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PS3 Archives - January, 2012

01/31/12 Uh-Oh...I Think I Like FFXIII-2 For All The Wrong Reasons
01/31/12 Dark Souls Follow-Up May Not Happen
01/31/12 Rumor: Killzone 4, Killzone Vita Title, New IP In Development
01/31/12 Square Enix: "Extensive DLC" Coming For Final Fantasy XIII-2
01/31/12 Dragon's Dogma Graced With Resident Evil 6 Demo
01/31/12 THQ Warned, May Be Removed From The NASDAQ Exchange
01/31/12 Activision Gives You 55 Reasons To Pre-Order Prototype 2
01/30/12 Twisted Metal: Health Pick Up Debate
01/30/12 Harmonix Currently Working On An "Unannounced Title"
01/30/12 Madden NFL 12 Picks Giants In A Close Super Bowl Victory
01/30/12 Curt Schilling Explains Amalur's Online Pass Incentive
01/30/12 Soul Calibur V DLC: Classic Music, Fairy Wings, Bikinis
01/30/12 Indie Game: The Movie Honored At Sundance Film Festival
01/29/12 Why Do Western Games Have Superior Voice Performances?
01/29/12 Square Enix Secret Team Toiling Away On An Unknown IP
01/29/12 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Evenly Split On Twisted Metal
01/28/12 Why Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is Better Than Final Fantasy XIII
01/28/12 Soul Calibur V: Complete Fighter Roster
01/28/12 Ubisoft: If We Focus On High Quality, We Can Be #1
01/27/12 Is Final Fantasy XIII-2 The Least Anticipated FF Ever?
01/27/12 Reckoning Online Pass Gets You Seven Extra Quests
01/27/12 Get Ready, Final Fantasy XIII-3 May Be A Foregone Conclusion
01/27/12 Quantum Conundrum: Portal Fans Are Gonna Love It
01/26/12 Don't Miss The Return Of An Iconic Franchise In February
01/26/12 Twisted Metal, Syndicate Multiplayer Demos Next Week
01/26/12 Aliens: Colonial Marines Pushed Back
01/26/12 Insomniac: Resistance Reached Its "Logical Conclusion"
01/26/12 Gotham City Impostors Beta Available To All PSN Users
01/26/12 Capcom Labels Resident Evil 6 As "Dramatic Horror"
01/26/12 Insomniac Is Done With Resistance
01/26/12 Mass Effect 3 Will Ease Newcomers Into The Storyline
01/25/12 Jaffe Wants God Of War IV To Adopt A "Zelda Formula?"
01/25/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC: Get Lightning Back In Your Party
01/25/12 Is The Used Game Market Doomed?
01/25/12 Modern Warfare 3 DLC Content Calendar For Elite Members
01/25/12 MLB 12: The Show First Look Trailer Showcases Upgrades
01/25/12 Kojima On Rising: "I Thought Nothing Good Would Come Of This"
01/25/12 THQ Drops Kids Games, Focuses On "Core Franchises"
01/24/12 Is I Am Alive The Survival Title RE6 Should've Been?
01/24/12 Ed Boon Confirms Mortal Kombat 10?
01/24/12 Jak And Daxter Collection Finally Hits Shelves On February 7
01/24/12 Australia To Vote On New R18+ Rating Bill Next Month
01/24/12 Microsoft Admits Sony Did A "Great Job" With HD Remakes
01/24/12 Naughty Dog Team Split For Uncharted 4, The Last Of Us
01/24/12 FIFA Street Secures March 13 Date
01/23/12 Which Generation Had The Best PlayStation Console?
01/23/12 Exploring Freaky Monsters In Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock
01/23/12 I Am Alive Trailer Stresses Survival
01/23/12 Dead Space Studio Hiring For New "Online Action Shooter"
01/23/12 Serious Sam 3: BFE For Consoles In The Works At Croteam
01/23/12 Jaffe On PSN Pass, Demo, Patch For Twisted Metal
01/23/12 GTAIII, Vice City Likely Headed To PSN
01/22/12 Does It Make "More Sense" For MGS5 To Have More Action, Too?
01/22/12 Rumor: God Of War IV, Syphon Filter 4 To Be Announced
01/22/12 PSXE Poll Update: A Great Many Don't Care About FFXIII-2
01/22/12 RE6 Details: Demo, Different Zombies, Multiplayer Info
01/21/12 I Am Alive Scared Into Digital Realm By The Last Of Us?
01/21/12 Syndicate Co-Op Sample: Time To Invade Western Europe
01/20/12 Capcom: "Makes Sense" For Resident Evil To Have More Action
01/20/12 Twisted Metal Golden, Valentine's Day Is Gonna Be Bloody
01/20/12 Rumor: Ubisoft Bundling Three Digital Hits
01/20/12 Twisted Metal Multiplayer: Party System, Matchmaking
01/20/12 Capcom: RE6 Is The "Ultimate Horror Entertainment"
01/20/12 Diablo III Changes Based On Beta Info
01/19/12 Is Resident Evil Still One Of The Industry's Defining Franchises?
01/19/12 Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Dated
01/19/12 Resident Evil 6: A New Threat Invades On November 20
01/19/12 How Kingdoms Of Amalur Stands Out From The RPG Crowd
01/19/12 Bioshock Infinite "1999 Mode" Will Test The Faithful's Mettle
01/19/12 Shank 2 Dated, Expect An "Evolved Combat Experience"
01/18/12 Nomura Talks Technical Improvements In Versus XIII
01/18/12 Ninja Gaiden III Collector's Edition Boasts Dead Or Alive 5 Demo
01/18/12 "Rampage" Jackson Talks Career Mode In UFC Undisputed 3
01/18/12 IO Exploring "Different Aspects" Of Agent 47 In Absolution
01/18/12 When Platinum Took Over Rising, Stealth Was The First To Go
01/18/12 Mass Effect 3 Demo Makes Valentine's Day Even Sweeter
01/17/12 Kill The Fan Rage, Give DMC The Benefit Of The Doubt
01/17/12 Capcom Studio Working On Two Unknown "AAA Titles"
01/17/12 Starhawk Public Beta Open Now, Game Launches On May 8
01/17/12 Multiplatform Ong-Bak Game To Crack Bones This Year
01/17/12 Max Payne 3 Pushed Back To May
01/16/12 Are Video Games More Fun If They're Totally Mindless?
01/16/12 Rumor: Sledgehammer Cranking On Next-Gen Call Of Duty?
01/16/12 PSN "12 For '12" Sale Has Top Titles
01/16/12 Tekken X Street Fighter: Character Fan Vote, Vita Version?
01/16/12 Deus Ex Is Amazon's Best-Selling Digital Title Of 2011
01/16/12 THQ Not Canceling New Games, "Excited" For The Future
01/16/12 Dead Island DLC Offers New Character And New Weapons
01/15/12 Lollipop Chainsaw's Juliet Smokes Up The Cosplay Scene
01/15/12 Jaffe: Twisted Metal "About 1,000 Times Better" Than TM Black
01/15/12 Gran Turismo 5 DLC: 6 New Cars, Route X Test Course
01/14/12 GameStop: Consoles Are Safe From A Streaming Takeover
01/14/12 Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice Of Arland Set For May
01/13/12 Oddworld: Munch's Oddyssee Confirmed For PS3, Vita
01/13/12 Starhawk Public Multiplayer Beta Takes Flight On January 17
01/13/12 Hitman Dev Comments On Changes In The Stealth Genre
01/13/12 Sony: Move Could've, Should've Done Better In The UK
01/13/12 DICE Cracking Down On BF3 Cheaters
01/12/12 The Lure Of The New Console Is Losing Its...Allure
01/12/12 Uncharted 3 Leads AIAS Nominations
01/12/12 December NPD: Sales Fall 21%, Modern Warfare 3 Tops
01/12/12 ICO, Shadow Of The Colossus Become New PSN Legends
01/12/12 Source: Either Sony Or Microsoft Won't Have A Next-Gen Console
01/12/12 Ninja Gaiden III Multiplayer Footage: Kill All The Ninjas
01/12/12 GAME Leaks Medal Of Honor 2, New Need For Speed Title
01/11/12 Could The PS3 End Up With More Sales Than The 360 And Wii?
01/11/12 I Am Alive Earns Finalized Launch Date?
01/11/12 Original Killzone Targets PSN
01/11/12 Binary Domain Delayed A Couple Weeks
01/11/12 Devs Used PS3 As Lead Platform For Hitman: Absolution
01/11/12 Mass Effect 3, Reckoning Demos: Cross-Promotional Items
01/10/12 Gamers Want Backwards Compatibility In Next-Gen Consoles
01/10/12 Can We Finally Say Diablo III Is Confirmed For Consoles?
01/10/12 Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta, Release Date Announced
01/10/12 Travel To New Locales In Revelations Multiplayer Map Pack
01/10/12 Mad Catz Reveals Their Fight Stick For Soul Calibur V
01/09/12 PS3 Sells 3.9 Million During The Holidays
01/09/12 Gamers Vote And AMY Price Becomes $9.99 On The PSN
01/09/12 GameStop Enjoys 5% Holiday Rise To Over $3 Billion
01/09/12 Dead Space 2 Dev: A Struggle Between Design And Production
01/09/12 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Dated
01/09/12 Euro Retailers Hint At March 2013 Launch For GTAV
01/08/12 Ninja Theory Defends Their Involvement In Devil May Cry
01/08/12 Jaffe Hopes Twisted Metal Can Ultimately Sell 1-2 Million
01/08/12 PSXE Poll Update: Most Are Perfectly Happy With The PS3
01/08/12 Lightbox On Starhawk Beta: "Ton Of Highs With A Few Lows"
01/07/12 Media Molecule Lays Out The Bucks For New Innovations
01/07/12 Shenmue Creator Wants To Grab The License From Sega
01/06/12 Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Crosses Finish Line On January 17
01/06/12 New PlayStation, Xbox To Make E3 2012 A Historic Event
01/06/12 AMY Producers Give Gamers A Chance To Choose PSN Price
01/06/12 Survey: Mobile Gaming Is Popular...Among Mobile Gamers
01/06/12 Alan Wake Dev: Games Will Become More Like Services
01/06/12 Square Enix Announces ScaryGirl
01/05/12 What Will Square Enix Do If FFXIII-2 Is A Sales Failure?
01/05/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Available On PSN Next Week
01/05/12 GameFly's Most Requested 2011 Title ISN'T Modern Warfare 3
01/05/12 AMY Haunts PSN On January 10
01/05/12 BioWare Working On The Best Possible Mass Effect 3 Ending
01/05/12 Two House Of The Dead Titles Lurch Towards The PSN
01/05/12 SCEA Announces The Tester Season 3 Cast
01/04/12 Are Japanese Devs Wrong In Their View Of Western Gamers?
01/04/12 Ninja Theory Receives Death Threats Over DMC Reboot
01/04/12 Tomb Raider Developer Prepping An "Exciting New IP"
01/04/12 Soul Calibur V Fights Its Way To Shelves On January 31
01/04/12 Silent Hill: Downpour Lands March 6 Release Date
01/04/12 Orc Attack Revealed: Gassy Orcs Take On Annoying Humans
01/04/12 Disaster Report Creator Working On New Title For PS3, Vita
01/03/12 Kojima Wants To Produce Multiple Titles
01/03/12 Levine: There's More To Elizabeth Besides Her Breasts
01/03/12 Square Enix Teasing More Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info
01/03/12 Syndicate Four-Player Co-Op On Display
01/03/12 Kojima: FPS Popularity Equals Fewer Original Ideas
01/03/12 GTAV's Map To Make Liberty City Look Small By Comparison?
01/03/12 Creepy Shadow Of A Soul: Chapter I Coming To PS3
01/02/12 Tomb Raider Details: Realism Is A Primary Focus
01/02/12 Mass Effect 3 GameStop Pre-Order Incentives Revealed
01/02/12 God Of War IV Appears On Resume As An "Upcoming" Project
01/02/12 Journey Seeks To "Create A Human Connection"
01/02/12 Japanese Gamers Most Want Dragon Quest X, Dragon's Dogma
01/01/12 This Year's Most Anticipated Game
01/01/12 PSXE Poll Update: Reader's Choice For GotY 2011 Is...
01/01/12 New Evidence Indicates May Launch Date For GTAV
01/01/12 GI Mystery Game: Old-School Gamers Will Love It

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