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PS3 Archives - September, 2013

09/30/13 Who's A Fan Of The Season Pass?
09/30/13 Assassin's Creed IV Heist Trailer: Pirates Working Together
09/30/13 GTAV Online Sounds Incredibly Immersive And Very Diverse
09/29/13 PSXE Poll Update: GTAV Is Definitely One Of The Best Ever
09/29/13 Pre-Order Beyond At GameStop, Receive The Special Edition
09/29/13 Arkham Origins About 12 Hours In Length, First DLC Revealed
09/28/13 Dying Light's Gameplay, Story, Different Than Dead Island
09/27/13 Watch Dogs Map More About "Density" Rather Than Size
09/27/13 Plus October Deals Led By SotC, Hotline Miami, Reckoning
09/27/13 The Last Of Us Map Pack Revealed, Single Player DLC Update
09/27/13 The Evil Within Extended Gameplay: Yep, This Is Survival/Horror
09/26/13 Mikami: RE Remake To Blame For Series Going All Action-y
09/26/13 Another Alternate Ending Revealed For The Last Of Us
09/26/13 Arkham Origins Season Pass Detailed
09/25/13 Game Of The Year 2013 May Be An Impossible Decision
09/25/13 Blacklist Homeland DLC Now Available: New Missions And Weapons
09/25/13 Need For Speed Movie Trailer Revealed
09/25/13 GTA Online Microtransactions Confirmed, Many Content Updates
09/25/13 Analyst: Grand Theft Auto V May Have A "Shorter Sales Tail"
09/25/13 GTAV Online Cash Cards Appear Real: Expected Pricing
09/24/13 Kojima Hints At Startling Size Of MGSV: The Phantom Pain
09/24/13 The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V Now Available On iTunes
09/24/13 Kojima On The Decision To Switch From Hayter To Sutherland
09/24/13 Lightning Returns Opening Cinematic: The World's Last Chance
09/23/13 Beyond Will Be Useful In Combating The GTAV-Fueled Hate
09/23/13 Dark Souls II's New Engine Lets Team Embrace Subtle Elements
09/23/13 Will Grand Theft Auto V Online Feature Microtransactions?
09/23/13 So Many Parents Buying GTAV For Kids? Makes Me Sick
09/23/13 Rockstar Looking Into Recurring Vanishing Vehicle Bug In GTAV
09/23/13 Beyond: Two Souls Cost About $27 Million
09/22/13 Free-To-Play: Morally Opposed, Indifferent, Or Supportive?
09/22/13 The Evil Within: Be Quiet And Set Traps, Or Just Blast Away
09/22/13 Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Available For Pre-Order On Amazon
09/21/13 The Mark Of Kri's Great Blend Of Stealth And Action Hits PSN
09/20/13 Do You Feel More Aggressive After Playing Grand Theft Auto V?
09/20/13 TLoU's Ellie Character: Naughty Dog Had A "Secret Agenda"
09/20/13 Grand Theft Auto V Breaks $1 Billion In Worldwide Sales
09/20/13 Deputy UK PM: Games Like GTAV Can Have Detrimental Effects
09/19/13 Yeah, This Is Why I Don't Go To Midnight Launches For Games
09/19/13 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Hits US Shores "This Winter"
09/19/13 Yamauchi Documentary: "KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide"
09/19/13 Call of Duty: Ghosts & Micro-Transactions: What's The Deal?
09/19/13 Video Gaming Alive and Well From An Investor's Standpoint
09/18/13 Do You Believe Critics Should Award Perfect Scores For Games?
09/18/13 What Is Your 'Gamer's Code'?
09/18/13 Rockstar: We Haven't Found The Right Game For A Female Lead
09/18/13 GTAV Makes $800 Million In 24 Hours, A New Industry Record?
09/18/13 Dark Souls II Lands North American Date
09/18/13 Meryl's Voice Actress Comments On Hayter Not Playing Snake
09/18/13 Watch Dogs Benefits From Releasing Two Months After GTAV
09/18/13 Polyphony Preparing Content For GT6 They "Haven't Touched Yet"
09/17/13 Do You Avoid Info And Media For Games You Intend To Buy?
09/17/13 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Receives Japanese Date
09/17/13 Batman Arkham Bundle: Two Unbelievable Games For Only $50
09/17/13 Mighty No. 9 Hits New Stretch Goal, Headed To Consoles
09/17/13 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Back Up For Digital Sale
09/16/13 Pissed Off Gamers Attack GameSpot's "Feminist" GTAV Review
09/16/13 Weekly Plus Deals Include ICO, GTA: Liberty City Stories
09/16/13 Analyst: GTAV Should Outpace GTAIV In First-Month Profit
09/15/13 Celebrate The Beauty Of The Last Of Us With A Master Print
09/15/13 Battlefield 4 Public Beta Begins October 1
09/15/13 Rockstar Trying To Figure Out Why GTAV Is Selling Too Early
09/14/13 There Are Even Gameplay Mechanics For The GTAV Strippers
09/13/13 Naughty Dog: More Devs Are Pursuing "Better Narratives"
09/13/13 Video Games Live Kickstarter Hits Goal, Level 3 Incoming
09/13/13 Payday 2 Sells 1.58 Million Worldwide
09/13/13 Abrams: Star Trek: The Video Game Was A "Big Disappointment"
09/12/13 Kojima: Fox Engine Not Ready To License To Third-Parties
09/12/13 Bethesda Confirms Dishonored Game Of The Year Edition
09/11/13 38 Studios Drama Continues, SEC Now Investigating Loan
09/11/13 Namco Bandai Prepping Free-To-Play Soulcalibur: Lost Swords
09/11/13 GTAV Map Leaked, Crazy Size And Scope Sends Us Reeling
09/10/13 What Is Your Second Favorite Thing About Gaming?
09/10/13 Could Grand Theft Auto V Outsell Call Of Duty: Ghosts In 2013?
09/10/13 Ghosts Campaign Trailer: Space Drama, Epic Slo-Mo Action
09/10/13 Capcom: Packaged Media Keeps Sliding, DLC Is The Future
09/10/13 New Riddick Game Coming, Tigon Studios Back At The Helm
09/10/13 Two New Assassin's Creed Titles, One Is An Upgraded Liberation
09/09/13 Kojima On Quiet: A "Secret Reason" For Her Sexy Exposure
09/09/13 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Set To Be Most Pre-Ordered Game Of 2013
09/08/13 PSXE Poll Update: PS4 Launch Lineup Is Okay, Not Great
09/08/13 Blood Dragon Tops 1 Million, We May Get A Physical Copy
09/08/13 New MGSV Video Highlights Quiet's 3D Scanning And Mo-Cap
09/08/13 EA: "If We Stop Making New IPs, We'll Go On Life Support"
09/07/13 David's Week In Review: September 8th
09/07/13 Grand Theft Auto V "Feels Next-Gen" To Rockstar
09/07/13 Puppeteer Event In San Francisco Hits The Streets
09/06/13 MGSV To Feature User Generated Missions A La inFamous 2
09/06/13 GTAV Compiles Best Mechanics From Other Rockstar Games
09/06/13 Is Oversexualization Ever Detrimental To The Games Themselves?
09/06/13 Ni No Kuni Franchise Reaches 1.4 Million Sales
09/06/13 Live Demo Of MGSV Highlights Series Changes
09/05/13 Study: Video Game Has 80 Year Old Brains Acting 20
09/05/13 Beyond Demo Detailed And Dated, New "Making Of" Video
09/05/13 Apparently, Activision Still Intends To Produce "Sing Hero"
09/05/13 NPD Report Highlights The Inevitable Rise Of Digital Content
09/04/13 What Franchises Went From "Day 1" To "Day Whenever"?
09/04/13 Black Ops II Apocalypse DLC Hits PS3, PC On September 26
09/04/13 DICE To Introduce "Test Range" In BF4 For Rookie Pilots
09/04/13 Kojima Explains Why MGSV Characters Are "More Erotic"
09/04/13 No Plans To Bring Yakuza 5 To US Due To Small Fan Base
09/04/13 New GTAV Info: 50 Bridges And Individual Search Circles
09/03/13 Amazon France Leaks PS3 Bundle With Gran Turismo 6, TLoU?
09/03/13 Rockstar: GTAV's Authenticity Was So Important, We...
09/03/13 Rockstar Actually Made A Real Banshee, And You Can Win It
09/03/13 Square Enix's Apology For FFXIV Server Woes: 7 More Days
09/02/13 Catch Up By Snagging Some Discounted PS3 Games At Amazon
09/02/13 Firaxis: XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC "Too Big" For Consoles
09/02/13 Labor Day Query: Which Developer's Work Do You Most Respect?
09/01/13 PSXE Poll Update: Most Plan To Grab GTAV On Day One
09/01/13 Inafune: Japanese Gaming Has Declined, But It Isn't Hopeless
09/01/13 First Ever Look Inside Lightning Returns Reveals Action Focus

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