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PS3 Archives - November, 2012

11/30/12 New The Last Of Us Character Introduced At Spike VGAs
11/30/12 Kojima: I Haven't Shown The World What I Might Be Capable Of
11/30/12 Pay Homage To An Icon: Nintendo Power Bows Out Gracefully
11/30/12 Treyarch To BOII Prestige Glitchers: "Enjoy It While It Lasts"
11/30/12 RAGE DLC "The Scorchers" May Be Just Around The Corner
11/30/12 Sony Patents Innovative "Hybrid Separable Motion Controller"
11/30/12 Forget Halo, There's Only One Game I Care About On The 360
11/30/12 Beyond Won't Be Launching On May 25, 2013...Or Will It?
11/29/12 Analyst: CoD's Exhibited Weakness Is A "Cause For Concern"
11/29/12 PS3, Vita, PlayStation Plus Enjoy Great Black Friday Success
11/29/12 Inafune: Technology Has Become Too Big A Focus In Games
11/29/12 Ubisoft Gauging Interest For Assassin's Creed 4 In 2013?
11/28/12 Far Cry 3 Likely Won't Be The Last Entry In The Franchise
11/28/12 Corvette C7 Test Prototype Hits GT5: Can You Handle It?
11/28/12 Dragon Age III "Postponed," Has Become A Next-Gen Title?
11/28/12 Upcoming Wendy Braun Interview: Got Anything You'd Like To Ask?
11/28/12 Four-Minute Agni's Philosophy Demo Took A Year To Make
11/28/12 Platinum Abandoned Kojima's Bosses, Levels In MGS Rising
11/28/12 Dishonored Exceeds Expectations, Will Become A Franchise
11/28/12 Bethesda: Extra Skyrim Content "Will Be Coming To PS3"
11/28/12 Take-Two: Annualized IPs Eventually Seem To Hit A Wall
11/27/12 Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Currently Available On PSN
11/27/12 Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Dated For North America, Europe
11/27/12 Valve Picks Possible Dream Directors For Half-Life Movie
11/27/12 Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC Lands On December 11
11/26/12 In Which Game World Would You Live?
11/26/12 PlayStation All-Stars Might Spark A Keen Interest In Fighters
11/26/12 Relive Some Painful Memories With The Fourth Max Payne 3 DLC
11/26/12 Fans Will Determine The Cover Athlete For MLB 13: The Show
11/26/12 PSXE Newsletter Giveaway: Your Chance To Win Resident Evil 6
11/26/12 EA Games Boss: Fans Needn't Worry About Dead Space 3
11/26/12 Amazon Cyber Monday Details, Lightning Deals Included
11/26/12 GameStop Cyber Monday Deals Include Lots Of Great Titles
11/25/12 PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation All-Stars Breeds Indifference
11/25/12 Tomb Raider Quest About 15 Hours, No Need For Health Packs
11/25/12 Well, Of Course The New Call Of Duty Is Coming To PS3, 360
11/25/12 Hitman: Absolution Easter Egg Requires Some Vulture Slaying
11/24/12 Black Ops II Outsells Black Ops, But Not Modern Warfare 3
11/24/12 Go Behind The Scenes With Ascension's "Unchained" Video
11/23/12 Would PS3 Owners Want To Play Resident Evil: Revelations?
11/23/12 Eurocom Loses Most Of Its Staff, Will Focus On Mobile Titles
11/22/12 The Holidays Can Be Stressful: Take A Game Prescription
11/22/12 Lightning Returns Reaches A Big Development Milestone
11/22/12 Square Enix Montreal Will Handle The Next Hitman Entry
11/22/12 inSane Finds A New Home, Still At Least Two Years Away
11/22/12 Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition Spotted
11/22/12 What Are You Most Thankful For In The Video Game World?
11/22/12 Sydney Man Plays Black Ops II For Nearly 136 Hours Straight
11/22/12 Square Enix: Controversial Hitman Trailer Helped...Kinda
11/21/12 What Does The DMC Demo Say To You?
11/21/12 Aliens: Colonial Marines Survivor Mode: Last Man Standing
11/21/12 Assassin's Creed III Single-Player Event: Kill 'Em All
11/21/12 Swedish Dev Says Mirror's Edge 2 Is In Production At DICE
11/20/12 Do PS3 Owners Still Want FFXIV?
11/20/12 Sony Adds Nine More Ultimate Edition Deals To The Network
11/20/12 Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Trailer: Going All Out And Running Amok
11/20/12 Is Capcom Planning A New Brawler, "Fighters Of Capcom?"
11/20/12 Black Ops II Fans: "Hey, Bring Back Nuketown...Like, NOW!"
11/20/12 Rockstar: San Andreas Sex Scandal Was "A Tough Time"
11/19/12 Treyarch May Deliver Multiple New Modes For Black Ops II
11/19/12 Will The Next Mass Effect Be A Prequel?
11/19/12 What Game Received The Most Unfair Treatment From Critics?
11/19/12 Square Enix Ditches Online Pass For Hitman: Absolution
11/18/12 Okay, Dishonored Needs To Sell More Over The Holidays
11/18/12 A Diplomatic Tretton Wishes Nintendo Has Success With Wii U
11/18/12 Black Ops II Pre-Match Freezing Issues? Try This Simple Fix
11/18/12 DMC Fight The Power Trailer: Kat And Vergil Actors Sound Off
11/18/12 PSXE User Review Contest: The Readers Choose Another Winner
11/17/12 Street Fighter X Tekken Patch Offers "Major Balance Changes"
11/16/12 Hitman: Absolution Launch Trailer: Agent 47 Is Out For Blood
11/16/12 Assassin's Creed III "Thanksgiving Patch" Fixes Various Issues
11/16/12 Yep, Black Ops II Is The Biggest Entertainment Launch Of 2012
11/16/12 PS3 Sales Hit 70 Million Worldwide, Move Surpasses 15 Million
11/16/12 Great Black Friday PS3, Vita Bundle Deals Priced At $199
11/15/12 Is Grand Theft Auto V A Lock For Game Of The Year 2013?
11/15/12 Kat, Emmett Graves Confirmed For PlayStation All-Stars
11/15/12 Dead Island: Riptide New Musical Promo Features Chamillionaire
11/15/12 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie Lands Director, Producers
11/15/12 10th Annual Spike TV VGAs: And Here Are The Nominees
11/15/12 GameStop: "Frankenstorm" Didn't Hamper Assassin's Creed III
11/15/12 Call Of Duty 2013 Leaked, Follows Modern Warfare Story Arc?
11/15/12 Try Bioshock Infinite Puzzle Game, Earn In-Game Items
11/14/12 Maybe It's Fair And Logical To Say CoD Deserves To Sell
11/14/12 Capcom: You Haven't Seen The Last Of The Blue Bomber
11/14/12 Black Ops II Sells 1 Million At GameStop Midnight Launch Alone
11/14/12 Running "Unauthorized Software" On PS3 Results In PSN Ban
11/14/12 Yeah, See, This Is Why You Can't Really Trust User Reviews
11/14/12 Rockstar: Missions In GTAV Are "More Freeform" Than Before
11/14/12 Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2: Let The Drooling Commence
11/13/12 It's Amazing How Much Less Stressful Offline Gaming Is
11/13/12 PS3 Players Experiencing A Myriad Of Issues In Black Ops II
11/13/12 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Progress Slow Due To Rayman Games
11/13/12 Give Thanks In PlayStation Home
11/13/12 Activision Dropping Sleeping Dogs Turned Out To Be A Good Thing
11/13/12 Two More Video Game Magazines Go Extinct After 2012
11/13/12 Does A Poor PC Review Cast A Shadow Over Hitman: Absolution?
11/13/12 Rainbow 6 Patriots Might Be Next-Gen, Will "Surprise The Industry"
11/13/12 First DMC Expansion Will Bring Dante's Brother Into The Fray
11/13/12 New Mass Effect Will Utilize Frostbite
11/12/12 Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Is Amazon's Most Pre-Ordered Game
11/12/12 Cage: Beyond Is Now "A Few Weeks Off" The Alpha Version
11/12/12 Black Ops II Multiplayer Rules: "Offensive" Peeps Can Be Banned
11/12/12 Rockstar On Grand Theft Auto V: "We're Focused On Variety"
11/11/12 My Love Of JRPGs Is Dying
11/11/12 Lollipop Chainsaw Becomes A Porno...Oh, What A Shock
11/11/12 How'd They Make Black Ops II? DirecTV Explores The Answer
11/11/12 DMC Home Truths Trailer: Rockin' The Combo-Heavy Gameplay
11/11/12 User Review Contest: Who Was The Most Skilled Critic?
11/10/12 Jeff Rubenstein Done As PlayStation's Sr. Social Media Manager
11/09/12 Rockstar Was Warned That Red Dead Redemption Could Fall Flat
11/09/12 Clan Of Champions Dated: Conquer All And Become A Master
11/09/12 GameStop In-Store DLC Sales Hit 10 Million...Yeah, That's Right
11/09/12 Amazon Offering Top Trade-In Dollars For Old CoD Games
11/09/12 Call Of Duty Elite TV Ready, Indulge In The Action Next Week
11/09/12 October NPD: NBA 2K13 Tops, Sales Fall, Momentum Spotted?
11/09/12 Navy SEALs Disciplined For Consulting On MoH Warfighter
11/09/12 Will Old-School GTA Fans Be Satisfied With Grand Theft Auto V?
11/09/12 Far Cry 3 Story Trailer: An Open-World Shooter With A Plot
11/09/12 BioWare: What Do You Want To See In The Next Mass Effect?
11/08/12 Former Square Boss Calls Enix Merger A "Complete Failure"
11/08/12 GTAV Will Feature Three Protagonists
11/08/12 David Cage: Controlling Games With Our Brains Is Plausible
11/08/12 Skyrim DLC For PS3 Might Be Too Little Too Late, Bethesda
11/08/12 Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Will Boast Live In-Game Streaming
11/07/12 The Occasionally Achingly Poetic Nature Of Video Games
11/07/12 Come Black Friday, Gamers Ought To Check Best Buy
11/07/12 Konami Releases Silent Hill: Downpour Patch For PS3
11/07/12 Assassin's Creed Anthology Exclusive To UK, At Least For Now
11/07/12 Activision Sitting Pretty But Is "Cautious" Looking Forward
11/07/12 Special MGS4 25th Anniversary Edition Coming Our Way?
11/07/12 Is Uncharted Going Mobile?
11/07/12 PlayStation: The Official Magazine Will Soon Be No More
11/07/12 Analyst: GTAV Might Sell 25 Million In Its First 12 Months
11/06/12 Today, I Voted For Cloud Strife For President Of The USA
11/06/12 Far Cry 3 Enjoys Golden Status
11/06/12 Gran Turismo 5 Passes 9 Million, Series Sales Near 68 Million
11/06/12 Assassin's Creed III Hits 3.5 Million, Watch Dogs Drops In 2013
11/06/12 Capcom Seems Lukewarm About RE6's Relative Sales Success
11/06/12 Massive All-Inclusive Assassin's Creed Anthology Spotted
11/06/12 Select Sony Collections 50% Off For GameStop PowerUp Peeps
11/06/12 Help Out A Fellow Gamer, Vote For A Great Sackboy Costume!
11/05/12 What's The Absolute Best Game To Give As A Holiday Present?
11/05/12 Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2 Will Rock The World Next Week
11/05/12 Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Confirmed, But Not For PS3 Owners
11/05/12 THQ Forced To Delay Upcoming Trio
11/05/12 GTAV Details Leaked: Yep, Sounds Like Good Ol' GTA!
11/05/12 Former GameStop VP Embezzled $2 Million, Pleads Guilty
11/04/12 Join The Rebellion: Play A Classic Instead Of Black Ops II
11/04/12 Insomniac Was Forced To "Dial Back The Stealth" In Fuse
11/04/12 Yamauchi: Gran Turismo Might Need To Become "Sexier"
11/04/12 Square Enix Swears Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Worth The Wait
11/04/12 Hitman: Absolution Trailer Emphasizes A Detailed, Engaging World
11/03/12 Mass Effect Trilogy Trailer Highlights A Sweeping Saga
11/02/12 Capcom Would Let Western Teams Work On Any Franchise
11/02/12 If There's One Fighter Who Needs To Be In PlayStation All-Stars...
11/02/12 Ninja Theory: Capcom Wanted A "New Entry Point" For DMC
11/02/12 Mass Effect 3 Trilogy Dated For PS3
11/02/12 Hurricane Sandy Postpones Anticipated GTAV Trailer
11/01/12 With No Huge PS3 Exclusive, Will Sony Fans Turn To Halo 4?
11/01/12 Rhode Island Goes After 38 Studios Founder Curt Schilling
11/01/12 Cap That Lets You Customize Your Gear With ACIII Goodness
11/01/12 Win A Copy Of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Or Another Prize...
11/01/12 Take-Two: Expect "Interesting Stuff" For GTAV Multiplayer And DLC
11/01/12 Ubisoft Adds Two Shortcut DLC Bundles For Assassin's Creed III
11/01/12 Sons Of Anarchy Game Won't Happen

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