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PS3 Archives - March, 2012

03/31/12 Sony And Microsoft Team Up To Bring You The "PlayBox"
03/31/12 Rumor: The Witcher 2 PS3-Bound
03/31/12 Open Casting Call This Week For Official Maxim Gamer Girl
03/30/12 Zipper Interactive Calls It Quits After 17 Years Of Development
03/30/12 Don't Wait To Nab The DMC HD Collection
03/30/12 NIS America Reveals Three New Titles Exclusive To PS3
03/30/12 Sega Halves Financial Forecast, Forced To Cancel Games
03/29/12 Is Part Of Assassin's Creed III's Popularity Due To Its Setting?
03/29/12 Ken Levine A Candidate For TIME's "Most Influential People"
03/29/12 Modern Warfare 3 Fans Angry, Schedule "MW3 Blackout"
03/29/12 SCEA: Sorcery Proves Move's Superiority To Kinect, Wii
03/29/12 Assassin's Creed III Shaping Up To Be Immensely Popular
03/29/12 Journey Sets PSN Sales Record, Official Soundtrack Coming
03/29/12 Assassin's Creed III Combat: Environment And Dual-Wielding
03/29/12 Designer: Publishers Are Responsible For Buggy Games
03/28/12 Hey Nicalis, Maybe It Isn't A Good Idea To Insult An Icon
03/28/12 Dyack: Used Game Market Will Kill The Video Game Industry
03/28/12 Diablo III Will "Make Sense" And Be "Really Fun" On Consoles
03/28/12 Final Fantasy: The Era Of Disappointment Makes A Statement
03/28/12 Indie Dev Slams Kojima, Says He Should "Stop Making Games"
03/28/12 Assassin's Creed III Hero Is Supposed To "Feel Like An Outsider"
03/28/12 Planned Freemium Home Games Are The Most Ambitious Yet
03/27/12 Call Of Duty Doesn't Need A New Engine, It Needs Hot Chicks!
03/27/12 Ninja Theory Boss: Gamers Need More Than Big Tits
03/27/12 BioWare Gets Cupcakes...What Should We Get Square Enix?
03/27/12 Ridge Racer Unbounded: Build Your Own Track From Scratch
03/27/12 PS Plus April: Ghost Recon Beta, Free Games, Discounts
03/27/12 Rumor: More Reckoning DLC Coming
03/26/12 Thank The Internet For Creating Millions Of Hostile Gamers
03/26/12 PwC Closes 277 GAME Stores, 40% Of Workforce Gone
03/26/12 Go Behind The Scenes With Quantic Dream's Kara Demo
03/26/12 Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling Resigns
03/26/12 Slant Six On ORC: We Did What Capcom Wanted Us To Do
03/26/12 The Last Of Us: Persistent Health And The Balance Of Power
03/26/12 BlazBlue Developer Cranking On A New "Adventure" Title
03/26/12 Mistborn: Birthright Coming To Consoles, PC In Late 2013
03/25/12 Video Games May Always Be A Male-Centric Hobby
03/25/12 Activision: No, You Don't Need Two CoD Elite Subscriptions
03/25/12 PSXE Poll Update: Japanese Devs Are Losing Their Touch
03/25/12 Mass Effect 3 Fan Charity Drive Ends Up Confusing People
03/24/12 Square Enix Teases Secret Fantasy Title For "Summer 2012"
03/24/12 Bioshock Film Director Leaves, Project Officially On Hold
03/23/12 DMC Dev: Letting Fans Run The Show = "Creative Bankruptcy"
03/23/12 Bethesda May Have Given Prey 2 The Axe
03/23/12 Rumor: Zipper Interactive To Close
03/23/12 Madden 13 Cover Vote: Will The Curse Dictate The Winner?
03/23/12 Japanese Devs Can't Stop Citing Call Of Duty In Interviews
03/23/12 Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two Embraces PS3, 360
03/22/12 Why Final Fantasy XIII-3 Could Be The FF Fans Really Want
03/22/12 Dead Or Alive 5 Might Step Into The Ring On September 25
03/22/12 Bayonetta Brings Her Fine Self To The Anarchy Reigns Action
03/22/12 GameStop Not Banking On GTAV In 2012
03/22/12 Max Payne 3 Multiplayer "Crews" Carry Over To GTAV
03/22/12 Shadows Of The Damned 2 A Possibility
03/22/12 LittleBigPlanet Karting: Sackboy Goes For A Spin This Year
03/21/12 Did ME3 Get High Scores Because Many Critics Didn't Finish It?
03/21/12 FFXIII-2 DLC: Mass Effect N7 Armor For Noel And Serah
03/21/12 New Far Cry 3 Trailer Shows US, UK Pre-Order Bonuses
03/21/12 Ubisoft Annecy Handling Multiplayer For Assassin's Creed III
03/21/12 Slant Six Unveils Their First Original IP: Strata Scavenger
03/21/12 Levine: Nobody Will Be Happy If BioWare Does A New ME3 Ending
03/20/12 Namco Bandai Teases Dark Souls Fans With "An Announcement"
03/20/12 I Am Alive PSN-Bound On April 3
03/20/12 Rumor: Soul Reaver Reboot Coming
03/20/12 Dear Joe Baca: You Are Really Embarrassing Yourself
03/20/12 Do The Ninja Gaiden 3 Review Scores Prove Inafune's Point?
03/20/12 History Professor Talks About Possible Story Arcs In ACIII
03/20/12 Bioshock Infinite's Boys Of Silence: A Nightmarish Design
03/19/12 All This Mass Effect 3 Insanity Is Setting A Nasty Precedent
03/19/12 BioWare Canceled Dragon Age II DLC But Has "Future Plans"
03/19/12 Kojima's Secret Game Deals With "Delicate, Taboo" Issues
03/19/12 Darksiders II: Go Behind The Scenes And Visit Death's New World
03/19/12 David Braben: Used Game Market At Fault For High Prices
03/19/12 Square Enix Confused: Why Did Activision Ditch True Crime?
03/19/12 Epic Touts Success Of Unreal Engine 3
03/19/12 EA's Least Popular Online Games Losing Their Servers
03/18/12 Is Nostalgia The Only Reason We Want Our Old JRPGs Back?
03/18/12 No, Please God, Do NOT Do A Lollipop Chainsaw Movie
03/18/12 PSXE Poll Update: Kara Tech Demo Has A Very Big Impact
03/18/12 Metal Gear Series Tops 31 Million Sold
03/18/12 BioWare Responds To ME3 Ending Backlash, Are Fans Pacified?
03/17/12 ME3 Multiplayer Stats: 83 Billion Credits, 1,800 Years Of Play Time
03/17/12 Tecmo Koei Outlines First Free DLC For Ninja Gaiden 3
03/16/12 Shenmue HD "Done For A Year," Coming To PSN, XBLA
03/16/12 Rumor: Elder Scrolls MMO To Be Announced In May
03/16/12 Danger Close Not Interested In A Verbal War With Activision
03/16/12 Gerstmann: I Was Fired Because I Wouldn't Play Ball
03/16/12 New Dead Or Alive 5 Action: Hitomi And Ayane Square Off
03/16/12 First Free DLC For Operation Raccoon City: Jill vs. Nemesis
03/15/12 Ratchet & Clank Collection Confirmed
03/15/12 Would You Have Played The ME3 Online Multiplayer FPS?
03/15/12 Diablo III PC Set For May 15...But Where Is The Console Version?
03/15/12 Closure Will Challenge You On March 27
03/15/12 How Many Studios Get Bonuses For Hitting Metacritic Goals?
03/15/12 Sony Employing "Social Engineering" Tactics For PSN Security
03/14/12 Gap Between PlayStation 3 And 360, Wii Continues To Widen
03/14/12 A Few Recognizable Actors Have Fun With Lollipop Chainsaw
03/14/12 BioWare: ME3 Ending Designed To Get Everyone Talking
03/14/12 Mass Effect 3 Petitioners Raise $27k For Child's Play Charity
03/14/12 Analyst Group: GTAV Likely Won't Launch Until "Early 2013"
03/14/12 Versus XIII Update: Square Enix Couldn't Possibly Be More Vague
03/13/12 Will The Mass Effect 3 Scandal Make The Game More Popular?
03/13/12 Ninja Gaiden 3 Dragon Sword For Move Is Downright Wacky
03/13/12 Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Shambles To PS3
03/13/12 EA Takes Cue From Activision, "Looking" At Subscription Models
03/13/12 Game Writers: The Non-Interactive Cut-Scene Has To Go
03/13/12 DICE Looking To Expand Beyond The Battlefield Boundaries
03/13/12 Jaffe On Next-Gen: "I'm Not Interested"
03/12/12 What If Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Doesn't Break Sales Records?
03/12/12 Naughty Dog: "We Feel Like Storytelling Is So Poor Right Now"
03/12/12 Inafune On Quality Of Japanese Games: "It's Gotten Worse"
03/12/12 From Software Hints At Dark Souls 2, Intends To "Globalize"
03/12/12 Crytek Teases Big-Budget Project
03/12/12 David Cage: Interactivity Isn't Defined By Holding A Gun
03/12/12 Romero Has "Plans" For An Old-School First-Person Shooter
03/11/12 Friendly PSA: Buy The Game, Play The Game, And Shut Up
03/11/12 Mass Effect 3 Online Petition: Give Us A New Ending!
03/11/12 FFXIII-2 Update: Jihl Nabaat DLC, New Lightning Episode
03/11/12 Prototype 2 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
03/10/12 Sony: 90 Million PSN Accounts, Best Royalty Rate
03/09/12 ME3 Producer: "If The Fans Only Knew What We Were Planning..."
03/09/12 Alone In The Dark Designer Would "Love" To Do A Remake
03/09/12 Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain "Didn't Do Anything" With PS3's Power
03/09/12 Mass Effect 3 Ships 3.5 Million, 890,000 Sold In North America
03/09/12 DUST 514 Public Beta Set For April
03/08/12 Tony Hawk: Ride Was "Rushed," Gives Credit To EA's Skate
03/08/12 February NPD: Strong Vita Launch Can't Halt Sales Slide
03/08/12 David Cage Talks Kara Tech Demo
03/08/12 Kara aka Valorie Curry Thanks Fans For "Amazing Feedback"
03/08/12 Move Ships 10.5 Million Worldwide
03/07/12 What Trophies Are You Most Proud Of?
03/07/12 Sorcery Enchants Shelves On May 22
03/07/12 Quantic Dream Tech Demo: A Robot Begs For Her "Life"
03/07/12 Ubisoft Confident That Assassin's Creed Won't Suffer "Burnout"
03/07/12 Quantic Dream To Unveil New Project, Tech Demo Tonight
03/07/12 Note To Game Makers: Don't Force Me To Play Multiplayer
03/07/12 Three More Expansions For Battlefield 3, First Hits In June
03/06/12 Maybe Ebert Should Play Journey, Too
03/06/12 2012 PSN Gamers' Choice Awards: The Now-Discounted Winners
03/06/12 Ridge Racer Unbounded Delayed: "More Features" Needed
03/06/12 Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Hits The Battlefield On October 23
03/06/12 Capcom: All Retail Games Available Digitally By 2017
03/06/12 Assassin's Creed III's New Engine To Offer "Next-Gen" Visuals?
03/06/12 Three More Skylanders Characters Heading To Stores
03/05/12 Has Faith In The PSN Been Completely Restored?
03/05/12 Lollipop Chainsaw: Juliet Slices 'n Dices The Undead On June 12
03/05/12 Journey Devs: "Pushing The Boundaries Of The Emotional Spectrum"
03/05/12 Assassin's Creed III Becomes Official
03/05/12 SSX Fans Annoyed: Where'd Our Split-Screen Multiplayer Go?
03/05/12 Hindu Devotees Upset At Asura's Wrath "Trivializing" Their Religion
03/05/12 THQ Reveals Limited And Collector's Editions For Darksiders II
03/04/12 What The Hell Does "Timeless" Mean, Anyway?
03/04/12 DUST 514 Now Free-To-Play On PS3, Vita Gets "Companion App"
03/04/12 PSXE Poll Update: Most Appreciate Twisted Metal's Return
03/04/12 Army Of Four All But Confirmed?
03/03/12 Richie Branson's Letter To SquareSoft Makes Us Applaud
03/03/12 Far Cry 3 Developers: No Malaria, And You Won't Get Lost
03/02/12 Assassin's Creed III: Hero, Setting, And Gameplay Info
03/02/12 PixelJunk 4am: Become A PSN Musical Artist...Literally
03/02/12 Max Payne 3 Producer's Harrowing Visit To Sao Paulo
03/02/12 Ratchet & Clank: The Latest To Earn A High-Def Collection?
03/02/12 God Of War Vet Cory Barlog To Help With Tomb Raider
03/01/12 Why Americans Should Appreciate Assassin's Creed III
03/01/12 Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Sneaks Onto Shelves This Fall
03/01/12 Stan Lee Is A Playable Character In The Amazing Spider-Man
03/01/12 Retail Evidence Shows Black Ops 2 Is Set For November
03/01/12 Bioshock Infinite: Join The Floating Chaos On October 16

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