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PS3 Archives - December, 2012

12/31/12 Okay, What Are Your Gaming-Related New Year's Resolutions?
12/31/12 DJ Kavinsky Featured On NightRide FM Radio Station In GTAV
12/31/12 So, Do Xboxers Play CoD While PS3 Fans Stick To Battlefield?
12/31/12 Celebrate The New Year With The Holiday Essentials PSN Sale
12/31/12 EA Shutting Down Online Servers For Several Older Sports Titles
12/31/12 Frostbite 2 Is BioWare's Go-To Engine
12/31/12 Far Cry 3 Dethrones Black Ops II On UK Sales Charts
12/31/12 DoA5 Update Will Let You Share Match Replays With Friends
12/30/12 Is There A Clear-Cut Winner In This Generation's Console War?
12/30/12 PS3 Owners Almost Got To Play Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition
12/30/12 Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer Makes A Strong Case
12/30/12 Ni No Kuni Behind The Scenes Artistry: Studio Ghibli Impresses
12/30/12 Black Ops II DLC "Revolution" Outed?
12/29/12 Square Enix Admits To An "Obsessive Fixation On Lightning"
12/29/12 Animated Short's Year In Review Leaves Us Giggling Like Crazy
12/28/12 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Dev Handling Tomb Raider Multiplayer
12/28/12 Edge Of Twilight Resurrected, Hitting PS3, 360 In Summer 2013
12/28/12 Valve, Charities Auctioning Off Replica Portal Gun On eBay
12/28/12 Dante And Vergil Vie For Style Champion Of The World In DMC
12/27/12 All Those Guilty Pleasure Games Don't Get Enough Respect
12/27/12 Borderlands 2 Receives Support As Long As It Remains Popular
12/27/12 Dead Space 3 Dev On Why Dementia Is Just So Darn Scary
12/27/12 Rumor: Tomb Raider Will Feature Online Multiplayer Modes
12/27/12 Don't Worry, Lightning Return's Story Will Actually Be Complete
12/27/12 Nippon Ichi Has The World Record For Most SRPGs Released
12/27/12 Would Abe Be A Formidable Foe In PlayStation All-Stars?
12/27/12 Didn't Get All The Games You Wanted? Check GameStop's Sales
12/26/12 Sony's New Camera Lets You Use Your Finger As A Gun?
12/26/12 Check Out The Wacky, Decidedly Inspired Media Molecule HQ
12/26/12 Human Revolution Live-Action Teaser Exudes Coolness
12/26/12 Journey Has Become The Industry's Darling, But Why?
12/26/12 Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Is A Horror Spinoff Coming To PS3, 360
12/26/12 Sample The Co-Op Action Of Dead Space 3 In A Few Weeks
12/25/12 Loot Roll Call: Tell Everyone What Ya Got
12/25/12 Is Square Enix Really Making A Mystery Thriller Of Some Sort?
12/25/12 Lightning Returns Info: "Style" System, Combat Is "ATB Amazing"
12/25/12 Real-Life Assassin's Creed Leap Of Faith: Is Hay That Soft?
12/25/12 Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Story Trailer: Humor, Atmosphere
12/24/12 The Happiest Of Holidays, The Merriest Of Christmases From PSXE
12/24/12 GAME Day After Christmas Sale Includes 12GB PS3, ACIII
12/24/12 Rockstar Says Happy Holidays With Five New GTAV Screens
12/23/12 What Does The Game Of The Year Label Mean To You?
12/23/12 A Canceled Game We Wanted To See: Silent Hill: The Box
12/23/12 Fans Choose Alternate Cover Art For Bioshock Infinite
12/23/12 California Senator Calls Out NRA For Response To Newtown Shooting
12/23/12 PSXE Poll Update: Far Cry 3 Is Definitely One Of 2012's Best
12/22/12 This Weekend's ME3 Multiplayer Event Is Operation: Prophecy
12/21/12 NRA Uses Video Games As Scapegoat For Newtown Tragedy
12/21/12 Capcom: What Should We Be Doing In The Digital Game Space?
12/21/12 Freaky Dark Souls II Concept Art Emerges
12/21/12 Raiden Faces A Mammoth Boss In Metal Gear Rising Gameplay
12/21/12 Lightning Returns Trailer Debuts: So...It's An Action Game, Right?
12/21/12 What Game Do You Think Non-Gamers Would Just Love?
12/21/12 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Receives Japanese Launch Date
12/21/12 Battlefield 3 End Game DLC Details
12/20/12 Star Trek: The Video Game Sets A New Course For April 23
12/20/12 THQ Studios Working On A Variety Of Unannounced Projects
12/20/12 Dark Souls II Not About Changing, But About Fixing
12/20/12 Newsflash, Out-Of-Touch Politicians: Not All Games Are For Kids
12/20/12 Senator Wants Violent Game Study In Wake Of Newtown Tragedy
12/19/12 What Game Totally Owned Your Life For A Period Of Time?
12/19/12 Uncharted 3 Holiday Cheer Found In New Multiplayer Freebies
12/19/12 PlayStation Blog Awards: Sony's Very Best Games Of 2012
12/19/12 THQ Files Chapter 11, But Is Optimistic About The Future
12/19/12 PlayStation 3 Hits 30 Million In Europe, 70 Million Worldwide
12/19/12 Buy DMC From Capcom, Wear Dante's Pendant Proudly
12/19/12 The First 5 Minutes Of Bioshock Infinite: Setting The Stage
12/19/12 Capcom: Resident Evil 6 Started Strong, But Has Weakened
12/18/12 Do Gamers Even Want Better Stories?
12/18/12 Lightning's New Look: Ready To Hand Demons A Spanking
12/18/12 Vice City, Vice City Stories, Bully Finally Heading To The PSN?
12/18/12 Final Fantasy Versus XIII May Receive A Brand New Title
12/18/12 PS Store Sale: At Least 30% Off For The Next Three Weeks
12/18/12 The Scorchers DLC For RAGE: New Enemies, New Weapons
12/17/12 Question Of The Generation: Is Call Of Duty Just A Fad?
12/17/12 Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth Should Be Both Smart And Savvy
12/17/12 Warfighter DLC Zero Dark Thirty Engages PSN, Live Today
12/17/12 Tomb Raider Guide To Survival: Making Camp Is Essential
12/17/12 Fallout: New Vegas Dev Had Worked On A Snow White Prequel
12/17/12 Knytt Underground Comes To PSN, Vita
12/17/12 Lightning Receiving Outfit Overhaul For Her Final Quest
12/17/12 Dark Souls Sequel Seeking Accessibility
12/17/12 Activision Now The Only Game Publisher On The NASDAQ-100
12/16/12 PSXE Poll Update: VGAs Didn't Go Over Too Badly With Gamers
12/16/12 What Game Made You Say, "The Critics Got This One Wrong"?
12/16/12 Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition Hits Europe
12/16/12 Sony's Play Days Deals: Wonderbook, Sports Champions 2, More
12/16/12 Kotick: Not A Tough Decision To Fire The Infinity Ward Bosses
12/15/12 Gearbox Working On New Character For Borderlands 2
12/15/12 Horde Of Dark Souls II Info Drops
12/14/12 Meet Tess, A New "Pivotal Character" In The Last Of Us
12/14/12 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD Set To Launch This Month
12/14/12 Rockstar Wants To Include All Past GTA Cities In One Game
12/14/12 Metro: Last Light Set For March, Pre-Order For Limited Edition
12/13/12 So Seriously, Why Did The Walking Dead Win Game Of The Year?
12/13/12 More Borderlands 2 DLC Leaked: Prepare For "Big Game Hunt"
12/13/12 Square Enix's Big Online Store Sale, Nab Some Great Titles
12/13/12 Rockstar Hosting Max Payne 3 Triple XP Multiplayer Weekend
12/13/12 Why Is A 10-Year Lifespan A Bad Thing?
12/13/12 Metal Gear Rising Demo Region-Locked, Comes In At 3.5GB
12/13/12 God Of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Available January 8
12/13/12 Bleszinski: "I Don't Want The Chainsaw Gun To Be My Legacy"
12/12/12 What Video Game Genre Do You Most Despise, And Why?
12/12/12 New Mass Effect "In Good Hands," Has Vague Release Window
12/12/12 Hitman HD Trilogy Set For January?
12/12/12 Don't Like Bioshock Infinite's Cover Art? Pick Another One!
12/12/12 Assassin's Creed III Is Ubisoft's Fastest Selling Game Ever
12/12/12 Square Enix: Sleeping Dogs Sales Should Increase With Time
12/12/12 Insomniac Boss: Gaming Is A Reflection Of Society Today
12/12/12 Naughty Dog Wouldn't Remove Ellie From The Last Of Us Cover
12/11/12 How Have Your Gaming Habits Changed?
12/11/12 Levine On Bioshock Infinite Story: "I'm Not Afraid Of Any Topic"
12/11/12 Naughty Dog: The Last Of Us Multiplayer Won't Be "Tacked On"
12/11/12 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Lands NA/EU Release Dates
12/11/12 Crytek On Crysis 3: "No Game Will Look Better Technically"
12/11/12 Blizzard: "We're Still Kind Of Exploring" Diablo III For Consoles
12/11/12 SNES Collection On Sale: 721 Titles, Owner Wants $24,999
12/11/12 Are You Worried About Dark Souls II Being "More Straightforward?"
12/10/12 The Last Of Us Pre-Order Incentives And Multiplayer Confirmed
12/10/12 Relive The Greatness Of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tomorrow
12/10/12 The Phantom Pain Screenshots Surface
12/10/12 Bioshock Infinite Box Art Designed For The "Uninformed" Gamer
12/09/12 What Game Maker Needs A "Reboot?"
12/09/12 Rumor: Next Assassin's Creed Will Call Brazil Its Home
12/09/12 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Pumped For The Last Of Us
12/09/12 G4 To Become Esquire Channel And Target The "Modern Male"
12/09/12 New White PS3 Slim Bundle May Show Up In North America
12/08/12 Got A Bunch Of Games To Trade In? The Time Is Right Now
12/08/12 Spike VGAs: The Walking Dead Wins Big, Journey Takes Three
12/07/12 The Last Of Us Primed To Wow Gamers Everywhere On May 7
12/07/12 Be Happy, Dark Souls Fans: A Sequel Is Headed Your Way
12/07/12 The Phantom Pain Revealed, Might Be Tied To Metal Gear Solid?
12/07/12 Square Enix Teasing A New Project...Do We Dare Guess?
12/07/12 Pachter: Call Of Duty Multiplayer Being Free "Was A Mistake"
12/07/12 Bioshock Infinite Pushed Back Again
12/07/12 Crysis 3 Hits February 19, 7 Wonders Of Crysis 3 Revealed
12/07/12 BioWare Tried A "Spy-Themed" RPG
12/07/12 November NPD: Sales Slip Again, But There's A Silver Lining
12/06/12 Upcoming Interview: The Drake Who Faced Down Cole, Kratos
12/06/12 Never Thought You'd See GTA Adopt The LEGO Format, Did You?
12/06/12 Bethesda Striving To Deliver All Skyrim DLC To PS3 Owners
12/06/12 Journey Composer Austin Wintory Gets A Grammy Nomination
12/06/12 Check Out The Action In Fuel Overdose
12/05/12 Level-5 CEO Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Ni No Kuni
12/05/12 Experience "Ultimate Speed" In Most Wanted's First DLC Pack
12/05/12 BioWare Planning More Mass Effect 3 DLC
12/05/12 "Guitar Hero 7" Canned Due To Lofty Ambitions, High Expense
12/05/12 LittleBigPlanet Karting Demo Out Now, New Trailer Surfaces
12/05/12 Will Dragon Age III Feel More Like Skyrim?
12/05/12 Canceled Streets Of Rage Remake Coulda Been A Ton O' Fun
12/05/12 Black Ops II Hits $1 Billion Mark Faster Than Modern Warfare 3
12/04/12 First Far Cry 3 DLC Announced For PS3
12/04/12 PS3 Is "World's Most Popular Device" For Netflix Viewing
12/04/12 Assassin's Creed III Hidden Secrets DLC Available Now
12/04/12 You Didn't Appreciate The Darkness II, So Sorry, No DLC
12/04/12 Epic Mickey 2 PS3 Bundle Goes On Sale Today At Target
12/04/12 Is Big Business Gaming Infringing On Individual Creativity?
12/03/12 Would Ninja Theory Be The Right Studio To Make Another Onimusha?
12/03/12 Another Rumored Launch Date For GTAV
12/03/12 Death Goes To Battle Again, As More Darksiders II DLC Arrives
12/03/12 Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Finds Its Way To PS3 In "Early 2013"
12/03/12 Sample One Of The Most Anticipated JRPGs This Week
12/03/12 Lightning Returns Time Mechanic Enhances Game's Longevity?
12/03/12 Irrational Hires Cosplayer Ormeli To Help Promote Bioshock Infinite
12/03/12 Dead Space 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
12/02/12 Hey Sony, PlayStation Move Still Needs A Big-Time Killer App
12/02/12 Persona 4, Catherine Art Collections Go Digital On PS3
12/02/12 White Knight Chronicles II Community Petitions For Extra Content
12/02/12 PSXE Poll Update: Far Cry 3 Game Of The Year 2012? ...Maybe
12/01/12 What Is Square Enix's "All The Bravest?"

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