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PS3 Archives - March, 2013

03/31/13 Modern Warfare 4 Gameplay Leak: More Dynamic Features?
03/31/13 Deus Ex: Human Defiance To Be Fully Revealed Today?
03/31/13 PSXE Poll Update: Bioshock Infinite Needs More Love, Peeps
03/30/13 Kojima: No Hayter In MGSV Because "We're Recreating MGS"
03/30/13 Tomb Raider Breaks First Week Sales Record For Franchise
03/29/13 Ubisoft: Quality Makes "Annualization" A Total Non-Issue
03/29/13 Newly Formed Crytek USA Wants To Bring Darksiders Home
03/29/13 DICE: Frame Rate Issue On Consoles Is A "Discussion Of Fidelity"
03/29/13 IGDA Issues Apology For "Inappropriate" Costumes At GDC
03/28/13 Rockstar: The New GTAV Screens Are Current Generation
03/28/13 Ground Zeroes Is A Prologue To MGSV: The Phantom Pain
03/28/13 GameStop: 2012 Was "Challenging," But We Remain Strong
03/28/13 Journey Takes Home Top Honors At GDC
03/28/13 Dragon Age III And New Mass Effect Will Utilize Frostbite 3
03/27/13 EA Label Boss: DRM "Not Viable For The Gaming Business"
03/27/13 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Officially Revealed
03/27/13 Analyst: Square Enix's Problem Is Their Lack Of Multiplayer
03/27/13 Feast Your Eyes On 10 New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots
03/27/13 Battlefield 4 Announced, Campaign Will Use Multiplayer Elements
03/26/13 Spec Ops Writer: Violent Games Don't Pose A Creative Challenge
03/26/13 Big Square Enix Titles Don't Live Up To Sales Expectations
03/26/13 Battlefield 4 Images For Early Perusal
03/26/13 The Boy/Puppet Seeks To Reclaim His Lost Love On September 10
03/26/13 Sony Releases Six Minutes Of Rain
03/26/13 Square Enix CEO Wada Resigns On Cusp Of "Extraordinary Losses"
03/25/13 PSX Extreme Now Seeking Several Super Cool Contributors
03/25/13 Black Flag Pre-Order Incentives, Special Editions Announced
03/25/13 Dragon's Crown: Retro Adventuring Is Back In Style This Summer
03/24/13 What's The One Game That Surprised You This Generation?
03/24/13 Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack Dated, Level Cap Rises On April 2
03/24/13 Fuse Locks In May 28 Launch Date
03/23/13 Rock Band Library Hits 4,254 Songs, Over 130 Million Downloads
03/22/13 Sega To Announce A New Valkyria Chronicles Or Yakuza?
03/22/13 Capcom Reveals Remastered DuckTales
03/22/13 Square Enix Confirms That Both FFX And FFX-2 HD Are Coming
03/22/13 Volition Explains Why Saints Row IV Isn't A Next-Gen Title
03/22/13 Bioshock Infinite Cost Over $200 Million? Levine Says "Uh, No"
03/22/13 Beyond: Two Souls Earns Invitation To The Tribeca Film Festival
03/21/13 Dead Island Riptide Gameplay Trailer: It Seems "They Were Wrong"
03/21/13 Quantic Dream Doesn't Want Beyond Associated With Guns
03/20/13 If FFX HD Is A Rip-Roaring Success, Will Square Enix Come Around?
03/20/13 Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Hits PS3, PSN On April 30
03/20/13 Celebrates The 20th Anniversary Of The Iconic NHL '94
03/20/13 Tekken X Street Fighter Going Next-Gen?
03/20/13 Call Of Duty Endowment Donates $1.1 Million To Charity Growth
03/20/13 Are You Willing To Pay Real Money To Make Lara Better?
03/20/13 Final Fantasy X HD To Also Include Final Fantasy X-2 HD?
03/20/13 Rumored BF4 Details: Frostbite 2.5, Destruction 4.0, More
03/20/13 EA Looking To Repeat As The Worst Company In America
03/19/13 If Remember Me Fails, It Won't Be Due To The Female Lead
03/19/13 What Do You Want In The Saints Row IV Collector's Edition?
03/19/13 Shadow Of The Damned Director's New Studio Teams With Sony
03/19/13 Sen. Rockefeller Says Games Need To Eliminate "Obscene Violence"
03/19/13 Bioshock Infinite Suffers From Technical Issues On Consoles?
03/19/13 Students Get The Chance To Make A Borderlands Animated Short
03/19/13 Remember Me Dev: Publishers Still Don't Like Female Protagonists
03/18/13 Have You Grown Tired Of A Genre You Loved At One Time?
03/18/13 Plus Members Get The Cave, Tekken 6 Totally Free This Week
03/18/13 Do All These Aliens Patches Actually Make The Game Playable?
03/18/13 Electronic Arts CEO Steps Down
03/18/13 Sandy Hook "News" Using Opinions As Facts To Attack Games
03/18/13 Tomb Raider Reboot Was Originally Like Shadow Of The Colossus?
03/18/13 Fake Sites Claim To Have GTAV Beta Codes, Take-Two Isn't Amused
03/17/13 User Review Contest: Impress Your Peers, Win A Free Game!
03/17/13 PSXE Poll Update: Most Are Interested In Playing Ascension
03/17/13 Rain Screenshots Show Off An Engaging Albeit Wet Atmosphere
03/16/13 The Last Of Us Length Estimated To Be About 12-16 Hours
03/15/13 Classic Dungeons & Dragons Arcade Titles Headed To PSN, XBLA
03/15/13 EA Holding Special BF4 Event At GDC
03/15/13 Sony Santa Monica Not Directly Assisting With The Last Guardian
03/15/13 Get A Snap-On Game Controller For Your Samsung Galaxy S4
03/15/13 Saints Row IV Announced: Become A Superhero And Battle Aliens
03/14/13 Is Ubisoft Really Guilty Of "Annualization" With Assassin's Creed?
03/14/13 Nielsen Survey: PS3 Owners Are Starting To Stream Like Mad
03/14/13 Gearbox Teases New Borderlands 2 Class, Level Cap Increase
03/14/13 February NPD: Hardware Dives, Dead Space 3 Tops Charts
03/13/13 Injustice Doomsday Vid: Getting Punched Through A Planet Sucks
03/13/13 Connor Takes To The Skies In The Latest Assassin's Creed III DLC
03/13/13 Road Rash Co-Designer Considers Kickstarting Franchise
03/13/13 New Drakengard Set For Japanese PS3s
03/13/13 Just Cause Developer Not Working On A New Superman Game
03/13/13 Dishonored: The Knife Of Dunwall DLC Detailed And Dated
03/12/13 Developers, Not Gamers, Suffering From Generation Fatigue
03/12/13 Hardcore Skyrim Fans Can Pony Up For Dragonborn Statues
03/12/13 Payday 2 Coming: A "Bigger And More Complete Experience"
03/12/13 Ron Gilbert Decides To Leave Double Fine And "Plot His Next Move"
03/12/13 Former GameStop VP Gets Over Four Years For Mail Fraud
03/11/13 Developer To Change "Bros Before Hos" Trophy In Ascension
03/11/13 New Damsel In Distress YouTube Series Examines Women In Games
03/11/13 ESA To Further ESRB Awareness Via National Education Campaign
03/11/13 Rapper Richie Branson Wishes For The Days Of Chrono Trigger
03/10/13 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Split On New Assassin's Creed
03/10/13 Pre-Ordering Ascension Gets You Two More Battle Royale Fighters
03/10/13 New Revengeance VR Missions: A Dwarf Gecko And A Wooden Sword
03/09/13 Gearbox Teases Borderlands 2 DLC: New Vault Hunter Incoming
03/08/13 Pick Up God Of War: Ascension, Play The Last Of Us On May 31
03/08/13 Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix Spotted
03/08/13 Is God Of War: Ascension Misogynistic As Sessler Claims?
03/08/13 Tomb Raider Sees 1 Million Players, Store Supplies Running Low
03/07/13 Is The Far Cry 3 "Continuation" Dubbed Blood Dragon?
03/07/13 Here's Your Chance To Help Kickstart Videogamer: The Film
03/07/13 God Of War: Ascension Trial Of The Gods Mode Revealed
03/07/13 Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC Has "Most Disturbing Content Ever"
03/07/13 Take-Two Teases Company Growth, Many Unannounced TItles
03/06/13 Is David Hayter Not Reprising His Role As Snake In Ground Zeroes?
03/06/13 Sample The "Bro" Goodness Of The Devil's Cartel On March 12
03/06/13 First Tomb Raider DLC Debuts This Month
03/06/13 PS3 Version Of Revengeance Gets 30 New Exclusive VR Missions
03/06/13 Far Cry 3 Patch Now Available, Updates Reflect Fan Feedback
03/06/13 Lost Planet 3 Release Dates, Pre-Order Incentives Revealed
03/06/13 Mojang Will Consider Bringing Minecraft To The World Of PlayStation
03/06/13 Journey Wins Five BAFTAs, Dishonored Takes Home Best Game
03/05/13 EA Clarifies: Dead Space 4 Cancellation Rumors "Patently False"
03/05/13 Pachter Can't Understand The "Angst" Over Microtransactions
03/05/13 Tomb Raider Film Reboot Coming Soon
03/05/13 Rumor: Dead Space 4 Canceled After Dead Space 3 Disappoints
03/04/13 TMNT Returns This Summer In A Fresh Downloadable Adventure
03/04/13 Aliens: Colonial Marines Developer Suffers A Round Of Layoffs
03/04/13 Schilling Asks Judge For Dismissal Of $75 Million Lawsuit
03/04/13 Jason West Gone From Respawn, Not Involved In Development
03/04/13 PlayStation Store Down For Maintenance
03/03/13 Former Thatgamecompany Art Director Founds New Studio
03/03/13 Deep Silver Teases Saints Row 4 Reveal?
03/03/13 Five Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Screenshots Leak Out
03/02/13 Final Battlefield 3 DLC "End Game" Dated
03/01/13 Crytek On This Generation: "There's A Certain Fatigue Level"
03/01/13 Sony: PS3 Will Remain "A Very Important Part Of Our Portfolio"
03/01/13 Metro: Last Light Earns New Launch Date
03/01/13 Beyond: Two Souls Lands Willem Dafoe And A Launch Date
03/01/13 New Assassin's Creed Headed To "Next-Gen" Platforms?

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