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PS3 Archives - June, 2013

06/30/13 PSXE Poll Update: The Last Of Us Is An Instant Classic
06/30/13 The Last Of Us Patch Fixes Sex Hotline Number, Multiplayer Issues
06/29/13 Instant Game Collection Celebrates One Year Anniversary
06/28/13 Keighley: First Bioshock Infinite DLC Set For Late July
06/28/13 Source: Gamers Have Higher Levels Of Emotional Well-Being
06/28/13 Square Enix: Wada "Has No Authority" In Terms Of Management
06/27/13 Will JRPGs Eventually Disappear Entirely?
06/27/13 Seth Rogen Keeps Turning Down Offer To Make Uncharted Film
06/27/13 Just Add Water Offers To Create The MGS Remake For Kojima
06/27/13 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Call The Shots Trailer Emerges
06/26/13 Former Square Enix CEO Wada Is Now Chairman Of The Board?
06/26/13 Levine On Bioshock Infinite DLC: Don't Worry, It's Coming
06/25/13 You Know, Ashley Johnson Did A Damn Good Job Playing Ellie
06/25/13 Gran Turismo 6 Demo Hits On July 2
06/25/13 Dark Souls II "Accessibility" Doesn't Mean It'll Be Easier
06/25/13 Senator Murphy Calls For More Data From Violent Game Studies
06/25/13 TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Leonardo Gameplay Trailer
06/24/13 Thatgamecompany Finally Starting To Earn Royalties For Journey
06/24/13 Gran Turismo 6 15th Anniversary Edition, Pre-Order Bonuses
06/24/13 Actress Ellen Page: Naughty Dog "Ripped Off" My Likeness
06/24/13 Suda51 On Sexuality In Games: People Should "Laugh A Bit"
06/24/13 Diablo III Solo, Multiplayer Action From E3
06/23/13 Has A Lack Of Time Forced You To Alter Your Gaming Habits?
06/23/13 Here's The World's Biggest (And Coolest) Katamari Controller
06/22/13 FFX/X-2 HD Finally Reaching "Final Stages Of Development"
06/21/13 Naughty Dog: The Last Of Us Was Initially "Too Big Of A Game"
06/21/13 Bethesda On Why The New Wolfenstein Has No Multiplayer
06/20/13 Thief Confirmed For Current-Gen Systems
06/20/13 Lightning Returns: The Tragic Comedy Gets Worse And Worse
06/19/13 Bethesda Hugely Disappointed With The Progress Of Prey 2
06/19/13 Sony: It Hasn't Been Particularly Easy To Keep PS3 Costs Down
06/19/13 Murdered: Soul Suspect Gameplay Shows Promising Drama
06/17/13 IO Interactive Staff Halved, But Fans Can Expect A New Hitman
06/17/13 ESA: 45% Of All Gamers Are Female
06/17/13 May NPD: Numbers Dive Again, Injustice: Gods Among Us Tops
06/17/13 Avalanche: Games Get Traded In Because They're Too Short
06/16/13 When Will We Start Seeing Big Trade-In Deals For The PS3?
06/15/13 EA Hasn't Killed Dead Space, But DS4 Isn't In The Works
06/14/13 Grand Theft Auto V Police Will Present More Of A Challenge
06/14/13 Nordic Games Knows Darksiders Is "Big," Seeks A Partner
06/13/13 The Nasty Business Of Using Review Scores To Drive Traffic
06/13/13 E3 2013 Attendance Rises, E3 2014 Dated
06/13/13 Kojima: LA Team Working On A "Vast" Multiplayer Mode For MGSV
06/13/13 Editorial: When Does Final Fantasy Cease To Be "Final Fantasy"?
06/13/13 del Toro: Bioshock Infinite Is Beautiful, A "Great Mindfu**"
06/11/13 Sony: The Last Guardian On Hiatus...No, Wait, It's Still Coming
06/11/13 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Goes Multiplatform
06/10/13 E3 2013: Sony Reveals Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 3 Bundle
06/10/13 E3 2013: PS3 Keeps Going Strong With Exclusive Software
06/10/13 EA To Reveal More About Dragon Age III: Inquisition Today
06/10/13 Assassin's Creed Creator Pursues Legal Action Against Ubisoft
06/09/13 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Had Moderate Hopes For Remember Me
06/09/13 Contra Run And Gun Trademark Filed, To Be Revealed At E3?
06/09/13 Free-To-Play Tekken Revolution Revealed
06/08/13 Killer Is Dead Trailer: Yep, Many Killers Will Indeed Be Dead
06/07/13 The Last Of Us Sequel Possible, But Joel And Ellie Are Done
06/07/13 Scorpion Takes On The Gods Among Us
06/07/13 Sega Plans To Bring Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F To US, Europe
06/06/13 Does The Last Of Us Really Need To Be That Violent? Well...Yes
06/06/13 Kiefer Sutherland Claims The Role Of Snake In Metal Gear Solid V
06/06/13 Konami Reveals Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2, Fans Rejoice
06/06/13 Armored Core: Verdict Day clubNAMCO Bundle Announced
06/06/13 Lightning Returns E3 Trailer: Mankind Has Only 13 Days Left
06/05/13 Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Satisfies JRPG Fans In Early 2014
06/05/13 Rhode Island Earns $713,000 Thanks To Continued Amalur Sales
06/05/13 Saints Row IV "Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition" Detailed
06/05/13 TLoU Multiplayer Factions "An Extension" Of The Campaign
06/05/13 The Last Of Us: 24 Perfect Scores So Far, And A New Trailer
06/04/13 The Last Of Us Might Prove That Game Writing Is On The Rise
06/04/13 Harmonix: We'll Return To Rock Band When The Time Is Right
06/04/13 Murdered: Soul Suspect: Solve Your Own Murder While In Limbo
06/04/13 Retailer Assigns The Last Guardian A 2013 Release Window
06/04/13 So Far, The Last Of Us Has Tallied Three Perfect Review Scores
06/03/13 Kojima Teases Central Theme Of MGSV
06/03/13 Check Out 10 New Multiplayer Screens For The Last Of Us
06/03/13 Harmonix's New Title Might Surprise You...
06/03/13 The Last Guardian Update At E3? Sony Says Maybe Not
06/02/13 Can We Pinpoint The Origin Of Final Fantasy's Depressing Decline?
06/02/13 Castle Of Illusion HD: How Sega Plans To Reimagine A Classic
06/02/13 Dark Souls II Launching March 2014?
06/02/13 DDoS Attack Sidelines CCP Servers For EVE Online, DUST 514
06/01/13 Bethesda: "That's Not A Strategy Guide, THAT'S A Strategy Guide"
06/01/13 Watch Dogs Dev Diary Showcases Some Impressive Mo-Cap

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