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PS3 Archives - February, 2013

02/28/13 The Last Of Us Development Series Starts With The Icky Infected
02/28/13 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Only Slightly Delayed In US
02/28/13 Visceral On New Army Of Two: "In A Sense, It's Old-School"
02/28/13 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Has Exclusive PS3 Content
02/27/13 Kojima Doesn't Mind The Idea Of More Metal Gear Spin-Offs
02/27/13 Remember Me Pushed Back A Month
02/27/13 THQ Seeks To Unload Remainder Of Intellectual Properties
02/27/13 Deus Ex: Human Defiance Coming Soon?
02/26/13 Rumor: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Focuses On Pirates
02/26/13 PSN Gamers' Choice Awards 2013: The Winners Announced
02/26/13 God Of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo Available Today
02/25/13 Remembering The PS3 Launch Debacle: Has Sony Learned?
02/25/13 Former FBI Profiler, PTC President Tackle Violent Game Debate
02/25/13 NIS America Reveals Trio Of JRPGs Exclusively For PS3
02/24/13 Gran Turismo 6 Not Next-Gen?
02/24/13 Bugbear Wants To Deliver A "Proper Demolition Derby Game"
02/24/13 2K Reveals Season Pass, DLC Plans For Bioshock Infinite
02/23/13 Kojima: Ground Zeroes Almost "Too Risky" To Even Release?
02/22/13 Armored Core: Verdict Day Set For Fall, Emphasizes Multiplayer
02/22/13 Rainbow Skies Revealed: A Bigger And Better Rainbow Moon
02/20/13 Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets Teaser, Set For "Early 2014"
02/20/13 Capcom Details And Dates DmC's DLC Vergil's Downfall
02/20/13 Battlefield 4 To Be Shown Off Soon?
02/19/13 PSN Gamers' Choice Awards 2013: Cast Your Votes Now!
02/19/13 Bioshock Infinite Golden, Irrational Makes Bold Promises
02/19/13 Source Reports Gearbox Lied To Sega, 2K About Aliens Game
02/19/13 Bioshock Infinite Lamb Of Columbia Trailer Highlights Elizabeth
02/18/13 Fans Helped Capcom In Bringing RE Revelations To HD Consoles
02/18/13 Pachter: PS3 Price Will Fall To $199 When PS4 Is Announced
02/17/13 TLOU: "By Far The Longest Campaign" Of Any Naughty Dog Game
02/17/13 Raiden's MGS4 Outfit Available For Metal Gear Rising This Week
02/17/13 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Should Go Digital On The PSN
02/17/13 Bungie To FPS Fans: Destiny Will Be The Best You've Ever Played
02/16/13 Bungie's "Always-Connected" Destiny Coming To PS3 In 2014?
02/15/13 Watch Dogs: A "True Next-Gen" Title Set For The Holidays?
02/15/13 Crysis 3 Beta Downloaded 3 Million Times
02/15/13 Dear Square Enix: You Never Got Any "New" Final Fantasy Fans
02/14/13 Capcom: "We Have Two Different Sets Of Resident Evil Fans"
02/14/13 Pre-Order Ascension At Best Buy, Get Thor's Legendary Hammer
02/14/13 January NPD: Black Ops II Still Top Dog
02/14/13 Insomniac: We'll Keep Experimenting With Ratchet & Clank
02/13/13 The Last Of Us Delayed Because Naughty Dog Won't Compromise
02/13/13 Study: Violent Crime Decreases While Violent Game Sales Rise
02/13/13 Source: Sega Questioned Gearbox's Commitment To Aliens
02/13/13 Ueda Tells Fans To "Keep An Eye Out" For Last Guardian Info
02/13/13 Cage: "I Probably Have My Next Three Games In Mind"
02/12/13 Does Square Enix Even Remember Announcing FFX HD?
02/12/13 EA: We Didn't Have Quality Leadership To Make MoH Great
02/12/13 Black Ops II Revolution Dated For PS3, PC
02/12/13 Dead Space 3 Infinite Resources Glitch Isn't Really A Glitch
02/12/13 Journey Leads BAFTAs With Eight Nods
02/12/13 Warner Bros. Confirms New Batman Arkham Game For 2013
02/11/13 Which Needs A Year Off More: Assassin's Creed Or Call Of Duty?
02/11/13 Rumor: Development On Aliens Game Was A "Total Train-wreck"
02/11/13 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Trailer Highlights The Beasties
02/11/13 Journey Soundtrack Bested By The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
02/11/13 Gearbox: "We Love Brothers In Arms"
02/11/13 Chen On Journey's Creation: It Bankrupted The Company
02/11/13 Skylanders Tops $1 Billion Worldwide, SWAP Force Revealed
02/11/13 Revengeance Desperado Elite Trailer: Raiden Faces The Best
02/11/13 Pelosi On Gun Violence Debate: It's Not Right To Focus On Games
02/10/13 New Domains Hint At Fresh Wolfenstein, Legacy Of Kain Titles
02/10/13 Guest Editorial: Why I Want Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch
02/10/13 Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Giveaway Winner Revealed
02/09/13 What Exactly Is Square Enix's Murdered: Soul Suspect?
02/08/13 Dead Space Writer: DS3's Action Was A "Necessary Evil"
02/08/13 Behind-The-Scenes Videos On How To Bring Kratos To Life
02/08/13 Capcom On Why Resident Evil 6 Didn't Resonate With Gamers
02/08/13 Season Pass For Aliens: Colonial Marines
02/07/13 Rayman Legends A Wii U Exclusive No Longer, Going Multiplatform
02/07/13 New Assassin's Creed Coming, Liberation Closes In On 600,000
02/07/13 Activision Confirms A New Call Of Duty For Later This Year
02/07/13 eBay User Seeks To Sell His Gargantuan Video Game Collection
02/07/13 Aliens: Colonial Marines Extended Cut Trailer Brings The Drama
02/07/13 BioWare: Stop Calling The Next ME Entry "Mass Effect 4"
02/07/13 Rumor: Sumo Digital Cranking Away On LittleBigPlanet 3
02/06/13 Tell Us Why You Want Ni no Kuni, And We'll Give It To You
02/06/13 Michael Keaton Suddenly Makes Need For Speed Better
02/06/13 CT Proposes 10% Excise Tax For All Games Rated "M"
02/06/13 Mass Effect, Dragon Age Actor Passes Away At 61
02/06/13 ACIII Tyranny Of King Washington DLC Episodes Dated
02/06/13 Metal Gear Rising Trailers: Unmanned Gears, Unique Weapons
02/06/13 Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge No Longer A Wii U Exclusive
02/06/13 Hitman Reboot Movie Dubbed Agent 47, Paul Walker Stars
02/05/13 Take-Two Q3 Results: Net Revenue, Net Income Surge
02/05/13 Dead Island Hits 5 Million Worldwide
02/05/13 Naughty Dog: "It's Nice To Really Have Mastered The PS3"
02/05/13 Borderlands 2: Add-On Content Pack Hits Stores On February 26
02/04/13 Sony And Superbot Part Ways, Developer Looks To The Future
02/04/13 Assassin's Creed Almost Had Co-Op
02/04/13 VR Missions For Revengeance Coming Exclusively To PS3
02/04/13 Rockstar On GTAV Delay: Conspiracy Theories Are Off Base
02/04/13 Lighten The Monday Mood With The L.A. Noire Gag Reel
02/04/13 Madden NFL 13's Correct Super Bowl Prediction Is Creepy
02/04/13 The Last Of Us Gameplay Looks Very Survival/Horror-y
02/03/13 Analyst: GTAV May "Eventually" End Up On Next-Gen Consoles
02/03/13 Capcom Admits To Releasing Too Many Resident Evil Titles
02/03/13 PSXE Poll Update: Parents Need To Pay Closer Attention
02/03/13 Mass Effect 3 Co-Op DLC Implements Single-Player Progress
02/02/13 Jaffe Slams CNN Anchor Erin Burnett
02/01/13 Extra Content For Skyrim PS3 Dated
02/01/13 Analyst: GTAV Cost $137 Million But Will Sell 18 Million
02/01/13 Dead Space 3 Expands With 11 Pieces Of DLC At Launch
02/01/13 "Madden 25" Celebrates A Quarter-Century Of Pigskin Goodness?
02/01/13 Former THQ President: The Company Had Every Chance To Survive

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