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PS3 Archives - October, 2012

10/31/12 Game Reviews: Okay, It's Good, But...Will I Actually Like It?
10/31/12 Puppeteer Halloween Trailer Shows Off Its Charming Creepiness
10/31/12 LEGO: Lord Of The Rings: Fantasy Fun Set For November 13
10/31/12 Pachter: Warfighter Reception May Have Killed Medal Of Honor
10/31/12 Ubisoft On Next AC: We'll Go Where Fans Don't Want Us To Go
10/31/12 Capcom's Rosy Six-Month Period: 355% Jump In Profits
10/31/12 Borderlands 2 Proves Wicked Popular: 5 Million Shipped
10/30/12 Are There Acceptable Bugs And Glitches In Assassin's Creed III?
10/30/12 EA: Warfighter Exhibiting "Weaker Than Expected Performance"
10/30/12 Infinity Ward Denies Bill Murray's Claim About Modern Warfare 4
10/30/12 Silicon Knights Suffers Mass Desertion
10/30/12 Dead Or Alive 5 Pushes 580,000 Copies In Only One Month
10/30/12 Rumor: GTAV Launches On Five-Year Anniversary Of GTAIV
10/29/12 Only One Thing Left To Do: Blend CoD With Final Fantasy
10/29/12 Raise Your Hand If You Want A Sleeping Dogs Sequel, Please
10/29/12 Black Ops II Game Director Hands Out More Multiplayer Details
10/29/12 Hurricane Sandy To Assassin's Creed III: You're Not Bigger Than Me
10/29/12 Gogogic CEO: "Games Are Meant To Be Played With Others"
10/29/12 Two Grand Theft Auto Classics Coming To PlayStation Store?
10/29/12 Uh...I'm Not So Sure Cliff Bleszinski Is What Resident Evil Needs
10/29/12 Promo Posters Say GTAV Hits In Spring
10/29/12 Black Ops II Live Action Trailer: Celebs And Cool One-Liners
10/28/12 Is Medal Of Honor: Warfighter The Biggest Disappointment Of 2012?
10/28/12 Missed Out On Skyrim? Get Ready For The Premium Edition
10/28/12 The Unfinished Swan Launch Trailer: Try Me, I Deserve Attention
10/28/12 PSXE Poll Update: Sony Should Be Fine This Holiday Season
10/27/12 If You "Revolt" Over Firmware Update 4.30, Get Yourself Checked
10/26/12 Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Dated And Priced
10/26/12 G4 Canceling X-Play, Attack Of The Show
10/26/12 Need For Speed: Most Wanted Launch Trailer: Hot Cars FTW!
10/26/12 Activision: Making A GOOD Licensed Video Game Is Hard
10/26/12 GameStop To Open Stores Specifically Geared To Youngsters
10/26/12 The Best Killer Moves In Dishonored Will Earn A Sokolov Painting
10/25/12 Best Games Of 2012: Fair To Compare Dishonored And Journey?
10/25/12 Sony: Plus Will Make Gamers "More Comfortable" With Digital
10/25/12 Assassin's Creed III: The Frontier Springs To Life Next Week
10/25/12 Mass Effect Film Lands New Writer
10/25/12 Musterbrand Unveils Official Assassin's Creed III Clothing Line
10/25/12 Assassin's Creed III Breaks Pre-Order Records For Ubisoft
10/25/12 Syphon Filter: Looking Back At One Of The Stealth Pioneers
10/25/12 Insomniac "Agonized" Over Unveiling Fuse To The Public
10/25/12 Dishonored DLC Will Hit PS3, 360, And PC Simultaneously
10/24/12 David Cage, We Need Your Philosophy Now More Than Ever
10/24/12 Telltale Games: Gaming Is Stuck In An "Action-Packed Rut"
10/24/12 Meet The Wacko Behind Far Cry 3: This Dude Needs Help
10/24/12 GTAV: New Artwork And Maybe A Ton Of New Info In November
10/24/12 Resident Evil 6 Free Update: Camera, Ada Wong, And No Hope
10/24/12 Pre-Ordering Ascension Nets You King Leonidas Multiplayer DLC
10/24/12 Target May Have A Delicious 2-For-1 Deal
10/23/12 Hey, So...My Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Game Feels Broken
10/23/12 Dead Island Riptide: Similar, But Hardly More Of The Same
10/23/12 Assassin's Creed III PS3 To Receive Four Benedict Arnold Missions
10/23/12 Crysis 3 Seeks A "Solid Middle Ground" In Regards To Freedom
10/23/12 US District Judge Throws Out Most PSN-Related Lawsuits
10/23/12 Sony's Teaser Vids Lead To Live-Action PlayStation All-Stars Trailer
10/22/12 Warfighter vs. Black Ops II: Which Has The Superior Campaign?
10/22/12 Ubisoft: Far Cry 3 Is Different, So We Don't Worry About CoD
10/22/12 God Of War: Ascension Beta Detailed
10/22/12 MoH Warfighter Launch Trailer Proves The Game Is Aptly Named
10/22/12 What Is The Reload And The Arrival? Find Out Tomorrow
10/22/12 The Last Of Us Comic Series Focuses On Ellie's Back Story
10/22/12 Ubisoft On ACIII: "We Redefined What The Game Is About"
10/22/12 One Level In Dragon Age III Is Bigger Than All Of Dragon Age II
10/21/12 Why An FFVII Remake Would Sell More Than Call Of Duty
10/21/12 Pre-Order Bioshock Infinite, Get A Free Flash Puzzle Game
10/21/12 PSXE Poll Update: Dishonored Has Gone Over Rather Well
10/20/12 Dishonored's Popularity Shows Gamers Still Love Stealth
10/20/12 Assassin's Creed III TV Ad: Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Death
10/19/12 Tomb Raider Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
10/19/12 Social Gaming Stats Prove Why It's The Domain Of The Casual
10/19/12 Anarchy Reigns Finally Lands Launch Date For US, Europe
10/19/12 Hitman: Absolution Life Of An Assassin Sweepstakes Detailed
10/19/12 Mass Effect Says Goodbye To Shepard
10/19/12 Weapons Can Be "Prestiged" In Call Of Duty: Black Ops II
10/18/12 Need For Speed: Most Wanted TV Ad: The Classic Showdown
10/18/12 Borderlands 2 Mr. Torgue's Campaign Of Carnage DLC Outed
10/18/12 Rockstar Looking For Crews Feedback For Grand Theft Auto V
10/18/12 Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC Dated
10/18/12 Starhawk Developer Lays Off 24 As Part Of A "Strategic Shift"
10/18/12 Songbird Ultimate And Premium Editions For Bioshock Infinite
10/17/12 Should Campaigns And Multiplayer Get Separate Review Scores?
10/17/12 AnvilNext Engine Allowed ACIII To Run On Current Consoles
10/17/12 Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation Pack Set For October 30
10/17/12 Operation Supply Drop: Sending Games To Our Troops Overseas
10/17/12 New-Look Store Suffers Launch-Day Problems In Europe
10/17/12 Criterion Not Done With Burnout, But May Opt To Branch Out
10/17/12 Pachter Doesn't Rule Out December Release For GTAV
10/17/12 Groundside Resistance, Omega DLC Confirmed For ME3
10/17/12 Sony Formally Unveils Updated PS Store
10/16/12 PS3 Owners Might Get The Mass Effect Trilogy In December
10/16/12 Skyfall Mission For 007 Legends Debuts First On PS3
10/16/12 AC/DC's "Back In Black" Rocks The BO2 Launch Trailer
10/16/12 Three Costume Packs For DoA5...Who Wants A Kitty?
10/16/12 Dragonborn DLC For Skyrim Might Let Us Ride Dragons Around
10/16/12 Keep An Eye On The Deals And Steals For Black Friday
10/15/12 DreamWorks Casts Aaron Paul As Lead In Need For Speed Movie
10/15/12 Why The Irrational Exodus?
10/15/12 Whatcha Wanna See In A Dead Island Riptide Collector's Edition?
10/15/12 Plus Subscribers Can Try Out PlayStation All-Stars Today
10/15/12 All Call Of Duty Elite Extras For Black Ops II Will Be Free
10/15/12 Big Darksiders II Patch Fixes A Bunch Of Irritating Bugs
10/15/12 You Can Hunt Sharks In Far Cry 3...Only If You Really Want To
10/15/12 Finding An Assassin's Creed III Coin Will Require Some Luck
10/14/12 Are We Once Again Revisiting The 2007 Anti-Sony Campaign?
10/14/12 Cage: Beyond Has Proven The PS3 Is Still A Powerful Machine
10/14/12 DMC Demo Promised, "Novelty Modes" Available To Unlock
10/14/12 Sleeping Dogs Nightmare In Northpoint DLC Might Be Freaky
10/13/12 Splinter Cell's Current Events Makes It More Realistic Than MGS
10/13/12 How's About A Move Controller That Heats Up And Cools Down?
10/12/12 Of Orcs And Men: It's Time To Finally Play As The Bad Guys
10/12/12 Capcom To Deliver Balancing Patch For Street Fighter X Tekken
10/12/12 Del Toro Refuses To Give Up On inSane
10/12/12 NBA 2K13 Sets Franchise Sales Record
10/12/12 The Last Of Us Violence Reflects Humans "Pushed To The Limit"
10/11/12 Do We Finally Get A Grand Theft Auto V Date In December?
10/11/12 God Of War: Ascension Collector's Pack, Pre-Order Incentive
10/11/12 September NPD: Madden Thrives And Borderlands 2 Is A Hit
10/11/12 The Father Of Video Games: "Who Could Have Predicted It?"
10/11/12 The One Thing Missing From Borderlands 2? Pirates, Of Course
10/11/12 Sony Unveils New-Look PlayStation Store
10/10/12 Rockstar Games Collection 1 Spotted
10/10/12 New Bioshock Infinite Trailer In 10 Days, Cast Your Vote
10/10/12 The Unfinished Swan: Beautiful Music, Beautiful Experience
10/10/12 Do New FFXIV PS3 Details Imply The Release Is Nigh?
10/10/12 Treyarch On CoD Engine: "What Is There To Be Upset About?"
10/10/12 Total Recall Movie Will Come With God Of War: Ascension Demo
10/09/12 Far Cry 3 Trailer: Citra Says, "Drink This"
10/09/12 Painkiller Remake Hitting PC First, Arrives For PS3/360 Later
10/09/12 Bridgestone's Defense: "Kevin Butler" Isn't In Our Commercial
10/09/12 Hitman Director: Console Cycles Never Really End "Abruptly"
10/09/12 Surprise! Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC Available Now
10/08/12 Capcom Tries To Explain DLC Apparently Locked On RE6 Disc
10/08/12 Ubisoft Ready To Unleash A Big Splinter Cell Announcement
10/08/12 Fox Turning Battlefield: Bad Company Into An "Action Comedy"
10/08/12 Pamela Horton: "I Got Treated Like Crap Playing FPSs Online"
10/08/12 Activision CEO: Fans Shouldn't Rebel Against What's New
10/08/12 ibb and obb Revealed For PSN: Co-Op Fun With A Gravity Twist
10/08/12 BioWare Bosses Gone, Pachter Blames "Whining" Gamers
10/07/12 Murderers Cite Resident Evil As Influence For Brutal Crime
10/07/12 Sony Sues Bridgestone For Use Of The Kevin Butler Character
10/07/12 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Unimpressed With Resident Evil 6
10/07/12 Ohio State Marching Band Pays Homage To Gaming History
10/06/12 Gameplay Series: Watch A Full Race In NFS: Most Wanted
10/05/12 Metal Gear Rising Limited Edition Priced, But "Out Of Stock"
10/05/12 God Of War Fans Select The Most Epic Moment Of All Time
10/05/12 Pre-Order Tomb Raider At Amazon, Get The Final Hours Edition
10/05/12 The Unfinished Swan Is Finished, Set For October 23
10/05/12 Remember Me Dev: Installed User Bases Perfect For New IPs
10/05/12 Joe Danger 2 PSN Dated, Coming With "Joe Danger Gaiden"
10/04/12 We Lost Bioshock In 2012 But We Got Dishonored...Fair Trade?
10/04/12 Tales Of Xillia Features "Unique And Improved" Battle System
10/04/12 Original Mass Effect In ME Trilogy For PS3 Boasts Improvements
10/04/12 Resistance Collection Serves Up FPS Grandness This Winter
10/04/12 Still No Skyrim DLC For PS3 Owners
10/04/12 Hitman Trailer: Anything Can Be Deadly, Even Disco Balls
10/04/12 One Of History's Best Finally Comes To The PSN In Europe
10/04/12 All These Installs Are Driving Me Nuts
10/04/12 RE6 Ships 4.5 Million Worldwide, Franchise Sales Top 50 Million
10/03/12 Could Fan Backlash Have Influenced Resident Evil 6 Scores?
10/03/12 Far Cry 3 Devs: Elder Scrolls, Rockstar Games Were Inspiration
10/03/12 Gran Turismo 5 Tech Demo Will Show Off Crazy 4K Resolution
10/03/12 EA: If We Abandon New IPs, We'll Be On Life Support
10/03/12 Assassin's Creed III DLC Season Pass Offers 25% Savings
10/03/12 Kojima Believes Player Freedom Is The Future Of MGS
10/03/12 Max Payne 3 DLC Delayed, New Date Coming "Very Soon"
10/03/12 Capcom: "We Aren't Beholden To Our Fans At Every Turn"
10/02/12 Playboy's Miss October Is A Gamer...Got Questions For Her?
10/02/12 How Does One Reinvent An Icon? Let The New Lara Explain
10/02/12 Assassin's Creed III PS3 Will Feature A Season Pass For DLC
10/02/12 New 500GB PS3 Sparks UK Sales Surge
10/02/12 Arkane: Dishonored Will Take You A Bare Minimum Of 22 Hours
10/02/12 Japan Gets Specially Decorated PS3s
10/02/12 Gearbox: "Chill Out Internet," Work On Borderlands 3 Hasn't Begun
10/01/12 Is Resident Evil 6 Vindication Or Failure For Japanese Gaming?
10/01/12 Dishonored Dev: Current Consoles Not Close To Maxing Out
10/01/12 Spend $100 On The PSN, And Sony Will Toss You $20
10/01/12 XCOM May Be Undergoing Some Pretty Significant Changes
10/01/12 It Seems A PS3/Vita Bundle Could Be A Distinct Possibility
10/01/12 Oddworld Remake Gets Renamed, New Footage Released

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