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PS3 Archives - September, 2011

09/30/11 Is MW3 vs. BF3 Turning Into Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3?
09/30/11 Portal 2 "Peer Review" Multiplayer DLC Drops Next Week
09/30/11 MGS HD Collection Limited Edition: True Fans Rejoice
09/30/11 Nielson Poll: MW3 Most Wanted Title For Holiday Season
09/30/11 Arkham City: Open World Challenges And Catwoman
09/30/11 Designer Explains Why BG&E2 Needs Next-Gen Power
09/29/11 Is RAGE Getting Enough Attention?
09/29/11 Mortal Kombat Movie To Offer "More Realistic Characters"
09/29/11 BF3 Producer Bach Critical Of His Previous Efforts
09/29/11 I Am Alive: Survive The Apocalypse This Winter
09/29/11 RAGE Jackal Canyon Gameplay: Wasteland Action
09/29/11 Home Update 1.55 Available Today
09/29/11 Syndicate Trailer: Getting Into Your Enemy's Head
09/28/11 Does Hot Girl Advertising Enhance Video Game Appeal?
09/28/11 Battlefield 3 PS3 Beta Sparks Debate, Graphics Concerns
09/28/11 Yamauchi: GT5 "Spec 2.0" Update Coming Soon
09/28/11 New Skyrim Voice Cast Revealed
09/28/11 The Cursed Crusade Delayed, New Trailer Released
09/28/11 David Cage: It's Not About Money, It's About Being Creative
09/28/11 Syndicate Reboot Lands Launch Date
09/28/11 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Spicing Up The Run
09/27/11 Do All Games Require Multiplayer For Big Sales Numbers?
09/27/11 Jobe Talks Storytelling Progression In Video Games
09/27/11 Follow The Road Of Devastation In Dead Nation DLC
09/27/11 Activision: Publishers Must Embrace Social Networking
09/27/11 Square Enix: Final Fantasy Has Been "Greatly Damaged"
09/27/11 Lionsgate Announces Film Adaptation Of Dead Island
09/27/11 Prepare Early With The Skyrim Race And Perk Tree List
09/27/11 Springtime Brings A Unique Journey
09/27/11 Video Unlimited Preview Arrives For PlayStation Store
09/26/11 Will PlayStation Ever Be Back On Top?
09/26/11 Uncharted 3 AI Has Been Rebuilt, It's Entirely Unscripted
09/26/11 Splinter Cell Trilogy Infilitrates Stores, PSN Next Week
09/26/11 Rumor: Dead Space 3 Details Arise
09/26/11 Sony Teases Mysterious Long Live Play Announcement
09/26/11 Deus Ex DLC Offers A Different Boss Experience
09/26/11 The Darkness II Trailer: Something Evil Is Inside Of Me
09/26/11 I Am Alive Rated By ESRB, Brutal Atmosphere Detailed
09/26/11 Crysis Hits PSN/XBLA On October 4
09/25/11 Rumor: Silent Hill: Downpour Pushed Back To 2012
09/25/11 Okay, Now The Huge PS3 Install Sizes Are Bugging Me
09/25/11 BioWare: Don't Give Up Hope For A New Jade Empire
09/25/11 PSXE Poll Update: Final Fantasy Isn't Lagging, It's Dead
09/24/11 Harmony Of Despair Hits PSN This Week, Extra Content
09/24/11 Warco: "Getting The Shot" Means Something Different
09/23/11 Sony: Personal 3D Viewer Will Take Games By Storm
09/23/11 Here's Your Chance To Get Uncharted 3 A Week Early
09/23/11 Get 50% Off PlayStation Move, Sharp Shooter Accessory
09/23/11 Shadows Of The Damned Japanese Box Art Censored
09/22/11 What If A Game Feels Like A Chore?
09/22/11 Uncharted 3 Behind The Scenes Gameplay Footage
09/22/11 Ninja Theory: No Enslaved Sequel
09/22/11 Chrono Cross Finally Headed To North American PSN?
09/22/11 Atlus Will Maintain Demon's Souls Servers Into 2012
09/22/11 Blizzard Experimenting With Gamepad Control For Diablo III
09/22/11 Uncharted 3 PS3 Bundle Announced
09/22/11 Battlefield 3 Expansions Coming One Week Early To PS3
09/21/11 Uncharted Owes A Debt To Titles Like Gears Of War
09/21/11 Versus XIII Is A "Final Fantasy You've Never Seen Before"
09/21/11 Everyone Overreacted To PSN Downtime...Surprise, Surprise
09/21/11 Dark Souls Cleared To Haunt Store Shelves In October
09/21/11 God Of War Dev Working On New "Unannounced IP"
09/21/11 Study: Gamers May Be Losing Touch With Reality
09/20/11 Low Resistance 3 Sales Paint An Uncertain Future
09/20/11 FFXIII-2 Trailers "Promise" Fans They Shouldn't "Despair"
09/20/11 Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth Novel, Comic Book Revealed
09/20/11 Ninja Gaiden III Hero Mode Lets You "Enjoy The Story"
09/20/11 Battlefield 3 Beta Details Released, Starts September 29
09/20/11 THQ Taps Crytek For Next Homefront
09/19/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Launches In North America On January 31
09/19/11 Deus Ex DLC The Missing Link Adds Five More Hours
09/19/11 Call Of Duty Elite Beta Testing Starts For PS3 Owners
09/19/11 Revelations PS3 Will Feature Original Assassin's Creed
09/19/11 Infinity Ward: No Prestige Edition For Modern Warfare 3
09/19/11 If We Get Yakuza: Of The End, We'll Get New Controls
09/19/11 DC Universe Online Goes Free-To-Play
09/19/11 Netflix Expanding With Qwikster, Video Game Rentals
09/18/11 Silent Hill: Downpour Trailer Gets A Helping Of Korn
09/18/11 Kojima Will Talk To His Staff About A Third Zone Of The Enders
09/18/11 Have Trophies/Achievements Made Video Games Better?
09/17/11 Syndicate Details: Atmosphere, Style, And "Breaching"
09/16/11 Dragon's Dogma Gameplay: Engaging Action/RPG Fare
09/16/11 Itagaki To Japanese Devs: Suck It Up And Be Confident
09/16/11 Ni No Kuni PS3 Hits North America Early Next Year
09/16/11 Street Fighter X Tekken: PS3/Vita DLC, Tiny Arcade Stick
09/16/11 NIS Announces New Titles For Vita, PlayStation 3
09/15/11 inFamous 2 Festival Of Blood Dated, Move Compatible
09/15/11 FFXIII-2 Lightning Edition Ver. 2 Graces Japan In December
09/15/11 MGS HD Collection Trailer Surfaces
09/15/11 Dead Island Hits 1 Million Shipped In Just A Few Days
09/14/11 PSX Extreme Fans Can Try Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Now!
09/14/11 Tell Sony You're A PlayStation Fan And Win...Something
09/14/11 TGS 2011: Soul Calibur V Lands On Shelves In Q1 2012
09/14/11 Rumor: Bayonetta Returning With An "Animated Component"
09/14/11 Max Payne 3 First Official Trailer: New Look, Similar Problems
09/14/11 Tales Of Xillia Hits 500k In First Week
09/14/11 GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Double 'O' Edition Announced
09/14/11 TGS 2011: DoA5 Coming In 2012, Ninja Gaiden III Details
09/13/11 TGS 2011: PS3 At 51.8 Million, PSP Hits 71.4 Million
09/13/11 Are Annual Franchises Activision's Kryptonite?
09/13/11 White Knight Chronicles II DLC Already Available In US
09/13/11 Early Retail Indications Point To Low Resistance 3 Sales?
09/13/11 Sonic Generations Speeding To PS3, 360 On November 1
09/13/11 Red Dead Rides Again With Packed GotY Edition
09/13/11 Heavenly Sword Animated Film Hints At Possible Sequel?
09/13/11 Infinity Ward Talks About Call Of Duty's Unprecedented Rise
09/13/11 Crysis For Consoles Will Be Upgraded From PC Version
09/12/11 Gears 3 Will Play Second Fiddle To Uncharted 3
09/12/11 Sparkling Ceramic White PS3 Landing In Europe Soon
09/12/11 Namco Teases New Tales Entry
09/12/11 Black Ops Rezurrection DLC Gets PS3, PC Release Date
09/12/11 Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Solo Gameplay Is Familiar
09/12/11 Heavy Rain Passes 2 Million, Used Sales Cost Developer
09/12/11 Syndicate Revival Confirmed, Slated For Early 2012
09/11/11 What Do You Want More: FFXIII-2 Or Versus XIII?
09/11/11 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Expected Resistance 3 Quality
09/11/11 Bloodsucker Virus Spreads In Skyrim
09/11/11 FFXIII-2 90% Complete, Release Date Coming Soon
09/10/11 Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Only Weeks Away
09/09/11 Call Of Duty Sucks Up Lots Of Money And Long Hours
09/09/11 THQ CEO: Future Consoles Will Ditch Physical Media
09/09/11 Team Ninja Teases New Game, To Be Announced At TGS
09/09/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ships Two Million Copies
09/09/11 Crysis Lands On PSN/XBLA In October
09/08/11 Has Max Payne's Popularity Declined?
09/08/11 Uncharted 3 Sand Art: An Expressive, Impressive Homage
09/08/11 August NPD: No Madden, Stats Slide
09/08/11 Microsoft Worried About Games Looking Better On PS3
09/08/11 From Dust: Play God On September 27
09/08/11 Dragon's Dogma: Action Strategy, Pawns, And Towns
09/08/11 Max Payne 3 Set For March: Bullet-Time And Multiplayer
09/08/11 Sony: 360 Leads But We Have Better Software Growth
09/07/11 Will Ninja Theory Finally Break Through With DMC?
09/07/11 Surprise, Activision Wins Decision
09/07/11 Revelations Multiplayer Beta Open To All PSN Users Today
09/07/11 No Elite-Like Service For Battlefield...At Least, Not Yet
09/07/11 FPS Fans: Obviously, Graphics Are The Most Important
09/07/11 DICE On Mirror's Edge Sequel: "Nothing's Impossible"
09/07/11 Crytek Boss Defends Unlawful Firing Allegations
09/07/11 Arkham City New Game Plus Detailed
09/06/11 Resistance 3 vs. Dead Island: Gamers Have A Tough Decision
09/06/11 Resistance 3: The Final Weapon And The First DLC
09/06/11 More Evidence Found For Devil May Cry HD Collection
09/06/11 Ninja Theory Boss: Current AAA-Driven Market Is Unhealthy
09/06/11 Silent Hill: Downpour Gameplay Gives Us The Chills
09/06/11 Dead Nation DLC: Head Down The Road Of Devastation
09/06/11 Insomniac: We Can Get More Out Of The PlayStation 3
09/05/11 Critics Contributing To JRPG Demise?
09/05/11 Ni No Kuni Trailer Presents A Gorgeous, Diverse World
09/05/11 Kojima: Better Technology Widens Cultural Gap
09/05/11 Amy: Examine Chilling Faces Of Horror
09/05/11 Lightning Figurine Strikes A Pose
09/05/11 HD Collection's Peace Walker Gets Online Co-Op
09/04/11 Naughty Dog Won't Ruin Nathan And Elena's Relationship
09/04/11 Rumor: Syphon Filter 4 Set For Winter 2012 Launch?
09/04/11 PSXE Poll Update: Dead Island Will Need Good Reviews
09/03/11 MW3 Multiplayer Details: Killstreaks, Modes, Weapons
09/03/11 CoD Third-Person Title Is World Class, Uncharted Isn't
09/02/11 Kevin Butler Channels Braveheart For The Chimeran Invasion
09/02/11 Premium Call Of Duty Elite Service Detailed, Priced
09/02/11 Deus Ex DLC Coming In October
09/02/11 My Ridiculously Stupid Reason Why I Won't Use DLC
09/02/11 Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer World Premiere Heats Up
09/02/11 Inside Source: PS4 Launches In A Year And A Half
09/02/11 Dungeon Siege III DLC: New Content, Gameplay Upgrades
09/02/11 PSXE Show Episode #5 Running Now, Next Episode Incoming
09/01/11 Activision Reveals Big CoD Stats
09/01/11 Capcom Seeks Western Partners For Better Overseas Sales
09/01/11 Plus Members Get The Revelations Multiplayer Beta Now
09/01/11 PSN Recovers: "The Summer Of Our Discontent Is Behind Us"
09/01/11 L.A. Noire Developer Placed Into Administration
09/01/11 Free RDR Myths & Mavericks Pack: Maps And Characters
09/01/11 Hey RPG Fans, You Might Want To Check Out Dead Island

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