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PS3 Archives - April, 2012

04/30/12 Is Call Of Duty Good For The Industry?
04/30/12 Sonic And Friends Set To Race On Land, Air, And Water
04/30/12 Rumor: Dishonored Hits On September 25
04/30/12 Capcom Fighters In PlayStation All-Stars Is "A Question For Sony"
04/30/12 Maybe We Won't Get Final Fantasy XIII-3
04/30/12 SCEA "Guarantees" Ascension Will Give Fans What They Want
04/29/12 Amazon Offers A Few Fresh Details For PlayStation All-Stars
04/29/12 Catch God Of War: Ascension Gameplay During Live Q&A
04/29/12 Platinum Employees Give Us A Sneak Peek At Anarchy Reigns
04/28/12 Pachter: GTAV Might Ship On October 23
04/27/12 Black Ops 2 Apparently Confirmed, Set For November 13
04/27/12 Mass Effect 3 Operation Exorcist Brings Weekend Challenges To PS3
04/27/12 Team Ninja: DoA5 Characters Will Have "Actual Presence"
04/27/12 Crytek Spent Dev Budget On Monkeys, So No TimeSplitters 4
04/27/12 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Official
04/26/12 Do Hardcore Gamers Even Care About Sports Games Anymore?
04/26/12 DICE On BF3 Online Issues: "Tough To Tell Who's Right"
04/26/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC: Lightning And Snow Episodes Incoming
04/26/12 Bethesda: Skyrim DLC Info Might Finally Arrive "Next Week"
04/26/12 Lollipop Chainsaw Gameplay: Zombies No Match For Cheerleaders
04/26/12 Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC: Go Trigger-Happy In June
04/25/12 Don't Be Surprised If Sony Announces inFamous 3 Soon
04/25/12 Sessler Leaves G4, Departure "Not On Amicable Terms"
04/25/12 "Megatron" Edges Cam Newton For Madden 13 Cover
04/25/12 Don't Forget, Starhawk Has A Story Mode
04/25/12 Uncharted Series Tops 17 Million, GotY Edition For Uncharted 3
04/25/12 Mikami's New Project Is "Zwei," A Survival/Horror Title
04/25/12 DICE, EA Still Want To Make A Sequel To Mirror's Edge
04/25/12 Resistance Trilogy Set For May?
04/25/12 Crytek 100% Supports A Console That Blocks Used Games
04/24/12 Retailers Nail Down Darksiders II Date
04/24/12 Fan Turns Each Uncharted Into A Lengthy Feature Film
04/24/12 Future Setting, High-Tech Gadgetry Teased For Call Of Duty
04/24/12 New US Online Retailer Will Give Game Makers 10% Of Used Sales
04/24/12 Today's Amazon Lightning Deals Include ME3 And...Lightning
04/24/12 Bowling Opens New Studio, "Creative Vision" Is A Priority
04/23/12 Are Video Games Stopping Our Children From Growing Up?
04/23/12 Pre-Order LittleBigPlanet Karting, Get Kevin Butler DLC
04/23/12 EEDAR: PS3 Doesn't Need A Price Cut
04/23/12 Ubisoft Talks Expansion And Freedom In Assassin's Creed III
04/23/12 Twisted Metal Online Problems Outside US, Gamers Annoyed
04/23/12 Brink Sells 2.5 Million Worldwide
04/23/12 Batman: Arkham City Game Of The Year Edition Hitting May 29
04/22/12 Top 5 Sequels We Want To See But Probably Never Will
04/22/12 Rumor: Black Ops 2 Launch Date, Multiplayer Details Leaked
04/22/12 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Price Cut Likely For Holiday Rush
04/22/12 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Could Be Announced Soon
04/22/12 Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Emerges From The Shadows On August 21
04/20/12 Sly Cooper Devs Want Your In-Game Treasure Designs
04/20/12 God Of War Developer Hiring For Complex New Shooter?
04/20/12 Activision: Charging Money For Stuff Doesn't Make Us Greedy
04/20/12 Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice Of Arland Lands US Launch Date
04/20/12 GameStop Selling 160GB PS3 For $199
04/19/12 Atlus To Distribute Dragon's Crown In US, Coming To PS3, Vita
04/19/12 Sony Working With EA To Deliver ME3 Multiplayer Weekends To PS3
04/19/12 New Silent Hill Movie Will Freak You Out This Halloween
04/19/12 Kingdoms Of Amalur Hits 410,000 Sold
04/19/12 Should There Be A Standardized Format For Game Reviews?
04/19/12 Crysis 3 Will Push The PS3/360 To Its Limits...Sounds Familiar
04/19/12 Prototype 2 Pack Leader Ability: Strategy Amid The Chaos
04/19/12 Bethesda: Prey 2 Not Canceled, Just Delayed Beyond 2012
04/18/12 God Of War Ascension: The Ambitious Prequel Is Coming
04/18/12 Is God Of War The Greatest Action Franchise In History?
04/18/12 Retailer Leaks Dead Space 3, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2
04/18/12 Sony To Release New Media Device, "nasne," In Japan
04/18/12 Rumor: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 To Be Unveiled On May 2
04/18/12 Ubisoft Facing Assassin's Creed Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
04/18/12 Darksiders II Officially Delayed
04/18/12 Tekken Producer: We'll Never Charge For Extra Fighters
04/18/12 Sample Bond's Most Iconic Missions In 007: Legends
04/17/12 Dishonored May Be A Glimpse Of The Industry's Future
04/17/12 Analyst: Prototype 2 Won't Sell As Many Copies As First Title
04/17/12 Will PS3 Fans Be Jealous Of Halo 4?
04/17/12 Sackboy Going The "Social Game" Route?
04/17/12 Dishonored Debut Trailer Will Leave You Wanting More
04/17/12 Sony, Microsoft E3 Press Conference Times Announced
04/16/12 Developers Face A No-Win Situation With Downloadable Content
04/16/12 Rumor: God Of War IV A Prequel, Set To Launch In March 2013
04/16/12 Jade Raymond's Ubisoft Toronto Studio Looking For "Meaning"
04/16/12 "Tricky-Inspired" DLC Heading To SSX
04/16/12 Grasshopper CCO: Packaged Media Won't Disappear Entirely
04/16/12 GT Academy 2012 Kicks Off In May, Can You Handle The Speed?
04/16/12 Crysis 3 Confirmed, Prophet Will Hit New York In Spring 2013
04/15/12 Do You Want Your Favorite Franchise To Practice "Annualization?"
04/15/12 God Of War IV Retail Box Says The Game Is A "Shooter"
04/15/12 PSXE Poll Update: GTAV Still A Top Priority For Gamers
04/15/12 Hori Virtua Fighter 5 Arcade Stick Coming To US This Summer
04/15/12 Scheduled PSN Maintenance To Last About 13 Hours Today
04/14/12 Scarlet Red 320GB PS3 Hits UK Soon
04/13/12 Pachter: "100%" Certain That God Of War IV And GoW Vita Is Coming
04/13/12 Need For Speed Movie Inches Towards Starting Line
04/13/12 Sony's New Plans May Include A "Stripped Down" Network
04/13/12 There Is Nothing Sexist About Quantic Dream's Kara Demo
04/13/12 Sleeping Dogs Dated, Pre-Order Goodies
04/12/12 Do Japanese Designers Really Think Their Games Are Better?
04/12/12 BioWare On Dragon Age III: Decisions, Freshness, And Equipment
04/12/12 Inafune Explains Why "Japan Can't Win"
04/12/12 March NPD: Mass Effect 3 Rises High, But Sales Fall Again
04/12/12 THQ Can't "Honestly" Confirm Darksiders II Release Date
04/12/12 Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Gameplay Trailer Brings The Heat
04/12/12 God Of War IV Revealed On April 19?
04/12/12 Sony Introduces "One Sony" Initiative, Targets Games
04/11/12 Psst...Hey, Japanese Devs, Your PS1 Classics Are Popular
04/11/12 Rumor: Crysis 3 A "Sandbox FPS," Set In New York City
04/11/12 No Multiplayer For DMC Because Dante "Needed To Be Alone"
04/11/12 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Landing In September With Huge Roster
04/11/12 Demon's Souls Online Servers Disappear At The End Of May
04/11/12 Better Business Bureau: ME3 Is Guilty Of False Advertising
04/11/12 Legend Of Dragoon Becomes A Digital RPG Treat On May 1
04/11/12 Developer: Split-Screen Is Dying Because It's "Too Expensive"
04/11/12 Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition Confirmed For Europe
04/11/12 Crysis 3 Outed Before It's Announced?
04/10/12 Geeks Are In, But How Come Game Geeks Are Always Out?
04/10/12 California GameStops Must Post Warnings For Used Games
04/10/12 Nielsen: Most Anticipated Titles Include Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III
04/10/12 RE6 Pushed Up Due To "Positive Fan Reaction To Trailer"
04/10/12 Medal Of Honor Warfighter To Focus On Real-World Action
04/10/12 Lost Planet 3 Surfaces Out Of Nowhere
04/10/12 Desmond To Have A Bigger Role In Assassin's Creed III
04/09/12 JRPG Fans Can Expect More Hyperdimension Neptunia
04/09/12 Cliff Bleszinski: On-Disc DLC An "Unfortunate Reality"
04/09/12 ME3 Fans, Fair Warning: Don't Complain About The Extended Cut
04/09/12 Bulletstorm Sequel Started Then Stopped
04/09/12 Mass Effect 3 Patch To Fix A Variety Of Bugs, Add Stability
04/09/12 Platinum Altered Revengeance To Avoid "Censorship Issues"
04/09/12 Should All New Games Have Demos?
04/08/12 GTA, CoD Popularity Prove That Games Are Too Violent?
04/08/12 PAX East To Jessica Nigri: Change, Or Get Off The Floor
04/08/12 Animator CV Lists GTAV With An October 2012 Launch Date
04/08/12 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Not Convinced Of RE6's Potential
04/08/12 Rock Band Blitz Gameplay Details
04/07/12 Report: Hardcore Gamers Will Stick With Physical Media
04/07/12 Lollipop Chainsaw's Juliet Extols Virtues Of Zom Be Gone
04/06/12 Want A Shot At A Prototype 2-Themed Camaro SS?
04/06/12 Starhawk Ride, Drive & Fly Trailer Shows Off Cool Jetbikes
04/06/12 BioWare Reveals Free ME3 DLC: Resurgence Pack
04/06/12 Naughty Dog Unveils Latest Map Pack For Uncharted 3
04/06/12 Can We Really Pre-Order Diablo III PS3?
04/06/12 Wild Rockstar Rumor Includes Read Dead Rebellion, Bully 2, More
04/06/12 ACIII Creative Director: "We Wanted To Surprise People"
04/05/12 Yes, Games Are Easier, And I Say Thank God For That
04/05/12 EA Speaks Out: "We Have Not Been Pressured By LGBT Groups"
04/05/12 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Dated
04/05/12 Take-Two CEO: THQ Is Done In 6 Months, THQ Fires Back
04/05/12 Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Set To Appease Vexed Fans
04/05/12 WRC3 Confirmed, To Boast New Game And Graphics Engine
04/05/12 Double Dragon: Neon Lights Up Summer With Retro Brawling
04/04/12 Grasshopper, Suda 51 Will Deliver Killer Is Dead In 2013
04/04/12 Way Of The Samurai 4 Slashing Onto North American PS3s
04/04/12 Downpour Producer: "Shoddy Gameplay Can't Be A Feature Forever"
04/04/12 Final Fantasy, Prada Showcase Fashions For Spring/Summer
04/04/12 Reckoning Teeth Of Naros DLC: New City With LOTS To Do
04/04/12 Harmonix Unveils Rock Band Blitz, An Arcade Digital Title
04/03/12 Mass Effect 3 Fans: You're Not Wrong, It's Just Your Attitude
04/03/12 Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC: Weapons, Ninja Trials, New Difficulty
04/03/12 How Do Avid Battlefield 3 Players View The "Unlock All" DLC?
04/03/12 Sony And Amazon Bring An Instant Video App To The PS3
04/03/12 CD Projeckt Talks "Escaping" With RPGs
04/03/12 Square Enix: FF Versus XIII News "Soon," Whatever That Means
04/03/12 DICE Seeks Engineer To Take Frostbite Into Next-Gen
04/02/12 Kojima Reveals A "Major Change" For "FOX Experiment"
04/02/12 Rumor: Monolith To Make Games Based On The Hobbit
04/02/12 Capcom: DLC, Content Locked On Disc...What's The Diff?
04/02/12 Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Producer Hints At Sequel?
04/01/12 CCP Explains Why DUST 514 Wouldn't Have Worked On Xbox 360
04/01/12 Should Game Reviewers Be Reviewed?
04/01/12 PSXE Poll Update: BioWare Shouldn't Write A New ME3 Ending
04/01/12 Soul Calibur V Story Mode Intended To Be "Four Times Bigger"
04/01/12 GAME Saved By Purchase, Nearly 3,200 Jobs Now Safe

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