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PS3 Archives - January, 2014

01/31/14 Dark Souls II DLC Depends On Fans
01/31/14 LEGO Ghostbusters Set Coming, Now Let's See The Game
01/31/14 Remember Me Studio In Receivership
01/30/14 What Should We Expect From The Next Lara Croft Quest?
01/30/14 Buy FFX/X-2 HD, Get Yuna's Costume For Lightning Returns
01/30/14 Microsoft: "Ditch" Your PS3, We'll Give You Xbox One For $399
01/30/14 New Dark Souls II Gameplay: Sonofabi***, I Died Again!!!
01/29/14 PSN Flash Sale: Up To 50% Off On Quite A Few AAA Games
01/29/14 Dark Souls II Update: Hollow Form Won't Stop Player Invasion
01/29/14 FFXIII Trilogy Gets Retrospective 16-bit Trailer, And We Tear Up
01/29/14 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Coming To PS4, PS3, Vita
01/29/14 Black Flag Writer: Assassin's Creed Story Similar To Dr. Who
01/28/14 Final Fantasy Hero Comparison: Where Does Lightning Rank?
01/28/14 Cat's Out Of The Bag, Ubisoft Should Just Announce Far Cry 4
01/28/14 Sly Cooper Animated Film Announced
01/28/14 Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 Trailer Released
01/27/14 What's The Most Overused Gameplay Mechanic In Existence?
01/27/14 Madden Super Bowl Simulation: Denver Wins A Thriller
01/27/14 Dragon Age Writer: Romance In Games Is A "Pandora's Box"
01/27/14 Skyrim's New Sales Milestone: 20 Million
01/26/14 Pachter Says He "Admires" Ubisoft For Delaying Watch Dogs
01/26/14 Did That Rare NES Cartridge REALLY Sell For Almost $100k?
01/26/14 Former Uncharted 2 Designer Asks Indie Devs To Take Risks
01/25/14 Maybe I Need A 3DS To Sate Burning Old-School Desires
01/25/14 Minecraft Passes 1 Million PS3 Sales
01/24/14 Ultra-Rare NES Game On eBay, Bidding Now Over $5,800
01/22/14 Microsoft's Spencer: Naughty Dog Is "Unique In Our Industry"
01/22/14 Naughty Dog Talks About "Multi-Faction Combat" In TLoU DLC
01/21/14 Naughty Dog Selects The Last Of Us Design Contest Winners
01/21/14 Lightning Returns Demo Available Now
01/21/14 Schafer Would "Love" To Go Back To The Brutal Legend World
01/21/14 Feudal Japan One Of Many Possibilities For Next Assassin's Creed
01/21/14 Activision COO Gets Big Raise, Bonus, And Lots Of Stock
01/20/14 Rambo Gameplay: Yeah, I Remember The Cheesy Craziness
01/20/14 Dark Souls II Achievement List Leaked: Are You Prepared?
01/19/14 Which Established Franchise Should Be Mercifully Laid To Rest?
01/19/14 The Walking Dead Helps Teach Ethics To Norwegian Students
01/19/14 Disney Infinity Exceeds Expectations, Sells 3 Million
01/19/14 A Little Test Shows That "Booth Babes" Aren't Exactly Effective
01/17/14 Tomb Raider Has Finally Turned A Profit
01/17/14 Gran Turismo Documentary Will Debut On Hulu Next Week
01/17/14 2K Reveals Two $30 Bundles Featuring Award-Winning Titles
01/17/14 PlayStation Now Powered By Custom PS3s
01/16/14 Retro Query: Which Deceased Console Would You Resurrect?
01/16/14 Grand Theft Auto V Tops Call Of Duty: Ghosts For 2013 Crown
01/16/14 D.I.C.E. Awards Nominations Revealed, The Last Of Us Nabs 13
01/16/14 HBO Go App Headed To PS3, PS4
01/16/14 Adam's Venture Chronicles Coming To PSN
01/15/14 Traditional Old-School Ideas Forced To Go The Kickstarter Route
01/15/14 Toyota FT-1 Concept Coupe Available Now For GT6 Drivers
01/15/14 GTA Online Down For Maintenance
01/15/14 TLoU Left Behind DLC Set For February 14, Costs $14.99?
01/14/14 A "Little Tech Demo" Resulted In Sega Wanting Alien: Isolation
01/13/14 Which Hyped Title Is Most Likely To Disappoint In 2014?
01/13/14 China: Games Must Be "In Conformity" With The Government
01/13/14 Ghosts Onslaught DLC Pays Tribute To A Horror Movie Icon
01/13/14 The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC Is More "Playful" In Tone
01/13/14 PSN 14 For '14 Sale Features Heavily Discounted AAA Games
01/13/14 Speed Run Gaming Marathon Earns Over $1 Million For Charity
01/12/14 Square Enix Outsourced Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remasters
01/12/14 Rambo: The Videogame Is Clearly A Labor Of Fanservice Love
01/12/14 NASCAR 14 Revs Up On February 18
01/10/14 Lords Of Shadow 2 Adventure Will Clock In At 20+ Hours
01/10/14 Beyond: Two Souls Sells 1 Million
01/09/14 Minecraft Dominates Digital Sales On PS3
01/09/14 Rupert Friend Selected To Replace Paul Walker As "Agent 47"
01/09/14 GDC Awards Nominees: The Last Of Us, Gone Home Lead
01/08/14 Telltale: Bond Adaptations Too Often Focused On Killing
01/07/14 Ubisoft Announces Far Cry Compilation For PlayStation 3
01/07/14 Gamers, Take The Time To Applaud An Unexpected Spokesman
01/06/14 The Devil's Cartel Developer Suffered From Morale Problems
01/06/14 MLB 2K Is No More, Sony's The Show Franchise Benefits
01/06/14 GTAV To Become Fastest-Selling Title In UK In Three Months?
01/05/14 Tales Of Zestiria Combat Evolving, "Big Surprise" Coming
01/05/14 PSXE Poll Update: TLoU Winning GotY Was No Big Surprise
01/03/14 This Game Never Got A Sequel, And You Cried Like A Baby
01/03/14 GameStop Kicks Off 2014 With Game, Hardware Sales
01/03/14 Inquisition Will Have Motion Control If It's The "Right Thing To Do"
01/02/14 Metacritic: 2013 Wasn't A Banner Year For 90+ Scoring Titles
01/02/14 The Last Of Us Earns GameSpot's People's Choice Award For 2013
01/02/14 Uncharted Almost Wasn't Uncharted
01/02/14 Harada: 2 Or 3 New Projects, But None Are A Tekken Sequel?
01/02/14 Pro Gaming Rises: ESL Pays Out $2.5 Million In Prize Money
01/01/14 Activision Didn't Even Want Deadpool To Score Very High
01/01/14 Valkyria Chronicles 3 English Translation A Gift To JRPG Fans
01/01/14 GLAAD Honors TLoU Character On Their LGBT "Best" List
01/01/14 A Gamer's New Year's Resolution: "This Year, I Vow To..."

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