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PS3 Archives - February, 2014

02/28/14 No Demon's Souls 2 For Now, But It's Not "Technically Impossible"
02/28/14 Dark Souls II UK Pre-Orders Tracking 50% Ahead Of Original
02/27/14 Burial At Sea Episode 2 Features The Very Tough "1998 Mode"
02/27/14 Plus Subscribers Can Get These Games For Free In March
02/27/14 Grand Theft Auto V Business Update Scheduled For March 4
02/27/14 Sony Santa Monica Layoffs Killed The Studio's New IP
02/27/14 US Tax Reform Plan: No Tax Breaks For "Violent" Games
02/26/14 Burnout Paradise DLC Pays Homage To A "Comedy Genius"
02/26/14 LEGO: The Hobbit PS3 Bundle Revealed, Set For Spring
02/26/14 Take-Two Faces GTAV Suit From Former Mob Wives Star
02/25/14 Atlus Reveals Persona 5, Persona 4 Arena Sequel For US
02/25/14 Sony Santa Monica Hit With Layoffs
02/24/14 EA: In Two Years, Digital Revenue Will Outstrip Physical
02/24/14 A New Trailer To Celebrate The Lords Of Shadow 2 Launch
02/23/14 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Split On Final Fantasy XII HD
02/23/14 New Duke Nukem Invites Lawsuit
02/22/14 Gran Turismo 5 DLC And Online Support Shutting Down Soon
02/21/14 2K "Looks Forward To Exploring The Next Bioshock Experience"
02/21/14 Developer: Lead Character's Gender Should Be A "Choice"
02/21/14 You'll See The World's First Video Game Stamp In 2016
02/20/14 New Tony Hawk Game In The Works
02/20/14 Gamer Lands Lowest Possible Score In Super Mario Bros.
02/20/14 Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Set For Consoles, PC
02/19/14 Sacred 3: Classic Action/RPG Goodness Returns This Summer
02/19/14 Naughty Dog On Ellie's Sexual Status: "Who Cares?"
02/18/14 The Last Of Us Documentary Lands On Amazon Instant Video
02/18/14 Irrational Games "Winding Down," Levine Starts New Venture
02/17/14 This Week's Plus Deals, And A Super Slick Live Action Ad
02/17/14 Kitase Won't Rule Out FFVII Remake
02/16/14 Darksiders, Red Faction Collections Coming Your Way Soon
02/16/14 Quantic Dream's David Cage Will Receive The Legion Of Honour
02/15/14 Square Enix Might Consider FFXII HD, If They Get Enough Requests
02/14/14 A Meant-To-Be Romance Featuring Two Mass Effect 3 Players
02/14/14 Professor: Violent Game Effects Are "Massive And Significant"
02/14/14 Pre-Order Lords Of Shadow 2 On PSN, Get Mirror Of Fate HD
02/13/14 What About Video Games Do You Find Particularly "Addicting?"
02/13/14 Lords Of Shadow 2 Lets Players Ditch The Dreaded QTEs
02/13/14 New NBA Jam Gets Announced Soon?
02/13/14 Capcom "Truly Surprised" At Resident Evil Composer's Admission
02/12/14 Scared Of Dark Souls II? Just Buy The Collector's Edition
02/12/14 South Park: The Stick Of Truth Will Focus On Authentic Farts
02/12/14 The Last Of Us, GTAV Land Most BAFTA 2014 Nominations
02/12/14 Kojima Considered an "80s Filter" For Metal Gear Solid V
02/11/14 Sons Of Anarchy Game Resurrected
02/10/14 If You Only Buy One Collector's Edition In 2014, What Will It Be?
02/10/14 Study: Violent Games Have A Negative Impact On Morality
02/10/14 Creators Forced To Justify Game Length An "Industry Failure"
02/09/14 Convince A Friend Why Your Favorite Genre Is Worth Trying
02/09/14 PSXE Poll Update: Sorry, S-E, Nobody Wants Lightning Returns
02/09/14 New Ghosts Code Of Conduct Aims To Punish Offensive Behavior
02/09/14 Skullgirls Encore Battles Onto PSN
02/08/14 IFMCA Video Game Composer Nominations Announced
02/07/14 Kiefer Sutherland Impressed With Cutting-Edge Game Tech
02/07/14 Lightning Returns Gets A "Lightning" Debut At Retailer GAME
02/06/14 Hannah Ware Is The New Leading Lady For Agent 47 Film
02/06/14 Child Of Light: The Turn-Based Fairtyale Launches On April 30
02/05/14 Do I Care If Ground Zeroes Is Only Two Hours Long? Nope
02/05/14 First BF4 Community Mission: Round Up 10 Million Dog Tags
02/05/14 Former 38 Studios Founder Curt Schilling Diagnosed With Cancer
02/05/14 Designer: Ground Zeroes Length Issue Has Been "Trumped-Up"
02/05/14 Lightning Returns Gets Special Crossover DLC: Lara Croft
02/05/14 Resident Evil, Onimusha Composer Admits He's A Fraud
02/04/14 Don't Look Now, But Retro Has Become Quite The Fad
02/03/14 Take-Two Posts Positive Quarter, GTAV Ships 32.5 Million
02/03/14 The Last Of Us Wins Writer's Guild Award
02/02/14 PlayStation Now Beta Includes Several Top-Tier Games
02/01/14 Lords Of Shadow 2 Score The Result Of A Very Large Orchestra

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