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PS3 Archives - July, 2012

07/31/12 Was The Best Turn-Based RPG Of The Generation On The Xbox 360?
07/31/12 Assassin's Creed Creator Says Original Title Is "The Purest"
07/31/12 Take-Two Posts Losses But GTAV Is Making "Substantial Progress"
07/31/12 A Freaked Out Stephen Shellen Hints At A New Deus Ex?
07/31/12 Plus Members Get First Two Walking Dead Episodes Free
07/31/12 Rumor: God Of War Saga Collection On Retail Radar
07/30/12 Dante Still Has An Attitude, But Is It The Right Attitude?
07/30/12 EA: The Future Of Gaming Is Freemium
07/30/12 SOCOM Isn't Done, No "Definite Retiring" For Sony Franchises
07/30/12 Sleeping Dogs Hard Boiled Action: Slo-Mo, Explosions Galore
07/30/12 Katamari Damacy Lands Spot In Museum Of Modern Art Exhibit
07/30/12 E3 Will Stay In Los Angeles For At Least Three More Years
07/30/12 Dead Space 3: New Features Inspired By Fan, Critic Feedback
07/30/12 Olympics Generate Sales Rise In Olympic-Related Titles
07/30/12 Dragon's Dogma Helps Capcom Post A 290% Profit Surge
07/29/12 How Popular Is G4TV, Anyway?
07/29/12 PSXE Poll Update: Not Much Love For The Fighting Genre
07/29/12 Leaked Battle Royale Stages Inspired By Big Sony Exclusives
07/29/12 Techland Working On "Dead World" And "Dead Stop?"
07/29/12 Brief Okami HD Clip: "Oooh, Preeetty"
07/28/12 Vice City Visits The Early Days On The Ol' Commodore 64
07/28/12 THQ: Our "Properly Led" Teams Can Create 90+ Games
07/27/12 One Of Last Generation's Best Hits PSN Next Week
07/27/12 Retro/Grade Turns Back Time To The Beat
07/27/12 If There's A Darksiders III, It Could Be Smaller In Scope
07/27/12 Rumor: PlayStation All-Stars Beta Invites Being Sent Out?
07/27/12 007 Legends Embraces Past And Present Bond Talent
07/26/12 When's Dawnguard Coming To Skyrim On PS3? ...Well, Whenever
07/26/12 Work On GT6 Began "Immediately After" GT5 Was Complete
07/26/12 RI Governor: 38 Studios Was "Living High On Taxpayer Dollars"
07/26/12 GameStop Exploring Possible Reselling Of Digital Content
07/26/12 Anomaly: Warzone Earth: A Strategy "Tower Offense" Game
07/26/12 Rumor: Metal Gear Rising Slices Up Store Shelves In February
07/26/12 Just Cause 2 Dev Speaks Out Against DLC And "Forced Multiplayer"
07/26/12 Dishonored Daring Escapes: Pick Blink, Bend Time Or Possession
07/25/12 Is The Free PSN Finally On Par With The Paid Xbox Live?
07/25/12 Pre-Order Resident Evil 6, Get Yourself Umbrella's Umbrella
07/25/12 Darksiders II Designer "Frustrated" By Comparisons To Zelda
07/25/12 Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition Slated For September
07/24/12 So...Um...Has Anyone Heard Anything New About Overstrike?
07/24/12 Sony Has At Least Two Unannounced Titles Set For Gamescom
07/24/12 Future Titles May Include Dragon's Dogma 2, New Ninja Gaiden
07/24/12 Haunting Ground Likely To Hit PSN
07/24/12 Ascension Director Unsure If God Of War Setting Will Ever Change
07/24/12 THQ Reverse Stock Split Gets Them Back In NASDAQ Compliance
07/24/12 Wada: Versus XIII Has Not Been Canceled
07/23/12 Will Kojima's Project Ogre Be The Last Great PS3 Exclusive?
07/23/12 "Super Slim" PS3 Could Put PS4 Launch Window Into 2014
07/23/12 Thatgamecompany Opens Store, Get TGC T-Shirt, Buttons, Cards
07/23/12 Kojima: Prepare For The Fox Engine Unveiling On August 30
07/23/12 Ubisoft: Tougher To Produce New IPs At The End Of A Generation
07/23/12 Ubisoft Evidently Adopting "Season Pass" For Assassin's Creed III
07/23/12 Darksiders II Soundtrack By Jesper Kyd Available For Pre-Order
07/23/12 Silent Hill: Downpour Developer May Be Forced To Close Its Doors
07/22/12 So, Who's Bored With This Generation?
07/22/12 Sony Christmas Strategy: "Go Big On Family-Friendly Titles"
07/22/12 Portal 2's Wheatley Heading Into Space
07/22/12 PSXE Poll Update: Not A Whole Lotta FPS Fans 'Round Here
07/21/12 So, Can Console Gamers Expect A Better Diablo III Iteration?
07/20/12 If Versus XIII Is Dead, What Killed It?
07/20/12 The Last Guardian Update: "Technical Issues Being Addressed"
07/20/12 Borderlands 2 Done, Developer Shifting Focus To DLC
07/20/12 Proposed $27 Million Settlement For EA Football Lawsuit
07/20/12 EA: Dead Space 3 Is "True To Its Roots"
07/20/12 GTAV Will Be A No-Show At Gamescom
07/20/12 Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Has Died A Quiet Death
07/20/12 Ascension Devs: Kratos Doesn't Enjoy His Violent Mission
07/19/12 Sony May Announce A PS3 Price Cut Along With The New Model
07/19/12 David Cage's Writing Turned Ellen Page Into A Game Believer
07/19/12 Namco Running Kickstarter-Like Promo For Ni No Kuni
07/19/12 Resident Evil 6: SDCC Trailer, New Gameplay Footage
07/19/12 Ratchet & Clank Returning To Its Roots...With A Twist Or Two
07/19/12 Dishonored Dev: Fiction In Games Has Suffered This Generation
07/19/12 Gearbox: Borderlands 2 Is Long Enough To Be A "Hobby"
07/18/12 If Heavy Rain Wasn't A "Video Game," Beyond Won't Be, Either
07/18/12 Double Dragon Neon: The Brothers Battle Again In September
07/18/12 Laugh Factory App For PS3 Owners Free Through December
07/18/12 Rock Band Blitz Jazzes Up PSN, XBLA Later Next Month
07/18/12 EA: "We Will Continue To Support BF3"
07/18/12 Sleeping Dogs Voice Cast: Emma Stone, Tom Wilkinson, More
07/17/12 How Does One Cultivate A "Romantic Relationship" Online?
07/17/12 Game Genie Returns For All Those Who Despise Following Rules
07/17/12 Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 Hits The Digital World In August
07/17/12 Sony First Approached Naughty Dog For PlayStation All-Stars
07/17/12 Mikami: Shadows Of The Damned Broke Suda51's Heart
07/17/12 Kojima: MGS5 Title Screen Is Fake, But I Still Like "Buzz"
07/17/12 Battlefield 4 Confirmed, Beta Test Set For Fall 2013
07/16/12 Square Enix Seeking Redemption In The Next Generation?
07/16/12 Adding MGS4 Trophies Was An Ordeal
07/16/12 Ratchet & Clank Collection Dated, Sly Cooper Demo Incentive
07/16/12 Date A Gamer Begets Shag A Gamer...And We Cringe
07/16/12 Report: Sony Required IP Rights To Limbo But Didn't Get 'Em
07/16/12 The Bad Girls In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Get 100 Bikinis
07/16/12 Konami Says Project Ogre/MGS5 Tie-In Rumors Are False
07/16/12 Square Enix Tech Director On FFVII: "I'd Like A Remake"
07/15/12 Has BioWare Permanently Lost Fans Due To ME3 Fiasco?
07/15/12 PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation Fans Iffy On Gaikai Acquisition
07/15/12 Deadpool Game Outed At Comic-Con
07/15/12 Jak And Daxter, Cole MacGrath Added To Battle Royale Roster
07/15/12 Rumor: Pre-Order Warfighter, Get Into Battlefield 4 Beta
07/14/12 The Last Of Us Vid: A New Actor And A Spunky Ellie
07/13/12 What Games Are Getting Your Money This Holiday Season?
07/13/12 Gearbox: Borderlands 2 Budget A Lot Higher Than The Original
07/13/12 Who Wants To See NetherRealm Tackle A Different Genre?
07/13/12 New PS3 Model Pics Surface, Machine Boasts...Ridges?
07/13/12 Assassin's Creed III Features Revamped Combat Mechanic
07/13/12 DICE Loses Battlefield 3 Lead Designer
07/13/12 EA Would Be Happy To Publish Another Kingdoms Of Amalur
07/12/12 The First Rockstar Game On A Next-Gen Console Will Be...
07/12/12 Go Behind The Scenes With Beyond, Meet Two New Actors
07/12/12 Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection Is Just Mind-Boggling
07/12/12 June NPD: LEGO Batman 2 Tops Another Down Month
07/12/12 Arkane Studios: The Successful Titles Are Usually Sequels
07/12/12 EyeToy And The Kama Sutra: A Match Not Made In Heaven
07/12/12 Rockstar Explains Lengthy Dev Cycles, No Beta For GTAV
07/12/12 007 Legends On Her Majesty's Secret Service Mission Trailer
07/11/12 5 Games That Get You Into The Most Trouble With Women
07/11/12 Spartacus Legends Revealed: Become A God Among Men
07/11/12 Frag Dolls Open Casting Call: Step Up, Gamer Girls
07/11/12 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike Map Pack Confirmed
07/11/12 Trophy Support Will Make You Want To Play MGS4 Again
07/11/12 Next Batman Game Going Back In Time?
07/11/12 Rainbow Moon Is Here, Old-School Fans Cry Tears Of Joy
07/10/12 Black Ops II Will Have The Best Call Of Duty Campaign Ever
07/10/12 Aliens Writer: The Heart Of The Story Is A Female Character
07/10/12 PSN PLAY Boasts Expendables 2, New Counter-Strike
07/10/12 Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Villain Trailer Brings The Heat
07/10/12 Mikami: Japanese Devs Need To Spend Hollywood-Like Money
07/10/12 Square Enix: "This Generation Has Lasted Way Too Long"
07/10/12 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Getting The Big-Screen Treatment
07/09/12 Can Romance Ever Really Be Done Effectively In Games?
07/09/12 Hori Reveals Dead Or Alive 5 Arcade Stick
07/09/12 MLB 12: The Show Predicts A Close National League Victory
07/09/12 Assassin's Creed Movie In The Works, Fassbender Stars
07/09/12 Rockstar, Take-Two's GTAV Silence Translates To...
07/09/12 Tales Remakes Will Bring The Franchise "Back To Its Roots"
07/09/12 Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 Not Ready, Keeps "Evolving"
07/08/12 Is Final Fantasy Tactics Overrated Or One Of The Best Ever?
07/08/12 PSXE Poll Update: Most Gamers Totally Against Microtransactions
07/08/12 Resident Evil 6 May Be Facing A Tragic Lose-Lose Situation
07/08/12 Battle Royale Director: "PlayStation All-Stars Is Its Own Game"
07/08/12 Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Hits July 31
07/07/12 New Book Captures The Long, Colorful History Of Sonic The Hedgehog
07/07/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2: Previously Unknown Tidbits Revealed
07/06/12 Two More For PlayStation All-Stars: Heihachi And Toro Inoue
07/06/12 Terminal Reality, Activision Prepping The Walking Dead Game
07/06/12 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Set For October 23
07/06/12 Aliens Online Petition Tells Sega To Put A Woman Into The Game
07/06/12 Tales Of Xillia Confirmed For US, Europe
07/06/12 Persona 4 Arena Region-Locked, Online Servers To Be Global
07/05/12 What Are This Generation's Truly Memorable Video Games?
07/05/12 Cage Not Interested In "Making Software To Sell At Christmas"
07/05/12 DICE: Amazing Gamers Is More Important Than Being #1
07/05/12 God Of War: Ascension: Welcome The Multiplayer Desert Boss
07/05/12 Do Final Fantasy Fans Really Want Story-Based DLC?
07/05/12 Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Combines Two Arcade Classics
07/05/12 FCC Documents Hint At Another PS3 Diet
07/05/12 Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Gets New Launch Date, Trailer
07/04/12 Well Ubisoft, You Better Start Showing Americans Dying
07/04/12 THQ Won't Publish Devil's Third, Returns Rights To Valhalla
07/04/12 Final Fantasy VII's PC Return Is Official
07/04/12 Today, Let's Thank America For Our Beloved Video Games
07/04/12 Sony's Star-Studded Comic-Con Lineup
07/03/12 "Wow Grandpa, That's What A Video Game Used To Be?!"
07/03/12 Atlus Kicks Off Their "HOJAEFJAAM" PSN Summer Sale
07/03/12 THQ's Focus Is On "Great Products" For The Short And Long-Term
07/03/12 Activision, Tencent To Bring Call Of Duty Online To China
07/03/12 Can US Gamers Expect To See The "Essential Collection?"
07/03/12 Pachter: An Activision Sale Improbable, A "Spinoff" Likely
07/02/12 I Really Hope DMC Gives Ninja Theory Some Much-Deserved Success
07/02/12 Lords Of Shadow 2 Once Again Uses PS3 As Lead Platform
07/02/12 Nippon Ichi Confirms Disgaea 5 For...Well, Eventual Release
07/02/12 EA: "We Will Be 100% Digital, Period"
07/02/12 Lollipop Chainsaw Devs Getting Fan Feedback For Killer Is Dead
07/02/12 Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition: A Statue And Colonial Flag
07/02/12 "Reimagined" Nuketown 2025 Confirmed For Black Ops II
07/02/12 SCE To Acquire Gaikai, Cloud-Based Service Coming
07/01/12 Can Warfighter Steal More Market Share From Call Of Duty?
07/01/12 Two More PlayStation All-Stars Fighters Revealed At Comic-Con
07/01/12 EA: It's A Bad Idea To Ignore New IPs
07/01/12 Sackboy Wants To Go For A Test Drive, So Sign Up Now
07/01/12 PSXE User Review Contest: The Winner Does Rally Racing Proud

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