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PS3 Archives - April, 2013

04/30/13 Gearbox, Sega Sued For Misrepresenting Aliens: Colonial Marines
04/30/13 New Revengeance DLC: Explore Blade Wolf's Mysterious Origins
04/30/13 Rockstar Releases GTAV Character Vids
04/30/13 Square Enix Releasing Remastered Final Fantasy Soundtracks
04/30/13 Madden NFL Suit Goes To Trial, Plaintiff Seeks Tens Of Millions
04/29/13 Pierce Brosnan: Violent Games, Movies "Have A Strong Effect"
04/29/13 Pre-Order Diablo III For PS3, Boost Your XP With Infernal Helm
04/29/13 Rumor: Bioshock Infinite DLC To Offer A New AI Companion
04/29/13 GTAV Online Casting Call: Become A Virtual Epsilon Member
04/29/13 Techland's Hellraid Coming This Year
04/29/13 Arkham Origins Tone, Axed Features And Better Boss Battles
04/29/13 Tiger Woods PGA Tour To Miss 2013
04/28/13 Your Most Hated Game Franchise Is...
04/28/13 DUST 514 Launches On May 14...Get It?
04/28/13 Rumor: This Year's Call Of Duty Set For May 1 Announcement
04/28/13 Beyond Makes An Impact At The Tribeca Film Festival
04/27/13 Resident Evil: Revelations Dev Diary Talks Franchise Heritage
04/26/13 Gaming Marathon This Weekend, Raising Funds For Boston
04/26/13 Numerous Creditors Say THQ Still Owes Millions Of Dollars
04/26/13 XCOM Reboot Resurfaces As The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
04/25/13 April GameStop Sale Includes 50% Off Tons Of Used Titles
04/25/13 Black Ops II Uprising Map Pack Launches On May 16 For PS3, PC
04/25/13 Sony Doubles Annual Earnings Projections Due To Weaker Yen
04/25/13 Skyrim Legendary Edition Confirmed, Will Launch On June 4
04/25/13 Should Changing Franchises Be Split Up?
04/24/13 Capcom Clarifies: Canceled Projects Had Been Unannounced
04/24/13 Barry Sanders To Grace The Cover Of Madden NFL 25
04/24/13 Cat Out Of The Bag? Call Of Duty: Ghosts Box Art Found
04/24/13 Heavenly Sword CG Movie Confirmed, Won't See Theaters
04/24/13 Sony Files For The Order: 1886 Trademark
04/23/13 Dragon's Crown Secures Official Date
04/23/13 Former Activision PR Manager Stole $29K From Black Ops Budget
04/23/13 Nordic Games: We Won't Bring You A "Sh**** Darksiders Sequel"
04/23/13 Rumor: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Pits Good vs. Evil
04/23/13 Bulletstorm 2's Craziness Would've Been "Through The Roof"
04/23/13 Raymond: Splinter Cell's Complexity Stymies Sales Potential
04/23/13 Ratchet & Clank Movie In The Works
04/22/13 Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection A Must For The Hardcore
04/22/13 GTAV's "12 Goals Of Epsilonism" Video Officially Freaks Us Out
04/22/13 Nordic Games Snags Darksiders, Red Faction And MX vs. ATV
04/22/13 Quantic Dream: It's Important That Games Are Recognized As Art
04/22/13 Evidence Indicates GT6 Launches On PS3 In Late November
04/22/13 Schilling Speaks Out Against Accusations And Says: "100% Baseless"
04/22/13 Avalanche: Why Bother With Story In Big-Budget AAA Games?
04/21/13 Maybe The "Old" Survival/Horror Is Dead
04/21/13 Amazon's Weekly Deals: Dishonored, Asura's Wrath, NBA 2K13
04/21/13 Bioshock Infinite Sells 878,000, 4.5 Million Expected In First Year
04/20/13 Ride To Hell: Retribution Trailer: Guns, Ladies, Broken Jaws
04/19/13 Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain Proves That Innovation Can Sell
04/19/13 Bidding Closes For Remaining THQ IPs
04/19/13 Rumor: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition Coming
04/18/13 March NPD: Bioshock Infinite Tops, US Sales Fall 10%
04/18/13 Kojima May Be Hinting At A Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection
04/18/13 Capcom Cites "Excessive Outsourcing" For Upcoming Losses
04/18/13 Saints Row Producer: Everyone Loves Our Juvenile Tone
04/17/13 Grand Theft Auto PSN Sale: Catch Up On Historic Goodness
04/17/13 EA Outlines Game-Changing Innovations Featured In FIFA 14
04/17/13 Is A Religious Act In Video Games Even An "Act" At All?
04/17/13 Soul Calibur V Goes Digital On April 23
04/17/13 Madden 25 Cover Vote Features An Epic New Vs. Old Clash
04/17/13 Platinum Games Seeks "Secret Sauce" For Sales Success
04/17/13 Bethesda Mystery Continues, Second Teaser Released
04/17/13 Analyst: Only GTAV Will Halt The Gaming Industry's Tailspin
04/17/13 FF Versus XIII "Information Ban" Will Be Lifted Soon, Supposedly
04/17/13 US Retailer Lists Gran Turismo 6 For PS3
04/16/13 Some Hands-On Time With Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Pack
04/16/13 If There's One Franchise You Believe You Could Fix, Which Is It?
04/16/13 Analyst: God Of War: Ascension Had A Disappointing Showing
04/16/13 Bethesda Teases Their Latest Project, Says It Isn't Fallout 4
04/16/13 NJ SAFE Task Force Calls For Game Regulation, More Education
04/16/13 Will Prince Of Persia Return, Courtesy Of Climax Studios?
04/15/13 Thatgamecompany Must Be Under Tremendous Pressure
04/15/13 Jaffe Defends Gaming As A Business, We Stand Up And Applaud
04/15/13 NHL 14 Dated, To Boast Several New "Breakthrough Features"
04/15/13 Rumor: Battlefield 4 To Include The Long Lost Commander Mode
04/15/13 Castle Of Illusion HD Confirmed For PSN
04/15/13 Bethesda Focusing On New Project, Will Still Support Skyrim
04/15/13 Long-Awaited XCOM Shooter Undergoing Major Changes?
04/15/13 PlayStation All-Stars Dev Not Closing, Working On New IP
04/14/13 Kojima Doesn't Want To Limit His Vision
04/14/13 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Vid: Death Is Coming For You
04/14/13 You Might See Movies Based On Saints Row And Metro
04/13/13 Sony Phones To Support Dual Shock 3
04/13/13 Duke Nukem Forever Among The Worst Games Of 2012 In Japan
04/13/13 Dragon's Crown Sorceress In Danger Of A Wardrobe Malfunction
04/12/13 BioWare Waiting To "Blow Everyone Away" With Inquisition
04/12/13 Criterion On NFS Underground Reboot Rumor: "Totally Fake"
04/12/13 Red Faction Remains Up For Grabs, And Rightfully So?
04/12/13 Defiance Devs Apologize For Issues, Offer One-Week Boosts
04/12/13 From Software Reveals That Dark Souls Continues To Sell
04/12/13 Crytek CEO: "Graphics Drive Gameplay"
04/11/13 Sega Seems Ready To Deliver A Castle Of Illusion Remake
04/11/13 EA Layoffs The Result Of A Streamlining Operations Effort
04/11/13 Dear Senator Feinstein: So, Gamers Can't Distinguish Reality?
04/11/13 Tales Of Xillia Collector's Edition Dated For North America
04/11/13 Ubisoft, VectorCell Plan To Revive The 90s Classic, Flashback
04/11/13 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Revealed, 80s Awesomeness Dated
04/11/13 BioWare Wants Feedback On The Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
04/10/13 What's The Last Game You Played That Actually Felt Addictive?
04/10/13 Quantic Dream Fiddling With Multiplayer?
04/10/13 Bethesda: Day-One DLC Complaints Are Mostly Unfounded
04/10/13 Rumor: Resident Evil: Revelations Gets A DLC Season Pass
04/09/13 Lost Planet 3 Pushed Back Again
04/09/13 Capcom Was Going To Turn Mega Man Into A First-Person Shooter
04/09/13 EA Wins "Worst Company In America" Title For Another Year
04/09/13 New Batman Arkham Titles Confirmed
04/09/13 Naughty Dog Wanted Female Testers For The Last Of Us
04/09/13 "A Voice From The Heavens" Told Wada It Was Time To Go
04/09/13 PSN Spring Fever Sale Shows Sony's Support Of Indie Titles
04/08/13 So, Who's Keeping Their PS3?
04/08/13 Insomniac Says "No" To Online Pass And Microtransactions For Fuse
04/08/13 Activision Gives $3.7 Million To Call Of Duty Endowment Fund
04/08/13 Battlefield 4 Poll Shows Little Interest In Single-Player Campaign
04/08/13 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: A Kick-Ass 80s VHS Vision Of The Future
04/07/13 Suda51, GungHo Japan Tease Highly Unique New IP
04/07/13 PSXE User Review Contest: Time To Give Away Another Prize
04/07/13 Harmonix Shuts Down Servers Due To Apparent Attack
04/07/13 Fatal Frame Haunts PSN This Week
04/06/13 Bioshock Infinite's Columbia Impresses As Minecraft Creation
04/06/13 Ninja Theory Teases New Project
04/06/13 Fast & Furious: Showdown Speeds Into Action Next Month
04/05/13 Okay, One Last Time, Politicians: Some Games Aren't For Kids
04/05/13 EA's Moore: "We Owe Gamers Better Performance Than This"
04/05/13 Hand-drawn Art For Time And Eternity Took 3 Years
04/05/13 God of War: Ascension Update 1.04 Adds Tweaks, Elite Levels
04/05/13 Dragon's Crown Gameplay Vid Features The Fighter Laying Waste
04/05/13 Don't Worry Levine, The Gender Gap Will Diminish With Time
04/04/13 Black Ops II Uprising DLC Confirmed, Big Acting Talent Included
04/04/13 Report: 38 Studios Knew The Ship Was Sinking Early On
04/04/13 Just Cause Dev: "Maybe We Don't Need 40 First-Person Shooters"
04/04/13 Deep Silver Announces Ride To Hell Trio For All You 1%ers
04/03/13 Disney Shuts Down LucasArts
04/03/13 Inafune: Japanese Developers "Still Don't Really Get It"
04/03/13 Doom 4 Development "Not Going Well," RAGE 2 Canceled
04/03/13 New Square Enix Boss Wants To Remove "What Doesn't Work"
04/03/13 Sega Admits Aliens Vids Didn't "Accurately Reflect" Final Content
04/02/13 Give A Hearty Welcome To The New PSX Extreme Contributors
04/02/13 Sacred Citadel: Enjoy Great Side-Scrolling Depth On April 16
04/02/13 Square Enix Releases Tomb Raider 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack
04/02/13 GameStop Shares Hit Three-Year High As Next-Gen Looms
04/02/13 Rumor: New Black Ops II DLC Uprising Hits In A Few Weeks
04/02/13 Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Revealed
04/01/13 Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Reveal Just Days Away
04/01/13 EA: Core Gamers Still Want To Play Games On Big Screens
04/01/13 Hayter: "I Will Miss This Job, And This Character, Very Much"
04/01/13 ESRB Prematurely Unveils Best Of PlayStation Network Vol. 1
04/01/13 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Goes Comically Retro With New Site
04/01/13 Square Enix Celebrates Exactly 10 Years, Big News Coming?
04/01/13 Temporary EA CEO To Receive A $1.03 Million Salary

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