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PS3 Archives - January, 2013

01/31/13 Capcom: Resident Evil Could Receive An Open-World Overhaul
01/31/13 Videogamer: The Film In Production, Will Explore Innovation
01/31/13 Grand Theft Auto V Pushed Back, Now Set For September
01/31/13 Killer Is Dead Launches Worldwide For PS3, 360 This Summer
01/31/13 Garnet Red PS3 Featured In God Of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle
01/31/13 Killzone: Mercenary War Is Our Business Gameplay Trailer Debuts
01/30/13 God Of War: Ascension vs. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
01/30/13 EA Puts Medal Of Honor On Hold
01/30/13 Fuse Pushed Back To Q2 2013
01/30/13 Brutal Torture Scene Removed From Splinter Cell: Blacklist
01/30/13 Sen. Lamar Alexander: Guns Aren't The Problem, Video Games Are
01/30/13 Dark Souls Director Wants To Work On Something "Warmer"
01/30/13 Twitch Comes To Black Ops II: Stream Your Multiplayer Games
01/30/13 EA Joins Human Rights Campaign In Order To Oppose DOMA
01/29/13 Who Thought The PS3 Would Come Out On Top Back In 2007?
01/29/13 Ubisoft: Prince Of Persia Is On Hiatus
01/29/13 PS3 Ultimate Edition Sale Highlights Top Ubisoft Titles
01/29/13 Madden NFL 13 Simulates Super Bowl: Ravens Edge 49ers
01/29/13 A Sci-Fi GTA Could Happen If Rockstar Finds A "Good Reason"
01/29/13 BioWare Teases Mass Effect 3 DLC
01/29/13 Senator Yee Clarifies Statements, Says Gaming Hurts Children
01/28/13 Gearbox: Colonial Marines To Capture The Essence Of The Films
01/28/13 Black Ops II Actors Start On USO Tour, Will Play With Our Troops
01/28/13 Quantic Dream Composer Sadly Passes Away At Age 56
01/28/13 Splinter Cell: Blacklist Collector's Edition Features Remote Aircraft
01/28/13 New GTAV Details Include Character Switching And Hijacking
01/28/13 Subscribe To PlayStation Plus Now, Get 3 Months Free
01/28/13 DmC Can't Hold Top Sales Spot In UK, Black Ops II Returns
01/27/13 Forget The PS4, I Just Want To Play The Last Guardian...Soon
01/27/13 Dead Space 3 Dev: Microtransactions Are For A New Generation
01/27/13 PSXE Poll Update: Ni no Kuni GotY? Well, For Some, Maybe
01/26/13 Sly Cooper Demo Out Now, Animated Prequel Released
01/25/13 Criterion Hints At Burnout Paradise 2
01/25/13 CT Senator Chris Murphy: The Latest To Blame Violent Games
01/25/13 Ni no Kuni Wizard's Edition Oversold, Pre-Orders Canceled
01/25/13 Platinum Wants Us To Say: "Japanese Games Are Great"
01/25/13 Take-Two On "L.A. Noir:" We Never Threatened To Sue
01/25/13 ECA Takes Up Arms Against Capitol Hill, Asks You To Help
01/24/13 Saying Ni no Kuni Is "Kiddie" Is Just Stupid...Wait, Is It Really?
01/24/13 ACIII The Tyranny Of King Washington DLC: First Episode Dated
01/24/13 Developer Leads You Through Dead Island Riptide Gameplay
01/24/13 ICO Fines Sony For PSN Breach: They "Should've Known Better"
01/24/13 Ascension Owners Get A Head Start On The Last Of Us
01/24/13 New TV Show Was Called L.A. Noir, But Take-Two Flipped Out
01/24/13 Aliens: Colonial Marines Kick Ass Trailer Exudes Attitude
01/23/13 Politicians, Read This Before You Make Bigger Fools Of Yourselves
01/23/13 Pakistan Bans Black Ops II, Warfighter
01/23/13 Ubisoft Acquires THQ Montreal, Along With South Park Game
01/23/13 Koch Media, Deep Silver Acquire IP Rights To Saints Row, Metro
01/23/13 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Confirmed For US, Europe
01/23/13 Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Welcomes Shooter Fans Next Week
01/23/13 The Last Of Us Joel/Ellie Special Editions Detailed For Australia
01/22/13 Resident Evil: Revelations Detailed, Dated For Consoles, PC
01/22/13 Nader: Game Makers Are Just "Electronic Child Molesters"
01/22/13 DUST 514 Now In Open Beta On PS3
01/22/13 Sucker Punch Happy To Be At Sony's Side
01/22/13 Last Max Payne 3 DLC Drops Today: Deathmatch Made In Heaven
01/22/13 Dead Space 3 Will Offer In-Game Material Via Microtransactions
01/21/13 Tales Producer: Japanese Devs "Going Back To Their Roots"
01/21/13 Irked DMC Fans Petition White House To Pull Game From Shelves
01/21/13 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Slated To Hit Japan In April
01/21/13 DmC Debuts Atop UK Charts, But Are The Sales Disappointing?
01/21/13 Atari's US Branch Files For Bankruptcy
01/20/13 I Hope PlayStation Fans Don't Forget About Good Ol' Sly
01/20/13 PayPal (Soon) Attached To NA PSN
01/20/13 CT Governor Blames Games For "Destigmatizing" Violence
01/20/13 God Of War: Ascension Trailer Shows A Relentless Kratos
01/19/13 Dress Up As Cloud In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?
01/18/13 DmC: Devil May Cry Japanese DLC: Dante's Silver Hair Returns
01/18/13 Emmett Graves, Kat Join The Fray In PlayStation All-Stars
01/18/13 All Skyrim DLC Finally Hits PlayStation Network Next Month
01/18/13 New Bill Would Legally Restrict Age Inappropriate Games
01/18/13 Lightning's Final Adventure Launches Worldwide This Fall
01/18/13 Dead Space 3 Dev: "Fans Don't Want Change, But They Do"
01/17/13 Sony Settles Lawsuit With Jerry Lambert
01/17/13 Dead Space 3 Producer: "I Don't Like To Call It Survival/Horror"
01/17/13 Lightning Returns Extended Trailer: Noel Makes An Appearance
01/17/13 Classic White PS3 Bundle Hitting US, Too
01/17/13 Check Out The Rarest And Most Valuable Titles Of The Generation
01/17/13 Writers Guild Of America Nominates Six Games For Writing Award
01/16/13 What Type Of Game Doesn't Exist Yet, But You'd Love To See?
01/16/13 Killer Is Dead Drops This Summer: Mondo Zappa Goes Hunting
01/16/13 Various PS3 Trilogies And Collections On Sale At Amazon
01/16/13 Revisit An Instant Classic: Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness On PSN
01/16/13 Splinter Cell: Blacklist Dated, Sam Fisher Returns This Summer
01/16/13 500GB White PS3 Bundle Traveling To Canada This Month
01/16/13 Big Gap Between DmC Critic Scores And Hostile Fan Backlash
01/16/13 Missouri Rep Proposes Violent Game Tax
01/15/13 Will Ninja Theory Finally Get Some Love For Making A Great Game?
01/15/13 Deep Silver "Sincerely Regrets" That Bloody Headless Torso
01/15/13 Ron Gilbert, Double Fine Bring You The Cave Next Week
01/15/13 Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist Of Dusk Lands NA Launch Date
01/15/13 Injustice: Gods Among Us Dated, Special Editions Detailed
01/15/13 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Arrives Next Week
01/15/13 British Playwright To Pen Script For Assassin's Creed Film
01/14/13 Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Will Be Available On PSN
01/14/13 Order DMC From Best Buy, Pick Up Resident Evil 6 For $9.99
01/14/13 Plus Peeps Can Grab Darksiders For Free
01/14/13 UK Retailer Lists "Ultimate" Bundles For Splinter Cell, Far Cry
01/14/13 Gran Turismo 5's New C7 Corvette Stingray Fully Revealed
01/14/13 Journey Leads 2013 D.I.C.E. Awards With 11 Nominations
01/14/13 Has Ubisoft Resurrected A Game That Was Announced Back In 2005?
01/14/13 MotoGP 13 Announced And Detailed
01/13/13 If Anybody Can Mess Up Final Fantasy X HD, It's Square Enix
01/13/13 Pirates Star Andrew McCutchen Grabs MLB 13: The Show Cover
01/13/13 Registered Batman Domains: "Arkham Universe," "Arkham Origins"
01/13/13 Brutal Legend Developer May Wish To Acquire THQ Properties
01/13/13 PSXE Poll Update: DMC Will Probably Be Good, But Not Great
01/12/13 Far Cry 3 High Tides DLC Hits Tuesday, Exclusive To PS3
01/12/13 Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Coming To PSN On January 22
01/11/13 Gearbox Turned Down Call Of Duty...And Do You Know Why?
01/11/13 Rumored Fallout 4 Details: A Cyberpunk Boston, Androids, More
01/11/13 Square Enix On FFX HD: "The World Will Get Answers Soon"
01/11/13 Original Alien Breed: Retro Top-Down Shooting Fun For PS3, Vita
01/11/13 75% Of Parents Believe Game Violence Leads To Real Violence
01/11/13 Skylanders Tops $500 Million, Beats Out Kids Toys And Movies
01/10/13 What Game Makes You Feel Like The Biggest Bad-Ass?
01/10/13 Cage: Sequels And "Annualization" Are Killing Innovation
01/10/13 December NPD: Sales Slide 22%, Black Ops II Rules All Of 2012
01/10/13 Report: Console Gaming To Remain Solid "For Years To Come"
01/10/13 Dead Island: Riptide Dated, Rigor Mortis Edition Revealed
01/10/13 Ni no Kuni's Music: Behind The Scenes With Composer Joe Hisaishi
01/10/13 Journey Climbs Back To The Top Of PSN Chart In December
01/10/13 Dead Rising 2 Dev's Big New Game Doesn't Feature Zombies
01/09/13 No, I Don't Like Being Connected When Playing Campaigns
01/09/13 SCEA Explains Lower-Than-Expected Cost Of New Sly Cooper
01/09/13 Hirai: Game-Specific Devices Will Stick Around For A While
01/09/13 CT Town Cancels Plan To Destroy Violent Video Games
01/09/13 God Of War: Ascension Unchained Trailer: Behind The Scenes
01/09/13 Analyst: Far Cry 3 Topped December, But Industry Slid Again
01/09/13 MLB 2K13 Announced, Perfect Game Challenge Returns
01/08/13 Ninja Theory: Gamers, Be On The Lookout For Fake DMC Reviews
01/08/13 Assassin's Creed III Battle Hardened DLC Available Now
01/08/13 Black Ops II Revolution DLC Confirmed: It's Time To Travel
01/08/13 Sorry, Ni no Kuni Delayed A Week For Europe And Australasia
01/08/13 Hanna Co-Writer To Handle Shadow Of The Colossus Film Script
01/08/13 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Goes Into Action Later This Year
01/07/13 I'm Not Seeing A Lack Of Quality Or Innovation This Generation
01/07/13 Will Capcom Announce Dead Rising 3?
01/07/13 Dead Space 3 Demo Dated
01/07/13 Sign Up Now To Be A Beta Tester For FFXIV: A Realm Reborn
01/07/13 Analyst: Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Fell Short Of Expectations
01/07/13 Quantic Dream: "We're Crazy, We Don't Do This For Money"
01/07/13 Del Toro Talking To A "Very Big Company" To Revive inSane
01/06/13 PSXE Poll Update: GTAV Most Likely To Win GotY 2013
01/06/13 Bioshock Infinite Length About The Same As Original Bioshock
01/06/13 The Walking Dead Saga Sells 8.5 Million
01/06/13 Five Potential Buyers For THQ Properties, Including Warner Bros.
01/05/13 DMC Is Accessible To New Fans, But Remains Plenty Hardcore
01/05/13 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Dated For US, Europe
01/04/13 Care To Try Your Hand At The Rock Band Blitz Tournaments?
01/04/13 MLB 13: The Show First Look Trailer Highlights Sports Drama
01/04/13 Square Enix Used "Strength" As A Focus For Lightning's New Look
01/04/13 Japanese Poll: Atelier Totori Is The Best Game For Girls
01/04/13 Dance Magic: Using PS Move To Conquer A "Rising Evil"
01/04/13 Catch Up With The Bioshock: Ultimate Rapture Edition
01/03/13 The Last Of Us Violence Is About Realism And "Setting A Tone"
01/03/13 Demon's Souls Lands On PSN Next Week
01/03/13 Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details Include Interesting Modes
01/03/13 Capcom Swears There Is No Locked On-Disc DLC For DMC
01/03/13 Bioshock Infinite Sky-Hook Replica Might Really Scare People
01/03/13 Kim Swift: "Girls Make Games Too"
01/02/13 What Anticipated 2013 Title Is Most Likely To Disappoint Gamers?
01/02/13 THQ No Longer On The NASDAQ
01/02/13 Cross-Map Tomahawk Takes Out Three In Black Ops II Vid
01/02/13 CT Town Will Destroy Violent Games In Wake Of Newtown Shooting
01/02/13 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Features Mechanics Improvements
01/02/13 More Evidence That GTAV Arrives In March
01/02/13 Acclaimed Fez To be Ported To "Other Platforms" This Year
01/01/13 PSXE Poll: What Will Win GotY 2013?

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