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PS3 Archives - August, 2012

08/31/12 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Announced For 2013
08/31/12 Hey, Since When Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII "Nostalgic?"
08/31/12 Amazon France Lists Killzone Trilogy
08/31/12 Rumor: Resident Evil 6 Leaked A Month Early In Poland
08/31/12 Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Bundle Pack On Sale Now
08/31/12 Bethesda Having Trouble Bringing Skyrim Dawnguard To PS3
08/31/12 Celebrating 25 Years Of Final Fantasy: The Ultimate Box Collection
08/30/12 Are MGS Fans Pissed About An "Open World" In Ground Zeroes?
08/30/12 PlayStation All-Stars Welcomes Nariko, Daniel Fortesque
08/30/12 GameStop: We've "Got To Be" In The Classic Game Business
08/30/12 New Assassin's Creed III Video: Combat, Weapons And Tactics
08/30/12 LittleBigPlanet Karting Game Jam Video, Pre-Order Bonuses
08/30/12 Metal Gear Ground Zeroes Announced, MGS Movie Coming
08/29/12 Sony's New SimulView Display Rocks 4K Resolution On An 84" Screen
08/29/12 Far Cry 3 Official Survival Guide: Nobody Told Me About Tigers
08/29/12 NHL 13 Opens Its Doors To The Ladies
08/29/12 Dragon Fantasy Book II Bringin' Back Old-School 16-Bit Glory
08/29/12 PlayStation Collections Available Now: Never Stop Playing
08/28/12 Journey's Gorgeous Hardcover Art Book
08/28/12 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Hearthfire DLC: All Sorts Of Domestic
08/28/12 Black Ops II Hardened Edition, Care Package Detailed
08/28/12 Dead Island Team Reveals New IP, Dubbed "Project Hell"
08/28/12 Final Fantasy Characters In Battle Royale Appear Possible
08/27/12 Graphics Ain't Everything...But They're Always Something
08/27/12 Rumor: Black Ops II Gets Both Hardened And Prestige Editions
08/27/12 ICO, Shadow Of The Colossus Producer Departs Sony
08/27/12 Cage: Sony Gives Me "Total Freedom"
08/27/12 Tomb Raider Seeks To Create A Singular Player/Character Bond
08/27/12 BF3 Armored Kill DLC Targets Premium PS3 Players First
08/26/12 Q1 2013 Could Be The Greatest Quarter In Gaming History
08/26/12 Lollipop Chainsaw Ships Over 700,000
08/26/12 Get Your Game Development Training In Any State You Wish
08/26/12 PSXE Poll Update: Assassin's Creed III Is Most Wanted Fall Title
08/25/12 Devil May Cry Fans On DMC Reboot: More Hyped Than Pissed
08/25/12 Uncharted Movie Gets Writers But Loses Another Director
08/24/12 Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Launch Trailer: Look, Water
08/24/12 DICE Responds To Fan Complaints Concerning Battlefield 4
08/24/12 Rockstar Releases More GTAV Screens: "Business"-Related
08/23/12 Do You Mind Shorter Game Campaigns?
08/23/12 Psychonauts Goes Classic Next Week
08/23/12 Source Squashes GTAV November 23 Release Date Rumor
08/23/12 Heavenly Sword 2 Concept Art Surfaces, And We're Depressed
08/23/12 Molyneux: "Surprise" Has To Be The Center Of Gaming
08/23/12 Dishonored Study Of Stealth Gameplay: Won't Know What Hit 'Em
08/22/12 Is Lightning A Big Enough Fan Favorite For A Mini-Series?
08/22/12 DoA5 Dev: Our Female Characters Are "Very Misinterpreted"
08/22/12 Dead Space 3 LE Pre-Orders Receive Extra Suits, Weapons
08/22/12 Square Enix's Hints Make It Seem Like FFXIII-3 Is Inevitable
08/22/12 Sony Closes Part Of Wipeout Studio
08/22/12 Let's Just Say It: GTAV Screens Could Very Well Be Next-Gen
08/21/12 Could Late PS3 Games Compete Visually With Xbox 720 Titles?
08/21/12 Joe Danger: The Movie Debuts On XBLA...That's Gratitude For Ya
08/21/12 EA Exec: Physical Game Retail Won't Last 10 More Years
08/21/12 The Last Guardian Devs Were Forced To "Re-Do" Some Work
08/21/12 MGS5 Has A Shot At Launching In 2013?
08/21/12 Sony: PS3 A "Perfect New Platform To Join This Christmas"
08/20/12 Do You Have The Most Fun With The Highest-Rated Games?
08/20/12 Prey 2 Keeps Drawing Further Away, May Need Burial Rites
08/20/12 Rumor: Skyrim DLC "Heartfire" May Introduce Necromancy
08/20/12 Boston May Be Home To Fallout 4
08/20/12 GTAV Transport Images: Dude, Is That A Fighter Jet?!
08/20/12 Cage: Beyond Will Send "Interesting Signals" To Actors
08/19/12 Kojima And Co. Preparing All New Rising Trailer And Demo
08/19/12 Dead Space 3: Weapon Crafting Gone Totally Berzerk
08/19/12 Dragon Age III Rumored Info: Lots Of "Drama And Suspense"
08/19/12 PSXE Poll Update: GTAV Will Hit Next Spring Or Summer
08/18/12 Machinarium, Double Dragon Neon Hitting PSN Next Month?
08/18/12 PlayStation Plus Members Can Join The DUST 514 Beta Fun
08/17/12 I Sorta Miss The Flops And Epic Fails
08/17/12 Borderlands 2 Golden...Almost Officially
08/17/12 Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gameplay Walkthrough: Feel Better, Fans?
08/17/12 Sports Champions 2 Turns Us Into Virtual Athletes On October 30
08/17/12 It's Okay, Hutchinson, Just Admit You Made A Little Mistake
08/17/12 Ubisoft: Journalists Often Biased Towards Japanese Developers
08/17/12 Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Trailer Centers On Story
08/17/12 Capcom Has Long-Term Franchise Plans For Remember Me
08/16/12 Cage: Technology Is Only A Tool; You Still Have To Say Something
08/16/12 Spiders Prepping Cyberpunk Action/RPG: Mars: War Logs
08/16/12 Negative Fan Reaction To Hitman Saints Trailer Yields Results
08/16/12 DoA5 Devs Go "Hands-On" To Get Just The Right Jiggly-ness
08/16/12 Dead Space 3 Create-A-Weapon Contest
08/15/12 Lucky, Lucky Gamers...You Get Two Holiday Seasons
08/15/12 Ubisoft: Annual Releases "Keeps The Brand In People's Minds"
08/15/12 Sly Cooper Sneaks Out Of 2012
08/15/12 Metal Gear Rising Dated, Demo Coming With ZoE Collection
08/15/12 In Case You Hadn't Heard, No, The PSN Hasn't Been Hacked
08/15/12 DICE Hints At Return Of Mirror's Edge, Bad Company IPs
08/15/12 Four More Iconic Greats On Display For PlayStation All-Stars
08/15/12 Japan Studio's Rain May Aspire To Subtle, Beautiful Artistry
08/14/12 The Last Of Us Trailer Highlights Brutal Gameplay Segments
08/14/12 Sony's Puppeteer Asks You To Find A Boy's Wooden Head
08/14/12 Assassin's Creed III Naval Warfare: Better Keep Your Footing
08/14/12 Sony Reveals Until Dawn, A Horrifying PS Move Experience
08/14/12 Hitman: Absolution Contracts Multiplayer Mode Detailed
08/14/12 Suikoden Revival: Help Resurrect A Beloved RPG Classic
08/14/12 Capcom Unveils Remember Me, Once Known As Adrift
08/13/12 Visit The PSXE YouTube Channel, Catch Up On Old Shows
08/13/12 Don't Lose Any Sleep Over the Status Of Bioshock Infinite
08/13/12 PlayStation All Stars Pushed Back
08/13/12 Raymond: Gamers Demanding Perfection Limits Innovation
08/13/12 BioWare: Day One DLC Is Something Most Gamers Want
08/13/12 Sons Of Anarchy Creator Doubts Game "Will Ever Happen"
08/13/12 EA: Digital Will Rule, But We'll Never Abandon Physical Media
08/13/12 Full Rock Band Blitz Track List Revealed
08/13/12 Borderlands 2 Come And Get Me Trailer: Handsome Jack Taunts
08/12/12 We Have To Do Something, Or Ni No Kuni Will Get Overlooked
08/12/12 PSXE Poll Update: Two Big Titles Leave Gamers Undecided
08/12/12 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Cutting Back On Cut-Scenes
08/12/12 Darksiders II Crucible Mode: Take An Action-Packed Gamble
08/12/12 Madden Demo Drops This Week, Give RGIII A Test Run
08/11/12 Tomb Raider Devs Cite Batman, Bond As "Change" Inspirations
08/11/12 Jet Set Radio Dated For PSN, XBLA, Vita
08/10/12 PlayStation All-Stars: Fat Princess, Sly Cooper Fully Revealed
08/10/12 Analyst: Don't Be Surprised If GTAV Slips Into Fiscal 2014
08/10/12 Sleeping Dogs Sequel Depends On Sales And Gamer Interest
08/10/12 DMC Gameplay: Dante The Demon-Slayer And Platform-Mover
08/10/12 007 Legends Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
08/09/12 Will PS3 Go Out With A Bang In 2013?
08/09/12 Rumor: The Last Guardian Is No More
08/09/12 Bioshock Infinite Loses Multiplayer Modes, But Levine Mollifies
08/09/12 July NPD: US Gaming Business Suffers Worst Month Since 2006
08/09/12 Dishonored Encourages You To Get All Creative With Killing
08/09/12 See How Sweet Tooth Gets Down In PlayStation All-Stars
08/09/12 Dead Or Alive 5: Helena's Version Of Opening Ceremonies
08/09/12 Anything 38 Studios Had Is Now Gone
08/08/12 Bioshock Infinite Developer Loses A Couple Key Members
08/08/12 Will Anyone Say It? Online Gaming Is Obviously Addictive
08/08/12 Sony Discounting 17 Big-Name PS3, Vita Titles Next Week
08/08/12 NPD Group: Digital Sales On The Rise
08/08/12 Codemasters Officially Unveils GRID 2
08/08/12 Battle Royale Will Support "All Popular Arcade Stick Peripherals"
08/08/12 Football Fans: Vote For Player Ratings In Madden NFL 13
08/08/12 Tekken Producer: What If The Big Three Made One Console?
08/07/12 Darksiders II Producer: "We Got To Create Our Dream Game"
08/07/12 Starting August 21, Download Specific Metal Gear Solid HD Titles
08/07/12 Naughty Dog Rolls Out "Biggest Patch Ever" For Uncharted 3
08/07/12 Crytek May Have A TimeSplitters Surprise "Coming Soon"
08/07/12 Black Ops II Multiplayer: Guns, Gadgets, A Hatchet To The Face
08/07/12 LittleBigPlanet Karting: Sackboy Goin' For A Spin In November
08/07/12 Gamescom May See Sony Announce "Until Dawn," "Rain"
08/06/12 Genre Boundary Blurring: "I Didn't Expect THAT To Be In Here"
08/06/12 Assassin's Creed III PS3 Boasts An Hour Of Exclusive Gameplay
08/06/12 THQ Forced To Cancel Del Toro's Insane
08/06/12 Analysts: Call Of Duty May Be On A Downward Trajectory
08/06/12 GameStop: "We're Not Ashamed Of The Pre-Owned Business"
08/06/12 Prince Of Persia Reboot Incoming?
08/06/12 Sony's New Collections Start With God Of War, inFamous
08/06/12 Ubisoft Explains Why Assassin's Creed III Won't Get A Beta
08/05/12 PSXE Poll Update: Olympics Generate Both Love And Indifference
08/05/12 Platinum Boss Says PlayStation All-Stars Is "Just A Rip-Off"
08/05/12 id Software Used RAGE Tech To Bring DOOM Classics To PS3
08/05/12 Activision Shares Could Rise By 50%
08/05/12 Traditional RPG Decline: Is The Culprit A Dwindling Attention Span?
08/04/12 Four Days Until Worldwide Debut Of Black Ops II Multiplayer
08/04/12 Codemasters Teases GRID Sequel
08/03/12 Resident Evil 6 Agent Hunt Mode: Humans Invading My Game!
08/03/12 MGS4 Trophies Coming Very, Very Soon, Full List Revealed
08/03/12 Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Pre-Order Bonuses
08/03/12 Top GotY Contenders: Dishonored And Assassin's Creed III
08/03/12 Rocksmith DLC: Learn The Various Bass Guitar Techniques
08/03/12 Dishonored Boasts Big-Time Voice Talent
08/03/12 ACIII Trailer: "The Most Detailed Action Character Ever Created"
08/02/12 Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Confirmed
08/02/12 PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Public Beta Hits This Fall
08/02/12 Linkin Park Looks to Add "Depth And Emotion" To Warfighter
08/02/12 Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel: Co-Op Bad-Assery Returns
08/02/12 Darksiders II May Begin THQ's Return To Financial Solidarity
08/02/12 Last Round Of Modern Warfare 3 DLC Dated, Detailed
08/02/12 Sony's Game Business Drops 14.5%
08/01/12 Square Enix May Announce Final Fantasy XIII-3 In September
08/01/12 Dragon's Dogma Gets Easier Mode, New Demo On PS3
08/01/12 Far Cry 3 Co-Op Is Begging To Be Played
08/01/12 2K: Until We Hit Photorealism, We Can't Embrace Strong Emotions
08/01/12 Dear ESA, We're Going To Need You To Define "Gamer"
08/01/12 Jaffe On Twisted Metal: "Not A Dud, But Not A Hit, Either"
08/01/12 GameStop Tries To Explain Used Prices
08/01/12 David Cage Is About Challenging Minds Rather Than Thumbs

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