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PS3 Archives - June, 2012

06/30/12 Editorial: Maybe Games Shouldn't Adopt Movie Trends
06/30/12 Rainbow Moon Dev Diaries Make Us Pine For A Time Long Gone
06/29/12 Wow, Since When Are Gamers So Protective Of Women?
06/29/12 Battlefield 3 Premium Tallies 800,000 In Only Two Weeks Time
06/29/12 Need For Speed: Most Wanted: Speed Points And A Huge Garage
06/29/12 Vivendi Seeks Buyer For Activision
06/29/12 PSN Summer Sale: Big Discounts And Some Big Titles
06/29/12 Square Enix Average Salaries Double That Of Other Japanese Devs
06/29/12 Konami: Lords Of Shadow Success "Caught Everyone By Surprise"
06/28/12 Dishonored Stealth Gameplay: Sneaky Assassins Always Win
06/28/12 Yes, They're Making A Video Game For The Expendables 2
06/28/12 Prototype 2 Dev Will "Cease Development Of Its Own Games"
06/28/12 An Assassin's Concealed Weapon: The Ladies Will Love You
06/28/12 Sega To Position Themselves As A "Content Led Organization"
06/28/12 Square Enix Will Outsource More For Large-Scale Development
06/28/12 Lords Of Shadow Developer Would "Love To Do Contra"
06/27/12 Hey "Social Media," Keep Your Filthy Mitts Off My Games
06/27/12 GameStop PS3 Summer Bundle Offers $75 Worth Of Free Stuff
06/27/12 Sleeping Dogs Too Hot For Japan, Gets Dreaded AO Rating
06/27/12 Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC, Other Content Set For July 3
06/27/12 Crystal Dynamics Is "Looking To The Future" With Lara Croft
06/27/12 LBP Dev Hiring For "Different Projects On Different Platforms"
06/27/12 Kaz Hirai No Longer The Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman
06/27/12 BioWare: "Much More" DLC For ME3
06/26/12 Hitman Dev Disappointed That Only 20% Will Finish Absolution
06/26/12 Namco Boss Harada Fires Back At Demanding Tekken Fans
06/26/12 Square Enix Essentially Confirms A FFVII Remake Is Impossible
06/26/12 When Will Bethesda Start Treating PlayStation Fans Better?
06/26/12 DUST 514 Mercenary Pack: Weapons, Armor, Beta Access
06/26/12 Californication Actress Camilla Luddington Becomes Lara Croft
06/25/12 PS3 Firmware Update 4.20: Multiple Save File Copying FTW
06/25/12 Resident Evil 6 Collector's Edition Headed To Europe, Australia
06/25/12 Sony Has "No Plans" To Pursue Another Resistance Entry
06/25/12 Ubisoft Reveals Dates For Far Cry 3 And Other Holiday Titles
06/25/12 BioWare Has Listened And Tried, So Don't Act Like Children
06/25/12 Journey Collector's Edition Dated, Priced
06/25/12 Dragon's Dogma Ships A Million, Capcom To Make It A Franchise
06/24/12 Gamers Attacking Ebert, Boone Is Somewhat Embarrassing
06/24/12 Does Grand Theft Auto III Withstand The Test Of Time?
06/24/12 Criterion To Need For Speed Franchise: "You're Mine!"
06/24/12 One Of Squaresoft's Original Designers Is Calling It Quits
06/24/12 PSXE Poll Update: Downloadable Games Are Entitled To GotY
06/23/12 Sony: Moving Towards Digital Distribution Is A "Natural Progression"
06/23/12 EA Teams Up With Dreamworks, Need For Speed Movie Coming
06/22/12 Who's Up For More Disc-Based Downloadable Collections?
06/22/12 Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Seeks To Heal Wounds Next Week
06/22/12 THQ: Darksiders II DLC "Not Originally Intended For Main Game"
06/22/12 Schilling On 38 Studios: "I Put Everything Into This Company"
06/22/12 Kojima Teases New Character, Mo-Cap Work For Mystery Title
06/21/12 Killing Rumors Is Awfully Noble But Sadly, Entirely Unrealistic
06/21/12 PlayStation Network Service Erratic
06/21/12 Crytek Boss: "I Love TimeSplitters, But The Publishers Don't"
06/21/12 Quantum Conundrum Befuddles PSN, XBLA Users In July
06/21/12 Dieselpunk "Shmup" Sine Mora Coming Soon To PSN
06/21/12 Resident Evil 6: 19 Minutes Of Emotional Zombie Elimination
06/21/12 Would FFVII's Return To PC Hint At A Return To Consoles?
06/21/12 Thatgamecompany's Tremendous Trio Bundled On Blu-Ray
06/20/12 No Man's Land In Home: "Only Possible On PlayStation"
06/20/12 EA: Microtransactions Are The Future...Sorry, Hardcore Gamers
06/20/12 Clan Of Champions Gears Up For Summer
06/20/12 Bleszinski Praises Difficulty Of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls
06/20/12 MGS5 To Boast More In The Way Of "Infiltration And Espionage"
06/20/12 Enter The Dominatrix No Longer A Saints Row: The Third Expansion
06/20/12 Okami HD Revealed, To Support 1080p HD, PlayStation Move
06/19/12 The Hard-Hitting Babes Of The LFL Are Coming...To A Game
06/19/12 DLC Fighters "Not The Right Way To Go" For Dead Or Alive 5
06/19/12 EA: Frostbite 2 Is A "Scaleable" Engine For The Next Generation
06/19/12 DOOM 3 BFG Edition Dated, Priced
06/18/12 Okay Spector, But What Exactly Qualifies As "Ultraviolence?"
06/18/12 THQ Focused On Triple-A Console Games
06/18/12 Capcom Details Crossover Multiplayer Feature For RE6
06/18/12 Anarchy Won't Reign In North America Until Early 2013
06/18/12 Sony: Wonderbook Is The "Biggest One" For Christmas
06/18/12 God Of War: Ascension Collector's Edition Detailed At Amazon
06/18/12 Australia's R18+ Rating Becomes Law
06/18/12 Rainbow Moon Set For July, DLC And 45 Screenshots Revealed
06/17/12 Will The PS1 Always Be The Undisputed King Of RPGs?
06/17/12 Sign The TimeSplitters 4 Facebook Fan Page...Or We'll Find You
06/17/12 Watch Dogs Movie Already Possible?
06/17/12 PSXE User Review Contest: Current Available Prizes
06/17/12 PSXE Poll Update: E3 2012 A Little "Meh" For Most Gamers
06/16/12 It Was Inevitable: ACIII Spawns Trendy "American Guilt" Sentiments
06/16/12 Revengeance Blade Mode: Slice It All, Including Women's Dresses
06/15/12 EA Not Happy With The Run, Wants Most Wanted To "Dial It Up"
06/15/12 Dual Shock Controller Getting All Blinged Out In October
06/15/12 Sam Fisher May Be Hollywood-Bound
06/15/12 Is Max Payne Just Too Old?
06/15/12 British Ratings Board Leaks Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition
06/15/12 EA On Dead Space: "We Listen To The Fans And We Hear Them"
06/15/12 Guitar Hero Developer Now Helping Out With Call Of Duty
06/14/12 Journey May Be The Front-Runner For Game Of The Year
06/14/12 Spector On Violence In Games: "We've Gone Too Far"
06/14/12 Thatgamecompany Gets Funding, Goes Fully Independent
06/14/12 May NPD: Diablo III, Max Payne 3 Top Another Losing Month
06/14/12 PSN Debacle Gone But Not Forgotten
06/14/12 Project HONOR: Paying Homage To Our Military Heroes
06/13/12 Nobody Really Thought Lara Would Get Raped...Did They?
06/13/12 Rockstar Hatches Plan To Deal With Max Payne 3 Cheaters
06/13/12 Tomb Raider Dev: "Sexual Assault Is Not A Theme We Cover"
06/13/12 UK Ad Bureau Says EA Did Not Falsely Advertise ME3
06/13/12 Beyond: Two Souls: 20 Minute E3 Demo Outlined, Summarized
06/13/12 EA: SSX Reboot Worked, Syndicate Didn't
06/13/12 Some Gamers Aren't Big Fans Of Lara's Fresh Vulnerability
06/12/12 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn't Want Juliet Starling For A Girlfriend
06/12/12 Grand Theft Auto V Launch Date Revealed At GamesCom 2012?
06/12/12 Capcom's Ono Blasts Company For Overworking Employees
06/12/12 Molyneux: Sony Should "Double Down" On First-Party Talent
06/12/12 Lollipop Chainsaw's "4 Hour" Length Is A Definite Exaggeration
06/12/12 Oddworld Remake Isn't Only About HD, It's A Full-Fledged Reboot
06/12/12 Crytek: "Clearly, The Future Is Online And Free-To-Play"
06/11/12 I Really Don't Care About Trophies...I Must Be Really Weird
06/11/12 Need For Speed: Most Wanted Is An Open-World Racer
06/11/12 Slant Six Hit With "Temporary" Layoffs
06/11/12 Is It Feasible That Call Of Duty Could End Up Like Guitar Hero?
06/11/12 Sledgehammer's Call Of Duty Project Back On The Radar
06/11/12 THQ's New Boss: We Need To Make The "Best Possible Product"
06/10/12 Dead Island: Riptide Is A New Game And Not A Remake
06/10/12 God Of War Collection "Omega Edition" Boasts Kratos Statue
06/10/12 THQ Forced To Sell Off UFC License
06/10/12 PSXE User Review Contest: A Quality Skyrim Analysis Wins
06/09/12 Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gets Dated At TGS 2012
06/09/12 Guerrilla's New Project To Be Online Multiplayer-Oriented?
06/08/12 Kojima Had Intended To Move Away From MGS After MGS2
06/08/12 Snoop Dogg Lends Talents To TTT2, Says He Still Enjoys Gaming
06/08/12 A PSXE Guest Breaks Down The Major E3 Press Conferences
06/08/12 Survival Horror Showdown: Dead Space 3 vs. Resident Evil 6
06/08/12 Home Boss: Sony Is "For The Gamer First And Foremost"
06/08/12 Activision Blizzard May Be For Sale
06/07/12 Do The Best Graphics Have The Biggest Impact Among Gamers?
06/07/12 Pachter: No PS3/360 Price Drop Until Wii U Price Is Revealed
06/07/12 38 Studios Declares Bankruptcy, Investigation Begins
06/07/12 E3 2012 Sees 45,700, Generates $40 Million For LA
06/07/12 Want More NFL Blitz? Gotta Tell EA
06/07/12 FFXIV Progress Report: PS3 Version Sill Quite A Ways Off
06/06/12 Maybe Innovation And Progression Just Isn't Fun In Games
06/06/12 Watch Dogs Isn't Next-Gen, Confirmed For PS3, 360, PC
06/06/12 Sony: The Last Of Us Won't Hit This Year
06/06/12 Activision: Black Ops 2 Is "One Of The Best Values On One Disc"
06/06/12 Cage On Beyond: "Every Single Moment Has Different Gameplay"
06/06/12 Will Final Fantasy XV Look Like Agni's Philosophy Tech Demo?
06/05/12 Give Us Your Analysis Of The E3 2012 Press Conferences
06/05/12 Sony's E3 Footage Proves The PS3 Has Plenty Of Power Left
06/05/12 Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two Earns November Launch Date
06/05/12 Sony On Last Guardian: "We'll Talk About It When We're Ready"
06/05/12 Konami Officially Confirms Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2
06/05/12 Deep Silver Reveals Dead Island Riptide For Consoles, PC
06/05/12 E3 2012: Gameplay Footage You Really Shouldn't Miss
06/05/12 E3 2012: Atlus Reveals E3 Trailer, Launch Date For Persona 4 Arena
06/04/12 E3 2012: Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Unveiled
06/04/12 E3 2012: God Of War, The Last Of Us Gameplay = Sony Win
06/04/12 E3 2012: God Of War: Ascension Set For March 12, 2013
06/04/12 E3 2012: Wonderbook Brings Stories To Life...Almost Literally
06/04/12 E3 2012: David Cage Unveils Beyond With Actress Ellen Page
06/04/12 E3 2012: "The Greatest Minds" In The Industry Are At Sony
06/04/12 Sports Champions 2 Boasts Enhanced Lineup, Improvements
06/04/12 DUST 514 Details: Beta Tests, Home Integration, Vita App
06/04/12 Poll Implies That PS3 Owners Aren't Too Interested In Mobile Gaming
06/04/12 Rumor: Quantic Dream To Announce "Beyond" At E3 Today
06/04/12 Atlus, ACE Team Announce Zeno Clash II
06/04/12 Atlus Brings The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes To PS3, 360
06/03/12 Maybe Teenagers Should Put Down The Controller More Often
06/03/12 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Producer Trashes Ninja Gaiden III
06/03/12 Criterion Prepping Fresh Need For Speed: Most Wanted Effort
06/02/12 Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Launches On January 22
06/02/12 Tomba! Explores Again On PSN
06/01/12 Battlefield 3 Premium Confirmed, May Boast "Powerful Features"
06/01/12 Report: Backwards Compatibility Returns To PlayStation Via Gaikai
06/01/12 Tomb Raider: Epic New Trailer Confirms March 5, 2013 Date
06/01/12 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Raiden Kicks Ass In "Early 2013"
06/01/12 LEGO Lord Of The Rings Set For Fall

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