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PS3 Archives - February, 2012

02/29/12 I Think Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is A Figment Of My Imagination
02/29/12 Rumor: Assassin's Creed III Tackles The American Revolution
02/29/12 Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Storms Onto Shelves This Fall
02/29/12 Itagaki Hints That Budgets For Japanese Games Aren't High Enough
02/29/12 Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy Comes To Symphony Hall
02/29/12 If Dead Space 3 Is An FPS, How Will The Horror Fans Respond?
02/29/12 Hefty Reckoning DLC: New Dungeon Type, Weapons, Quests
02/29/12 PSN Undergoes "Significant" Maintenance Tomorrow
02/28/12 Ninja Gaiden III Gets Japanese Date And Four Dev Diaries
02/28/12 Quantum Conundrum: Bend The Laws Of Physics This Summer
02/28/12 Ready At Dawn Working On A New IP For Next-Gen Consoles
02/28/12 Keighley Teases "Lots Of New Game Announcements" For March
02/28/12 Jet Set Radio Returns With A Create Your Own Graffiti Contest
02/27/12 The Best Developer Of The Generation Is...
02/27/12 The Last Of Us Focuses On Story And Ultimately, Survival
02/27/12 Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Won't Tackle The Bin Laden Mission
02/27/12 Just Cause Dev Prepping Three Big Titles
02/27/12 Bethesda Seeks "Future Generation Console Programmer"
02/27/12 SCEA Reveals 2012 PSN Gamers Choice Award Nominees
02/27/12 Game Addicted Kids Can Suffer From Depression, Anxiety
02/27/12 Journey Trophies Emphasize Exploration, Cooperation
02/26/12 Darkstalkers 3 Primed To Do Battle Again On The PSN?
02/26/12 Will Video Games Ever Get Their Oscars?
02/26/12 Arkham City Director: As A Developer, The Competition Is Terrifying
02/26/12 Mass Effect 3 Live Action Trailer: Fighting The Good Fight
02/25/12 Thatgamecompany's Next Project Likely Won't Be PS3 Exclusive
02/24/12 What's The Last Game That Hooked You?
02/24/12 Eurogamer Teases Secret Game, Says We'll "Go Bananas"
02/24/12 Kojima Comments On Meaning Of Project Ogre Title
02/24/12 Diablo III "In Great Shape," Launch Date "In The Near Future"
02/24/12 Killzone 3 Gets Standalone Multiplayer
02/24/12 The Amazing Spider-Man Defends Manhattan On June 26
02/23/12 Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Set For Fall
02/23/12 DICE Working On Big Patch For BF3
02/23/12 Retailer Lists God Of War With Estimated February 2013 Date
02/23/12 BioWare On ME3 DLC: Created After Main Game Was Complete
02/22/12 God Of War Devs Enlisted To Help With The Last Guardian
02/22/12 Borderlands 2 Invites You To Roam On September 18
02/22/12 Big Boss Wants You: Kojima Hiring For "Next MGS"
02/21/12 Persona 4 Arena Heats Up This Summer
02/21/12 Pre-Order Mass Effect 3 On PSN, Dowload It On Launch Day
02/21/12 Developer: If We Only Have Violent Games, That's An Issue
02/21/12 Spec Ops: The Line Misses The Spring, Now Set For Summer
02/20/12 Does Anybody Care About 3D Gaming?
02/20/12 Newell On Half-Life 3: Don't Want To Excite The Fans Too Early
02/20/12 Uncharted 3 New Multiplayer DLC: Co-Op Shade Survival
02/20/12 Take-Two Registers "GTA TV" And "Rockstar TV" Trademarks
02/20/12 Retro City Rampage: Relive The Good Ol' Glory Days In May
02/20/12 Mass Effect 3 Trailer: Taking Back What's Rightfully Ours
02/19/12 PSXE Poll Update: Twisted Metal Isn't For Everyone
02/19/12 Resident Evil Fans Say Gameplay Supersedes Atmosphere
02/19/12 Activision On GameBlog Snafu: "We Don't Blacklist Journalists"
02/18/12 Want Mass Effect 3 Early? Look To The Heavens And Pray
02/18/12 The Turtles May Soon Return To Games
02/17/12 Bethesda: Skyrim PS3 Is Fine For The "Vast Majority"
02/17/12 Evidence Leaked For Black Ops 2
02/17/12 SSX Demo Flies High Next Week
02/17/12 Skylanders Toys Tough To Find, Some Hit $1,000 On eBay
02/16/12 Twisted Metal: An Example Of Paying Homage To Fans
02/16/12 Researchers Use Video Game Technology To Battle Cancer
02/16/12 FFXIII-2 DLC Features Sazh, New Card Games And Outfits
02/16/12 Developer: Next-Gen Hardware Will Add Life To Open Worlds
02/16/12 DMC3 Director On DMC Reboot: "It's Going To Be Awesome"
02/16/12 The Journey Begins On March 13
02/15/12 Assassin's Creed III Dated, Has Been In Development For 3 Years
02/15/12 Notch Mulls Over Chances Of Funding A Psychonauts Sequel
02/15/12 Euro RPG Fans Have To Wait Until Next Year For Ni No Kuni
02/15/12 Prince Of Persia Creator To Rebuild An Apple II Classic
02/15/12 Leaked European Trailer Reveals Far Cry 3 Release Date?
02/14/12 Will There Be A Reckoning Sequel? "Oh Yeah," Says Schilling
02/14/12 Darksiders II: Ride Into Otherworldly Battle On June 26
02/14/12 Activision: Who Says We Don't Innovate?
02/14/12 Twisted Metal Movie Coming, Sweet Tooth Better Tear Sh** Up
02/14/12 Metal Gear Online Calls It Quits In June
02/13/12 The Last Of Us Combat: Singular Quality Over Quantity
02/13/12 Is L.A. Noire Sequel Only An Issue Of "Bandwidth And Timing?"
02/13/12 Girl Fight Sexes Up PSN, XBLA In 2012
02/13/12 Rockstar: We'll Start Talking About GTAV "In A Few Months"
02/13/12 Composer Jeff Broadbent Creates Music Score For I Am Alive
02/12/12 Top 5 JRPG Franchises That You May Never See Again
02/12/12 Fighting Fans, Gather Round: Who Wants MK vs. SF?
02/12/12 FFXIII-2 DLC Leak: Brave Players Can Challenge Jihl Nabaat
02/12/12 PSXE Poll Update: "More Action" In RE6 Not Going Over Well
02/12/12 Get The Full DiRT 3 Experience With The Complete Edition
02/11/12 We May Take A Journey In March
02/11/12 Sony Wasn't Able To "See The Value" In Demon's Souls
02/10/12 LittleBigPlanet Karting Confirmed, More Info Coming "Soon"
02/10/12 Syndicate Boasts Big Hollywood Talent
02/10/12 Shoot My Truck Campaign: There's A Rambo In All Of Us
02/10/12 Last Guardian Update: Ueda's Vision A "Challenge" For The Team
02/10/12 Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Vids Highlight AI And Intense Action
02/10/12 Skyrim Has A Big Night At IAAs
02/09/12 Activision: New CoD For 2012, Diablo III Pushed Back
02/09/12 Sorry Jaffe, We Say Games Are A Legitimate Story Medium
02/09/12 January NPD: Sales Drop, Sony Looks Forward To February
02/09/12 Multiplayer Would've "Diminished" The Batman Experience
02/09/12 Who Would You Go With: Catherine Or Katherine?
02/09/12 Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine's Day Trailer: Severed Head Boyfriend
02/09/12 Inversion Dev Defends Used Games, Supports Digital
02/08/12 If Psychonauts 2 Happens, It Might Kick Off A Trend
02/08/12 Batman: Arkham City: 6 Million Shipped
02/08/12 Nielsen Report: 56% Of US Households Have A Next-Gen Console
02/08/12 Starbreeze Could've Used More Time In Developing Syndicate
02/08/12 Killzone Misses PSN, Guerrilla Says It's "Delayed Indefinitely"
02/08/12 Battleship Video Game A Blend Of FPS And Naval Strategy
02/08/12 Square Enix Won't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, True Crime Is Back
02/07/12 Rumor: LittleBigPlanet Karting Spotted
02/07/12 Will The Casual/Mobile Market Steal Big-Budget Talent?
02/07/12 Minecraft Creator To Schafer: "Let's Make Psychonauts 2 Happen"
02/07/12 Pre-Order Starhawk, Get Upgraded To Limited Edition
02/07/12 Capcom: RE6 Is Still Horror, Just A New Type Of Horror
02/07/12 Jaffe Leaves Eat Sleep Play, Studio Shifts To Mobile Games
02/06/12 Top 5 Worst Games Of The Generation
02/06/12 Twisted Metal Hits "SCEE Territories" On March 7
02/06/12 Volition Designer: Used Games Market Needs To Be Fixed
02/06/12 More FFXIII-2 DLC Leaked Thanks To Strategy Guide
02/06/12 Sakaguchi: HD Visuals "Communicate Too Much" To The Player
02/06/12 Rumor: Medal Of Honor 2 Reveal Only A Month Away
02/06/12 Sanctum 2 Coming To Consoles In 2012
02/05/12 Platinum Better Make Vanquish 2
02/05/12 Final Fantasy X HD Just A Visual Upgrade
02/05/12 Naughty Dog On Jak And Daxter PS3: "Never Say Never"
02/05/12 PSN Undergoes Name Change, Becomes SEN On February 8
02/05/12 PSXE Poll Update: Expectations Weren't High For FFXIII-2
02/04/12 Capcom Not Worried About Losing Fans With RE Spin-Off
02/04/12 Square Enix Profits Jump 175% Thanks To Deus Ex, FFXIII-2
02/03/12 Report: Respawn's Game Ready Before March 2013
02/03/12 Schilling On Kingdoms Of Amalur's Arrival: "Well, I'm Nervous"
02/03/12 Square Enix Hooks Up Final Fantasy XIII-2 And Facebook
02/03/12 Schafer Pitched Psychonauts 2, Pubs Haven't "Taken The Bait"
02/03/12 BioWare: Not A Bad Idea To Keep Your Mass Effect 3 Save
02/03/12 Twisted Metal Delayed In Europe
02/02/12 Bioshock Infinite Will Have The Best Story Of The Year
02/02/12 The Last Of Us Gameplay Screens: We're All Tingly Inside
02/02/12 Take-Two Numbers Fall, Red Dead Hits 13 Million Sold
02/02/12 The Last Of Us Slated For "Late 2012 Or Early 2013"
02/02/12 No Online Pass Needed For Syndicate
02/02/12 Sony Sales Fall, But PS3 Hardware And Software Rise
02/02/12 SCV Characters Engraved In A Mountain, Now Officially Timeless
02/01/12 Is It A Good Idea To Hype The Last Of Us Through The Roof?
02/01/12 Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 Top 10 Million, Madden Sells 5 Million
02/01/12 THQ's Business Woes Continue
02/01/12 Ninja Theory Comments On West vs. East Dante Debate
02/01/12 Mass Effect 3's Insanity Mode: Better And Tougher Than Ever
02/01/12 God Of War HD Collection Finally Hits One Million Sold
02/01/12 Kaz Hirai Ascends To President And CEO Of Sony On April 1

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