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PS3 Archives - August, 2011

08/31/11 MW3 Hardened Edition Details?
08/31/11 Uncharted Dual Pack Brings Double The Drake Goodness
08/31/11 Dead Island Launch Trailer: Zombies, Drama, Blood
08/31/11 PSN, Qriocity Become Part Of The Sony Entertainment Network
08/31/11 Author: Gaming Is Mature And Helps Us "Pursue Our Passions"
08/31/11 DICE: The Console Versions Of Battlefield 3 Won't Suck
08/31/11 Dragon Age: Tactical, Scope, And Customization Changes
08/31/11 Ni No Kuni Magical Edition PS3 Bundle Lights Up Japan
08/30/11 What Is An RPG? These Days, Nobody Knows The Answer
08/30/11 Activision To EA: We Can Get More Fans, You Know
08/30/11 Sega Prepping Yakuza 5?
08/30/11 Kevin Butler Says "Long Live Play," We Love Him Again
08/30/11 What Developer Has Impressed You Most This Generation?
08/30/11 EA: We Can Still Get Plenty Out Of The PS3 And 360
08/30/11 PSXE Poll Update: Fall Lineup Impacts Human Revolution
08/29/11 Expect To Hear About RDR2 After GTAV Is Announced
08/29/11 Capcom And Ninja Theory Working In Harmony On DMC
08/29/11 Mass Effect 3: Commander Shepard's Story Ends
08/29/11 Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 To Offer 32-Player Matches
08/29/11 Origins Collection Demo Comes Early For Plus Subscribers
08/29/11 Pre-Order Sony 3D Monitor, Nab Resistance 3
08/29/11 Dead Island Flexing Some Role-Playing Muscle?
08/29/11 So, Are PS3 Fans Jealous Of That Halo Reclaimer Trilogy?
08/29/11 Skyrim PAX Videos: Magic And Combat
08/29/11 Namco Bandai, Tecmo Koei Tease Mystery Collaboration
08/29/11 Limited Edition MGS HD Collection Defines "Definitive"
08/27/11 What Can Modern RPGs Do To Entice Old-School Fans?
08/27/11 Jaffe On His Career And The "Holy Grail" Of Game Design
08/26/11 FFXIII-2 PAX Trailer: Pretty Characters, Flashy Gameplay
08/26/11 Resistance 3 Beta Cap Raised, "New Stuff" This Weekend
08/26/11 Eidos: Deus Ex Boss Fights Scripted For The Narrative
08/26/11 Uncharted 3 Collector's Edition Detailed
08/26/11 New Counter-Strike To Boast Move Support, Linked Networking
08/25/11 Same-Sex Marriage An Option In The Elder Scrolls V
08/25/11 Fall In Love With Twisted Metal On Valentine's Day
08/25/11 Square Enix, Airtight Games Prepping Quantum Conundrum
08/25/11 Far Cry 3 Will Take At Least 15-20 Hours To Complete
08/25/11 Revelations Ultimate Bundle Stuffed With Fantastic Content
08/25/11 Downloadable Malicious Going From PS3 To Vita
08/24/11 Voice Of Reason: Won't We Have Fun With BF3 And MW3?
08/24/11 Wal-Mart Online Offering Two-For-One Batman Deal
08/24/11 Ni No Kuni PS3 Receives Japanese Release Date
08/24/11 Professor: Game Literature Will Excel In The 21st Century
08/24/11 The Revamped PlayStation Home: Screenshots Arrive
08/24/11 Why Can't Microsoft Fans Correctly Assess Sales Figures?
08/24/11 Beachhead Used A Psychologist For Call Of Duty Elite
08/24/11 Insomniac: Another Developer May Get Resistance 4
08/24/11 GT6 In Development, Will It Be For The PS3 Or PS4?
08/23/11 Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Set To Blast From The Past
08/23/11 Sega Reveals "Definitive Version" Of Virtua Fighter 5
08/23/11 BioWare On The Question: "What Is A Role-Playing Game?"
08/23/11 Home Boss Jack Buser Talks Home "Gameification" And More
08/23/11 EA: No Pressing Need For A New Console Generation
08/23/11 More Full Games Becoming Available As Digital Downloads
08/23/11 SCEA Reveals Huge, Game-Changing Home Update
08/22/11 Final Fantasy Should Take A Cue From Human Revolution
08/22/11 Report: Fewer Players Are Actually Finishing Their Games
08/22/11 Dante Goes To Town In DMC Footage
08/22/11 Deus Ex Clothing Line: Garments From The Fictional Future
08/22/11 Emily Rose: Uncharted 3 Ending Will Surprise You
08/22/11 No New PlayStation Until Developers Max Out The PS3
08/22/11 Square Enix Brings FFXIII-2, Mystery Project To PAX Prime
08/22/11 Sony Likens Motion Sensing To An "8-Bit Phase"
08/21/11 You All Realize EA's Smack Talk Is Part Of The Plan, Right?
08/21/11 BioWare Takes Dragon Age Feedback "Really Seriously"
08/21/11 Ridge Racer Unbounded: Cool Effects, Heavy Drifting
08/21/11 PSXE Poll Update: Classics Can Compete Even Today
08/20/11 Four PS3 Titles Slated To Become Greatest Hits Soon?
08/20/11 I Am Alive Survives, Trailer Surfaces
08/19/11 Binary Domain: Yakuza Creator's New Project Dated
08/19/11 EA Slams Activision, Hints CoD Will Suffer Guitar Hero's Fate
08/19/11 Uncharted 3 Will Be Panned By Critics Seeking Attention
08/19/11 Valve: Developers Must Reward Sony's Open Approach
08/19/11 Street Fighter X Tekken Set For Spring, Familiar Online
08/18/11 Ninja Theory On DMC: "We're Not Changing Our Plan"
08/18/11 Feast Your Eyes On Assassin's Creed: Revelations Gameplay
08/18/11 EA COO Moore: Physical Media Isn't "Done For"
08/18/11 EA Plans To "Reimagine" Several Classic Franchises
08/18/11 Hitman Dev: We Listen, But We "Won't Be Dictated To"
08/18/11 Dark Souls Trailer: Massive Bosses Will Test Your Mettle
08/18/11 Release Dates For Rochard, PAYDAY, And Sideway
08/17/11 PS3 Brings You Into The Game With NFL Sunday Ticket
08/17/11 Grasshopper Debuts Black Knight Sword For PSN, XBLA
08/17/11 Lollipop Chainsaw: Get Ready For Sex, Blood & Rock 'n Roll
08/17/11 Battlefield 3, PlayStation Vita Honored At GamesCom 2011
08/17/11 Consultant Predicts The Death Of Single-Player Experiences
08/17/11 PSXE Show Episode #3 On YouTube
08/17/11 PSN Welcomes Harmony Of Despair Next Month
08/16/11 FFXIII Only Suffered Because It Was Called "Final Fantasy"
08/16/11 Sony: PS3 Price Cut Will Attract Xbox 360 And Wii Gamers
08/16/11 Select PSN Movie Rentals Fall To Attractive Prices
08/16/11 Comedy Central's Ugly Americans Somehow Becomes A Game
08/16/11 inFamous 2: Festival Of Blood: Face Off Against Vampires
08/16/11 Sony Announces Global PS3 Price Cut
08/16/11 FIFA Street Hitting Early Next Year With Surprising Depth
08/16/11 Bioshock Infinite Cosplay: Elizabeth Has Sprung To Life
08/16/11 View The Caped Crusader And His Noble Deeds In 3D
08/15/11 Fall Lineup Evidence Of Lagging Japanese Influence
08/15/11 Rumor: RE6 Two Years In The Offing, Unveiling Soon?
08/15/11 Del Toro On inSANE: "Lovecraftian In A Very Sick Way"
08/15/11 ICO/SotC Collection: Bonus Content, Trophy Lists
08/15/11 Rumor: Four Sony Exclusives Yet To Be Announced
08/15/11 Carmack: 360 Is The Best Console Ever, PS3 Is #2
08/15/11 Splash Damage Details Brink Mistakes
08/14/11 I Just Have To Ask: What Is This Cosplay Stuff?
08/14/11 Mortal Kombat Nears 3 Million, Pays For Its Own Assets
08/13/11 Analyst: Bioshock Infinite Will Easily Outsell Bioshock 2
08/13/11 Counter-Strike Goes On The Digital Offensive In 2012
08/12/11 Meet New And Returning Characters In White Knight Chronicles II
08/12/11 The Darkness II Offends Swiss Police
08/12/11 Explore Sewers In RAGE, But Only If You Buy It New
08/12/11 Joe Danger Goes Hollywood In Joe Danger: The Movie
08/12/11 Kojima Tweets Japanese/US MGS HD Collection Details
08/12/11 Child Of Eden PS3 Delayed A Week, Move And 3D Confirmed
08/11/11 PSXE Show Episode #4 Party Done, RSVP For Next Time
08/11/11 Assassin's Creed Isn't Afraid Of Big Bad Call Of Duty
08/11/11 MotorStorm: Apocalypse Receives Mammoth Update
08/11/11 July NPD: Industry Sales Fall 26% With A Silver Lining
08/11/11 PSXE Show Episode #4 Party: Meet Us Tonight At 9 p.m.
08/11/11 Disgaea 4 Drains More Of Your Time Come September
08/11/11 Ex-SAS Member: Battlefield 3 Will Offer Realistic Emotions
08/11/11 EA Reveals Grand Slam Tennis 2
08/10/11 Game Of The Year 2011 Front-Runner Is Portal 2
08/10/11 Amazon UK: Huge Pre-Order Leap For Uncharted, Battlefield
08/10/11 Bioshock Infinite Developer: We Love The PS3 Platform
08/10/11 Revelations Multiplayer Beta A PSN Timed Exclusive
08/10/11 Arkham City Aiming For Open World "Sweet Spot"
08/10/11 Rumor: Treyarch Testing Call Of Duty 9, Project Iron Wolf
08/10/11 "Get In The Game" Promotion For Prototype 2
08/09/11 PS3 Firmware Update 3.70: Auto Cloud, Auto Trophy Sync
08/09/11 Analyst: GTAV Costs $80 Million, Could Sell 24 Million
08/09/11 Source: Team Bondi Bankrupt, Sells Off IP And Assets
08/09/11 Forty Lucky Gamers Will Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Early
08/09/11 Dead Island Golden, "Fight Together" Trailer Released
08/09/11 Doublesix's Strike Suit Zero Engaging Early Next Year
08/08/11 The Hype Debate: Good Or Bad For Industry Solidarity?
08/08/11 Bethesda: RAGE Assets Are Identical Across All Platforms
08/08/11 DICE Boasting "Years Worth" Of Battlefield 3 Unlocks
08/08/11 Why I Wouldn't Buy A New PlayStation Or Xbox In 2012
08/08/11 Deus Ex Social Trailer: Importance Of Interaction
08/08/11 New Battlefield 3 Point System Detailed
08/08/11 Hamilton's Great Adventure Begins On PSN This Month
08/07/11 Sony Needs A First-Party RPG Like Legend Of Dragoon
08/07/11 Jaffe Provides Reasons Behind Twisted Metal Delay
08/07/11 GameStop Offers Resistance 3 With 3DTV Package
08/07/11 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Divided On Human Revolution
08/06/11 PSXE Show Episode #4 In Home Now, Party This Week
08/06/11 SCEE Releasing "Modified" Version Of Heavy Rain
08/06/11 Resistance 3 Multiplayer Dev Diary: Modes And Abilities
08/05/11 First Borderlands 2 Details Arrive
08/05/11 BioWare: DAII Legacy DLC Proves We've Been Listening
08/05/11 PSN Play Program: Action Galore, Special Bonuses
08/05/11 Twisted Metal Delayed, Needs More "Polish And Love"
08/05/11 An Apocalypse Replaces Resistance 3 In 3DTV Bundle
08/05/11 Bungie Talks Mystery Project, Working Title Of "Tiger"
08/04/11 Gamers Unimpressed By Graphics In Resistance 3
08/04/11 The Tester Season 3: SCEA Reveals Open Casting Call
08/04/11 Criterion Hiring For Open-World Racer On "New Platforms"
08/04/11 HBO Go Headed To Connected TVs And Consoles
08/04/11 Resistance 3 Golden, Disc Crammed With Bonus Content
08/04/11 Grasshopper, Digital Reality Charging Up Sine Mora
08/04/11 GameStop, Virgin Gaming Announce Madden 12 Tournament
08/03/11 Does Move Suffer Due To Woefully Out Of Shape Gamers?
08/03/11 Jak & Daxter Fans May Have To Wait For The PS4
08/03/11 Blizzard Can't Commit To Diablo III 2011 Date, But...
08/03/11 "Rezurrection" Black Ops DLC Detailed
08/03/11 Deus Ex Classified Information Trailer Released
08/03/11 Revelations Designer On Desmond's "Black Room"
08/03/11 Catherine: Largest Atlus Launch Ever
08/03/11 Rumor: Source Confirms Borderlands 2 For Next Year
08/02/11 When Will Hideo Kojima Reveal His Mystery Project?
08/02/11 Rumor: Red Dead Gets A GotY Edition Next Month
08/02/11 EA Sports Announces Season Ticket Subscription
08/02/11 id Software: Rage A Cure For "Modern Combat Fatigue"
08/02/11 Breath Of Fire IV Coming To US PSN On August 16
08/02/11 Sucker Punch Joins Sony Computer Entertainment Family
08/01/11 Do Western Developers Take Gaming Too Seriously?
08/01/11 Square Enix Resurrects True Crime: Hong Kong
08/01/11 EA: Buy Battlefield 3 Used, Pay To Get Into Online Action
08/01/11 SSX Keeps Its Core By Passing Up A Skiing Option
08/01/11 Diablo III: Purchase In-Game Items With Real Money
08/01/11 Warner Bros. Will Bring Lollipop Chainsaw To US

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