11 Is Sony Altering The PlayStation 3?
07/12/11 Saints Row: The Third Platinum Pack Fully Detailed
07/12/11 Thankfully, Gamers Over A Certain Age Are Still "Weird"
07/12/11 Analyst: The PlayStation 4 Is Not Coming In 2012
07/12/11 First Dishonored Screenshot Elevates Our Curiosity
07/12/11 BioWare Teases "Feature X" For ME3
07/12/11 Retail Evidence Indicates Successful Welcome Back Program
07/11/11 Is MGS4 Still One Of The Best Of The Current Generation?
07/11/11 Uncharted 3 Multiplayer: You Won't See Its Like Anywhere Else
07/11/11 Sony: Support Indie Devs For The Sake Of Innovation
07/11/11 Arkham City CE Pops Up At Best Buy
07/11/11 Pachter: Battlefield 3 Might Steal Away Some CoD Fans
07/11/11 US Gamers Forked Over $5.9 Billion In Q1 2011
07/11/11 The Riddler Makes His Arkham City Video Debut
07/11/11 EA Focusing On Upgrading FIFA 12 Be A Manager Mode
07/11/11 L.A. Noire Actor Likes The Idea Of A Movie Adaptation
07/10/11 A "Sony Surprise" Planned For July 15?
07/10/11 Will FPS Devs Just Admit They Only Care About Multiplayer?
07/10/11 Space Invaders Heading To The Silver Screen...Somehow
07/10/11 PSXE Poll Update: Uncharted Is The Best Of The Generation
07/09/11 Has The PS3 Reached Its Graphical Plateau?
07/09/11 Hey Capcom, Bring Back Onimusha
07/09/11 inFamous 2 Hero Edition: Get All The Bonuses Free
07/08/11 Limbo Arrives On PSN On July 19
07/08/11 Uncharted 3 Beta Passes 1 Million, New Updates Coming
07/08/11 Bioshock Infinite: 14 Minutes Of Achingly Great Gameplay
07/08/11 Catherine Art Book: 160 Pages Of The Sexy And Horrific
07/08/11 SCEA Reveals Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Move Bundle
07/07/11 Dragon Age II DLC: "Leave Kirkwall"
07/07/11 Burnout Crash Confirmed, Slams Into PSN, XBLA This Fall
07/07/11 Uncharted Movie Close To Signing A New Director
07/07/11 Dishonored: A Game About "Morality And Player Choice"
07/07/11 Are Critics Killing The Traditional RPG?
07/07/11 inFamous 2 UGC Level Editor Guide: Fans Should Use It
07/07/11 Bethesda Compares "Hardcore" Call Of Duty To Skyrim
07/06/11 Boy, It's Getting Easier And Easier To Avoid Online Play
07/06/11 Sony Reveals PSN Pass Program
07/06/11 Bethesda Won't "Carve Out" Skyrim Content For DLC
07/06/11 Ubisoft Wants New Consoles For The Sake Of Better AI
07/06/11 Rumor: Rockstar Won't Work With Team Bondi Again
07/05/11 Poor Duke Effort Will Affect Take-Two's Bottom Line
07/05/11 Catherine US Demo Set For July 12, New Nightmare Trailer
07/05/11 Sources: Sony Redesigning Network Appearance And Functionality
07/05/11 Volition Hints At Fourth Saints Row, SR3 To Be "30-40 Hours"
07/05/11 PSXE Sumthing Digital inFamous 2 Soundtrack Winners
07/05/11 DICE Won't Use Controversy As A BF3 Marketing Tool
07/05/11 Sony After PSN Attack: We Have To Be Hyper Vigilant
07/05/11 ICO, SotC HD Trailers Make Us Ache
07/04/11 FFVII Leads New LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC
07/04/11 Naughty Dog On New Jak & Daxter: "We'd Love To Do It"
07/04/11 Rumor: Production On PS4 Starts Soon, Launch In 2012
07/04/11 Saints Row: The Third Is Doing Things GTA Never Dreamed Of
07/04/11 Will Uncharted 3 Be The 3D Game We've Been Waiting For?
07/04/11 Rumor: Blizzard "Pushing" To Launch Diablo III In November
07/03/11 The Battlefield 3/Modern Warfare 3 Fight Is Already Tired
07/03/11 PSXE Poll Update: inFamous 2 Is 2011's Best...So Far
07/03/11 Uncharted Originally Featured An Underwater Setting
07/02/11 It Takes A "Dirty Girl" To Promote MX vs. ATV: Alive
07/02/11 Arkham City Gameplay: Catwoman And Batman Combat
07/01/11 How Twisted Metal Can Outsell Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
07/01/11 Original Crysis Headed To Consoles?
07/01/11 id Brags About Rage: "Best-Looking Console Game"
07/01/11 Disney Shutters Black Rock, But Three New Studios Arise
07/01/11 Media Molecule Working On New PS3 Exclusive Project?

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