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PS3 Archives - August, 2013

08/30/13 Borderlands 2 Upgrade Pack #2 Raises The Max Level Again
08/30/13 Black Flag Won't Have Naval Multiplayer
08/30/13 Lightning Returns Details: Content, Length, Endings And More
08/30/13 Beyond: Two Souls Trailer Highlights Two Complex Relationships
08/29/13 Mobile Billing Option Arrives For PSN
08/29/13 Be The Zombie In Dying Light: The Night Hunter Is Hungry
08/29/13 The Last Of Us 1.03 Patch Has Tweaks, New Multiplayer Mode
08/29/13 Grand Theft Auto V Official Trailer: Pools, Heists, Miniguns
08/28/13 Grand Theft Auto V's Huge Soundtrack Features Big Names
08/28/13 Saints Row IV Tops 1 Million Sold
08/28/13 TLoU Easter Egg Proves "The Road" Was A Big Inspiration?
08/28/13 Activision: Annual CoD Releases Simply Meet Player Demand
08/28/13 Borderlands 2 GotY Edition Confirmed, We Get Tons O' Content
08/27/13 What Can Square Enix And Capcom Learn From Splinter Cell?
08/27/13 Black Flag Naval Fort Gameplay: Man The Cannons, Me Hearties!
08/27/13 EA On Battlefield 4 vs. Ghosts: We Feel Good About Our Horse
08/27/13 GTAV Coming To PS4? No, Sorry, It Was Merely A Typo
08/27/13 What Drives You To Pre-order?
08/27/13 Madden NFL 25 Launch Trailer: A Quarter Century Of Virtual TDs
08/27/13 Retail Rumor: Borderlands 2 Game Of The Year Edition Coming
08/27/13 EA Not Aiming To Annualize Battlefield
08/26/13 Is There A Genre You Just Don't "Get?"
08/26/13 EA's Moore: We'll Never Ship An Offline Video Game Again
08/26/13 Azurite Blue PS3 Set For North America
08/26/13 Take-Two Responds To Another Implied GTA-Inspired Crime
08/26/13 Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition Sets Records At Amazon
08/25/13 What JRPG Would You Recommend To An Intrigued JRPG Virgin?
08/25/13 "Emergency Maintenance" For FFXIV: A Realm Reborn...Already
08/25/13 Grand Theft Auto V Goes Gold, Rockstar Apologies For Leak
08/24/13 What If Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Outsells Lightning Returns?
08/24/13 Brigmore Witches DLC Impressions: It's Finally Daud's Turn
08/24/13 Check Out A Sampling Of Remastered Audio From FFX HD
08/23/13 DuckTales Remastered Boxes Out, But Supply Is "Hyper-Limited"
08/23/13 Tomb Raider Tops 4 Million, Sleeping Dogs Was "Profitable"
08/23/13 Deep Silver "Very Glad" They Acquired The Metro Brand
08/23/13 GTAV Travelogue Updated: Recreation, Artists And Serenity
08/23/13 Gran Turismo Movie Details Emerge, And Now We Understand
08/22/13 Are PS3 Exclusives More Exciting Than Confirmed PS4 Titles?
08/22/13 Cage: "Game Over" A State Of Failure For The Developer
08/22/13 Rainbow Six: Patriots Still In Development
08/22/13 GameStop Sales Down, But Things Are Going As Planned
08/21/13 Dark Souls II Closed Beta Will Test Your "Intestinal Fortitude"
08/21/13 Rain Dated And Priced, Dev Diary Makes Beautiful Music
08/21/13 New Lightning Returns Trailer: Familiar Faces, Army Of One
08/21/13 The Last Guardian Not A Top Priority For SCE Japan Studio?
08/20/13 12GB PS3 Confirmed For North America
08/20/13 Sony Reveals Upgrade Program For Cross-Generation Games
08/20/13 Free-To-Play LittleBigPlanet Hub Hits PS3 Later This Year
08/20/13 Gran Turismo 6 Racing To Store Shelves Worldwide On December 6
08/19/13 Child Of Light: JRPG-Inspired Blend Of Limbo And Final Fantasy
08/19/13 Thomas Was Alone Tops 700,000 Sales
08/19/13 Lords Of Shadow - Mirror Of Fate HD Set For PS3 And 360
08/19/13 Yakuza Restoration In The Works, More Details This Week
08/19/13 The Bureau Launch Trailer: Don't Let The Aliens Take Over!
08/19/13 VGL's Kickstarter: Third Album, Concert Motion Picture Wanted!
08/18/13 Turtle Beach Reveals A Trio Of Ghosts-Themed Headsets
08/18/13 Guilty Gear Creator Wants To "Attract As Many People As Possible"
08/17/13 What's The "Big Surprise" In MGSV?
08/16/13 Castle Of Illusion HD Set For September 3
08/16/13 Dying Light Gameplay Walkthrough: A New Twist On Zombie Huntin'
08/16/13 The Wolverine Writer Is Now Rewriting The Assassin's Creed Script
08/15/13 What Game Trait Do You Miss Most From The Golden Age?
08/15/13 Payday 2 Will Get A Year's Worth Of DLC
08/15/13 July NPD: NCAA Football 14 Tops A Relatively Bare Month
08/15/13 Dragon's Crown Lands In Europe, Australia On October 11
08/15/13 Skylanders Toys Outsell All Action Figures In US And Europe
08/15/13 GTAV Online Multiplayer Video: Have Lots Of Fun, Your Way
08/14/13 Dragon's Crown Sorceress Figurine Can't Be Sold Now...Why?
08/14/13 Crews Make A Comeback In NBA 2K14
08/14/13 DICE: Battlefield 4 Player Stats Will Carry Over To Next Gen
08/14/13 Ghosts Multiplayer Revealed, DLC Info, Season Pass Confirmed
08/14/13 Rockstar On GTAV: "It's Levels Of Magnitude Above GTAIV"
08/14/13 North America Gets A Batman: Arkham Origins Collector's Edition
08/13/13 Rockstar Launches GTAV Travelogue: Where You Wanna Go?
08/13/13 Call Of Duty Infographic Is Impressive...And A Little Frightening
08/13/13 Rumor: 12GB Flash-Based PS3 Headed To North America Soon
08/13/13 Rayman Legends Demo Drops Next Week
08/13/13 Dishonored Brigmore Witches DLC Arrives, Last Step For Daud
08/13/13 No Available Aircraft In Watch Dogs
08/13/13 Castlevania Dev: New Contra Can't Just Be A Generic Shooter
08/12/13 Real Men Cry: What Game(s) Turned On The Waterworks For You?
08/12/13 More Incentives To Pick Up Killer Is Dead
08/12/13 Square Enix Teases FFX/FFX-2 Remaster Audio Drama
08/12/13 Rockstar To Reveal New Info On GTAV Multiplayer Mode
08/11/13 If You've Got A Strange Favorite Game, Defend It Now!
08/11/13 After One Console Generation Of DLC, What Is Your Verdict?
08/11/13 Elizabeth Dons Fitting New Costume For Burial At Sea DLC
08/11/13 Final Fantasy XIV Beta Dates Set, More Incentives Detailed
08/10/13 'Operation Blinking Mirror' To Flood Konami With Suikoden Greatness
08/10/13 Blacklist Multiple Choices Trailer: How Do I Dispatch Thee...?
08/09/13 Barlog Returns To SCEA, Working On A "Freaking Huge" Game
08/09/13 Saints Row IV One Million Dollar Pack Goes For...Yes, $1 Million
08/08/13 Do You See Gaming As Relaxation, Or Is It About The Competition?
08/08/13 Pre-Orders Alone Covered Development Cost Of Payday 2
08/08/13 Black Ops II Apocalypse DLC Confirmed: Origins = More Zombies
08/08/13 Deep Silver Doesn't Expect Dead Island "To Stop At This Point"
08/08/13 Infinite Burial At Sea DLC: Elizabeth Won't Play Like Booker
08/08/13 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Trailer: A Charming Reminder
08/07/13 Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Comes To PSN, PC On September 3
08/07/13 Black Ops II Teaser Trailer Hints At Game's Last Piece Of DLC?
08/07/13 Kickbeat Gets Down With The Battlin' Rhythm On September 3
08/07/13 Batman: Arkham Origins Gets A Collector's Edition In The UK
08/06/13 PlayStation Bid For Greatness Auction: Check The Winners
08/06/13 Murdered: Soul Suspect Won't Release Until After March 2014
08/06/13 The Simpsons RPG Is A Possibility
08/06/13 Rumor: Dishonored Game Of The Year Edition Coming Soon
08/06/13 Die-Hard Bioshock Fans: Want A Devil's Kiss Replica Bottle?
08/06/13 Sony Rejects Loeb's Proposal To Split Off Entertainment Division
08/06/13 Naughty Dog: Gamers Will See How TLoU Originally Ended
08/05/13 Do Retro Games Only Appeal To Veteran, Old-School Peeps?
08/05/13 Volition Wasn't Happy About Tera Patrick Promoting Saints Row 2
08/05/13 Don't Worry, Tekken X Street Fighter Is Still On The Way
08/05/13 Is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Best Game Of The Generation?
08/05/13 Infinity Ward Teases Squads Gameplay For Call Of Duty: Ghosts
08/05/13 PlayStation All-Stars Support Ceases
08/04/13 What Games Best Balanced Open World With A Strong Story?
08/04/13 LGBT Content In Video Games: For Art, Yes, For Politics, No
08/04/13 Rocksmith 2014 Takes Learning Guitar To A Whole New Level
08/03/13 ESRB Tweaks Look Of Game Ratings For Sake Of Clarity
08/02/13 Pat Robertson: Murder In GTA As Sinful As In Real Life
08/02/13 Rainbow Skies Set For PS3/Vita, Pleases RPG Fans In 2014
08/02/13 Ridge Racer Driftopia Set For PS3 And PC, Closed Beta Starts
08/02/13 Saints Row IV Dev Diary: We Do This For All Our Crazy Fans
08/02/13 Ace Combat Infinity A Free-To-Play Title, Exclusive To PS3
08/01/13 What's The One Game You'd Buy Any Platform To Play?
08/01/13 Want A Metal Gear Rising Sequel?
08/01/13 Analyst: GTAV Could Sell 18-20 Million Before March 31, 2014

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