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PS3 Archives - April, 2014

04/30/14 Free Ghosts Multiplayer Demo Hits PS3, PS4 This Weekend
04/29/14 Titan Attacks, The Swapper, MouseCraft Set For PS4, PS3, Vita
04/29/14 "Golden Week" On PSN: Great Discounts On Japanese Titles
04/29/14 Pixels Movie, Starring Sandler And James, Set For May 2015
04/28/14 Madden NFL 15 Emphasizes Defense, Launches In August
04/28/14 Another Departs Naughty Dog...Should We Be Worried Yet?
04/28/14 Pro Competitive Gaming Will Be Part Of This Year's X-Games
04/26/14 E.T. Atari Cartridges Found In Landfill
04/25/14 Thomas Was Alone Tops 1 Million
04/24/14 Trade In Your Smartwatch Or Music Player At GameStop?
04/23/14 Euro Plus Deals Include Puppeteer, Hot Shots Vita, More
04/23/14 Oh Great, A New Reason To Hate Call Of Duty Has Emerged
04/23/14 Jetpacks Coming Our Way In GTAV?
04/22/14 Does BioWare Need To Reclaim Lost Fans With Inquisition?
04/22/14 Final Fantasy VII Concert Will Tell The Game's Story Via Music
04/22/14 Tales Of Xillia 2 Satisfies JRPG Followers On August 19
04/22/14 BioWare: Inquisition On PS3/360 Won't Be "Scaled Back"
04/21/14 Thirty Minutes Of Wolfenstein: Good Old-Fashioned FPS Fun
04/21/14 GameBoy Turns 25 Today: Time To Get Comfy And Reminisce
04/20/14 PlayStation Now Beta Updated With Even More Games
04/20/14 Assassin's Creed Is Easily Ubisoft's Most Popular Franchise
04/18/14 Swing Into Action With The Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 3 Bundle
04/18/14 PSN Hosts $1 Sale Weekend: Stock Up!
04/18/14 Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Will "Stand Alongside" Other AAA Blockbusters
04/17/14 Chen Wants Games To Be Respected By All Ages And Genders
04/16/14 TLoU Grounded Bundle Announced, Brutal New Difficulty Mode
04/16/14 Bust-a-Move 4 Heads To PSN This Spring
04/16/14 VGRHQ: New Website Finally Rewards The Video Game Critic
04/16/14 Sony Sells All Its Square Enix Stock
04/15/14 NHL 14 Predicts Boston Bruins Will Earn The Stanley Cup
04/15/14 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Size Update, Price Not Set
04/15/14 Dark Souls II Stat Update: Enemy Deaths vs. Player Deaths
04/15/14 BioWare Says "Inclusivity" Is Part Of The Developer's Mandate
04/14/14 Raymond: Not All Gamers Are Just Male Teenage Idiots
04/13/14 Should HD Remakes Be Considered For End-Of-Year Awards?
04/12/14 The Art Of Naughty Dog Celebrates Three Decades Of Greatness
04/12/14 Watch Dogs Gets "Durable Street Wear" From Musterbrand
04/11/14 PS Now Beta Includes 19 Games And Full Trophy Support
04/11/14 Ghosts Devastation DLC Dated For PlayStation, PC
04/11/14 Harmonix: Rock Band Is "Near And Dear," It's Coming Back
04/10/14 Conan O'Brien Gets To Play Games On A Mammoth Screen
04/09/14 Dark Souls II Patch Delivers Single-Player, Multiplayer Fixes
04/09/14 Sony Releases Big Balancing Update For Battle Royale
04/09/14 European PSN Easter Sale Is Packed With Fantastic Titles
04/09/14 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Confirmed, Will Launch This Fall
04/08/14 Good vs. Evil: Which Do You Typically Choose In Games?
04/08/14 Assassin's Creed Movie Script Being Rewritten...Again
04/07/14 Tetris On A 29-Story Building For All The World To See
04/07/14 A Real-Life Wedding Proposal Inspired By A Skyrim Item
04/07/14 Rumor: Borderlands "Pre-Sequel" Coming Later This Year
04/06/14 PSXE Poll Update: FFX/X-2 HD Remaster Is Still Amazing
04/05/14 Online Support For Resistance Franchise Ends On April 8
04/04/14 Documentary Crew Goes In Search Of Buried E.T. Games
04/03/14 The One Last-Gen Game You Missed But Wish You Hadn't...
04/03/14 PlayStation Now Beta Vouchers Landing In Gamer Inboxes
04/03/14 Former Naughty Dog Scribe Amy Hennig Ends Up At EA
04/03/14 The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 Dated
04/03/14 GameStop Really Pushing Call Of Duty: Ghosts This Week
04/02/14 Dark Souls II: The Gateway To True-Blue Hardcore Gaming?
04/02/14 Heists Finally Coming To Grand Theft Auto Online This Spring
04/02/14 Persona 4 Apparently Headed To PSN
04/01/14 Sony's New Power Food Energizes You And Your Electronics
04/01/14 Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition Lands On Consoles

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