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PS3 Archives - July, 2013

07/31/13 Will GTAV's Story Be Great...And Do We Care If It Isn't?
07/31/13 Journey, The Unfinished Swan Bundle Now Available On PSN
07/31/13 Naughty Dog On Jak 4: "No Plans Now; We Tried And Failed"
07/31/13 Former EA CEO: Activision Could End Up A "Sh**** Company"
07/31/13 New Batman Multiplayer Has Third-Person Shooter Elements
07/30/13 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Set For August 14
07/30/13 Take-Two Enjoys "Better-Than-Expected" First-Quarter Results
07/30/13 Project Diva F Will Launch On August 27 In North America
07/30/13 The Witcher 3: Can A Great Story In An Open-World Exist?
07/30/13 Biioshock Infinite DLC: Heavy Combat And A Return To Rapture
07/29/13 The One Game That Didn't Enjoy The Popularity It Deserved
07/29/13 Lighting Returns Info: Lightning's Bust Size And Vanille's Return
07/29/13 GameStop's Playcation Event: Time For A Hardware Trade-In
07/29/13 12 New GTAV Screens, Multiplayer To Be Unveiled In August
07/29/13 Saints Row IV Denied Classification In Australia...Again
07/28/13 "Gaming Like Crack Cocaine" Comment Must Be Clarified
07/28/13 Best Buy Game Sale: The Walking Dead, Ni no Kuni And More
07/28/13 Cover Athlete LeBron James Chooses NBA 2K14's Soundtrack
07/27/13 Actor Michael Biehn: Aliens: Colonial Marines Felt "Passionless"
07/26/13 DICE May Allow For Battlefield 4 Next-Gen Statistics Migration
07/26/13 Ubisoft: Who Should Play Aiden Pearce In Watch Dogs Movie?
07/26/13 Suda51: "Realistic Mainstream Games" Won't Be Enough
07/26/13 Activision Blizzard Is Now Independent
07/25/13 Editorial: At Long Last, Gaming Has Its Celebrity Class
07/25/13 Gran Turismo 6: The Last Great Reason To Keep Your PS3
07/25/13 Cloudberry Kingdom Sounds Cute, But Death Chases You
07/25/13 Former eSports Team Owner Faces Huge Hacking Charges
07/25/13 Iron Mike Couldn't Even Beat Glass Joe
07/25/13 Sony Working On Gran Turismo Movie, And We Have Questions
07/24/13 Splinter Cell: Blacklist Trailer Shows Three Distinct Play Styles
07/24/13 Tommy Tallarico's "Art In Disguise" Talk: We Stand Up And Cheer
07/24/13 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Trailer Celebrates 10 Years
07/24/13 Eidos Montreal Founder Outlines Square Enix's Big Issues
07/24/13 The "Immature, Whiny" CoD Community Makes Us All Look Bad
07/24/13 Saints Row IV Golden, Season Pass Available For Pre-Order
07/23/13 Beyond: Two Souls Behind-The-Scenes Gameplay Is Dynamic
07/23/13 30 Minutes Of DuckTales Remastered Gameplay Takes Us Back
07/22/13 Castle Of Illusion HD Behind The Scenes: Get All Teary-Eyed
07/22/13 Enter The Dominatrix Now Confirmed As Saints Row IV DLC
07/22/13 Assassin's Creed Comic Contains Hints For Franchise's Future
07/22/13 Ratchet & Clank Writer Opts To Move On
07/22/13 Lords Of Shadow Dev Teases New Project
07/22/13 Australian Classification Review Board To Revisit Saints Row IV
07/21/13 Is The Current Generation Of Consoles One Of The Best Ever?
07/21/13 PSXE Poll Update: GTAV Has A Great Chance At GotY 2013
07/21/13 Lightning Returns "13 Days" Trailer: The Heroine Shows Off
07/21/13 Save Some Bucks With Best Buy's Back To School Game Sale
07/20/13 Assassin's Creed Writer Talks Possible Future Settings
07/20/13 Gearbox Reveals New Borderlands 2 DLC, Free Update
07/19/13 South Park Creators Wouldn't Cut Content For The Sake Of DLC
07/19/13 Namco Reveals Soul Calibur II HD Online
07/19/13 Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Swings Its Way Onto PS3
07/19/13 More Grand Theft Auto V Details
07/19/13 New Ace Combat On The Way, Exclusive To PlayStation 3
07/18/13 June NPD: Physical Sales Slide, But The Last Of Us Was Hot
07/18/13 Blacklist Transformation Trailer: "Your Rules, Your Way"
07/17/13 Next-Gen Focus: Which Genre Needs More Attention From Devs?
07/17/13 SCE Japan Studio: "Insane People With Strange Ideas"
07/17/13 EA, NCAA "Part Ways" But New Football Games Are Coming
07/17/13 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Vid: Last Defense, Last Hope
07/17/13 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Limited Edition Detailed
07/17/13 Killer Is Dead Trailer Amps Things Up
07/16/13 Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC Detailed And Dated
07/15/13 Suikoden, Valkyria Chronicles III, & More Need Localization Help
07/15/13 Who Was Your Favorite New Character From This Generation?
07/15/13 GTAV Details: Lotsa Wild Animals And An Underwater Mission
07/15/13 PSN's Summer PLAY Program Features Four Great Titles
07/14/13 Amazon Selling $269 GTAV PS3 Bundle
07/14/13 Street Fighter IV Gets 5 New Characters, 6 New Stages In 2014
07/13/13 Murdered: Soul Suspect E3 Walkthrough: Color Us Intrigued
07/12/13 Love Or Hate: This Generation's A.I. Partners
07/12/13 Sega To Reveal "Something" Pertaining To Valkyria Chronicles
07/11/13 Will The New Lightning Be "Massively Appreciated" By Fans?
07/11/13 Kojima On GTAV Trailer: "Rockstar's Team Is The Best"
07/11/13 DuckTales Remastered Dated, First "Duckumentary" Drops
07/11/13 Capcom Issues A Round Of Layoffs, Christian Svensson Gone
07/11/13 NHL 14 Celebrates 20 Years With NHL 94 Anniversary Mode
07/10/13 Black Ops II DLC Vengeance Lands On PSN, PC On August 1
07/10/13 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Video: A Nostalgic Introduction
07/10/13 Beyond: Two Souls Dev Diary Shows Off Ambitious Beginnings
07/10/13 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Gets A Release Date
07/09/13 Square Enix Needs To Ask FF Fans Only One Simple Question
07/09/13 From Software Ramping Up The Freedom In Dark Souls II
07/09/13 GTAV Gameplay Arrives, And We Can Barely Contain Ourselves
07/09/13 The Last Of Us Hits 3.4 Million Worldwide In Only 3 Weeks
07/09/13 FFX HD Comparison Video: New vs. Old
07/08/13 Stealth Inc. A Clone In The Dark Set For PS3, PS Vita
07/08/13 Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis Passes Away
07/08/13 EA Removes Aaron Hernandez From 2014 Madden, NCAA Games
07/08/13 Saints Row IV "The End Of The Saga"
07/08/13 Operation Supply Drop's Pixel Fireworks Treats Troops On July 4
07/07/13 Are You Happy With The Direction Of Your Favorite Franchises?
07/07/13 PSXE Poll Update: Most Gamers Are Big Fans Of PlayStation Plus
07/07/13 Tales Of Xillia 2 Headed To US, Europe Some Time In 2014
07/07/13 Rumor: Persona 5 To Be Revealed Soon?
07/05/13 All Of Ascension's DLC Weapons Are Currently Unlocked
07/04/13 Violent Game Study Results Are A Huge Win For The Industry
07/04/13 Lightning Returns The Divine Task Trailer: Old Friends Appear
07/04/13 FFX/X-2 HD Package Boasts Brand New 30-Minute End Scene
07/04/13 Sony Corrects Beyond: Two Souls Pricing, Offers $5 Voucher
07/03/13 The End Of A Generation: So, What's On Your Back Burner?
07/03/13 Atlus Outlines Customization Options For Dragon's Crown
07/03/13 Saints Row IV Independence Day Trailer: NSFW Patriotism
07/02/13 Killer Is Dead Lands US Release Date
07/02/13 Cage Dismisses Question Of His Games Not Being "Games"
07/02/13 Pre-Order Lightning Returns, Wear Cloud Strife's FFVII Outfit
07/02/13 Grand Theft Auto V Will Require 8GB Of Hard Drive Space
07/01/13 What's The Very Last Game You Plan To Play This Generation?
07/01/13 Pre-Order Ghosts, Take A Free Fall
07/01/13 Battlefield 3, Oddworld And Others Hit PlayStation Plus In July
07/01/13 PSN Summer Blast Sale: Save Up To 80% On Games, Movies

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