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PS3 Archives - September, 2012

09/30/12 So, Microsoft's Halo 4 Has The Nuts To Take On Black Ops II
09/30/12 PSXE Poll Update: "New PS3s Are Fine, But I'm Stickin' With Mine"
09/30/12 Devs Don't Succumb To "Rape" Backlash, Lara Remains The Same
09/30/12 Sony Talks Nintendo And Says "We're In Separate Camps"
09/30/12 Three New PS3 Ultimate Combo Packs Coming In October
09/29/12 How LEGO Seeks To Avoid The Over-Saturation Issue
09/28/12 Limited Editions For ZoE HD Collection And Metal Gear Rising
09/28/12 Full PlayStation All-Stars Launch Roster
09/28/12 Dishonored Golden, But Are PS3 Owners Holding Their Breaths?
09/28/12 Tecmo Planned Smaller Breasts For DoA5, But Fans Said "NO"
09/27/12 PSXE Giveaway Winner Announced, More Freebies Incoming
09/27/12 Wait...There Are People Who Ignore The Multiplayer In CoD?
09/27/12 Metal Gear Solid Movie Will Feature "Unkown Actor" As Snake
09/27/12 NBA Live 13 Canceled, But EA Intends To Try Again Next Year
09/27/12 Remember Me: Erase A Person's Memory And Erase Who They Are
09/27/12 Dead Space 3 Eudora Gameplay: Lots Of Hectic Goodness
09/27/12 Far Cry 3 Savages Trailer: The Jungle May Be Your Grave
09/26/12 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Might Be Exclusive To Japan
09/26/12 Resident Evil 2 Remake Possible If "Fans Really Clamor For It"
09/26/12 Those Damn Zombies Are In My CoD Nuketown Map?! Die, Die!
09/26/12 Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy Coming Exclusively To PS3
09/26/12 GameStop Increases Hardware Trade-In Values...Temporarily
09/26/12 Mass Effect Trilogy Coming, But PS3 Gamers Will Have To Wait
09/26/12 Joe Danger Sequel Hitting PSN "Soon," Dev Appreciates Fans
09/25/12 So, Does Anyone Actually Care About 3D In Video Games?
09/25/12 First Fresh PS3 Model Hits, Watch The Bundle Get Unboxed
09/25/12 RE6 TGS Trailer: They're Coming...
09/25/12 Avenged Sevenfold's "Carry On" Adds Some Grit To Black Ops II
09/25/12 EA: Connected TV Could Be Lucrative In The Near Future
09/25/12 PSN Day 1 Digital Program: Big Titles Go Downloadable At Launch
09/25/12 Pre-Order Warfighter At GameStop, Get Multiplayer Goodies
09/25/12 Tokyo Game Show Sets New Records
09/25/12 Platinum Blames Themselves For Shoddy Bayonetta PS3 Port
09/24/12 Somebody Should Tell Horror Fans That RE6 Is Actually Good
09/24/12 A Dream Job For Emily Rose: Playing Elena In An Uncharted Movie
09/24/12 Dedicated Gamer Hits Borderlands 2 Level Cap In Just 43 Hours
09/24/12 Plus Peeps Get Free Starhawk Campaign
09/24/12 Saints Row: The Third The Full Package Gives Us Everything
09/24/12 Tretton: DUST 514 Hits Next Month
09/24/12 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Brings A Tear To The Eye
09/23/12 What's The One Game That Has Owned Your Life This Generation?
09/23/12 PSXE Poll Update: Wii U Just Isn't Doing It For Gamers
09/23/12 Arkane's Philosophy For Dishonored: Say Yes To The Player
09/23/12 Black Ops II PS3 Texture Install Saves The Blu-Ray Lens
09/23/12 Revengeance Set 4 Years After MGS4, Sunny Returns
09/22/12 Inafune: Western Devs Still "Love And Respect" Japanese Games
09/22/12 Remember Me's Combo Lab: Customize A Deadly Nilin
09/21/12 Analysts "Increasingly Concerned" GTAV Won't Hit By March
09/21/12 Sly's New Adventure Begins In February
09/21/12 NIS America Announces Two More For JRPG Fanatics
09/21/12 Square Enix Details Sleeping Dogs DLC
09/21/12 Dragon's Dogma To Enjoy A "Major Expansion" Next Year
09/21/12 Final Fantasy Ultimate Box Collection: A Video For The Hardcore
09/20/12 PlayStation All-Stars Available Digitally For Both PS3 And Vita
09/20/12 Take-Two Falls Short In Fiscal 2012, But GTAV Is "Making Progress"
09/20/12 Sony: We Don't Make Decisions Based On Our Competitors
09/20/12 Date A Gamer's Dating Advice Too Embarrassing For Words
09/20/12 Relive The Artistic Glory When Okami HD Strikes On October 30
09/20/12 The Gods Among Us Do Battle In April
09/20/12 The Last Guardian Was Probably Announced "Way Too Early"
09/19/12 Sony Leading With A Hardware Emphasis For The Holidays
09/19/12 At Least Japan Gets That Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
09/19/12 Yaiba Is A Ninja Gaiden Spin-Off, In Which Ryu Must Die
09/19/12 Dark Souls Artorias Of The Abyss DLC Set For October 23
09/19/12 Puppeteer TGS Trailer Puts Creativity, Innovation In The Spotlight
09/19/12 Uncharted 3 Game Of The Year PS3 Bundle Drops Next Week
09/19/12 New Look PlayStation Store Could Join The Fun In October
09/19/12 Black Ops II Teaser Hints At Zombies Running Amok In Nuketown?
09/19/12 Sony Announces Lighter, Cheaper PS3 Models With Bigger HDDs
09/18/12 Dear Friend: DNF Isn't About Misogyny, It's About Being Disgusting
09/18/12 Dead Island Riptide Trailer: We Die, But We're Taking 'Em With Us
09/18/12 Take The Tech Demo Tour Of The New PlayStation Move Wheel
09/18/12 BioWare Founders Leaving, But Another Mass Effect Is Coming
09/18/12 Grand Theft Auto III Might Become A PS2 Classic Next Week
09/18/12 Arkane Studios Reflects On The Process Of Making Dishonored
09/18/12 Cage: If Ellen Page Said No, I Would've Been In Deep Sh**
09/18/12 Welcome PSX Extreme To Facebook And Win A Free Game!
09/18/12 Platinum Defends Putting Bayonetta 2 On Nintendo Wii U
09/17/12 Dragon Age III: Inquisition Slated To Drop Late Next Year
09/16/12 Black Ops II Multiplayer Map List Leaked?
09/16/12 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Dead, Possible Digital Resurrection?
09/16/12 PSXE Poll Update: Most Have Faith That GTAV Will Rock
09/16/12 Far Cry 3 Pre-Order Bonus At GameStop Includes Exploding Monkeys
09/16/12 Nail An Awesome Drunken Whaler Remix, Get Dishonored Free
09/15/12 Final Fantasy X HD May Be In Question...Fans Might Riot
09/15/12 Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Campaign Gameplay: War is Hell
09/14/12 Need Big Bang For Your Buck? Here Are Some Suggestions
09/14/12 ACIII Director: Naval Warfare Was A Big Part Of The Revolution
09/14/12 Sony To Release Smaller PS3 With 12GB Flash Memory?
09/14/12 Killzone HD Date, Trophies Revealed
09/13/12 The Quality Of The Fall Lineup: Inevitable And Relentless?
09/13/12 Borderlands 2 Golden Chest: "Very Rare" Goodies Now Or Later?
09/13/12 NBA Live 13 Delayed, But Here's A Trailer
09/13/12 What The Hell Is A Bayonetta Sequel Doing On The Wii U?
09/13/12 Comcept's Yaiba: Kill Dead Things And Kill Them Again
09/13/12 Does The Wii U Put Any Added Pressure On Sony Or Microsoft?
09/13/12 Kojima Productions Seeking Employees For New LA Studio
09/13/12 Die-Hard Tekken Fans Can Earn A Free Tattoo Tomorrow
09/12/12 Home Tycoon: Build And Manage Your Dream 3D City
09/12/12 Name That Borderlands 2 Gun And Say, "Yep, That's Mine!"
09/12/12 The Art Of Bioshock Infinite For The Truly Appreciative Gamer
09/12/12 Konami's TGS Lineup Doesn't Include Ground Zeroes...Yet
09/12/12 Overstrike Is Now Fuse, Insomniac Done With Single-Player Only
09/11/12 EA: If BioWare Wants Another Mass Effect, We'll Back It
09/11/12 PS3 Update v4.25 Ups Cloud Storage
09/11/12 Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC Rarin' To Go On October 16
09/11/12 Obsidian Teases New Role-Playing Title
09/11/12 Dishonored Developer Doc Explores The Concept Of Immersion
09/11/12 Resident Evil 6 No Hope Left Trailer: Lots Of Crying And Praying
09/10/12 Visceral: Screw AAA, We Want "Quad-A" For Dead Space 3
09/10/12 New DLC Fighters For TTT2 Discovered?
09/10/12 DICE: EA "Gets Too Much Crap For Not Being Innovative"
09/10/12 Assassin's Creed III TV Commercials Prep Us For The Revolution
09/10/12 EA Bringing Bin Laden Hunt To Medal Of Honor As DLC
09/10/12 Give Your Borderlands 2 Character A Building Test Run
09/09/12 Why You Should Buy Warfighter Instead Of Black Ops II
09/09/12 Pre-Order Journey Hardcover Art Book, Get A Signed Copy
09/09/12 Rumor: New PS3 Model Hits This Month?
09/09/12 Sony Working Closely With Bethesda But Can't Promise Anything
09/09/12 PSXE Poll Update: Ground Zeroes An Instant Hit With Fans
09/09/12 Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger Sets A Classic Wild West Tone
09/08/12 DMC Devs Talk Gameplay Differences Between East And West
09/08/12 Revisit Some Of Grand Theft Auto's Most Memorable Radio Ads
09/07/12 Square Enix Files Circle Of Mana Trademark In Japan
09/07/12 Wonderbook: Book Of Spells Enchants You On November 13
09/07/12 Wonderbook Behind The Scenes: Using Advanced EyePet Tech
09/07/12 G4 May Change Name, Try To Become More "Sophisticated"
09/07/12 Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Multiplayer Impresses At Gamescom
09/06/12 Should All PlayStation Fans Want To Play Battle Royale?
09/06/12 Rumor: GTAV 5x The Size Of GTAIV, Christmas Unveiling
09/06/12 August NPD: Hardware Plummets, But Software Not So Bad
09/06/12 Sony's Ridiculous 4K HDTV Can Be Pre-Ordered For $25,000
09/06/12 Remember Me Gameplay: Me-Thinks Capcom Is Onto Something
09/06/12 Killzone Trilogy Confirmed, Lock And Load On October 23
09/06/12 Spartacus Legends Goes Free-To-Play
09/06/12 Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger Returns To The Bloody Wild West
09/05/12 Is Sony Planning Any Shocking Announcements For TGS 2012?
09/05/12 Ubisoft: Monster AAA Games Dying Out
09/05/12 EA: All Our Games Must Include Online And Digital Services
09/05/12 The Last Of Us PAX Gameplay: Getting Around The Baddies
09/05/12 Insomniac Teases Overstrike, Full Reveal Next Week
09/05/12 Lightning Returns Details: No Party, More Action, "World-Driven"
09/05/12 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Just Misses Famitsu Perfect Score
09/05/12 Kojima: The Lighting Makes Snake Look Old In Ground Zeroes
09/04/12 Bethesda To PS3 Owners: Dishonored Won't Be Buggy
09/04/12 Sony Lists Playable Titles Coming To Tokyo Game Show
09/04/12 RE6 Public Demo Set For September 18
09/04/12 Capcom Says Leaked Resident Evil 6 Copies Were Stolen
09/04/12 Michael Clarke Duncan, Film And Voice Actor, Passes Away
09/03/12 Dark Souls May Get A New "Easy Mode" For The Frightened
09/03/12 The Unfinished Swan Story Trailer Is The Epitome Of Charm
09/03/12 The Last Guardian Trademark Changed To "New Application"
09/03/12 Don't Get Confused: Ground Zeroes Is NOT Project Ogre
09/03/12 Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 To Become A Brand New IP
09/03/12 Rainbow Moon Melodies, Premium Bundle Arrive This Week
09/02/12 Okay, Let's Just Pretend Lightning Returns Doesn't Exist
09/02/12 PSXE Poll Update: Sorry Square Enix, The Fans Are Running
09/02/12 For Xenosaga To Return, The Fans Must Speak...And Beg
09/02/12 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Community Service Will Be Free
09/02/12 Conquer A Different Island Next Year In Dead Island Riptide
09/01/12 NBA Live Franchise To Return...But As A Downloadable Title

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