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PS3 Archives - May, 2012

05/31/12 Leaks And Rumors Totally Kill Hype And Excitement For E3
05/31/12 EA Will Officially Reveal Dead Space 3 Next Week At E3
05/31/12 Dark Souls Artorias Of The Abyss DLC Coming This Winter
05/31/12 Activision, Infinity Ward Come To Terms
05/31/12 Naughty Bear Targets Paradise Island In A New Slashfest
05/31/12 Dead Space 3 Pics Hint At Co-Op Play
05/31/12 Injustice: Gods Among Us: DC Comics Heroes And Villains Clash
05/30/12 Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Has Become Final Fantasy XV
05/30/12 Rumor: Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Gracing PS3, Wii U, Vita
05/30/12 Two Castlevania Titles Outed, One Is Lords Of Shadow 2
05/30/12 Insomniac Reveals Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault
05/30/12 PSXE User Review Contest: Next Round Of Prizes Revealed
05/30/12 Red Dead Team Helping With GTAV
05/30/12 Square Enix E3 Lineup Confirmed, Final Fantasy Fans Bored
05/30/12 DOOM 3 BFG Edition: A Comprehensive DOOM Experience
05/29/12 The All-Star Dev Team That Would Make The Best RPG Ever
05/29/12 David Cage: "Not Everybody Has To Do The Same Thing"
05/29/12 Author John L. Beiswenger Drops Lawsuit Against AC And Ubisoft
05/29/12 Prototype 2 Excessive Force DLC Arrives
05/29/12 Rumor: Quantic Dream's New Title Debuts At Sony E3 Conference
05/29/12 Sony Reveals PSN Ultimate Editions
05/28/12 Rockstar Cooperating With Microsoft To Reveal GTAV At E3?
05/28/12 New Tracks, Power-Up Video Unveiled For Rock Band Blitz
05/28/12 What Is Capcom's Remember Me?
05/28/12 Reckoning 2 Would've Had Improved Combat, Better Graphics
05/27/12 Dear Square Enix: Final Fantasy Doesn't Need Sequels
05/27/12 GTAV To Boast Characters From Previous Franchise Entries?
05/27/12 Activision: IW Received $493 Million In Bonuses Since 2003
05/27/12 Capcom Wants To Make Games Faster, But Is That The Answer?
05/27/12 PSXE User Review Contest: Face-Off Winner, Next Round Starts
05/26/12 Final Fantasy XII Sequel In The Works At Eidos? ...Really?
05/26/12 Atlus Will Keep Demon's Souls Servers "For The Foreseeable Future"
05/26/12 Analyst: GTAV Launches This Fiscal Year And Will Sell 14 Million
05/25/12 Anarchy Reigns Pushed Back, But Japanese Date Sticks
05/25/12 Kojima And Co. Confirms "Enders Project"
05/24/12 Why Have FPSs Always Fascinated Us?
05/24/12 West On Activision: "Don't Give Me $100 Million, Fire Me Instead"
05/24/12 Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Offers New Content Next Week
05/24/12 38 Studios, Big Huge Games Finished
05/24/12 Psychonauts Developer, Sega Team Up To Deliver The Cave
05/24/12 "The Demise Of Guys" Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Gaming
05/24/12 Big-Budget New IPs Are Dying Out
05/23/12 Whatever You Do, Don't Blame Gamer's Death On Diablo III
05/23/12 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Dated, UK Gamers Get Sweet Edition
05/23/12 Beenox Boss Defends Activision
05/23/12 Maybe You Should Add GTAV To Your Holiday Wish List
05/23/12 Game Disc Manufacturers Sense Digital's Impending Dominance
05/23/12 Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Is Encouraging
05/23/12 Amalur IP Worth Only $20 Million, EA May Not Publish Copernicus
05/22/12 Keighley Teases "Huge Top Secret Game Reveal" For E3
05/22/12 First Two Uncharted Titles Hit The Digital Realm On June 26
05/22/12 Activision Wanted To "Change The Locks" On West And Zampella
05/22/12 Take-Two Posts Losses, But Max Payne 3 Ships 3 Million
05/22/12 XCOM: Enemy Unknown Earns Launch Date, New Trailer
05/22/12 Analyst: Max Payne 3 To Sell 4 Million
05/22/12 Dead Island Game Of The Year Edition Lands On June 26
05/21/12 Movies And Video Games Should Be Mutually Exclusive
05/21/12 In Support Of CoD: It's All About Money, So It's A "Win"
05/21/12 Dante Slices Into Action On January 15
05/21/12 Sorcery: Move's Shining Moment, Or A Sinking Realization?
05/21/12 007 Legends Infiltrates Store Shelves On October 16
05/21/12 "Very Cool Blend Of PAYDAY And Left 4 Dead" Incoming
05/21/12 Sony Has "One Big Surprise" For E3, But It Isn't The PS4
05/21/12 Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed, Won't Do Battle Until 2013
05/20/12 Rockstar: The Most Consistent Maker Of Top-Quality Games?
05/20/12 PSXE User Review Contest: Debut Competition Is A Tie
05/20/12 Square Enix Registers Just Cause 3 And Just Cause 4 Domains
05/20/12 NHL 13 Boasts Biggest Franchise Alterations Since NHL 07
05/20/12 Borderlands 2: Fixes, Upgrades, And Additions Galore
05/19/12 Heavy Rain Is The Most Important Game Of The Generation
05/19/12 Tekken Movie Prequel Coming, Ong-Bak Director On Board
05/18/12 Yager Not Working On Dead Island 2...At Least, Not Yet
05/18/12 BioWare To Discuss Future Of Dragon Age With The Fans
05/18/12 Cage On Next-Gen: We Don't Need Power, We Need Ideas
05/18/12 Sony Reveals Pre-Loading For PSN, Sorcery First Up
05/17/12 Diablo III Backlash: This Is Why I Can't Stand PC Gaming
05/17/12 Buying Ghost Recon Grants You Access To Far Cry 3 Beta
05/17/12 Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Pre-Order Incentives Revealed
05/17/12 Register Now For DUST 514 Beta
05/17/12 Pre-Order Lollipop Chainsaw, Play With A Life-Size Juliet Robot
05/17/12 The Last Of Us May Earn This Generation's Graphics Crown
05/17/12 Borderlands 2 Special Editions Revealed
05/16/12 Square Enix: How Do You "Overcome" Past Final Fantasies?
05/16/12 Activision, EA "Put The Matter Behind Them" And Settle
05/16/12 Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Outed
05/16/12 Rock Of Ages Rolls Onto The PSN
05/16/12 Nomura: We Work Hard To Make Something Better Than FFVII
05/16/12 Capcom Reveals Japanese-Oriented Lost Planet Spin-Off
05/16/12 Mirror's Edge 2, Bad Company 3 Pop Up On Resumes/CVs
05/15/12 Sony At E3: Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog May Rule The Show
05/15/12 The Last Of Us Truck Ambush Trailer: "He Ain't Even Hurt"
05/15/12 THQ Looking To Ditch Devil's Third
05/15/12 "Substantial Doubt" About 38 Studios, Future Uncertain
05/15/12 Capcom Rethinking Controversial Add-On Content Philosophy
05/15/12 Treyarch: "A Lot Of Good" In The CoD Engine Foundation
05/15/12 Final FFXIII-2 DLC Today: Lightning, Snow And New Outfits
05/15/12 Report: Activision Pays Out $42 Million To Ex-IW Employees
05/14/12 Guest Editorial: How Call Of Duty Ruined My Life
05/14/12 Call Of Duty Editorial: An Anomaly That Monopolizes The Industry
05/14/12 EA To Announce Battlefield Premium Service At E3
05/14/12 Blizzard Can't Promise That Diablo III Will Come To Consoles
05/14/12 Square Enix Returns To Profit Thanks To Deus Ex, FFXIII-2
05/14/12 Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Dated
05/14/12 Bleszinski: Japanese Devs Should Focus More On Multiplayer
05/14/12 Tomb Raider Reboot Needs More Time, Delayed Until 2013
05/13/12 What Do Native Americans Think About Assassin's Creed III?
05/13/12 Uncharted 3 Patch: The Lab Is Back, And Elimination Mode
05/13/12 PSXE Poll Update: Not Many Gamers Psyched For Starhawk
05/12/12 Rockstar Not On E3 2012 Exhibitor List
05/12/12 BioWare Gets ME3 PS3 Players Caught Up On Multiplayer Fun
05/11/12 Dragon's Dogma Launch Trailer: Big World, Bigger Combat
05/11/12 EA: Official Battlefield 3 Servers Not Mysteriously Disappearing
05/11/12 Capcom Expects RE6 To Be Best Seller In Company History
05/11/12 Diablo III Not Hitting Consoles Until 2013?
05/11/12 Would You Pay $1,300 For The Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition?
05/11/12 Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Bundle Coming
05/10/12 Tell Us Why You Hate Call Of Duty, And We'll Publish It
05/10/12 Pre-Order Absolution, Play The Hitman: Sniper Challenge
05/10/12 Assassin's Creed III Gameplay Debut: The Cost Of Our Freedom
05/10/12 April NPD: Industry Sales Tumble, Prototype 2 Tops Charts
05/10/12 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC Announced
05/10/12 Lord Of The Rings Likely Going LEGO
05/10/12 Dishonored Launch Date Confirmed, Clear Your Name This Fall
05/09/12 Sorry Beiswenger, We're Not Buying This
05/09/12 Sons Of Anarchy Being Turned Into A "Real Game" For Consoles
05/09/12 Starhawk Launches: A PS3 Exclusive With Thundering Multiplayer
05/09/12 Dead Space 3 Rumored Info: Co-Op, New Weapons, Enemies
05/09/12 Bioshock Infinite Delayed Until February 2013...And We Cry
05/09/12 The Amazing Spider-Man: Play As RHINO Or Stan Lee
05/08/12 EA's Battlefield 3 Steals "A Significant Share" From CoD
05/08/12 Beyond Good & Evil 2: Our First Glimpse At A Next-Gen Title?
05/08/12 Stahawk MLG Involvement, All Map Packs Confirmed As FREE
05/08/12 Dark Souls, Ace Combat Fuel Positive Namco Bandai Results
05/08/12 Jenova Chen: Sony Has A "More Artistic And Adult Taste"
05/08/12 Does RE: ORC's Popularity Prove Multiplayer's Dominance?
05/08/12 Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Hits The Virtual Streets Next Month
05/08/12 Prototype 2 DLC: New Weapons, Powers, Custom Skins
05/07/12 New Dead Space, Need For Speed Arrive Before April 2013
05/07/12 Okay Sony, Maybe It's Time For A $99 PlayStation 3 Offer
05/07/12 So You Think You Can Review Games: Potential Prizes
05/07/12 PSXE Contest: So You Think You Can Review Video Games
05/07/12 Blizzard: "We See Diablo As An Inherently Multiplayer Game"
05/07/12 Square Enix E3 Lineup: Tomb Raider, But No FF Versus XIII
05/07/12 Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse Set For "Gaming Consoles"
05/06/12 Why Is There So Little In The Way Of Single-Player DLC?
05/06/12 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Has Reached The "Action Creation Stage"
05/06/12 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Pumped For God Of War: Ascension
05/06/12 Sorcery Development Diary: Move Spells Dynamic Fun
05/05/12 Sony To Announce "The Future Of Gameplay And Innovation"
05/05/12 Rainbow Moon Golden, Old-School Fans Prepare To Applaud
05/04/12 The Unfinished Swan Debut Trailer: Splatter To Discover
05/04/12 MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge Tainted By Cheating?
05/04/12 Thatgamecompany Should Announce New Title This Year
05/04/12 When Do We Start Calling Final Fantasy Versus XIII Vaporware?
05/04/12 Harmonix Working On New Story-Driven Music/Rhythm IP?
05/03/12 Starhawk Top Ways To Kill Video And Full Trophy List
05/03/12 Is It Really True That Hardcore CoD Players Only Play Shooters?
05/03/12 PS3 Exclusives Might Make December A Super Huge Month
05/03/12 Australia To Soon See Red On Their PS3
05/03/12 Amazon: Black Ops II Pre-Orders Top Predecessor, MW3
05/03/12 Saints Row: The Third DLC: Enter The Dominatrix This Fall
05/03/12 Capcom: Dragon's Dogma Boasts 300 Hours Of Gameplay
05/03/12 Rockstar's Multiplayer "Crew" Feature Hitting More Games
05/03/12 Black Ops II Pre-Orders Already Lighting Up Amazon UK
05/02/12 Upcoming PSXE Interview: Spike TV Host Amanda Mackay
05/02/12 Developer: "Nobody Buys Any FPS Not Named Call Of Duty"
05/02/12 Activision Formally Announces "The Most Ambitious CoD Ever"
05/02/12 EA Manager: Black Ops II Looks "Tired"
05/02/12 Black Ops II Looking To Make Significant Multiplayer Strides
05/02/12 DICE: Blocking Used Games Would Promote Diversity
05/01/12 Call Of Duty: The Only Reason The 360 Still Outsells The PS3?
05/01/12 Kamiya On Bayonetta 2: Can't Cancel An Unannounced Game
05/01/12 DoA5's "Bounciness" Quotient Dictated By Character And Costume
05/01/12 Rockstar Pass: Get Max Payne 3 DLC At A 35% Discount
05/01/12 Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Trailer: "The Future Is Black"
05/01/12 Ascension Details: Multiplayer Won't Gimp Single-Player
05/01/12 Black Ops II: Launch Date, 21st Century "Cold War" Setting
05/01/12 Source: Work On Bayonetta 2 Halted

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