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PS3 Archives - May, 2013

05/31/13 Wolfenstein 3D "Coming Soon" To PSN, XBLA And PC
05/31/13 Vigil Wanted Darksiders III To Be Four-Player Co-op...Oh No
05/31/13 Sony Pursuing Loeb Proposal By Hiring Morgan Stanley, Citigroup
05/31/13 Side-Scrolling, Hand-Drawn Teslagrad Coming To PSN
05/30/13 Report: EA Killing Online Pass For All Currently Available Titles
05/30/13 Take-Two: "GTAV Will Redefine What An Open-World Game Is"
05/30/13 Tales Of Xillia Limited Edition Detailed
05/30/13 Dragon's Crown Voice Pack DLC Totally Free For First Month
05/30/13 Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC Dated
05/30/13 Completion Percentages For Four Final Fantasy Projects
05/29/13 It Seems David Hayter May Voice Snake In MGSV After All
05/29/13 Spicy Horse Still Negotiating With EA For New Alice Title
05/29/13 Valhalla On Devil's Third: We're Building This Up "Itagaki-Style"
05/29/13 Developers Speak Out Against Raging Violent Game Debate
05/28/13 The Last Of Us, Season Pass Available To Pre-Order Digitally
05/28/13 Okay, So The Call Of Duty: Ghosts Engine Isn't Exactly "All-New"
05/28/13 Game Writer O'Connor Expresses Her "Ongoing Dissatisfaction"
05/28/13 After Over 12 Years, A New Side Quest Is Found In FFIX
05/28/13 Square Enix: Making Customers Wait For Years Is Being Dishonest
05/28/13 Ethan: Meteor Hunter Slated For Digital Platforms This Summer
05/27/13 PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 In Worldwide Sales...Is It For Good?
05/27/13 Square Enix Re-Registers Final Fantasy Agito Trademark
05/27/13 Tales Producer Says Tales Of Symphonia: Perfect Edition Isn't Real
05/26/13 Kojima: Expect A Subtle, Artistic MGSV: The Phantom Pain Trailer
05/26/13 Dragon's Crown Elf And Dwarf Show Off
05/25/13 Dead Or Alive 5 Special Editions Detailed, You Goin' Ultimate?
05/24/13 EA Temporarily Abandons Fight Night In Favor Of UFC
05/24/13 EA Will Produce Games For Current-Gen Consoles Through 2017
05/23/13 Sony: GT6 On PS3 Because System "Still Has A Lot Of Potential"
05/23/13 Mirror's Edge Sequel Not Official Yet, But Is It Still Coming?
05/23/13 Why Must We Bid Goodbye To One Of Gaming's Original Genres?
05/23/13 Can We Make An Argument For Separate Call Of Duty Games?
05/23/13 Check Out The Massive Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition
05/22/13 The Warriors PS2 Classic Battles Its Way Onto PSN Next Week
05/22/13 Metro: Last Light DLC Packs Detailed
05/22/13 Battlefield 4 Launch Date Confirmed, Next-Gen Date Uncertain
05/21/13 PSXE's Open Invitation To Katie Couric And The Mainstream Press
05/21/13 Katie Couric Admits That Violent Game Report Was One-Sided
05/20/13 Mass Effect Costumes For Sackboy
05/20/13 PSN Ultimate Editions Offer Huge Content And Hefty Savings
05/20/13 Since When Does Call Of Duty Require Top Writing Talent?
05/20/13 Watch Dogs Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed
05/20/13 Rhode Island Intends To Sell 38 Studios Kingdoms Of Amalur IP
05/20/13 Former GTA Producer Abandons Violence In Favor Of Meaning
05/20/13 GT6 Concept Vid Shows New Cars, Tracks
05/19/13 PSXE Poll Update: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Interest Waning
05/19/13 Kevin Conroy (Thankfully) On Board For Batman: Arkham Origins
05/19/13 Rumor: Assassin's Creed Movie Lands In Theaters On May 22, 2015
05/19/13 Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Now Set For July 9
05/18/13 What's The Deal With The PS4 Eye?
05/18/13 The Last Of Us Digital Tests Download Tech...Thoughts?
05/17/13 Insomniac Said No To Resistance 4 Due To Franchise Fatigue
05/17/13 GungHo: Japanese Games "Are In Their Darkest Times Right Now"
05/17/13 GT Academy 2013 Season Detailed, GT6 Demo Highlighted
05/16/13 In Defense Of Violent Video Games
05/16/13 Wow, I Must Be Really Old...Because I Miss My Memory Cards
05/16/13 Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Footage, We Start To Drool
05/16/13 April NPD: Industry Drops 25%, Injustice Tops Software Charts
05/16/13 The Last Of Us Multiplayer Will Be The "Best Ever Conceived?"
05/16/13 EA To Discontinue Online Pass
05/16/13 David Jaffe To Assist Indie Studio With Vehicular Combat Game
05/15/13 Should Polyphony Have Waited To Make GT6 A PS4 Exclusive?
05/15/13 Metro: Last Light Developers Bested Stiff Odds, Says Rubin
05/15/13 Gran Turismo 6 Set To Launch On PS3 This Holiday Season
05/15/13 Is It Really Necessary To Market The Hell Out Of Dark Souls II?
05/14/13 What Systems Always Remain Hooked Up In Your House?
05/14/13 Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures Starts Chomping This Fall
05/14/13 Billionaire Investor Calls For Sony Split
05/14/13 Ted Price On Insomniac Fans And The Difficulty Of A New IP
05/14/13 Payday 2 "Too Big" To Be Restricted To A Digital Download
05/14/13 David Cage: Gamers Are Partly To Blame For Lack Of Innovation
05/14/13 Ted Price "Confident" Gamers Will Enjoy Fuse's Solo Experience
05/13/13 PSN Hacking Suspect Sentenced For Destroying The Evidence
05/13/13 Take-Two Rises, "Better Positioned For Success" Than Ever
05/13/13 Square Enix Posts $134.9 Million Loss, Vows To Make Changes
05/13/13 Rumor: PS3 To Get Tales Of Symphonia: Perfect Edition
05/13/13 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Trailer Is Very, Very...Vague
05/12/13 Do You Still Need An Epic Final Boss Clash?
05/12/13 Is It Really Fair To Blame Xbox For The Fall Of Final Fantasy?
05/12/13 Gran Turismo 6 All But Confirmed For PS3
05/12/13 Second Sega Pluto Prototype Auction Ends With No Sale
05/12/13 PSXE Poll Update: New Call Of Duty Isn't Impressing Gamers
05/11/13 Pre-Ordering Remember Me Will Give Nilin Street Fighter Power
05/11/13 Dragon's Crown Vid: The Crazily Built Amazon Rips 'Em Up
05/10/13 Guacamelee Tops PSN Sales Charts In North America And Europe
05/10/13 Schafer Wants A Psychonauts Sequel
05/10/13 EA Executive Vice President Dumps His Stock, Takes In $687,000
05/10/13 Violent Game Debate Is A Non-Issue If Parents Did Their Jobs
05/09/13 "The Definitive" Dead Or Alive 5 Package Coming This Fall
05/09/13 Big Final Fantasy Talent Working On New RPG, Fairy Fencer F
05/09/13 TimeGate Apparently Just Bit The Dust
05/09/13 Sony Finally Posts A Profit, No Thanks To Gaming Division
05/08/13 Do You See Difficult Games As A Chore?
05/08/13 Another Assassin's Creed Producer Gets The Unfortunate Axe
05/08/13 Spector Apologizes, But Insists That We Need More Variety
05/08/13 Spector: The World Didn't Need Another Wolfenstein Game
05/08/13 EA Sports, FIFA Extend Their Licensing Agreement Through 2022
05/08/13 Hellraid Teaser Trailer Shows Off Medieval Undead Carnage
05/07/13 Indie Games: The Best Reason To Visit The PSN These Days?
05/07/13 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Receives North American Date
05/07/13 Assassin's Creed Creator Fired, Is None Too Happy With Ubisoft
05/07/13 EA: Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 Fall Shy Of Sales Expectations
05/07/13 Meet The New Fighter In Borderlands 2: Krieg The Psycho Bandit
05/07/13 New Saints Row IV Trailer: A President Truly Worth Electing
05/06/13 $299 PS3 Legacy Bundle Hits This Week
05/06/13 Disney, EA To Produce Star Wars Titles For "Core Gaming Audience"
05/06/13 Batgirl Is The Latest Injustice Fighter
05/06/13 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Director Looking To Make A Sequel
05/05/13 If Devil's Third Is Still In Development, Can We Get An Update?
05/05/13 Level-5 Registers Three New Trademarks, New Game Forthcoming?
05/04/13 Dishonored Void Walker's Arsenal DLC Delivers Pre-Order Bonuses
05/03/13 Get 25% Off Bioshock Infinite At Amazon
05/03/13 Ubisoft Says We'll See South Park: The Stick Of Truth In 2013
05/03/13 Editorial: What If Splinter Cell: Blacklist Is a Big Success?
05/03/13 Couric Asks For Gamer Comments, And We Sense A Trap
05/03/13 You'll Never Have Too Much Cash In GTAV
05/03/13 If You're Not Yet Sold On Fuse, Play The Demo Next Week
05/02/13 Sledgehammer Not Helping Infinity Ward With New Call Of Duty
05/02/13 Borderlands 2 Final DLC Is Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep
05/02/13 Kojima: MGS Legacy Collection Just Too Massive For Xbox 360
05/02/13 Warning: The Last Of Us Ending Details Circulating Online
05/02/13 Report: Online Gaming Rises, Physical Formats Still Preferable
05/01/13 40 Sony Execs, Including Hirai, Sacrifice Their Annual Bonus
05/01/13 Fatal Frame Behind The Lens: Recalling A True Horror Classic
05/01/13 Fuse Villains Trailer: Four vs. Everyone
05/01/13 First Two Grand Theft Auto Games Rated, Heading To PSN?

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