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PS3 Archives - December, 2013

12/31/13 Sony On PSN Latency Issues: "We're Sorry, We're Sorry..."
12/30/13 When Does A Video Game Start Feeling "Old" In Your Estimation?
12/30/13 Capcom Explains Resident Evil's Success
12/30/13 FFIX Final Boss Was Originally Supposed To Be Hades
12/29/13 FFX/X-2 HD Remasters Hit The Top Of Japan's Sales Charts
12/29/13 Hello Games: Insurance Won't Cover Flooding Losses
12/29/13 China Bans Battlefield 4, Says It "Misleads Young People"
12/29/13 PSXE Poll Update: Reader's Choice For Game Of The Year 2013
12/27/13 Devil's Third Is About 80% Complete, Will Release In 2014
12/27/13 Mario Proves Stronger Than Master Chief, Connor, Lara Croft
12/26/13 Critics Should Pay To Review A Game? Guess We Quit
12/26/13 Square Enix Accidentally Releases Aerith DLC For Lightning Returns
12/26/13 Online Support Ends In 2014 For GT5, Resistance Franchise, MAG
12/26/13 FFX, X-2 Script Writer: "I Would Like To See Final Fantasy X-3"
12/26/13 Amazon Deals Include Gran Turismo 6, Battlefield 4, Forza, More
12/26/13 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Patch Adds Heavy Duty Mode, New Fixes
12/26/13 Raiden: Overkill, Caladrius Confirmed For Japanese PS3s
12/25/13 It's That Time Of Year: Post Up Your Awesome Holiday Haul
12/25/13 January's Free Games For Plus: Bioshock Infinite, DmC, Brothers
12/25/13 New York Man Sets World Record For Biggest Game Collection
12/25/13 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Trailer #2
12/24/13 Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays To All Our PSXE Readers
12/24/13 "Special Announcement" Incoming For Batman Arkham Series
12/24/13 Joe Danger Developer's Studio Has Been "Totally Flooded"
12/23/13 Persona 4: Golden, The Last Of Us On Sale For Euro Gamers
12/22/13 What Was Your Bestest Game-Related Christmas Present?
12/22/13 PSXE Poll Update: The Last Of Us Leads Reader Voting
12/22/13 "History Of Video Game Consoles" Brings A Tear To The Eye
12/21/13 38 Studios Debacle: Gov. Lincoln Chafee vs. Curt Schilling
12/20/13 From Software Says No To Dark Souls II Microtransactions And DLC
12/20/13 MX vs. ATV Franchise Returns, Supercross Coming In 2014
12/19/13 2013: A Year Of Greats, But What's Your Biggest Disappointment?
12/19/13 Bioshock Infinite, Persona IV Heading To Instant Game Collection?
12/19/13 Does GameSpot's GotY 2013 Selection Send A Certain Message?
12/18/13 Final Fantasy XIV's Annual Starlight Celebration Now Available
12/18/13 Competitive Gaming Isn't A Sport, But It's Still Legitimate
12/18/13 Hand-Painted Lara Croft Statue: Die-Hard Fans Can Pre-Order
12/18/13 Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.02 Infused With Red Bull Challenge
12/18/13 GTAV Update: "Floating City" Removed, Capture The Flag Added
12/17/13 Sony: New IP Creation Is "Critically Important" for PlayStation
12/17/13 The Walking Dead: Season 2 Launches, Will Test Your Mettle
12/17/13 Need For Speed: Rivals Title Update Delivers 2015 Mustang
12/17/13 Suikoden II Turns 15 Years Old Today
12/16/13 Boy, Those GT6 Microtransactions Sure Don't Feel "Optional"
12/16/13 Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition Launches On December 17
12/16/13 Teslagrad Comes To PS3, Vita In 2014
12/15/13 PSXE Poll Update: Gran Turismo 6 Really Isn't For Everyone
12/15/13 Sony Pictures Prepping Movie Based On Sonic The Hedgehog?
12/13/13 2014 Will Mark A "Very Special Time" For Naughty Dog
12/13/13 Should Game Of The Year Rely Solely On Review Scores?
12/12/13 John Carmack: PS3 And 360 Are "Far From Being Tapped Out"
12/12/13 Take-Two: GTA Movie Would Be Lucrative, But It's Risky
12/12/13 Tales Of Zestiria Announced, Series To Celebrate 20 Years
12/12/13 GTAO Patch Adds Custom Events Along With Bonus Tweaks
12/12/13 Turn Your Call Of Duty: Ghosts Guard Dog Into A Wolf For $1.99
12/11/13 Lightning Returns Collector's Edition Detailed And Priced
12/10/13 Jay Leno Tests Out GT6: "It Does Feel Like The Real Car"
12/10/13 Borderlands 2 Now Free For Plus Members
12/10/13 GT6 UK Sales Low, Impacted By Multiple Negative Influences?
12/09/13 Simulators Require Expert Knowledge Most Critics Don't Have
12/09/13 Square Enix's Special Office Holiday Sale Is Today Only
12/09/13 Rockstar Has "Big Plans" For GTAV Story DLC In 2014
12/09/13 SotC Fan Art Highlights And Compares Colossi Sizes
12/06/13 DICE Won't Develop The Next Battlefield?
12/06/13 Mikami: It's Getting Tougher And Tougher To Scare Gamers
12/06/13 Sega Will Let Atlus Be, Invites Them To Work On Dormant Sega IPs
12/06/13 Sorry, I'm Just Not Going To Be Able To Play _______
12/05/13 New FFX/X-2 HD Remaster Trailers Are Just Oh So Pretty
12/05/13 "Irregular Activity" Makes Some PSN Users Change Their Password
12/05/13 Swearing In NBA 2K14 Will Earn You A Technical Foul
12/05/13 Yoshida Defends Microtransactions: They're For Busy People
12/04/13 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Set For 2014
12/04/13 GT6 Microtransaction Prices Announced
12/04/13 Dear Ken Levine: Is True Violence Really A Game's Duty?
12/04/13 Avalanche Heads To Costa Rica To Collect Open-World Material
12/03/13 Atlus Delivers Stats For Dragon's Crown, Persona 4 Golden
12/03/13 Will Final Fantasy X-2 Be Redeemed By History?
12/03/13 Kojima: The Phantom Pain Will Require "Much More Time"
12/02/13 New GT6 Details Include Red Bull X2014 And Planned DLC
12/02/13 The Last Of Us Movie Reveal Coming?
12/01/13 Lindsay Lohan Intends To Sue Rockstar

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